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Chapter 733: Chapter 733: Black-Robed Man Fled in Disarray
Chapter 733: Black-Robed Man Fled in Disarray


Between both sides, they didn’t even care about space cracks .

“Kill!” The black-robed man roared, trembling in all directions, and his body’s vigor condensed into a terrible cyclone . With the cyclone enshrouded the black-robed man, he dashed toward Ye Xiwen . His movement was fluid as though he was the fish swimming in water .

Ye Xiwen was like a Demon God with wings sized like clouds fanning behind him, allowing Ye Xiwen to float in the air .

“Huala!” Great lightning descended from the sky and directly pushed back the black-robed man who rushed over .

“Huala!” Demon Wings behind Ye Xiwen kept waving, forming a sea of wind and thunder . These thunders were boiling in this sea of ​​wind and thunder and surrounded Ye Xiwen . It was as if Ye Xiwen was in the Thunderfall kingdom .

And he would be the legendary Thunder God or Storm God .

The black-robed man did not expect that Ye Xiwen was so tyrannical after the breakthrough . In his view, Ye Xiwen used his secret technique to successfully breakthrough to Half-step Transcendent Realm . Thus, he was determined that there was no way someone who breakthrough via secret technique could match up to his own concrete breakthrough . Not to mention that he still had an endowment in spatial ability, which made him the elite among the same rank . He thought that the average person was impossible to compare with him .

But, he didn’t know that Ye Xiwen was equipped with the body of Star Beast and the bloodline of Star Beast . What made it superior was that Ye Xiwen could quickly stabilize the realm and body cultivation after breakthrough .

But now as Ye Xiwen got stronger after each exchange of blows, the black-robed man had finally realized it . In the end, he regarded Ye Xiwen as a terrifying enemy in the world, and more so an unprecedented threat deep down in his heart .

Moreover, what troubled him the most was the Thunderfall kingdom . All the spaces were occupied with thunder . As long as the black-robed man appeared, he would be targeted first-hand . The advantage of the ambush from spatial ability was lost . Moreover, these storm powers still hinder his movement slightly . In the fight between experts, any slight hindrance could be fatal .

Thinking of this, the black-robed man was greatly troubled .

But Ye Xiwen did not give him any chance to catch a breather .




Ye Xiwen waved the huge golden wings behind him wildly . The wind and thunder swept out like a dragon . It was like a thunderstorm raining from the sky . The endless thunderstorm was like the raindrops bombarding the black-robed man .

“Boom!” A wild storm infused with thunder struck the black-robed man and tore a small piece of his robe immediately . Although it was not a critical hit on the black-robed man, the power of storm and thunder paralyzed him slightly and thus slowed him down . After it was just a brief moment, it was enough for Ye Xiwen .

“Go to hell!”

Immediately, storms and thunders that stirred up in the sky bombarded the black-robed man .




More and more thunder hit the black robe, and he was in disarray .

The thunderstorms were great in number . Despite not being in a strong intensity, it was too numerous; it bombarded like heavy rain in an instance . The black-robed man had an incredible movement technique and had a rapid spatial ability, moving like a bolt of golden lightning . However, Ye Xiwen’s two pieces of Demon Wings were like two huge pieces of golden clouds . The range was so wide that the black-robed man couldn’t escape at once . The black-robed man was not severely hurt, but he was in disarray, making him quite depressed .

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And most importantly, Ye Xiwen continuously strengthened Storm Power to bombard all the spaces, making him unable to hide inside the space .

Originally, the best way to encounter such a large area of effect’s attacks was to hide in the Second Dimension . In that case, the other party’s attacks would become invalid, and there was no use at all .

This was also one of the spatial ability’s prominent strengths . A fair balance between offense and defense, rendering it difficult for ordinary people to deal with .

But there was also a premise that the space could not be broken . Once the space was broken, the attack would directly fall on him . Although he could strengthen the space in front of him for defense, he would also expose his position at once . Ye Xiwen would definitely chase after him .

Sure enough, he just hid in the space .

Two golden lights shot out suddenly . Ye Xiwen finally opened his eyes, and he finally moved . Along with the screeching of the wind, Ye Xiwen disappeared instantly .

When he appeared again, he had appeared in front of the black robe . His Storm Power could not break the space reinforced by the black robe, but his body could .

His body had such strength . Any kind of defense was nothing in front of his absolutely tyrannical body .

A smile flickered in the corner of his mouth, and he finally captured the initiative completely . In the last battle with Emperor Chen, he was very depressed to find that he was almost always led by Emperor Chen, and there was no way to go about it . It was all because of spatial ability . Although the Golden Lion’s ability did not originate from Emperor Chen himself, it made no difference .

In the battle, he was almost passive at every moment, but he found a way to deal with this spatial ability too in the battle . That was to raze all the space with his Thunderfall kingdom . With that, Ye Xiwen did not plan to evade or even escape at all . It was most effective since with him bombarding all the space and tearing them open, the advantage for spatial ability in terms of ambushes and abruptness would be completely eradicated .

In this case, the threat of the spatial ability user was much smaller, and the initiative would slowly transfer to Ye Xiwen .

Of course, this premise was that Ye Xiwen could confront his opponent face-to-face . If he had no foundation, there was zero chance at all like just now . Everything depends on his own strength .

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Ye Xiwen had instantly chased to the position of the black-robed man . He disregarded everything and launched his palm horizontally . This palm was seemingly collapsing the sky . It was fast and heavy which cut off any chance for the black-robed man to catch a breather .

The black-robed man wanted to escape from the spaces and dodge Ye Xiwen’s terrible attack, but it was caught in Ye Xiwen’s palms .

“Rippling Mountain Seal!” Ye Xiwen screamed loudly . He had incarnated the technique unbeknownst to the black-robed man . A condensed huge mountain wave swooshed down .

As the black-robed man recognized that he had no way to escape . He was forced to blast out the Sweeping Flying Fish Divine Technique directly to resist it .

“Boom!” A huge force instantly fell from his arm to his body, almost collapsing his physical body on the spot . The black-robed man went in panic as he quickly retreated to avoid Ye Xiwen’s attack . He knew that Ye Xiwen was able to withstand his attack without reaching a critical stage since Ye Xiwen was still in the Great Sage Realm, giving him the knowledge that Ye Xiwen’s physical body should be strong . Up until now, he only really felt how horrible Ye Xiwen’s physical body was . It was not just tough, but a great terror .

Although this was not the main body absence of the Tyrant Body, Star Beast’s physical body was not bad at all . The strong physical body that could compete with the Dragon Clan enabled him to tear up all obstacles .

The black-robed man’s physical body was not bad at all . It was much more tyrannical than many human warriors, but it suffered in Ye Xiwen’s hands . What kind of character was Ye Xiwen? The physical body was his biggest strength .

After suffering a loss, he dared not fight face to face with Ye Xiwen . Unexpectedly, this situation was completely reversed as time passed . Previously, the black-robed man was pursuing Ye Xiwen, but now he was being pursued by Ye Xiwen . This roller coaster-like feeling was similar to how it felt to fall from heaven and went all the way to hell .

Now, it was black-robed man’s turn to delay the time . As long as the secret scroll completed the capture of Star Beast spirit, he could carry out the last step of the work . When it was completed, he would have a terrible and unmatched slave . Ye Xiwen would be unmatched .

But, this was also the reason why Ye Xiwen must kill him . He could never allow the black-robed man to continue his plan . He must rush to kill the black-robed man before the Star Beast was enslaved . Otherwise, it would be great trouble . If the Star Beast was released, the True Martial Domain would be destroyed .

Ye Xiwen’s murderous intention flashed in his eyes . No matter what the reason was, this black-robed man must die .

Ye Xiwen stormed out, turned into a golden light instantly, and pursued the black-robed man . He cut off any escape route the black-robed man could muster .

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An extremely horrible scene took place . Two people were in the pursuit; what a familiar scenario . It was just that the pursuer and the fugitive had exchanged their identity .

The most terrifying thing was that Ye Xiwen swept his terrifying aura to shatter the space . Wherever he went, space collapsed extensively . He just couldn’t give the black robe any room to escape .

All of the spaces were completely destroyed . The black-robed man did not dare to hide in the collapsed space . Even if he had the spatial ability, he would not dare to stay in the collapsed space . Space was one of the most esoteric laws . The spatial ability used could only utilize the space but not control the space .

Space was also an unpredictable thing for them . It was still an unpredictable Heaven’s Might . They dared not stay in the collapsed space . Just like staying alone in a house that was about to collapse, they would inevitably be crushed to death .

As Ye Xiwen continued to shatter the space, the black-robed man could only fle in disarray .

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