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Chapter 732: Chapter 732: Talented Bloodline Of The Great Star
Chapter 732: Talented Bloodline Of The Great Star Beast


Although it was only Half-step Transcendent Realm Initial, the black-robed man had been in this realm for many years, so he was already familiar with this power and this realm .

As Ye Xiwen escalated to the Half-step Transcendent Realm, it meant that the prey that was constantly fleeing like a minute ant originally in the black-robed man’s eyes was now on equal standing ground .

The black-robed man’s pupils contracted suddenly; his feet made an abrupt halt . His figure flew towards the back for a dozen miles .

Sure enough, just the moment he fled, a fiery red hand suddenly came down from the celestial, and swooshed down . The position where he stood just now was caught and exploded, just like a page of paper . The entire space was wrinkled and then teared open .

This terrible power frightened the people watching it .

He was very clear that this was the power of Half-step Transcendent Realm . Even if it was only Half-step Transcendent Realm, it was far more powerful than Great Sage .

“Don’t you just say you want to fight? Let’s have a great fight!” Ye Xiwen turned around and sneered again . The black-robed man had pursued him for very long . It was apparent how depressed he was .

Now, his cultivation had finally broken through!

Is this how Half-step Transcendent Realm feels?

He could feel that the blood in the body is boiling . This was a completely different feeling from the breakthrough of his main body . His main body was off human kind . There was no special bloodline . When he cultivates, he has to separate the realm and the physical body . For every breakthrough in the power realm, Ye Xiwen only felt a great breakthrough in spirit . Ye Xiwen could feel a strong feeling in approaching the Heaven way .

So it was true that warriors practice martial arts to stay close to the Heaven way, and the Observing Person Scripture that Ye Xiwen cultivated was to reshape a universe in the body . However, in any case, he would still need to attain perceptions of Heaven way .

But this Star Beast Avatar was different . At the same time as the breakthrough of the realm, Ye Xiwen could feel that his physical body was also strengthened . The spiritual energy in this barrier was transferred to him in an instant . He was like a huge cocoon . The spiritual energy was the cocoon silk . He was like a crazy machine, absorbing spiritual energy fanatically to consolidate his realm .

His body was also consolidated with this countless spiritual energy . This breakthrough was largely driven by adult Star Beast’s blood essence to promote into Half-step Transcendent Realm . However, Ye Xiwen did not attain any perception in the realm . It just appeared in his mind out of thin air as if stepping into the Half-step Transcendent Realm was like unlocking a lock . All the contents inside just came out at once .

He found that in this Star Beast’s physical body, whether it was realm first breakthrough or physical body breakthrough, the other half could keep up with it at the fastest speed . There was no hidden danger of a hasty cultivation breakthrough .


The realm perceptions in these memories were all perceived by Star Beast in the past, and then passed on to the future generations with special bloodline power . When the descendant realm breakthrough reached a certain level, the various realm perceptions, and the physical breakthrough would automatically follow .

What a superior innate skill! It’s definitely Heaven’s endowment, living up to the name of Heaven’s favorite . Most people could hardly imagine such advantageous criteria actually existed . Even Star Beast slept all day long, their cultivation could reach an unimaginable level for ordinary people .

At this moment, Ye Xiwen really wanted to weep, thinking about the hardship of his own breakthrough . For every breakthrough, Ye Xiwen really tried all the ways . He thought of all the ways he could think of, but in the end it was just a breakthrough to the Great Sage . Worse still, he had to be mindful about the balance of various realms and cultivation .

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But this Star Beast Avatar didn’t need those at all . Realm and cultivation were not scruples for them at all . They would just need to move forward .

No wonder the Little Wolf’s cultivation was no worse than Ye Xiwen during the past, despite idly wandering around . They could keep up with Ye Xiwen’s cultivation speed with no trouble .

Ye Xiwen really wanted to say . Heaven! You are too unfair!

But this idea was brushed off in a flash . Although he did not have a super innate talent like Star Beast or Little Wolf, he also had something that no one else had . That was the mysterious space, which he had not yet known . What exactly was that mysterious space? So far, he could only feel that with more martial arts he deduced and the more energy he absorbed . The mysterious space’s area was expanding bit by bit too . Each expansion had enhanced his deduction ability too .

When Ye Xiwen just obtained the Coiled Dragon Palm previously, deducting each move would take a lot of time . However, if Ye Xiwen were to deduct a set of Great Sage martial arts, he did not need to spend that long time . It could probably take just an hour to fully grasp it completely, unlike how it was in the past .

With the help of the realm perception of the previous generations of Star Beast, Ye Xiwen stabilized the realm of Half-step Transcendent Realm Initial almost immediately . His gaze seemingly materialized as he targeted the black-robed man .

The power in him was surging . An unprecedented superb power was flowing in his body and flowing in his blood . This was the bloodline power . This was the bloodline power where the main body had never felt before .

“I didn’t expect you to break through to Half-step Transcendent Realm . I really didn’t expect there is a talent like you at True Martial School!” The black-robed man threw a cold gaze and spoke coldy . His anger was like a monstrous cold flame . Ye Xiwen had stirred up a lot of trouble on him . The good things that were planned early on could not be done now . In his mind, this was all caused by Ye Xiwen . If it were not for Ye Xiwen, how could he have encountered so many troubles . “However, your good luck ends here . Do you think that the power inspired by the secret technique can be compared with me? Even in the same rank, I am also an invincible king!”

The black-robed man surged with the peerless murderous force, and his powerful momentum rose towards the sky . He wanted to put out his best and behead Ye Xiwen . He recognized that his speed was not as fast as Ye Xiwen . When he was pursuing Ye Xiwen, it was still not big trouble, at most he could not catch up with Ye Xiwen . However, if he was pursued, this might be a fatal flaw .

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Ye Xiwen was now qualified to sit on equal foot with the black-robed man . The black-robed man could not ignore Ye Xiwen at all as he did just now, and let Ye Xiwen do as he pleased . If the black-robed man dared to do this, Ye Xiwen would let the black-robed man regret forever .

His only option was to fight with Ye Xiwen and kill him . In this way, all problems would be solved . Ye Xiwen’s continuous escape just made him very depressed . Now, as Yang Ming decided to participate in the battle, this fitted his plan . In his view, he was the invincible king in the same realm, he would not lose to anyone even if it was tough .

The black-robed man stormed out, the speed was so fast that he penetrated the space directly . In the blink of an eye, the black-robed man had rushed to the front of Ye Xiwen . This time, Ye Xiwen did not escape, but confronted face to face .

The unparalleled speed brought a terrifying and imposing momentum . His Sweeping Flying Fish Divine Technique instantly blasted out, instantly tore the space in front of him .

“The king among the same rank? I want to see how strong your spatial ability is . They all say that the spatial ability is invincible in the same rank, but I don’t believe it!” Ye Xiwen smiled, he was fearless . Through his experience with Emperor Chen, he had some confidence with spatial ability users .

Ye Xiwen’s speed almost goes to the point of leaving a residual image . He had incarnated in the Rippling Mountain Seal . Huge mountain range formed in the air and swooshed down . It crashed into the Sweeping Flying Fish Divine Technique .


A terrible explosion exploded from the center where the two met . The terrible energy storm suddenly swept out . Both of them were too strong . If someone was watching by this time, they would be scared to death .

Half-step Transcendent Realm was not as powerful as Transcendent Realm master, but they would still consider a master under this starry sky . Even if it encountered a master of Transcendent Realm, there was a great chance to escape .

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How terrifying it was for the two to fight together? There were barriers arranged by Transcendent Realm strongmen, especially the Supreme School Master . Among the many Transcendent Realm masters, they were among the top experts . The barrier was naturally exceptionally strong, but the barrier was still like a piece of paper that was hit by the storm and the rain, twisting like crazy . It was as if it would be torn by this huge force in the next second Too .

The two did not stop their moves at all, and a new attack was launched . The two exchanged blows very quickly, almost like lightning . Afterimages lingered in the air, they exchanged many blows in this short period of time . Huge energy waves spreaded out .

The space was full of space cracks . All of which were torn open when the two fought each other . It was originally not that tragic when the black-robe man launched the attack alone . With Ye Xiwen’s participation, it was as though the world would meet its destruction .

The general space had the ability of self-recovery . Many Legendary masters could also tear the space, it would be restored almost immediately . It was impossible to cause any irreparable damage . The larger the world, the harder was it to go to ruin .

But now for both of them, there was nothing more important than beheading each other .

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