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Chapter 722: Chapter 722: The Escalation of the Heaven’s Retrib
Chapter 722: The Escalation of the Heaven’s Retribution


In front of Ye Xiwen who just had a breakthrough, these masters were like babies, and they could not cause any harm to Ye Xiwen . The Great Sage Peak could only stare helplessly at Ye Xiwen massacring . Ye Xiwen just broke through the eighth level of the Tyrant Body Scripture; it was like a metamorphosis .

The Great Sage Peak master was terrified . If Ye Xiwen attains the Great Sage Realm, who could control this young monster?

The disciples of the True Martial School who were watching the battle from afar, stupidly stared at the god-like Ye Xiwen who was in the sky .

Ye Xiwen stepped onto the void with Golden Divinity Waves under his feet . He was engulfed with Golden Divine Light all over, just like an omnipotent God made of gold . The omnipresent thunder only added a little power to him . It was unable to hurt Ye Xiwen, who was already at the eighth level of the Tyrant Body .

While everyone was shocked by the heavenly appearance of Ye Xiwen, they also had mixed feelings in their hearts . At first, they had only heard of Ye Xiwen’s terrifying success in battle but now they could witness it in person . They did not know what was recorded in the legend but they could see with their own eyes how Ye Xiwen slaughtered the Great Sages like killing chicken or dogs, almost scaring them to death .

He is too strong . Although he had not shown his legendary horrifying cultivation that could defeat Mu Shengjie of the Great Sage Great Perfection, he was already a god-like man for them .

Like Mount Tai and Mount Everest, did it make sense for humans to debate which was higher?

In front of these mountains, humans were too insignificant!

When he was only at the seventh level of the Tyrant Body, he still needed to be careful to deal with these Heaven’s Retribution . However, now that he had entered the eighth level, he did not need to bother at all . Those Thunder Retribution that besieged him were completely absorbed by his Tyrant Body Scripture, tempering his body and making him more powerful .

Ye Xiwen just sneered and did not continue to entangle with the Great Sage Peak Master . Now that most of the Great Sage on the Emergence School side had been beheaded by him, he still could not deal with this person yet . He would need to wait for the calamity to subside first, then come and deal with him .

After he had broken through to the Great Sage Realm, it would be easy to slaughter him .

“Boom!” In the sky, Ye Xiwen’s figure was like a dragon . He rushed straight into where the Tao Legion and the Heavenly Lightning Troops were locked in a desperate battle and started a killing spree .

To him, whether it was the Tao Legion or the Heavenly Lightning Troops, they were all enemies . There was no difference at all, and all needed to be slaughtered .

Ye Xiwen stomped dozens of the Heavenly Lightning Troops in the battle, who turned into pure lightning energy and was absorbed by Ye Xiwen’s Tyrant Body . He could feel his Tyrant Body became more tyrannic . These Heavenly Lightning Troops were all made up of the purest lightning power in Heaven’s Retribution . It was one of the purest energies in the Sky and Earth, in which Ye Xiwen could directly absorb these energies without having to filter any impurities . Hence, this was why he liked to kill these Heavenly Lightning Troops .

Ye Xiwen’s terrible shock wave straight away blasted out dozens of Tao Legion nearby, who shrieked and were killed by the shock .

Their strength was far too inferior compared to Ye Xiwen . Whether they were at the Legend or Sage Realm, they were nothing in front of Ye Xiwen .

At this time, the battle had entered the most intense stage . These Tao Legion rather fight to the death than to retreat which thoroughly irritated Heaven’s Retribution . An endless amount of Heavenly Lightning Troops were constantly being produced in the air to join the battle . This would continue until all the Tao Legion were completely destroyed .

Now the majestic Tao Legion who originally numbered ten thousand people were dead or wounded . Only about ten thousand people were left . The casualties exceeded two thirds . It was not that they did not want to escape, now they could not escape at all . The Heavenly Lightning Troops surrounded them tightly in the periphery .

This was the case with the so-called catch a turtle in the urn [1], and most importantly, Ye Xiwen was the protagonist of Heaven’s Retribution . Wherever he was, Heaven’s Retribution would naturally be there . He followed this Tao Legion closely, The Heaven’s Retribution would also follow this Tao Legion closely . They must be completely annihilated before he would be satisfied .

Behind Ye Xiwen, the Great Sage Peak master kept chasing Ye Xiwen, but his speed was far behind Ye Xiwen’s speed . He could only watch Ye Xiwen keep flashing in and out, initiating a killing spree and then absorbed a great amount of energy from the Heavenly Lightning Troops which made Ye Xiwen become more and more powerful . The Tao Legion was being struck, and their assets were plundered by Ye Xiwen .

Although these Tao Legion were essentially treated as consumables, their status could not be compared as the official status . Their potential had long been cleanly overdrawn . The wealth on them was not comparable to the official disciples . However, the amount was still unbearably huge . In just this short period of time, the wealth that Ye Xiwen robbed was more than one hundred million elixirs . Although it was nothing compared to Ye Xiwen’s huge wealth, it was better than nothing .

On the contrary, he had plundered five hundred million elixirs from the Great Sage who he just beheaded quite some time ago .

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Ye Xiwen ignored the roar of the Great Sage Peak master behind him . He focused on continuously slashing the Tao Legion and the Heavenly Lightning Troops . There was no one who could stop him from going forward .

The person who could destroy a legion alone was Ye Xiwen . It was conceivable if he was in the Transcendent Realm . He was barely a Great Sage . No, he had not stepped into the Great Sage yet .

However, as Heaven’s Retribution escalated, again and again, Ye Xiwen slowly found out that the Heavenly Lightning Troops of the Legend realm were nowhere to be found . The most he saw were the Sage Realm level masters . There were even a lot of Heavenly Lightning Troops of the Great Sage level .

This was the escalation of Heaven’s Retribution again . Even Ye Xiwen had to deal with it carefully . Although none of them could cause a fatal threat to him, there were too many of them . A large number of Heavenly Lightning Troops together could cause a fatal threat to him .

“Hahaha, Ye Xiwen, even Heaven wants to destroy you . Don’t you want to make use of Heaven’s Retribution to destroy our Tao soldiers? Now you really shot yourself in the foot . If you look for a disaster, there is no escape!” The Great Sage Peak master saw what was happening and laughed out loud . His ashen face was full of joy and at this time, looked a bit malevolent .

Ye Xiwen’s original plan was to make use of Heaven’s Retribution to eliminate the Tao soldiers, but now with the further escalation of Heaven’s Retribution, the Heavenly Lightning Troops were becoming more and more powerful . Ye Xiwen would soon be drowned by the Heavenly Lightning Troops of the Great Sage Realm .

In his view, this was the so-called retribution . Ye Xiwen’s retribution was really heaven-send .

He did not chase . On one hand, he could not keep up . On the other hand, he wanted to watch Ye Xiwen being killed by Heaven’s Retribution, which would be really a huge relief .

Of course, the most important thing was that there were a lot of Great Sage Realm Heavenly Lightning Troops around him . Heaven’s Retribution also regarded Ye Xiwen as another target to be eliminated .

Ye Xiwen sneered, looked at the master of the Great Sage Peak Master, and said, “Do you think these Heaven’s Retribution can do anything to me? Really ridiculous!”

Although he and this Great Sage Peak Master’s master strength were almost on par, he had broken through the eighth level of the Tyrant Body, increasing his chance of survival . He had complete victory over this Great Sage Peak Master’s master .

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The two sides were not at the same level .

Ye Xiwen rushed straight into a team of Heavenly Lightning Troops composed entirely of Great Sages . Various anomalies appeared all over the body; Various martial arts were deployed in his hands . They were all cast on those Heavenly Lightning Troops without any hindrance or stagnation .

The war had just begun and was not the end of it . Even if the Tao Legion were slaughtered, the real test for Ye Xiwen had just begun . The escalated Heaven’s Retribution was more powerful than he thought . There were a large number of Great Sage-level Heavenly Lightning Troops attacking, and most importantly, these Heavenly Lightning Troops had formed a phalanx that was very difficult to deal with .

However, at this time, he had no choice . If he were to make a choice at that time, he would still choose to activate the Great Sage Tribulation . Although it would lead to the escalation of Heaven’s Retribution, it was better than being killed by all the Tao Legion .

For the size of the Tao Legion at that time, even a strong man like Mu Shengjie could only flee in desertion . He had no choice . In the face of such a huge force, the strength of one person was too small .

Even he could not really compete against the whole legion .

He had no choice but now he had to pay for the choices he made .

In the distant empty sky, without anyone noticing, a figure was slowly twisted from the void, appearing on the horizon of the sky . The battle happening in the sky, even the mighty Heaven’s Might could not affect him .

A black cloak covered the whole body . No one knew his appearance, but he looked at Ye Xiwen who was in battle coldly, revealing a pair of blood-red eyes .

After letting out an inaudible cold sneer, this figure slowly disappeared into space .

When it reappeared, it was already in the underground sealed area of ​​the Star Beast .

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However, now Ye Xiwen, who was up in the sky, did not know about this . He had already fought to his heart’s content .

After breaking through to the eighth level of the Tyrant Body, his body suddenly leaped up one level . Even as he faced the ambush of the Great Sage Realm, there was no fatal threat although there were some difficulties .

On the contrary, he could use these empty spaces to continue blasting the Heavenly Lightning Troops .

[1] Catching a turtle in the urn: To set up an easy target for oneself .

The trouble of Tao Legion was elevated, but what about the Heaven’s Retribution?

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