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Chapter 724: Chapter 724: Entering the Peak
Chapter 724: Entering the Peak


Breaking into the Great Sage Realm was a profound process for him . When all 9,999 Sage Realm laws were transformed into Great Sage Realm laws and condensed into the 10,000th Great Sage Realm law, he naturally crossed into the Great Sage Realm . For others, it might take more close cultivation time before they could cross . After all, they still needed to complete the spirit transformation, but for Ye For Xiwen, this step was largely omitted . The transformation into the Great Sage Realm was completed naturally .

Truly stepping into the Great Sage Realm, Ye Xiwen suddenly felt an intense difference from the Half-step Great Sage Realm . He simply felt as if the world had become much clearer .

It was different from when he first entered the Sage Realm . When he first entered the Sage Realm, he only felt that his body had become a Mini Universe that became more and more perfect . It was mainly perfection of the body, but now this was a true transformation of the spirit .

Generally speaking, the stronger the spirit, the easier it was to perceive the Heaven way . When he entered the Great Sage, the difficulty of perceiving the existence of the Heaven way reduced a lot, or in other words, he could perceive more Heaven way at once . It felt like the shackles that imprisoned him in the past had been broken at once . All of a sudden, he felt that he could see the world for what it was!

The most important thing was that the improvement in strength was by leaps and bounds . Compared with the previous Half-step Great Sage, it was not on the same level .

At this time he finally understood why the Great Sage was said to be the real tyranny and also the second huge hurdle on the road of martial arts .

Once you cross it, there would be a tremendous change!

Ye Xiwen clenched his fist . It was another “Shattered Star Fist” . Compared with just now, the power of “Shattered Star Fist” now was increased by a whole level . Wherever the punch reached, countless Heavenly Lightning Troops barely had time to let out a groan before they were crushed to pieces .

“How could this be? The gods are so unfair!” The Great Sage Realm Peak master wailed . This monster was actually allowed to achieve a breakthrough into the Great Sage Realm .

A Tao Legion was wiped in his hands . What a brutal person he was .

However, suddenly, he quickly noticed that the Great Safe Realm Heavenly Lightning Troops that surrounded him before had now retreated one by one, disappearing between the clouds in the sky .

He suddenly understood that this was because their existence was dependent on Ye Xiwen’s Great Sage Retribution . Now that Ye Xiwen had successfully entered the Great Sage Realm, the Great Sage Retribution was naturally about to end, and these Heavenly Lightning Troops were about to retreat .

However, to his surprise, Ye Xiwen actually made a shocking move . He actually chased Heaven’s Retribution directly into the clouds . Although Heaven’s Retribution was almost finished, he was still dissatisfied and wanted to chase it into the clouds, not letting it go .

Not only was he dumbfounded, many of the True Martial School disciples below were also dumbfounded . They finally saw the Heaven’s Retribution retreat, the mighty Heaven’s Might also disappearing soon, but they soon saw a scene that was even more astonishing . Ye Xiwen actually dared to chase Heaven’s Retribution .

What was Heaven’s Retribution? It was a test and a calamity given by the gods, representing the majesty of the gods . As creatures beneath the gods, all were extremely afraid of them . Even the most ferocious, evil person was no exception .

Now that the Heaven’s Retribution had retreated, Ye Xiwen should have been relieved, but now he actually dared to chase the Heaven’s Retribution . They were all dumbfounded .

Ye Xiwen directly chased Heaven’s Retribution into the clouds . If this was before his breakthrough, he would not have dared to do so, but now his strength had increased greatly, so he got the courage to do so!




There were a series of explosions . With every explosion, a large group of Heavenly Lightning Troops were smashed into pure energy by Ye Xiwen, and then absorbed by him .

The Heaven’s Retribution seemed to be angered by Ye Xiwen’s lack of scruples . Suddenly, a large number of Heavenly Lightning Troops turned around and charged toward Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen wasn’t surprised and instead found it amusing . He immediately burst out laughing . He rushed forward toward the Heavenly Lightning Troops . The Heavenly Lightning Troops were blasted by him one by one, unable to cause any problems for Ye Xiwen, whose skills had improved by leaps and bounds into the Great Sage Realm .

On the contrary, Ye Xiwen was still borrowing the energy contained in these Heavenly Lightning Troops’ bodies to cultivate . After entering the Great Sage Realm, there was no longer a realm barrier . The initial thick realm barrier did not exist anymore . As long as there was enough energy accumulated, he could even hit the peak of the Great Sage Realm Initial straightaway .

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Initially, it required polishing . It should be polished little by little, and it took time to polish . After reaching the Great Sage Realm, every realm was important . This was laying the foundation . In fact, according to Ye Mo, whether it was Sage Realm or Great Sage, they were all about laying the foundation . The Sage Realm was laying the foundation for the body, and Great Sage was laying the foundation for the spirit .

Since it was laying the foundation, then its importance was conceivable . High-rise buildings were built from the ground, and the emphasis was on a solid foundation .

It was a matter with grave importance!

But does he have the time right now?

He certainly did not . On the contrary, he must improve his strength as quickly as possible . The endless energy contained in this Heaven’s Retribution was a big supplement for him . If it was another energy, he might still have concerns, but this Heaven’s Retribution contained the utmost strength and utmost just energy . It was the purest . As long as he could absorb it, there was no fear of hidden dangers .

Ye Xiwen strode forward in big steps, chasing and killing the Heavenly Lightning Troops, like a God . His face was expressionless . The flashing sparks lit up his face making him look like a God .

At this time, in the eyes of the remaining people on the battlefield, Ye Xiwen was no different from the gods in the skies .

After another half hour, the tribulation clouds in the sky dissipated little by little . The Heavenly Lightning Troops that had initially filled the sky were also completely massacred by Ye Xiwen and turned into energy, all of which were absorbed by Ye Xiwen .

At this time, Ye Xiwen no longer had the jerkiness and tart proficiency when he first had a breakthrough into the Great Sage . On the contrary, he seemed more rounded . With this huge energy, it completely consolidated the realm of the Great Sage Realm Initial, pushing him directly to the peak . It was precisely him borrowing this Heaven’s Retribution to push his cultivation all the way to the peak state .

“Brother Ye, that scoundrel is running away!” Suddenly, a loud shout came from below . He was pointing straight at the Great Sage Realm Peak master . It was none other than Miao Yu who spoke .

Although many people were focusing on the battle between Ye Xiwen and Heaven’s Retribution, some people’s thoughts were on the Great Sage Realm Peak master . At this time, seeing that the Heaven’s Retribution was directly scattered by Ye Xiwen, he immediately escaped .

What about revenge? What about enmity? In the face of absolute tyrannical strength, it was just like a huge joke . At this time, wanting to take revenge was simply heading for death .

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At this time, the glory of any sect was not worth it . The notion of ​​survival prevailed .

Ye Xiwen sneered and said, “Where are you going!?”

Since he had said that everyone didn’t get to leave, this person also had to . He took a step, and in a flash, he caught up with the Great Sage Realm Peak . He clenched his fists and turned into a big star, and smashed it straight down .

“You demon! You will die painfully!” The Great Sage Realm Peak master screamed . His body was smashed apart by Ye Xiwen’s single punch . He screamed as he was smashed to death .

He was still very unsatisfied even before he died . He never thought that an entire army would one day be wiped out directly by one person . Although most of it was done by the Heavenly Lightning Troops, It was undeniable that they were completely eradicated all because of Ye Xiwen .

The retribution clouds in the sky dispersed little by little . The mighty Heaven’s Might also vanished little by little as if it had never existed .

Ye Xiwen fell from the sky . These True Martial School disciples looked at Ye Xiwen in awe . Previously, Ye Xiwen was already so scary before advancing into the Great Sage, let alone now .

Also, the most important thing was that they all saw Ye Xiwen’s retribution in person . The horrifying scene had various anomalies . If it were them instead, they would probably already be killed by the disaster .

No, they were simply not qualified to elicit such a frightening disaster .

A real Great Sage Realm Peak master suffered a big loss in Ye Xiwen’s hands, killed directly by Ye Xiwen’s punch . They couldn’t help but pay attention to such a terrifying person .

“Okay, I probably don’t need to say the specifics . You probably also know that Emergence School has invaded!” said Ye Xiwen in a calm tone .

Looking at the remaining disciples of True Martial School, their faces still had a bit of disbelief . Although it had been said many times that Emergence School might invade, when the actual day came, there was no warning sign of it at all .

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It could be said that they were all prepared, but they were still caught off guard again . In the past few years, everyone in True Martial School had been saying Emergence School would invade . However, it was all just talk and there were no related indications at all .

Hence, the sudden attack of Emergence School really caught them off guard and almost blindsided them .

If it weren’t for Ye Xiwen’s assistance this time, they might have all been wiped out right here .

They all looked at Ye Xiwen in unison . At this time, in the absence of other senior management, Ye Xiwen, who had just exhibited godly power, was their backbone .

In this chaotic situation, they could only survive by following strong men like Ye Xiwen .

“You don’t have to look at me . I still have a matter to take care of . You all go back to True Martial School first . Be careful on the way back!”

Ye Xiwen said that he had no intention to return to True Martial School now, because he still couldn’t help but worry about his relatives in Yi Yuan Sect .

Ye Xiwen wins the battle, but could he win the war?

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