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Chapter 720

“Charge! Kill him! Otherwise, none of us will live today. Let’s kill him, and Heaven’s Retribution will stop!” The Great Sage Peak master shouted.

It was undeniable this Great Sage Peak master was still very clear-headed at this time. Although the Tao legion was in danger of overturning now, this was all because of Ye Xiwen.

Because this was the Great Sage Tribulation he triggered. Once he died, then the entire Heaven’s Retribution would disappear, and it would not continue to be launched at all. Therefore, everything could be avoided as long as Ye Xiwen was killed.

No matter what, it could be said that they suffered great losses today. Two Great Sages and thousands of soldiers were lost in an attempt to kill Ye Xiwen. It was a great loss.

But there was no way out now. They could only force themselves to kill Ye Xiwen in order to survive. Otherwise, they would probably be overwhelmed by Heaven’s Retribution and be completely exterminated at that time.

Ye Xiwen didn’t stop at all, and rushed directly into the lightning sea. No, it was more like the lightning sea formed around his whole body. There were Tao Soldiers who fought against those Heavenly Lightning Troops and thunder dragons, but Ye Xiwen was the one who needed to cross the retribution after all, so most of the disasters were still flying towards him. At this time, it was no longer just storms that fell from the sky, but various types of weapons. Each of these weapons contained unimaginable mandates, and countless mandates condensed on the weapon. Every weapon which fell down could kill any true way Legend; even Sage Realm masters might suffer severe injury if they were not careful.

Ye Xiwen formed a giant hand which covered the sky and caught the countless weapons which filled the entire sky. He exploded them into a mass of energy directly, all of which were absorbed by Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen only felt that these violent energies which entered his body were domesticated into the usable energy by the Tyrant Body Scripture. The energy fell into the Mini Universe in his diaphragm.

At this time, the Mini Universe was also operating aggressively. It was originally about the size of a stellar system. Ye Xiwen refined it according to the pattern of the solar system based on his memory, but now the boundary was constantly expanding. It showed hints of transforming into a galaxy, which was the Milky Way. As Ye Xiwen was about to step into the Great Sage, this solar system was almost completing its transformation too. With the solar system as the center, it directly reorganized as the Milky Way.

This was a crazy thing that Ye Xiwen could do. Other people simply would not dare to even think about it because this was too dangerous. In case some accidents happened, the entire body would really collapse and it would be a really tragic death.

However, once the Milky Way was formed successfully, then Ye Xiwen’s strength would really have a huge leap. In addition to the Tyrant Body Scripture that had a breakthrough to the eighth level, Ye Xiwen’s strength could perhaps wipe out a Great Sage Peak Realm in an instant.

Ye Xiwen charged into the clouds continuously, and the Great Sages behind him were pursuing closely. At this time, they must not let Ye Xiwen escape. If they couldn’t kill Ye Xiwen as soon as possible, then the entire Tao legion might be abolished and collapsed in a flash. Perhaps the whole army would be exterminated. This was what they couldn’t afford in any case.

This damn Heaven’s Retribution will only end by killing Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen also knew their exact plan. He naturally knew what they were thinking, so he could not be caught by them. As long as he dragged on for a while, the fearful legion would be completely exterminated.

Innumerable lightning weapons were thrusted downwards, but even if each weapon hit Ye Xiwen’s body, it would only create metallic clashing sounds on his body. Then, there was a burst of green smoke. There was no way of inflicting further harm to Ye Xiwen at all. Ye Xiwen’s Tyrant Body Scripture had not progressed to the eighth level yet. But even if it was only the seventh level of Tyrant Body Scripture, it also reflected the incomparable solidity of his body.

But the Great Sages behind him were not so lucky. Their bodies couldn’t be compared with Ye Xiwen even though their bodies had already been perfected upon entering the Great Sage.

But perfection did not mean that it was very powerful. The strength of the physical body was divided into two aspects. One was the innate bloodline. Some with special physiques would have terrifying physical bodies like Titan Body. Another was being invincible by martial techniques. For instance, Ye Xiwen’s Tyrant Body Scripture was one of the best.

The Tyrant Body which he cultivated according to the Tyrant Body Scripture could even beat the Titan Body. It already amazed countless people at that time.

But they were obviously none of the mentioned. Although they were Great Sages, they were obviously not comparable to Ye Xiwen.

At this time, they looked rather miserable. Although each of these lightning weapons was not particularly powerful, it was really horrifying when so many of them fell down like raindrops.

They had to utilize their Great Sage weapons to block on top of their heads at this time. The weapons were not weak intrinsically as all attacks were resolved. Their Great Sage weapons were also very tyrannical. Although they seemed quite miserable, they were not in danger.

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The more miserable they were, the more they hated Ye Xiwen now. If it was not for him, they wouldn’t be so miserable. Of course, it would not cross their minds that they would not encounter such a thing if they did not come and attack True Martial School.

The more Ye Xiwen flew upwards, the more horrifying the encounter was. The lightning was no longer in weapon form, but it transformed into vicious beasts.

“Roar!” A real lightning dragon roared and slashed towards Ye Xiwen. It actually had Great Sage level strength. Furthermore, it was composed of energy, so it would be very difficult to kill it. Typical Great Sages who encountered it would be doomed.

The huge dragon claw formed traces of martial arts. That was the Dragon Claw; the most original and authentic Dragon Claw. The Dragon Claw simulated by human hands could not be compared with the real Dragon Claw at all.

Ye Xiwen did not show any weakness and shot a Coiled Dragon Palm directly. His hands turned into two huge Dragon Claws, seizing the golden light directly.

“Bang!” A mega explosion sound echoed out. The golden lightning dragon screamed desperately as his Dragon Claws were torn by Ye Xiwen directly in the air.

Although Dragon Clan’s body was terrifying, it was not really a Dragon Clan after all. It was only composed of energy. Moreover, Ye Xiwen’s body was more powerful. That mighty body was born to challenge the legendary Demon God. Ye Xiwen even dared to challenge the real Dragon Clan, not to mention an energy composition.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen didn’t stop after he tore the Dragon Claw directly. He stepped in front of the golden lightning dragon in an instant, waving his two huge Dragon Claws and slashing towards the lightning dragon.


This lightning dragon was simply torn into halves by Ye Xiwen on the spot. It transformed into a mass of lightning energy which was absorbed by Ye Xiwen.

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This lightning dragon’s energy was not comparable to those of the previous lightning weapons at all because there was a qualitative difference. This was the energy that had truly reached the Great Sage level. It was completely absorbed by him now. The benefits it brought to his Tyrant Body Scripture were simply beyond description.

Ye Xiwen had a content feeling in his heart now. The anger and depression in his heart just now were forgotten all at once. His Tyrant Body Scripture was about to have a breakthrough, and his cultivation was about to breakthrough into the Great Sage Realm. At the same time, he could also destroy the Emergence School’s Tao legion. There was nothing else which was better for him.

He wanted to further break in and rush in. Then, he could behead all these lightning-transformed vicious beasts and absorb all of them. He had a hunch that his seventh-level Tyrant Body was really close to a breakthrough.

He looked around, and everywhere he saw was filled with various lightning-transformed vicious beasts. Moreover, many of them were legendary creatures like the Azure Dragon, Red Vermilion, Bi Fang [1], and many other vicious beasts were wandering in the clouds.

These were originally the Heaven’s Retribution which would charge downwards in the next stage. All of them were vicious beasts of the Great Sage level. All of them had appeared in advance because Ye Xiwen rushed up now.

If they killed Ye Xiwen in advance, this Heaven’s Retribution would also end.

The Great Sages behind Ye Xiwen were a little stunned while looking at the legendary beasts in front of their eyes. Even if they knew that it was composed of lightning and not the actual beast, they still felt dizzy when they saw so many legendary divine beasts and vicious beasts. Have we come to the primitive era?

They could actually see so many vicious beasts and divine beasts in every direction. Each of these beasts were monstrous. The Great Sages claimed that they could deal with any of these beasts, but once more than one vicious beasts and divine beasts surround them, it would be a dead end for them.

Scanning the surrounding, there were actually hundreds of such vicious beasts and divine beasts. Once they go up, they might be torn in half instantly.

While they were hesitating, Ye Xiwen had rushed towards the vicious beasts and divine beasts. The sounds of beasts roaring echoed all over their ears. Such a scene was really scary.

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In the face of hundreds of Great Sage-level vicious beasts and divine beasts, even the Ye Xiwen who was still killing everywhere previously was injured. He was soon cut by the sharp claws and there were bloodstains all over his body. Some wounds were so deep that his bones were visible, while some nearly tore him off.

But he kept battling tenaciously, constantly utilizing his Phoenix Regeneration technique to heal his body wounds.


Ye Xiwen blasted a vicious beast and absorbed its energy on the spot.



One after another legendary vicious beasts and divine beasts were gradually bombarded by Ye Xiwen high up in the sky. The beasts converted into energy which was then absorbed by Ye Xiwen. His momentum was also constantly escalating. Every time he killed a vicious beast or a divine beast, his strength became stronger. Hence, his speed of killing those vicious beasts or divine beasts also accelerated.

After what seemed like centuries, Ye Xiwen finally killed all the vicious beasts and divine beasts. The energy of utmost strength and utmost Yang poured into his body, making his body seem to explode. The existing barriers of ‘Tyrant Body Scripture’ were also blasted away in a flash.

He finally reached the eighth level of ‘Tyrant Body Scripture’.


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