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Chapter 738: Chapter 738: Divine Legion Reappearance
Chapter 738: Divine Legion Reappearance


“Brother Ye, you should hurry…” said the disciple .

“What do you mean?” Ye Xiwen’s eyes suddenly glinted . He couldn’t help but get nervous when the Great Yue Empire was mentioned because his relatives and friends were all over there . He couldn’t ignore them .

“Several of us were originally dispatched to guard the ten countries in the Eastern South Region to fight against the various malicious organizations that emerged . However, we were driven out at that time, and we met this savage barbarian on the road!” When the disciple mentioned the Great Sage Barbarian with a stubble beard, his face was also filled with indignation and hatred as though he wanted to swallow the barbarian’s bones .

“Who driven you out?” Ye Xiwen immediately asked, knowing that although the elite team of Law Enforcement Hall disciples was nothing in his eyes, it was arguably the most top-notch force among the ten countries in the Southeast Region . Last time, Emergence School sent a Great Sage to stir up troubles in the ten countries of the Southeast Region . From the fact that he almost unified the ten countries of the Southeast Region, it was apparent that the entire Southeast Region was remote . Secondly, a Sage Realm master could dominate a place . Not even a Great Sage was needed .

In that place, someone could drive out the disciples of Law Enforcement Hall . It was conceivable how strong the opponent was .

“We don’t know, but they are a group of very terrifying masters under Divine’s banner . They swept all the way to the Southeast Region, now they probably had entered the territory of the Great Yue Empire . All the sects were uprooted despite having the presence of Great Sage in the sects . We thought we were unmatched, so we planned to return to the school and ask the senior leaders for help!” The disciple replied .

“Divine?” Ye Xiwen frowned . He could not think of any organization under the banner of “Divine” . The only thing related to this was the Divine Legion . When Ye Xiwen thought of this organization, Ye Xiwen felt nervous .

If it was the Divine Legion, then it would be really terrible . The grudge between him and the Divine Legion could be traced all the way when Ye Xiwen stepped on the ancient road and continued into the True Martial School .

The Divine Legion was mysterious and unpredictable . Aside from the first Divine Lord, all the Divine Lords up until the fifth were all eliminated in his hands . Even a page of God’s Scripture was in his hands .

Because these leaders were defeated one after another, and as the status of Ye Xiwen continued to rise, the lives of these Divine Legion in the True Martial School were becoming more and more difficult . Although many people dislike Ye Xiwen, there were many who favored Ye Xiwen too . They hope to build a connection with Tibetan Star Summit via Ye Xiwen . Therefore, after being boycotted severely, the Divine Legion had fallen apart . Even if there were former members, they absolutely dared not to do things so brazenly under the Divine banner .

Ye Xiwen knew about the Divine Legion’s situation, but he didn’t stop it . He was even happy to let it happen . The grudge between him and the Divine Legion was already a bloody feud .

After all, Ye Xiwen had slaughtered four out of five Divine Lords in total . The existence of such forces was a hidden danger for him . Even if the Divine Legion did not split due to the existing boycott, Ye Xiwen would look for an opportunity to get rid of this hidden danger . After all, Ye Xiwen was clear about their fanatical behavior when dealing with the Divine Legion previously . These crazy fanatics were a headache . Even if they couldn’t deal with Ye Xiwen, they would target his relative in Yi Yuan Sect . These people did not have the strength of Ye Xiwen . They were at most at the Truth Realm . For the remnants of the Divine Legion, Ye Xiwen could wipe out the whole legion .

Ye Xiwen absolutely could not allow such hidden danger to exist . With Ye Xiwen’s status at True Martial School, it would be painless even if the top levels denounced him . It would be impossible to impose huge constraints on him .

Ye Xiwen could only become more at ease when Divine Legion dispersed . But, what really made him uneasy was that the unpredictable first Divine Lord who disappeared . Moreover, according to the news he got from Jiao Mujiao, the first Divine Lord had gone to Southern Dipper for help and became a Constellation of Southern Dippers .

This became a serious issue . As a member of Big Dipper, although Ye Xiwen did not participate in Big Dipper to a great extent, he still knew very well about the powerful strength of Big Dipper . That was why he could even imagine Southern Dipper’s strength who had contended against Big Dipper’s for so many years .

Under the nurture of the Southern Dipper, it was expected that the cultivation of the first Divine Lord would soar . Ye Xiwen did not know what would be his level when meeting him again .

This was also a huge hidden threat, but Ye Xiwen had no way to go about it . In terms of the news from the Southern Dipper, Big Dipper obtained it in great difficulty despite fighting them for countless years . What’s more? Between Ye Xiwen and the Big Dipper, it could only be regarded as a cooperative relationship . Ye Xiwen was not integrated into the Big Dipper . He couldn’t get much information .

So even if Ye Xiwen wanted to eradicate him, there was no other way . At this time, his strength was still too poor . He couldn’t really rush directly to the Southern Dipper’s base . As for the Southern Dipper’s nest, even if it was located, it must be well guarded . Never mind Ye Xiwen’s body, even if Star Beast Avatar went, it would be a dead end .

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So, Ye Xiwen simply had no way against the first Divine Lord who had surrendered to the Southern Dipper . He had to wait for opportunity slowly, waiting for one day to get more news about the first Divine Lord, and then look for opportunities to eliminate the first Divine Lord .

But now there was another organization under the banner of Divine . Ye Xiwen had a strong hunch that it was likely that the Divine Legion was dispatched .

Afterward, Ye Xiwen asked a few more questions, including that member’s clothing and the like . After a brief comparison, Ye Xiwen was sure that this Divine Legion was the Divine Legion in its mind .

If it was the Divine Legion, then it would really be troublesome . But, the Divine Legion was not a big deal to Ye Xiwen, even though it was undeniably very powerful for the disciples of the Southeast Region or these Law Enforcement Hall disciples .

What really made him afraid was the first Divine Lord . If the first Divine Lord reappeared again, the probability of the first Divine Lord confronting Ye Xiwen and his family would be high . It would not be so likely usually . After all, the first Divine Lord was still part of Southern Dipper .

Unfortunately, Ye Xiwen predicted correctly . The first Divine Lord appeared again, and the target was Ye Xiwen’s family .

Although the disciple didn’t say that, Ye Xiwen came to this judgment immediately . Compared to the entire South Region, the Southeast Region was just a remote place worthed nothing at all . The Big Dipper and neither the Divine Legion would put this area in their eyes . Even the Great Ming Empire next to the top ten countries in the Southeast Region was disregarded by them . Even though their invasion might put limitations on True Martial School, the biggest reason was that there were no resources worthy of them here . The only reason Ye Xiwen could think of was related to himself . That was for revenge to eradicate all his family members .

Although the first Divine Lord might not be able to fight Ye Xiwen, it was more than enough to clean up his family .

Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen immediately became anxious and quickly said to the disciples of Law Enforcement Hall, “Thank you, I will not send you back . You just have to follow the direction I came . I eradicated the rebellious organizations on my journey here . If you go back to True Martial School in the direction I came from, you should be able to avoid a lot of trouble!”

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After speaking, Ye Xiwen couldn’t care about saying goodbye to them and spread out a pair of golden wings directly behind him . They fluttered and Ye Xiwen flew out .

Although Ye Xiwen hurriedly left without saying goodbye, none of the Law Enforcement Hall disciples felt anything and even felt a little flattered .

Although they had bad blood with Ye Xiwen, Ye Xiwen’s status today had escalated further than future Hall Master – Mu Shengjie . For a great character, they would feel flattered for a simple cup hand gesture especially .

It was common in a group . Generally, for the strong, even if anyone manages to chat with them, the person will be elated for a long time .

The Law Enforcement Hall disciple might not admire Ye Xiwen now, but Ye Xiwen had become a peerless character in their hearts unconsciously . In their hearts, Ye Xiwen was not on the same level as Mu Shengjie, but it was not too far away . No matter what, Ye Xiwen was a character they needed to look up to .

“I didn’t expect this Ye Xiwen to actually grow to such a degree in just a few decades . Before that, most likely no one thought about it!” A disciple of Law Enforcement Hall said with a sigh . He spoke out the inner voice of most Law Enforcement Hall disciples, especially the elite disciples among them .

They dismissed Ye Xiwen at first and only felt that he was an irrelevant clown who was unmatched with their Law Enforcement Hall . However, when they really opened their eyes and took this opponent they had never put in their eyes seriously, he found that Ye Xiwen’s progress was too fast . They soon were unable to catch up .

When they were able to deal with Ye Xiwen, they dismissed it . When they wanted to deal with Ye Xiwen, they found that the situation was reversed, but Ye Xiwen disregarded them . Perhaps, besides Mu Shengjie, these people had no qualifications for Ye Xiwen to put her into his eyes .

“Yeah, who has expected that? As they said, heroes born in a troubled world . A person like him can stand out in this situation!” said the leader of Law Enforcement Hall’s disciple . “Let’s stop our chatter . We should hurry away . We still need to report to the Hall Master on the South Barbarian matter!”

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