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Chapter 737: Chapter 737: Rescue
Chapter 737: Rescue


“How dare you!” Ye Xiwen flew over from a distance, turned into a golden light, and rushed in .

“Senior Brother Ye!”

The Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples noticed that the savior turned out to be Ye Xiwen . They addressed Senior Brother Ye in difficulty .

The relationship between them and Ye Xiwen was not great, but simply terrible . The group consisted Sage Realm masters, considered middle-level elite in the Law Enforcement Hall . Ye Xiwen knew these people very well . No one could say how their hatred started, but there was lots of bad blood .

So after seeing the person who turned out to be Ye Xiwen, their faces were a little weird . From the standpoint of True Martial School, they were naturally brothers . But, in terms of Law Enforcement Hall, Ye Xiwen wasn’t really their ally .

But even so, they did not dare to speak out in disrespect . After all, Ye Xiwen showed much better strength than them regardless of whether there was an element of luck in defeating Mu Shengjie . Ye Xiwen’s Great Sage level strength was enough to convince them as a senior .

Besides, Ye Xiwen was here to rescue them .

The feeling surged in their minds could only be explained by this word – tangled . The group simply did not know what to do .

But, the gratitude still overwhelmed all emotions at the current moment .

“Who are you? How dare you intervene in my matters!?” The Great Sage with a stubble beard saw Ye Xiwen appear and immediately became hostile at Ye Xiwen with some hints of ridicule .

“I’m someone to kill you . South Barbarians are indeed really brave . You all dared to take advantage of this time to invade the north, then you all shall die!” Ye Xiwen sneered and suddenly roared .

His roar consisted of many swords qi . Soon, Ye Xiwen’s sword qi filled up the air .




With a sharp screech, these swords had instantly cut through the vast sky .




With the sound of a sonic bomb, all the South Barbarian masters who were arrogant just now were all blown into a blood mist by sword qi . Their strength was far too inferior as compared to Ye Xiwen . Ye Xiwen who had stepped into Great Sage Realm would not put both Legendary or Sage Realm in his eyes .

“Roar!” The Great Sage master with a stubble beard saw Ye Xiwen kill all of his men in an instant . He glared at Ye Xiwen immediately with a resolute intention to mince Ye Xiwen into pieces .

On the other hand, the Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples stared at the scene before them in a daze . They couldn’t believe the scene before them because of how horrible the scene was . Of course, they knew the power of the South Barbarian warriors . Aside from the absolute advantage in numbers, the Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples might not win even in a one-on-one battle . Although they were all elites in True Martial School and outstanding people in the same rank, there was no doubt that the South Barbarian was not really weaker . If these South Barbarian Warriors were sent out this time, they would definitely be the elites among the elites . Hence, they were very challenging opponents .

The pursuit just now was not because the Law Enforcement Hall disciples were capable of escape, but they were toyed around . Otherwise, they would be long killed already .

But, Ye Xiwen managed to eradicate these people and turned them into clusters of blood mist, under the Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples’ witness . It was indeed a terrifying scene .

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Except for the Great Sage who exuded many qi’s to protect himself, the other warriors present were simply unmatched to Ye Xiwen’s sword qi . They all died terribly under Ye Xiwen’s attack .

The originally suppressed Ye Xiwen’s aura also burst out in all directions . The Great Sage Realm qi swept out like a storm .

“Did he really step into the Great Sage Realm?”

The disciples of Law Enforcement Hall stared at the scene before them . It was unbelievable . Although Ye Xiwen had defeated Mu Shengjie previously, many people still felt that he might have used a secret technique . His own strength was nothing but a Half-step Great Sage . When Ye Xiwen really stepped into the Great Sage, the disciples of Law Enforcement Hall were surprised .

Ye Xiwen didn’t stay in True Martial School for more than a hundred years, right?

Although they did not count it carefully, it certainly did not . In less than a hundred years, Ye Xiwen had escalated to the Great Sage Realm, making these self-proclaimed elites feel inferior . Did we all waste our time?

Isn’t that an indisputable fact?

Compared with Ye Xiwen’s miraculous speed, their training progress could really be described as in vain .

But they quickly calmed down again . They naturally understood that it was unwise to compare to others in this manner . There were various geniuses in the world . Compared with these monstrous geniuses, they were nothing .

“Damn you . Go to hell!” The Great Sage with a stubble beard lost his judgment after getting enraged by Ye Xiwen . After all, Ye Xiwen already proved that he was also a Great Sage after exuding his qi .

However, Ye Xiwen was still a Great Sage Initial . Compared with the Great Sage Late on the South Barbarian side, the gap was still fairly big . He didn’t put Ye Xiwen in his eyes but just felt that Ye Xiwen was just courting death .

“Hundred Barbarians Liuren Finger!”

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He directly launched a finger attack that swooshed from the sky . The finger tapped onto the empty air and the attack struck Ye Xiwen . He wanted to kill Ye Xiwen directly . The Great Sage Late was an elite originated from the South Barbarian Clan’s Hundred Barbarians Cave . Taking advantage of the chaos in the South Region this time, he directly rushed out from Southern Wilderness but encountered Ye Xiwen here .

“Hmph!” Ye Xiwen sneered . He was still annoyed with the pursuit he suffered from a South Barbarian Great Sage last time . He was hunted and forced to retreat all the way back to True Martial School from Southern Wilderness . Although these South Barbarians were divided into many forces, Ye Xiwen felt no difference in mind .

They were all from the same barbarian clan with no difference . Immediately, Ye Xiwen punched out directly and turned the surrounding scene into a universe void . He was the only real body in the universe . The stars seemingly listened to Ye Xiwen’s command and bombarded Hundred Barbarians Liuren Finger .


With a huge roar, terrible power swept through it; shattered countless mountains directly . The Great Sage with a stubble beard screamed in pain . His entire arm was badly mangled . Ye Xiwen’s power was terrible despite the current attack originating from his main body but not the Star Beast Avatar .

No matter what, this Great Sage with a stubble beard was not that extremely powerful black-robed man . This Great Sage Barbarian with a stubble beard was nothing in front of the Half-step Transcendent Realm black-robed man .

The two sides were not at the same level .

The entire arm of the Great Sage Barbarian was almost shocked by Ye Xiwen’s attack into a blood mist, almost killed on the spot . He was still seriously injured by that huge shock, and his eyes had hints of trepidation . He couldn’t believe that Ye Xiwen was nothing more than a Great Sage Initial . How could Ye Xiwen cause such great damage to him? Most importantly, he was already the elite from the barbarian clan . The superb physical body of the Barbarian Clans was well-known . On the other hand, Ye Xiwen showed terrible physical cultivation in this attack, which had terrified him the most .

However, Ye Xiwen did not give him the Great Sage Barbarian any opportunity to stay in panic . He directly chased in to kill the Great Sage Barbarian . The Great Sage Barbarian did not have the spatial ability like the black-robed man . He had no time to respond to the unpredictable speed of Ye Xiwen’s main body .

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen directly bombarded his physical body and harvested all his wealth into the Tianyuan Mirror . It was seemingly hundreds millions of elixir . For the current For Ye Xiwen, it wasn’t much .

After beheading the Great Sage from the South Barbarian clan, Ye Xiwen turned to the disciples of Law Enforcement Hall . At this time, he didn’t have any intention to continue to care about his previous grudges . He merely spoke faintly, “South Barbarian’s invasions are everywhere! Quickly retreat it! You’re unmatched to stop them . ”

The disciples of Law Enforcement Hall looked at Ye Xiwen in conflict . Although Ye Xiwen spoke bluntly, he was right . This was indeed not a situation they could stop .

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In the face of South Barbarian’s Great Sage, the so-called elites or geniuses were only a little better than the average person, and it did not amount to anything at all . They could only watch their sisters in Law Enforcement Hall being raped by the South Barbarian Great Sage . If it weren’t for Ye Xiwen’s timely arrival, they would have already died in the hands of that Great Sage .

Although they were still escaping, they also knew that if no miracle happened, they would not be able to escape from the Great Sage with a stubble beard . How long would it take for a Great Sage realm to kill some Sage Realm warriors?

It could be done in one breath . This was how the Great Sage Realm suppressed the Sage Realm . Their very reason for the constant escape was to wait for such a miracle to happen . They were hoping there would be a master of True Martial School passing by to save them .

Now the miracle finally happened, but it was Ye Xiwen who they had looked down upon previously .

“No matter what, I would like to thank Brother Ye for saving my life today!” A Law Enforcement Hall’s disciple stepped forward and seemed to be the leader of these disciples .

“You’re welcome . It’s my responsibility!” Ye Xiwen said lightly and did not take this matter seriously . These Sage Realm warriors were not worthy to be his concerns at this time .

“I wonder if Brother Ye is heading towards the Great Yue Empire . ” The disciple probed . Ye Xiwen’s origin and background were not a secret in True Martial School . After all, such a legendary character, how could True Martial School nurture him without a thorough investigation of his origin and background?

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded . It was not to his surprise .

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