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Chapter 734: Chapter 734: Obtaining a Scroll
Chapter 734: Obtaining a Scroll


As the pursuit became more intense, the faster their speed was . The black-robed man tried everything to delay the time, but this was what Ye Xiwen could not tolerate .

A stream of blood essence in him began to boil and burn . This was to temporarily improve his strength at the cost of burning blood essence . The average person would not do this casually, because the total amount of the blood essence in the human body was simply not enough . Who would simply waste them?

But Ye Xiwen was different . He just obtained a lot of blood essence and energy from Star Beast . For him, it was nothing to consume of it . Even in a short time, he did not care .

He didn’t have that time to allow the black-robed man to enslave the Star Beast .

After burning his blood essence, Ye Xiwen’s speed had greatly improved in a short time . Although the duration of it would not be long, it was enough for him to catch up with the black-robed man who shuttled in space .

“Inverting the Ocean Seal!” Ye Xiwen screamed, and a pair of golden wings flapped behind him . His figure rushed to the back of black-robed’s man . Ye Xiwen’s speed was innately faster than the black-robed man . It was just that the black-robed man’s spatial ability was troublesome .

Ye Xiwen was now like a fisherman . He kept protruding big hands on the surface of the water, trying to catch the fish that freely swam in the water . The black-robed man was the fish . It would be difficult to catch . Or more precisely, it was simply impossible to grasp it .

So Ye Xiwen adopted drastic measures to set up the black-robed man, which was to directly shatter the space .

After Ye Xiwen caught up with the black-robed man, he formed a huge ocean directly in the sky, turned into an ocean-blue seal, and bombarded it on the black-robed man .

The black-robed man had no idea that Ye Xiwen had suddenly improved his strength further, and the speed was suddenly increased to a great height . Although it only lasted for a while, it was substantial to be fatal and enough to make a difference .

Ye Xiwen would be able to deliver a fatal blow during that short window . In the previous pursuit, the black robe lacked such a chance, so he failed in the end .

“Bang!” The black-robed man didn’t have time to react and was hit . Although Inverting the Ocean Seal was not as strong as the Rippling Mountain Seal, water had the distinction of running water and flood . Who dared to say that the flood was not strong enough?

His body seemed to be broken apart at once . There was a big hole at the black robe . It was badly mutilated with blood splashed out . The white bones were vaguely visible . The black-robed man was almost dead .

Although he was not dead, it was obviously fatal . He was seriously injured, and his body flew out directly . However, that also won a little time for him .

The black-robed man had blood on the corners of his mouth, and his eyes were as fierce as a wolf . He looked at Ye Xiwen with a ruthless heart . As long as he enslaved the Star Beast as a slave, he would definitely settle the score with Ye Xiwen .

Although Ye Xiwen couldn’t see his expression and couldn’t read his thoughts, Ye Xiwen knew the black-robed man wouldn’t give mercy later, so he quickly rushed in for the kill .

Since the black-robed man was injured, his speed was far from being comparable to his initial one . Even if Ye Xiwen’s impact force made him fly out a short distance, there was no way to stop Ye Xiwen’s pursuit .

“It’s over!” Ye Xiwen’s tone was cold, without any sympathy . Facing such a madman who wanted to destroy the world, any means were needed .

Every pore in Ye Xiwen’s body was bursting with sword aura . Sword aura condensed into a long sword in the void, and it suddenly slashed downward . The vast sky was seemingly halved .

“Thwack!” The black-robed man was frightened and wanted to dodge away . Despite him mustering all his spatial ability could do, he still couldn’t completely avoid it . Moreover, Ye Xiwen dismembered the entire left arm completely . Even the entire half of the body was bloody due to the influence of Ye Xiwen sword aura, almost to the point of decay .

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Ye Xiwen’s sword aura was so overbearing that he almost chopped off half of his body .

“Ah!” The black-robed man screamed and burned his blood essence fanatically . However, instead of attacking Ye Xiwen, he fled . He chanted an ancient and inconceivable spell; a space door appeared in front of him . This summon would have a certain amount of repercussion . With that, he rushed in the space door with no hesitation, disappearing without a trace .

This happened too suddenly . Ye Xiwen had no time to react, and was too late . It was not because he was too slow to sense the spatial ability . However, in front of this natural spatial ability user, Ye Xiwen’s improvement in the perception of space due to cultivation upgrade was still lacking .

This was a gap that talent brought upon . It would be difficult to make up!

However, Ye Xiwen only had a little regret . He had already achieved an extraordinary feat . If the Star Beast did not transmit a lot of blood essence and energy to him at the most critical time, attacking the black-robed man was simply a suicide attempt .

Right now, he did not only survive but delivered a fatal blow to the black-robed man . It was already a surprise .

Naturally, he was overjoyed . After the breakthrough to Half-step Transcendent Realm, he was still balanced in both offence and defence . Even if he encountered a Transcendent Realm, he still had a fighting chance .

Looking at the scroll, the Spirit Beast’s spirit was drawn out bit by bit . Ye Xiwen waited quietly .

“What are you waiting for? Destroy the scroll!” The Star Beast saw Ye Xiwen fend off the black robe and quickly shouted . What he was most afraid of was that the spirit was drawn out and became a slave to others! He would rather die than getting into this state .

“Hmph, destroy it? Why should I destroy it?” Ye Xiwen smiled coldly at the corner of his mouth . When he looked at this Star Beast, he didn’t hide his killing intentions . He almost suffered two bitter losses in front of this monster, making him hate this Star Beast .

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“Do you think I don’t know what you want to do? You want me to die along with him and take advantage of the situation!” said Ye Xiwen . “It’s whimsical and delusional . I want to see how you will end up in the end!”

“How do you know?” Star Beast finally understood that Ye Xiwen had seen through its strategy . No wonder Ye Xiwen was not willing to help him destroy the scroll .

“I knew it from the beginning . I feigned obedience to obtain the help of your blood essence and energy!” said Ye Xiwen faintly .

“Human! You are despicable!” Star Beast roared, his roar almost rippling across the sealed site . Many star beasts around heard the roar of the Patriarch, and they could not help but shudder .

“Vile? How can I compare with you!?” Ye Xiwen smiled, but he was scolding in his heart . This Star Beast had lived countless years . Even if it was a fraction of their lifespan would be more than his . If someone was really deceived by this huge monster’s appearance, thinking it was merely a no brainer beast, then it would be a big mistake .

It was sly like a fox . If it wasn’t for Ye Xiwen’s fruitful adventure and various coincidences, he had already suffered a loss in the hands of such an old creature .

Even so, he did suffer a big loss . The demon seed nurtured in his body . Hence, he would be really cautious around this ancient creature .

Star Beast was suddenly stunned . Of course, it wouldn’t think that if it didn’t want to conspire against Ye Xiwen, it wouldn’t end up like this . It would only be depressed and unwilling . It never thought that Ye Xiwen could break his conspiracy in such a short period of time . This was where he miscalculated and where he was finally overturned by Ye Xiwen .

“You don’t need to struggle anymore . I want to see the magic in these scroll!” said Ye Xiwen . He knew the scroll only absorbed part of the Star Beast’s spirit . The most important thing was that the process could only be completed after the sacrifice at the later stage and various complicated processes . The black-robed man had fled, thus the scroll would fail .

Ye Xiwen closed his eyes and began to consolidate the Half-step Transcendent Realm he just broke into . Although it was a quick fix, it was the Star Beast Avatar breakthrough but not the main body . It could still provide some experience for the main body .

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Even if Star Beast kept screaming outside, Ye Xiwen wouldn’t open his eyes at all .

He knew exactly what he was doing .

It was about another hour or so . With Star Beast’s painful scream, a single strand of its spirit was sealed into the scroll . The scroll suddenly burst into a powerful light, illuminating the whole sky . In the light, countless talisman texts dissipated in it . It was very similar to the ancient talisman essays exuded by the black-robed man just now .

Suddenly, a space door appeared in the sky, and the scroll plunged into the space door . A big hand in the sky suddenly swooshed down, and the space door was directly extinguished . With the space shattered again, the scroll fell directly into the big hand .

The owner of the big hand was definitely Ye Xiwen . In Ye Xiwen’s hands, the scroll was struggling frantically . The countless talisman texts above were starting to burn, mustering all it could to break free from Ye Xiwen .

However, Ye Xiwen would not let it escape . He snorted directly, and sent endless waves of spiritual sense to eliminate all the resistance coming from the scroll .

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