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Chapter 727: Chapter 727: Terrifying Spatial Ability
Chapter 727: Terrifying Spatial Ability


“However, we still have to deal with this interesting brat now!” The black-robed man turned his eyes to Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen could feel the horrifying killing intent of this black-robed man in front of him . It was just like being stared at by an ancient vicious beast, giving him the urge to flee .

If it was in another place, Ye Xiwen at this time might have already turned around and fled . It was definitely not a wise idea to face a Half-step Transcendent master . Worse still, he was not a general warrior, but a master having control of space law . It was common knowledge that the most unpredictable among the many laws existed besides time would be space . Space law was something even a Great Sage Realm master had no way to get hold of . Among the masters at the same level, the masters who understood the space law were almost invincible . Spatial Travel was a piece of cake to them . There was no way to defeat someone like that .

To identify someone with space law talent in addition to being capable of utilizing space law at a very low level . The odds were only one such person among tens of billions of people .

But now Ye Xiwen’s feet seemed to be taking root .

Did he have the option to flee? For sure, he didn’t . If he dared to flee, then the black-robed man in front of him would definitely take control of the Star Beast . Although he didn’t know what method the black-robed man would use to control this terrifying Star Beast .

But Ye Xiwen felt the black-robed man had great self-confidence in his words .

Ye Xiwen was worried that this might become the reality . If this Star Beast was still in full peak state, and not being held in the barrier, then this black-robed man would not dare to appear In front of this Star Beast .

But the problem now was that this Star Beast was suppressed in the barrier . Not only its strength was greatly reduced, but it was restrained . Hence, the success rate of the black-robbed man was quite high . Although Ye Xiwen did not know what the black-robed would do to make this Star Beast a slave of his .

It was entirely conceivable that if Ye Xiwen really left, then allowing him to control the Star Beast would really destroy the entire True Martial Domain .

This was not impossible, but very possible . By that time, not only the True Martial Domain would suffer, but the entire starry sky would be painted with death . From the black-robed man’s words, Ye Xiwen was certain that the black-robed man was not a human being . His hatred for humanity was deeply rooted .

And the most important thing was that Ye Xiwen could feel that the surrounding space was locked by his opponent . There was no way to flee at all unless he could defeat the black-robed man first .

Ye Xiwen breathed out calmly with his gaze turning cold as he stared at this opponent . This battle was inevitable . There seemed to be no chance of winning at all . Half-step Transcendent! Even though it was only Half-step Transcendent, it was already considered approaching the realm . There was a qualitative gap with Great Sage . Even his Star Beast Avatar could not cross this gap .

The gap between the Great Sage realm and Half-step Transcendent realm was indeed enormous . Even if there weren’t a lot of Half-step Transcendent realm masters in True Martial School, the number count was only slightly more than Transcendent realm masters .

If it was someone else, they stood no chance in this situation, but it might not translate similarly to Ye Xiwen . During this time, his original body had made a great breakthrough while the Star Beast Avatar was not left aside idle .

All these while, he constantly absorbed the blood and vital energy of the adult Star Beast . He had also approached the point of breakthrough . If there was no sudden invasion of Emergence School, he would only need a few more months to step into the Half-step Transcendent realm .

Although it seemed to be a long time, the duration of a few months was not a big deal as compared with the difficulty of entering the Half-step Transcendent realm .

He was really close to attain the Half-step Transcendent realm, so he might have the power to fight for a while . If he could take this opportunity to break into the Half-step Transcendent realm, he still had a chance in this battle .

Of course, the most important point was that this was not his main body . Even if it was defeated, the loss was still within acceptable range . It would not be totally destroyed, so it worthed the risk .

Ye Xiwen’s eyes flashed, glaring in determination with a hint of profoundness that was only born when the universe was put to death .

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Ye Xiwen made his move . He ran the scripture directly and condensed a Rippling Mountain Seal equipped with endless waves for mountains . Then, he shot all of it to the black-robed man .

“Boom!” The huge mountain range formed by the condensed Rippling Mountain Seal had instantly crushed on the black-robed man . The firing speed of Ye Xiwen in the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm was unimaginably fast . The speed could almost pull off afterimages .

“Boom!” The huge mountain waves fell on the black-robed man . But, it only appeared as though the offense only hit on a water surface . After the layers of ripples appeared, the mountain waves disappeared .

Ye Xiwen’s pupils shrank all of a sudden . His already grave expression was wringing out sweats . Although he had also already cultivated the Inverting the Ocean Seal, it did not mean that the power of the Rippling Mountain Seal was not great .

On the contrary, among the three types of Overturning the Heavens Seal, the three seals represented three levels and three distinct ways of power .

Overturning the Heavens Seal represented rigidity composed of the power of the utmost strength and utmost just energy in the world . A technique that focused on direct confrontation where all trickerys would not prevail in the face of it . On the contrary, Inverting the Ocean Seal’s power was supreme in being supple, while the Overturning the Heavens Seal was rigid and supple at the same time . Fierce power was mixed in aside from being supple .

However, in the process of switching between rigid power and supple power, it was difficult to really say which one was stronger . What was really difficult was transforming from the power of the utmost strength and utmost just energy into supple power that only existed after exerting explosive strength .

Even Mu Shengjie suffered a loss from that Rippling Mountain Seal which represented the power of the utmost strength and utmost just energy in Ye Xiwen’s current strength . However, this black-robed easily dealt with it by sending it to Unique Dimension .

It was conceivable how terrifying a person with spatial ability was . Although Emperor Chen also had this ability, he only grasped the knowledge on the surface . Of course, he could utilize the spatial ability to evade attacks . However, to be able to resolve the attacks so easily like the black-robed man, Mu Shengjie and the group really wouldn’t be able to attain it .

In this way, it means that Ye Xiwen’s attack would not be able to hit him . This was the most terrifying fact .

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“This seal is quite interesting, but this attack alone can’t hurt me!” The black-robed man chuckled with his eyes flushed gleaming more and more red as time passed . He took a step out, and appeared behind Ye Xiwen in the next second . He reached out his hand with visible vibration waves in the air that resonated a strange frequency .

But it was indeed this vibration which led the space behind Ye Xiwen to be completely broken apart . The broken space formed a huge and long space blade, slashing towards Ye Xiwen .

“Sweeping Flying Fish Divine Technique!” But he saw that the man in black robe finally chanted a simple and inscrutable mantra as if he was putting on some ancient martial arts moves .

“Huala!” The long blade of space struck Ye Xiwen’s body instantly as if it wanted to slash him into half on the spot .

At the very moment when he was going to slash Ye Xiwen into half, he directly stuck through a group of golden lights with Ye Xiwen’s figure disappearing directly . When Ye Xiwen appeared again, Ye Xiwen was already hundreds of feet away . This barrier was not that big, and the space that Ye Xiwen allowed to move was limited . Since the barrier was set up by the Transcendent realm powerhouse, so there was no worry about it being shattered .

Although this black-robed man was powerful, he was only a Half-step Transcendent Initial . He would not be able to contend against Supreme School Master

Ye Xiwen had a lingering fear . Although he was already prepared for such speed, he still found that he still underestimated the speed of the opponent in the actual battle . Perhaps, the Half-step Transcendent Initial’s absolute speed was not as good as his own . However, with Unique Dimension, there were wormholes that could connect places thousands of miles apart .

In fact, there were many such wormholes in the Unique Dimension . This black-robed man only needed to use these wormholes to easily obtain speeds beyond ordinary people’s imagination .

The uphill battle continued .

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen only felt that a terrifying force behind him swept down and pressed directly on him . He didn’t have a chance to respond, and that force had already hit him .

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“Boom!” Ye Xiwen, like a falling meteor, blasted directly onto the floor forming a huge deep pit . The deep pit was full of smoke .

“Poof!” Ye Xiwen rolled over and spurted blood out with surprise in his eyes . The man in black-robed stood where he was just now and made another move on him directly . He was again blasted away before he could respond .

And the opponent started to go all out without holding back . If it was not Phoenix Regeneration technique and Tyrant Body protecting himself at the critical time, he should be long dead already .

What a terrifying ability with no ways to guard against it!

Ye Xiwen’s fear of this spatial ability was taken to the next level . He would most likely meet with more people with spatial ability in the future . If everyone was as scary as that, then it would be troublesome .

At the same time, Ye Xiwen also took advantage of this precious short time to constantly use Phoenix Regeneration technique to repair his injuries .

“Eh, you didn’t die?” The man in black robe was also surprised . He struck Ye Xiwen with all his strength, but Ye Xiwen didn’t die . Although Ye Xiwen was seriously injured, Ye Xiwen didn’t die .

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