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Chapter 728: Chapter 728: Depressed Black Robed Man
Chapter 728: Depressed Black Robed Man


It indeed surprised him a little . He was very clear about his strength . The strength of the Half-step Transcendent Initial was enough to rank among the top masters . If masters of Transcendent Realm did not appear, he would be the top master on the spot . Just now, he delivered a full blow with no reservation at all . After being hit by this blow, nevermind a normal Great Sage, even the Half-step Transcendent Realm masters like him would be either dead or seriously injured .

Of course, the master at that level would not be so easily hit by him .

Since his realm firmly dominated Ye Xiwen’s realm, he felt comfortable launching an all-out attack . However, if the opponent was in the same realm, there would not be much chance to launch this attack without any disruption .

Although those with spatial ability were said to be invincible in the same realm, it might not be an absolute fact . Some monstrous characters could even suppress masters with spatial ability .

In a battle with the same realm, he couldn’t have enough time to charge for a full out attack . Even in many cases, he had to rush his move sets .

So he knew very well how terrifying his blow was . At this moment, he noticed Ye Xiwen not dying, rather he could still sense Ye Xiwen’s vitality that was constantly recovering .

Although there were some doubts about how Ye Xiwen did it, he still decided to kill Ye Xiwen as early as possible to be at ease . At this time, he could only feel at ease by completing the master-slave contract as soon as possible and releasing this Star Beast .

The barriers here were all arranged by the Supreme School Master of True Martial School . If there was a battle here, how could it not sense anything? If it was not because of the invasion of Emergence School, it would have already attracted a large number of masters from True Martial School to intercept the opponent .

So although Southern Dipper knew that Star Beast existed, they didn’t dare to make a move previously . No matter how strong Southern Dipper’s strength was, only a singular unit was deployed . The black-robed man had no way to cope with a True Martial School’s tyranny .

Especially in terms of Transcendent Realm master, there were more than ten of them in True Martial Schools . In the eyes of the Transcendent Realm masters, the black-robed man was no different from ordinary little sidekicks . Killing him was just a piece of cake . He thought that the entire process was much easier than killing Ye Xiwen . Hence, the black-robed man didn’t really want to take the risks .

Although he felt that the Emergence School should be able to restrain True Martial School, there was no guarantee that no Transcendent Realm masters would cross the void and come here . By that time, only death awaited him .

So no matter what, the black-robed man must go all out and end the fight speedily .

Despite the contemplation, it didn’t slow him down in any slight . He dashed out and appeared in front of Ye Xiwen again . For him, crossing any distance in space had no resistance at all . He appeared directly in front of Ye Xiwen; a ripple was created . He directly activated another Sweeping Flying Fish Divine Technique and launched an attack towards Ye Xiwen .

His pale palm burst with an unimaginable strange ray . If one were to look closely, the ray was not purely made out of light, but a series of strange text . It was a remarkable ancient ability, something that didn’t belong to the human clan .

Sweeping Flying Fish Divine Technique fell down towards Ye Xiwen from the sky, causing a strange wave of interference in the space; the space seemed to be cracked by something, torn in all directions . As the crack grew larger, the more destructive it was . The black-robed intended to completely eliminate Ye Xiwen in the chaos of space .

Ye Xiwen yelled out loud . A pair of Storm Wings attached at his back fluttered quickly, enabling him to evade this attack in a swoosh . Before he could establish his footing, the Storm Wings behind him fanned again . With Storm Power channeled into his body, he stormed out in another direction .

At the moment when he fled, the black-robed man had already arrived in pursuit . The previous space Ye Xiwen was standing on just now was shattered with space debris scattered around .

The black-robed man pursued fiercely; it was a fierce battle in the barrier . Both of their speeds were extremely fast . At one moment, they both appeared at one spot . In the blink of an eye, they had transversed quite a distance .

Having both of them engaged in a fierce chase battle was simply unimaginable . On one side was just a Great Sage, while the other side was a Half-step Transcendent Realm . This battle was not equally matched at all .

In the eyes of the world, a Half-step Transcendent Realm was much more tyrannical than a Great Sage . Even in the realm of Great Sage Realm Great Perfection, it did not make much difference .

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This was the same as Half-step Great Sage’s overwhelming advantage over Sage Realm .

But now Ye Xiwen could escape the black-robed man’s pursuit many times . If it was seen by an outsider, they would drop their jaws widely due to the sharp contrast in expectation .

But for the two sides in the battle, they were both equally depressed . For the black-robed man, he was a Half-step Transcendent Realm master, but he couldn’t catch up with a Great Sage . Not to mention that he also possessed spatial ability . That was simply a disgrace for him .

With all of that, he still failed to catch up . It was tantamount to a great irony for him . As a matter of fact, warriors with spatial ability were often extremely superior in body movement technique . No matter the body movement technique, it was still traversing through space . Hence, people with spatial ability would have the absolute advantage that no one could challenge .

But even so, he still couldn’t catch up with Ye Xiwen’s speed, which made him curious about Ye Xiwen’s movement technique . What kind of movement technique that even his spatial ability didn’t allow him to catch up . He could completely imagine that if he was not a spatial ability user and not a realm higher than Ye Xiwen, then he would be long left behind at this time . It would be impossible to catch up with his speed .

Thinking of this, he suddenly had a greedy idea on Ye Xiwen’s movement technique . He now had a spatial ability, and already inherited a movement technique . In that precognition, his speed was already extremely fast . If he managed to obtain Ye Xiwen’s movement technique, it was tantamount to adding wings to the tigers [1] . In his case, if he were to get pursued by Transcendent Realm masters, he would not fall into disadvantage .

Thus, he was determined to seize Ye Xiwen, and draw out his soul . With that, he could learn any secret with just a glance .

In addition to that, Ye Xiwen’s powerful physical body and superb regeneration enticed him even more . It was all he wanted . He never thought his visit offered so many presents . Asides from having a Star Beast slave, he could even obtain these powerful skill inheritance . It was a fruitful adventure .

Not only the black-robed man felt insulted and depressed, but Ye Xiwen felt depressed too . For him, speed was one of his strengths . Even though the black-robed man had spatial ability, Ye Xiwen was still slightly faster in terms of speed . If Ye Xiwen had the option to flee, Ye Xiwen merely needed to go in a straight line to shake off the black-robed man as time went by . This was all because of his superb speed . Also, he had been utilizing this means to escape a lot of pursuit from people stronger than him .

But now, he couldn’t escape . If Ye Xiwen fled at this very moment, the Star Beasts in the barrier became his opponent’s slave . In this case, for True Martial Domain, it would be a monstrous disaster .

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Moreover, the arrays were arranged by the Supreme Court to form a channel, which was originally designed to give them easy access to the restricted area . However, it encaged Ye Xiwen at this moment . There was not much space for maneuver, rendering him unable to escape from black-robed man’s vision .

In terms of absolute speed, Ye Xiwen was definitely faster than the black-robed man . He still had Demon Wings that was more powerful . It was worthy to be called the Demon King’s movement technique . It might sound average, but it was remarkable .

Ye Xiwen’s speed allowed him to rush from one end of the barrier channel to the other in just a split moment . Hence, Ye Xiwen held off a bit and did not fully extend his speed . Once in a while, he was in danger of being caught up by the black-robed man .

Ye Xiwen had almost no way to stay in one place, and was almost constantly fleeing . He really had no other way, but kept on fleeing . As long as he slacked a little, the black-robed man would hasten up his pursuit . A simple negligence would be death .

Being bombarded by the black-robed man again, Ye Xiwen would not expect the black-robed man to give him enough time to recover from his injuries .

Ye Xiwen could escape the pursuit only in the most peak state . With substantial damage, the pursuit would just happen, rendering an immediate death to him .

The pursuit happened for more than an hour in the celestial, but it did not end yet . The speed between the two parties could not completely surpass the other . The pursuit slowly transformed into a battle of endurance .

*Roar!* The black-robed man’s beast-like roar echoed . It seemed like he was extremely annoyed because he hadn’t been able to catch Ye Xiwen . He disregarded everything and went straight towards the barrier .

He had already thought about it . He couldn’t go on like this . Even with another ten thousand years passed, he couldn’t catch that Ye Xiwen .

Is his speed fast? It is . That’s almost the peak!

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He had never encountered a warrior faster than him among warriors in the same realm . Ye Xiwen was simply a freak . Ye Xiwen’s realm was a tad bit lower than him, but the black-robed man definitely lost out in speed .

The two sides did not incarnate any ultimate moves . Hence, not much consumption happened . Hence, the situation would not change even for another ten thousand years .

The black-robed man simply disregarded Ye Xiwen and went straight to Star Beast .

[1] Chinese idiom . It meant adding advantage to an existing advantage

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