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Chapter 723: Chapter 723: Finally Entered Great Sage
Chapter 723: Finally Entered Great Sage


As Ye Xiwen continued to blast the Great Sage Heavenly Lightning Troops, he swallowed loads of Great Sage level energy into his body . A part of it was used to continue to refine the body and strengthen the eighth level Tyrant Body’s foundation .

The other part gushed into the Mini Universe in his diaphragm to expand his Mini Universe . This allowed his ‘Observing Person Scripture’ to continue progressing towards the Great Sage Realm breakthrough .

As more and more Great Sage Realm Heavenly Lightning Troops were bombarded, his strength was getting stronger and stronger . He was getting closer to the Great Sage Realm .

Ye Xiwen seemed to have entered an extremely profound and mysterious realm indistinctly . His body just instinctively repeated the routine of blast, absorb, and get stronger . Then, he would reblast, reabsorb, and become even stronger .

He was quite similar to the Heavenly Lightning Troops . He seemed to have lost his main consciousness in an instant and was fighting only with his martial art consciousness .

He was becoming stronger gradually!

His efficiency of butchering Heavenly Lightning Troops was increasing . It would take a while before he could blast a Heavenly Lightning Troops initially, and he could blast one soldier on almost every encounter now . His strength was surging rapidly with each attack .

He reached the peak eventually . There was only a narrow margin before he could have a breakthrough into the Great Sage Realm .

Ye Xiwen seemed to have shielded all the interferences and started a martial art training in his own world . The most important thing of a breakthrough from the Sage Realm to Great Sage Realm was the spirit transformation . This was something he had already done, but he must have powerful Great Sage Realm laws in order to truly be in the Great Sage Realm . Ye Xiwen was condensing the Great Sage Realm laws now .

He gathered one after another Sage Realm laws and transformed them into the Great Sage Realm laws . When he had completed all of these, he would enter the Great Sage Realm officially .

He had completed spirit transformation which was the most difficult thing for other people . When his laws were transformed completely, he would become a Great Sage directly .

Since he was in the midst of transforming now, he must calm his heart to feel the existence of the Heaven way . The Great Sage Realm laws were far more profound than the Sage Realm laws .

It was getting more and more difficult!

Every time he completed the transformation of a law on his body, his strength was more powerful . A total of nine thousand and nine hundred Sage Realm laws on his body were constantly changing and appearing one after another above his head . At the same time, the laws in the sky were also absorbed and condensed .

He became even more powerful .

One law!

Two laws!

Three laws!

Ten laws!

One hundred laws!

Two hundred laws!

Three hundred laws!

One thousand laws!

His laws were being transformed little by little, and his body exuded the majesty of a Great Sage gradually . This was a kind of majesty after the spirit level transformation which only Great Sages could exhibit .

“No, we can’t let him continue transforming!” The Great Sage Peak Realm master barely blasted the Great Sage Realm Heavenly Lightning Troops who were besieging them and saw the surprising scene coincidentally . Ye Xiwen had begun to condense the Great Sage laws after just a brief moment . If this continued, Ye Xiwen would achieve Great Sage very soon .

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Although he did not know why Ye Xiwen did not go through the most painful spirit transformation process, he knew that he could not allow Ye Xiwen to continue like this . Otherwise, he would be doomed for sure .

He was about to go insane at this time because there were only more than a thousand people in the Tao Legion who were still fighting tenaciously; the rest were killed by the Heavenly Lightning Troops .

It was almost equal to the extermination of the whole army . At this time, he no longer carried the hope of saving this army . His only hope was to kill Ye Xiwen in order to seek revenge on behalf of them .

But this hope became smaller gradually as Ye Xiwen became more tyranny .

Right now was his only chance . He had to disrupt Ye Xiwen’s enlightenment now while Ye Xiwen was in the process of enlightenment . This was the only way to stop Ye Xiwen’s enlightenment process and prevent Ye Xiwen from becoming a Great Sage . Only then, he still had a chance of survival . Otherwise, the development of the situation would be fixed .

“He!” The Great Sage Peak Realm master pounced towards Ye Xiwen suddenly . He risked everything in one blow in an attempt to kill Ye Xiwen immediately . He launched one Holy Domain downward directly so that he could press Ye Xiwen to death .

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes suddenly . A beam of light flashed in his eyes and gave Ye Xiwen an indifferent look like how spiritual beings looked at mortal beings .

It was indifferent and emotionless . It was actually his martial art consciousness dominating his body . Without the main consciousness, he looked cold and ruthless . He was not affected by anything at all .

He drew a punch directly which was like a brilliant star core . Countless burning giant stars suddenly broke into the Holy Domain .


In the midst of the huge sonic boom, the Holy Domain was exploded by the countless stars to the point of collapse, just like Armageddon depicted in the legends .

“Poof!” The Great Sage Peak Realm master spurted blood, and he flew away like an unfettered kite . He was directly blasted away even before the previous scene of even battle appeared .

“You…” The Great Sage Peak Realm master widened his eyes and couldn’t believe it . Ye Xiwen couldn’t compare with him at all at the beginning . Ye Xiwen kept escaping as he attacked . Then, Ye Xiwen was evenly-matched with him, and he was hurt by Ye Xiwen’s powerful punch now . It had not been a long time, but Ye Xiwen’s cultivation had improved tremendously . He simply couldn’t believe it .

How did this happen? He is just crossing the Great Sage Retribution . Why is there such a terrifying transformation? Plus, this happened before he passed the Great Sage Retribution . He was very clear that this was not Ye Xiwen’s limit . If Ye Xiwen survived the Great Sage Retribution and transformed into a Great Sage successfully, then Ye Xiwen would not only have the ability to hurt him with one punch . It should be said that one punch could knock him out, and he would not have the power to fight back at all .

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He was in disbelief . He had seen someone had a breakthrough while battling before, but he never saw someone who got to such a terrifying extent after a breakthrough while battling . This person, who was not an opponent at all originally, could injure his rival with a punch now .

How could there be such a horrifying improvement? Is he a freak?

But the body dominated by Ye Xiwen’s martial art consciousness didn’t intend to continue to kill him . It just continued to manifest various martial arts miraculous phenomena and continued to fight with the Heavenly Lightning Troops . It was as if nothing happened just now .

The most important thing for Ye Xiwen was to have a breakthrough to become a Great Sage . Once, he had a breakthrough to become a Great Sage, then he could kill the Great Sage Peak Realm master with a breeze .

Four thousand laws!

Five thousand laws!

Six thousand laws!

Ye Xiwen was still getting stronger . As he continued to get stronger, Heaven’s Retribution seemed to know that Ye Xiwen was about to have a breakthrough . There were more Heavenly Lightning Troops besieging Ye Xiwen to prevent Ye Xiwen from having a breakthrough . With only scattered resistance of the army left, the pressure from Heavenly Lightning Troops fully extended on Ye Xiwen .

Even with the strength of Ye Xiwen’s body at this time, he was still bombarded repeatedly with cracking skin revealing flesh, blood splattering, and bones snapping . It was very gruesome . However, he stood up again and again . He was only left with martial art consciousness; the main consciousness was realizing the Heaven way and could not be extracted at all .

However, he was also accustomed to such multitasking . Even his Star Beast Avatar was still constantly realizing and breaking through in order to have a breakthrough to the Half-step Transcendent Realm .

There was not much difference for him .

But every time he fell down and stood up again, his strength increased a little . The laws were condensed almost every minute and second .

After some time, the frequency of Ye Xiwen being bombarded was getting less, and he was getting stronger . His body’s aura fluctuated wildly and surged straight towards the skyline all of a sudden . It was like a shocking air column which soared to the sky .

The aura in him seemed to have completed a huge transformation with a qualitative change . His originally scattered Great Sage Realm laws were completely condensed together as a whole now .

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“Bang!” Ye Xiwen’s fist was impactful, directly bombarding several Heavenly Lightning Troops of the Great Sage Realm . The lightning energy poured into Ye Xiwen’s body like a torrent . This breakthrough seemed like the last straw that broke a camel’s back [1] .

“Boom!” His aura had a breakthrough and surpassed the peak . That was the horrifying aura of a Great Sage Realm, overwhelming the whole world .

“It’s over, it’s over!” Looking at Ye Xiwen’s continuous breakthrough, the Great Sage Peak Realm master could not help but be ashen-faced . He didn’t expect that it would end like this in the end . He thought it was a very simple thing in the beginning . He only had to wipe out a fortified point of the True Martial School . But he didn’t expect that not only was the whole army exterminated, he even had to die as well in the end .

It was not that he was so noble that he didn’t run away, but that he couldn’t escape at all . He was slowed down by the Heavenly Lightning Troops, so he couldn’t run away . He had no choice but to watch as Ye Xiwen had a breakthrough to Great Sage Realm . He also had a breakthrough once, so he naturally knew what Ye Xiwen was doing now!

Ye Xiwen was already so scary previously, not to mention now!

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes, and his aura swept out in circular forms like waves . He finally had a breakthrough into the Great Sage Realm .

[1] An idiom describes the seemingly minor action that causes an unpredictably large and sudden reaction, because of the cumulative effect of small actions previously

The Legend continues with a huge breakthrough into the Great Sage Realm . But, is it enough for Ye Xiwen?

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