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Chapter 736: Chapter 736: Raging Fury
Chapter 736: Raging Fury


Especially among the many South Barbarian tribes, there were armored horsemen all over the place, and they pillaged everywhere . The masters in the Barbarian clan had also begun to march into the South Region . The Barbarians would not care less about the outcome of this war . Even if True Martial School won, it would be a pyrrhic victory . True Martial School would have no strength to stop them from plundering the South Region .

If Emergence School won, the situation would be tough for the Barbarian clan . They would face a stronger neighbor, so it would be better to take initiative and seize territories now . With that, they would have bargaining chips .

Ye Xiwen gazed to a distance . A group of Barbarian clan warriors was chasing down a group of South Region warriors . These Barbarian clan warriors were all dressed in animal skins; a full fletch typical appearance in Barbarian wildness . Each of them was tall and mighty . Their body exuded a formidable aura unlike the warriors in the South Region . These South Barbarian warriors had survived through the perennial fighting after all .

Their living conditions were ten thousand times worse than the people in the South Region . They had to fight for living space with many demonic beasts every day, which also made them very powerful . As far as the overall quality concerned, the South Barbarian was even stronger than the South Region’s masters . It was difficult for ordinary warriors in the same rank to fight against them one-on-one .

However, the only thing that restricted them was their small population because they had to compete with many demonic beasts for living space all year-round . Hence, many of their members had already died in battle before they reached adulthood, and they couldn’t develop much further .

Therefore, their population was relatively small . Hence, they were far from able to compete with the South Region masters . In the end, they were firmly suppressed in the south wilderness for hundreds or thousands of years .

Right now, many True Martial School’s masters in the South Region were in a war against the Emergence School’s masters . They could even take care of themselves . Hence, it was the best timing for the Barbarians to carry out their evil deeds .

Each of the Barbarian clan warriors in the sky was extremely powerful . They had tough-looking bone or bronze weapons in their hands . Each of their swings made the space shake violently .

These Barbarians were suppressed by the South Region for many years with their civilization having no way to leap forward . However, they had different ways to go about things . These bone weapons were most likely extracted from demon beasts . They were really sturdy .

“Damn these barbarians!” In Ye Xiwen’s eyes, the Barbarian clans who had close contact with demonic beasts all the time had fallen into thinking like wild beasts . They were cruel and violent .

Ye Xiwen reaped the lives of these South Barbarian masters who took advantage of the chaos in their invasion with no mercy .

Ye Xiwen had come all the way to the border of the Daming Kingdom, which was very close to the Great Yue Empire . However, this very prosperous kingdom in the past was long gone; the ancient road that would be opened once every one hundred years was also completely plunged into the flames of war . Many Barbarian clan armored horsemen were plundering and killing in various villages .

“Run . Everyone runs . Once we escape back to True Martial School, we will be safe!” Ye Xiwen appeared in front of a group of a dozen disciples . None of them were average civilians . All of them are Sage Realm level masters from the Enforcement Hall . The elite disciples in Law Enforcement Hall were sent out at this time to extinguish the chaotic wars in the South Region and to eliminate the organizations that made the chaos .

Law Enforcement Hall was the nemesis of the Barbarian clan . Hence, a large number of Law Enforcement Hall masters were sent to execute these Barbarian plunderers . A team of Sage Realm masters was considered powerful in this chaotic world .

But now, they were completely panic-stricken and chased down . Behind them was an order composed of thousands of barbarian clan armored horsemen . All of them were the elite . The weakest among them would be Legendary . The leading one hundred armored horsemen were Sage Realm masters . The leader was a Great Sage with a stubble beard .

When such an elite force was placed in any tribe in the southern wilderness, they could be regarded as the rank of the Imperial Guard . This elite force actually turned out in full strength in this place .

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In the face of this once-in-lifetime opportunity, the infighting between the South Barbarian, which was so common, disappeared all at once . Many among them suddenly put down their hatred for each other and took advantage of this opportunity to seize the fertile lands in the South Region . All of it was for the tribe to compete for better living conditions .

“Hahaha, escape to True Martial School . What a joke! Now that True Martial School can’t protect itself, you better surrender . Otherwise, I won’t show mercy!” The Great Sage with stubble beard laughed loudly . He was quite rampant as he did not take True Martial School, which was currently in the midst of war, into his eye .

Would the group of True Martial School’s disciples dare to stop? If they dared to stop at this time, wouldn’t they be courting death?

“Hmph!” The Great Sage with a stubble beard sneered, seemingly blaming these people for not following his command . The barbarian’s mount was an elephant-like beast . It was tamed by him and became his good helper . The barbaric beast had already entered the Great Sage, and its combat effectiveness was very strong .

However, with just a long roar, its very long nose was stretched out at once, reaching hundreds of feet . It directly took the last two Law Enforcement Hall female disciples who fled .

In the face of the Great Sage-level barbaric elephant, these two female disciples who were already Sage Realm did not have any means of resistance . They were almost suffocated to death during the process . In the blink of an eye, they immediately fell into the hands of the Great Sage with a stubble beard .

In an instant, their clothes were stripped . The Great Sage with a stubble beard raped them on the spot . The scene was barbaric and cruel . In the duration of a dozen breaths, the two Sage Realm female disciples had all their yin energy extracted and died on the spot .

As a matter of fact, although the martial arts did have eortic desire, the erotic desire was not very attractive to most of the martial arts as compared with the long journey in pursuing martial dao . Some of them were even repulsive to it . The general choice was only dual cultivation, so it had evolved into various dual cultivation martial techniques . Some of them were quite ruthless as it would extract all the essence and qi from the other’s body . This Great Sage obviously used one of those techniques . At this time, he was smiling proudly in the sky . The barbarian armored horsemen behind him also laughed out loud . Such cruel scene for them was nothing at all .

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At this time, Ye Xiwen finally realized that it was not that the barbarians could not catch up with this Law Enforcement Hall team, but that they were simply toying with them . The barbarian group let them flee first . Then, they would hunt them down one-by-one . It was just like how a cat will toy with a mouse before eating them .

Ye Xiwen was raging in fury in that instant . Although he didn’t have a good relationship with Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples, the Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples were still part of True Martial School after all . Seeing them being abused by the enemy, Ye Xiwen definitely would be angered .

These barbarians were sentenced to death in Ye Xiwen’s mind .

Ye Xiwen gazed at the Law Enforcement Hall disciples . Their faces turned sour as they trembled on the spot . They were too angered . How could they not know that they were just a group of rats being toyed by cats? However, they had no other way . After all, their strength was worse than the opponent .

“You guys don’t know your limits . True Martial School will never let you go . You all go to hell!” A Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples shouted angrily .

“Let us go? Hahaha, now it’s not whether you want to let us go, but the True Martial School can’t even protect itself . How terrifying is the Emergence School outside this region? You don’t have any chance of winning . Are you being delusional that the True Martial School is at its peak?” The Great Sage laughed dismissively .

In the eyes of these bystanders, True Martial School was already dead . There could be no accidents at all . True Martial School was indeed powerful and they were even terrified of it . If True Martial School was still usually strong, these barbarians definitely would not dare to get involved in the South Region . This would void the contract signed between South Region and South Wilderness for countless years . Small-scale looting could be overlooked and forgiven . However, once they had large-scale invasion, they put True Martial school as their enemy . Then, they would need to bear True Martial School’s thunderous wrath .

But now, the True Martial School could not even protect itself . Under the attack of Emergence School, the destruction of True Martial School seemed imminent . After all, the current True Martial School was not the True Martial School in the past, it was far weaker than the previous one .

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Of course, if it was the former True Martial School, then Emergence School certainly did not have the guts to detonate the war between these two superb forces .

“Fight with them since we are going to die anyway . It is better for us to fight vigorously . Our Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples are not cowards!” A male disciple of Law Enforcement Hall suddenly shouted . He could not bear to be treated like a mouse, getting toyed . He roared all of a sudden, rushing towards the barbarian armored horsemen .

“Hmph, don’t overrate yourself and do something impossible!” The Great Sage with a stubble beard sneered . There was a bone rod from an unknown demonic beast in his hand . It was more than three meters long, like a long spear, dancing like a dragon in his hand . Suddenly, it swooshed down, quickly and ruthlessly .

“Boom!” The Law Enforcement Hall’s disciple was totally unmatched . He was directly smashed into a ball of minced meat on the spot .

“Stop!” A furious voice came from a distance . A blue shadow rushed in like a thunder .

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