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Chapter 744: Chapter 744: Bloodline Power
Chapter 744: Bloodline Power


Ye Xiwen actually beat him up!

Everyone stared at this scene stupidly, especially Divine Legion . The first Divine Lord was like God in their hearts, but now the person they were devoted to in their hearts were utterly defeated . Their world had simply collapsed .

The people of Yi Yuan Sect found this scene unbelievable too . They knew how strong the first Divine Lord was . Yet, Ye Xiwen actually defeated a great villain capable of destroying the entire Yi Yuan Sect .

“After so many years, Little Wen had advanced so much in strength . ” Within Yi Yuan Sect’s array at the mountain gate, Lin Zhantian sighed . Several decades had passed and Ye Xiwen’s progress was already at a stage where people could only marvel at .

Lin Zhantian was only two hundred years old, but he felt that he had passed his prime at this time . Compared with Ye Xiwen, the gap was indeed farther and farther away .

“Indeed, Great Sage – a realm that could only be heard in legend!” Ye Kongming beside Lin Zhantian said with a sigh . The nervous air just now disappeared because of the appearance of Ye Xiwen; he was filled with pride in his heart too . No matter how far Ye Xiwen had developed, it was still his son . Although Ye Xiwen was not his biological son, Ye Xiwen was no different from blood-related ones in his heart .

“Having a legend born in Yi Yuan Sect is really the blessings of our ancestors!” said Lin Zhantian .

Besides him, many seniors of Yi Yuan Sect nodded one after another . At this time, both Lin Zhantian and Ye Kongming were already among the seniors of Yi Yuan Sect . In addition to the factors of Ye Xiwen, the rapid progress of their own strength was also a great reason for it . Ye Xiwen sent many high-quality ingredients and treasures back from time to time . Decades later, they had already entered the Legendary Realm . In fact, according to the standards of True Martial School, they were still regarded as a young talent; the same generation with Ye Xiwen . However, they were the senior generation in this Yi Yuan Sect .

In Yi Yuan Sect, a Legendary Realm master could definitely be regarded as a senior .

The development speed of Yi Yuan Sect in these years was rapid . It was due to the close relation and the support of Ye Xiwen . Even the Great Yue Empire had developed greatly and become the leader in the ten countries of the Eastern South Region . This was precise due to the presence of Ye Xiwen; an absolute tyrannical master as the backer .

Even as Ye Xiwen stepped into the Great Sage Realm, with his support, the Great Yue Empire directly annexed other countries and became a great behemoth like the Great Ming Empire .

Ye Xiwen did not know what they were thinking . At this time, he devoted himself to this battle . Judging by the outlook, Ye Xiwen completely suppressed the first Divine Lord, as if the first Divine Lord had no way to come back . However, only Ye Xiwen knew that the gap between them was not as great as it seemed . In other words, the gap was minute, since they were both at the peak of the Great Sage realm .

But the current battle was showing an overwhelming advantage . This had to do with the Phoenix Regeneration technique . Ye Xiwen recovered faster than the first Divine Lord . It was only a matter of the time gap . While recovered to peak, Ye Xiwen overwhelmed the first Divine Lord who had not recovered to the peak state .

With the constant confrontation between the two of them, what was originally a minute gap had become an overwhelming advantage under Ye Xiwen’s every little bit of hard work . Only then it developed into the situation of the so-called one-sided battle .

But in fact, there was very little difference between them . If Ye Xiwen was not careful, he would sustain a serious injury too . Because of this, Ye Xiwen didn’t dare to take it lightly at all . The first Divine Lord could reverse the situation if he was not careful .

At this time, the first Divine Lord was also terrified . He did not expect that now things were going in this direction .

“This Ye Xiwen has too much resilience . An equal battleground had proceeded to such a situation!” The first Divine Lord was frightened and secretly became more vigilant toward Ye Xiwen’s means and rich combat experience . He was clear that his physical body was far superior to the average despite being incomparable to the Titan Body of his second junior brother in the same rank .

But now when facing Ye Xiwen whose realm was far inferior to him, he lost his momentum in every aspect . In the battle between Ye Xiwen and the second Divine Lord, he researched it very well and even learned a lot of data .

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The battle between Ye Xiwen and the second Divine Lord lived up to the name of the battle among the peak physical bodies . Also, Ye Xiwen’s strength in his physical body was revealed fully in that battle . However, he didn’t expect Ye Xiwen to be advantageous in this confrontation despite the gap in the power realm .

This physical body is really outrageous .

Originally, the two were at equal footing . But after a few fights, Ye Xiwen proceeded the fight in such a situation . Ye Xiwen’s keen intuition in fights was one of a kind . He was definitely someone who emerged from murdering countless people and participated in countless battles . Only then he had developed such keen intuition in fights .

All in all, there was only one conclusion . The first Divine Lord’s recovery speed was not as fast as Ye Xiwen . Even if it was only a little slower, the accumulation of disadvantage could become a huge dead end for him .

“No, I can’t go on like this!” Otherwise, before Ye Xiwen beat him to death, he would be tortured to death already .

The first Divine Lord realized he couldn’t go on like this . He decided to commit another decisive move . His eyes were flushed red, “Ye Xiwen, I’m going to send you to the afterlife!”

Suddenly there was a huge change in his body, a very thick hair began to grow all over his body . After a while, his body was covered with aquamarine hair . From a distance, it was like a wild hairy man; a terrible outlook . Among the thick hair, a pair of scarlet eyes suddenly spewed out harsh rays . His figure grew taller and bigger . The physical body that was mangled was recovered at a rate visibly with the naked eye .

“Ye Xiwen!” The first Divine Lord growled in a low voice, like a beast .

Ye Xiwen was suddenly taken aback . What is happening? He could even feel the power of the horrible bloodline of the first Divine Lord boiling, which was different from the feeling insinuated by the general secret technique .

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“Ye Xiwen, be careful . This person activated his bloodline power!” The sound of Ye Mo’s reminder appeared in Ye Xiwen’s ear, but without his reminder, Ye Xiwen could also feel a dangerous aura surging forward . An extremely dangerous aura suddenly enveloped him .

“I didn’t expect this first Divine Lord to be Native Clan!” said Ye Mo .

Ye Xiwen felt a sudden shock . Native Clan, he had heard these two words for a long time . In the legend, before humans ruled this long starry sky, it was the world of Native Clan . After a long time, Native Clan was driven off from the overlord throne, but Native Clan was not extinct . In fact, the multiple disturbances under the starry sky were more or less related to Native Clan .

Despite this, Ye Xiwen also saw Native Clan for the first time . This clan group that once competed with humans had a unified Native Clan statement . But, this was not a unified clan group . There were different clan groups on each star, but later they were all targeted by humans . Since they were at odds with the same enemy, hence it came the name of Native Clan .

Although Ye Xiwen did not know which Native Clan the First Divine Lord belonged to, he could already feel the horror and danger in the First Divine Lord .

Suddenly, there were countless people in Yi Yuan Sect who rioted . The word Native Clan might be strange to most of their disciples, but it was not strange to seniors . They were very clear with the meaning behind these two words . Once Native Clan appeared, it was a huge turmoil for the human world .

No matter which force a human belonged to, there was only one word in treating the Native Clan – eradicate . It was the natural power of the victor .

“So you are the remnant of Native Clan?” Ye Xiwen said awe-inspiringly . Anyway, for Native Clan, the clan group that caused human ancestors to die miserably . He became extra vigilant . “You’re really daring . At the moment since you expose yourself, you will be pursued relentlessly in the human world!”

“Hahahahaha!” The first Divine Lord laughed wildly, his voice was hoarse and wild, “Since I exposed myself, then none of you can survive!”

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Behind him, a lot of Divine Legion immediately surrounded Ye Xiwen and Yi Yuan Sect, apparently intending to slaughter Ye Xiwen and Yi Yuan Sect without leaving any trace .

Even if they knew that the first Divine Lord was Native Clan, these people’s beliefs did not shake at all, as if they were brainwashed . They had no second thoughts .

“All of you shall die . I will use your head to commemorate some of my dead brothers . You will die in the most miserable state ever . No, I will let your loved ones die in front of you . I want you to watch them die . You need to taste the pain of losing your loved ones!” The first Divine Lord’s face covered with green hair was sinister . The blood of the Native Clan that strengthened him made him more brutal and manic .

“Boom!” The long saber in his hand instantly waved, and the world changed its color . The power of the Yin and Yang suddenly swept through the endless space like an ocean . The world suddenly turned gray . The vast Yin and Yang power was enough to let Sage Realm master be strangled instantly .

“Ye Xiwen, be careful!” Wolf Cub’s reminder came from the side . At this time, he leapt to avoid the dangerous Yin and Yang power .

Ye Xiwen’s expression was stern . The first Divine Lord became so powerful after awakening the bloodline power . Ye Xiwen didn’t know how much stronger the first Divine Lord than just now .

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