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Chapter 726: Chapter 726: Southern Dipper’s Motive
Chapter 726: Southern Dipper’s Motive


“It’s really interesting . I didn’t expect that there would be such interesting people like you in True Martial School . You even know that we are Southern Dipper!” The black-robed man said with a sneer . His voice actually became even more cold . “It seems that True Martial School really values ​​this Star Beast . They still sent such a master to guard it in this situation!”

Ye Xiwen’s heart suddenly tightened . It was not the first time Ye Xiwen heard that this man mentioned the Star Beast which meant that the other party knew about the Star Beast . Ye Xiwen did not reveal his identity of Big Dipper . Judging from the other party’s tone, he didn’t seem to be targeting Ye Xiwen . Then, there was only one possibility which was the Star Beast .

Although it seemed irrational, it didn’t mean that it was really impossible . Although the Star Beast matter was a secret, ancient and huge organizations such as Big Dipper and Southern Dipper that had existed for countless years might know about it .

The Star Beast’s invasion of the True Martial Domain was a buzz at that time . It led to the decline of True Martial School directly . This matter had passed for many years, so many people might have forgotten it . Even the True Martial School masters might have forgotten the past .

Many masters did not know why it led to the decline of True Martial School as well . They only knew that a great battle in the past caused many senior predecessors to fall which directly led to such an event .

But it did not mean that no one else knew about it . The existence of the two organizations, Big Dipper and Southern Dipper, was far beyond everyone’s imagination . They definitely existed before this Star Beast invaded True Martial School, and they were very huge .

Therefore, it was not surprising that the Southern Dipper people knew about the Star Beast’s existence . Although Ye Xiwen did not know why they came for the Star Beast, he was now certain that this mighty master was definitely here for the Star Beast .

“What is your motive?” Ye Xiwen asked in a cold voice while frowning slightly, but his muscles were completely tense . The endless qi on his body condensed abruptly, preparing to fight at any time . This person in front of him was too scary . Ye Xiwen felt a long-lost danger vibe in this person .

This was more like a beast’s intuition; the beast intuition from Ye Xiwen’s Star Beast Avatar . It was almost like the feeling that a sword would slash his head at any time, making him feel extremely dangerous at all times .

“My motive is very simple . This Star Beast has been locked long enough . It should be released to breathe some fresh air, right?” The black-robed man said with a smile .

“What!” Ye Xiwen was shocked suddenly . His motive is to release this terrifying beast . Ye Xiwen could imagine how terrifying it would be if the beast was released . Perhaps even True Martial Domain would be completely destroyed .

This Star Beast had been sealed for countless years, so it had lost its horrifying strength . It could be said that it had weakened a lot, but the same was true for the True Martial Domain . It no longer had as many masters as the past when True Martial Domain was under the command of True Martial School . At that time, even the Transcendent Realm masters were not a rare sight, or it was absolutely not a rare sight as it was now .

If this beast was released now, it would really be a massive disaster .

“Hahaha, you really are a smart man . Release me and I will devour this damn True Martial Domain . I can pass you the power and let you have a breakthrough to the Transcendent realm without any problem . If I am not mistaken, you are still in Half-step Transcendent Initial Realm!” Ye Xiwen was very shocked to hear such a conversation, but the Star Beast in the barrier was excited and roaring continuously because it could leave this damn place finally .

Ye Xiwen’s appearance previously gave it hope, but then Ye Xiwen’s words completely ruined its hope . It knew that it could not rely on Ye Xiwen to get out .

It already gave up originally . It could only watch Ye Xiwen breakthrough continuously with its blood and vital energy . But it didn’t expect that things had taken a new turn now . Another person actually appeared now which gave it hope to go out .

It couldn’t care so many things now, and listed all kinds of rewards and wishes . Although it often only acted by its own capabilities, it definitely did not mean that it could not understand human relationships . It was just that it didn’t even bother to use any means of beating around the bush when it had absolute strength .

But it had no choice at this time because this black-robed man was its only hope .

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“Half-step Transcendent realm!” Ye Xiwen’s eye pupils shrunk slightly . Sure enough, this black-robed man was far more terrifying than he thought . The black-robed man just attacked twice, but Ye Xiwen was forced to evade with all his strength . This was not a strength that a Great Sage could possess at all .

Ye Xiwen’s strength was already very powerful . It was enough to defeat Mu Shengjie a few years ago . In the recent years, Ye Xiwen had not been idle at all, constantly absorbing the blood and vital energy of this Star Beast . Although he still did not step into the Half-step Transcendent Realm, it was just a matter of time . The current Ye Xiwen had enough strength to wipe out the entire Great Sage Realm .

Even a typical Great Sage Great Perfection Realm wouldn’t be his opponent . Even if the Mu Shengjie from a few years ago were to fight with him now, Ye Xiwen wouldn’t even need that long time to defeat Mu Shengjie completely . There was no need to use special techniques or anything like that at all .

But when he was facing this black-robed man, he had an instinctive sense of urgency . It was as if a sharp blade could cut off his head at any time .

“Don’t you know what it means to release this beast? It may destroy the entire starry sky and world!” scolded Ye Xiwen . “How many lives would be suffering? Can Southern Dipper bear such karma?”

Everyone knew the dangers of the Star Beast . It fed on the stars and the world . Every time it devoured the world or the stars, there would be countless casualties . Many lives would be in danger .

If Southern Dipper released such a monster, even an influential organization like Southern Dipper, which had existed for countless years, would be torn to pieces when facing everyone’s raging fire .

No one could face such raging fire . He would be a public enemy . The public’s will was God’s will . Who could go against God’s will? It was simply impossible .

“Many lives would be in danger . Ha ha ha ha ha . What does that have to do with me? What do I have to do with you, humans, dying collectively? You, humans, are like bugs in the sewers . The more they multiply, the more they die . Only some would die anyway . Why is it worth fussing about!” The man in black robe said lightly, but what he said sent shivers down Ye Xiwen’s spine . Ye Xiwen was extremely shocked . “If all are dead, then this world will be serene . It’s for a serene world!”

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Could it be that this black-robed man in front of me is not a human being?

Is he from the Beast Clan or Demon Clan? What other clans are they?

A variety of clans with wisdom flashed through Ye Xiwen . In this world, there was not only the human race with wisdom . Just that this piece of starry sky was led by the human race . In fact, before the human race became the leader of this starry sky, this place was originally ruled by the Native Clan . As a matter of fact, the human race was the latecomer, but the Native Clan had long disappeared after some time . Only rumors of the birth of the Native Clan were heard occasionally, but they were just rumors . Very few people had really seen the Native Clan .

In addition to the Native Clan, there were also the legendary Beast Clan and Demon Clan . They were all well-known clans . Even in the starry sky under the leadership of human beings, their names were still existing .

Which clan does this black-robed man actually belong to? Listening to his tone, he seems to have extraordinary hatred for human beings and wish that all human beings would die .

“Hahaha, I loved this the most . Just leave it to me . I will help you destroy this damn world, and devour all the damn humans . They even dare to imprison me for countless years here . They are really tired of living! ” The Star Beast said, adding fuel to the fire .

“Let you go? Of course there is no problem!” The black-robed man said with a sneer . “I will only let you out if you become my slave and sign the master-slave contract!”

“What? Damn . Who do you think I am? How dare you force me to sign a master-slave contract!” Star Beast suddenly roared thunderously . This was utter humiliation for him . “I am going to tear you to pieces . The so-called Southern Dipper can die too . Go and die . I must kill you all!”

Once the master-slave contract was signed, then it would become the slave of the black-robed man in front of it . The black-robed man could order it around . This was simply impossible for it .

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The black-robed man in front of it was just a Half-step Transcendent Realm . During the Star Beast’s peak period, he was just an ant who was not worth looking at all .

This ant actually wanted to recruit him as a slave now . It was simply too deceiving; even more terrible than the previous Ye Xiwen .

“Ai, your power is too scary . If I let you out, I have no confidence to tame you . It is better to sign the master-slave contract first before talking!” The black-robed man said with an evil smile . He didn’t seem to bother about the furious Star Beast’s threat . “What’s the point? Even if you are not willing to, it’s just a little extra effort . It was nothing at all!”

Facing the odds of getting enslaved or getting imprisoned, how would Star Beast make his choice? What will happen to Ye Xiwen and the entire domain in the end?

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