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Chapter 719

Loud and clear thunder rumbled through the heavens and the earth . Endless thunderclouds began to assemble and thunder dragons writhed among them .

“What is going on?”

Everyone stared at the endless clouds that began to assemble in the sky . They would not have bothered if it were just ordinary clouds . The least powerful among those present could easily dissipate large clouds . The real problem was that these were no ordinary clouds . They could feel Heaven’s Might from that endless layer of cloud . No doubt about it . It was Heaven’s Might .

The Heaven’s Might was magnificent, majestic, and went straight to the hearts . Regardless of what kind of species or what kind of strong people, all were the people of Heaven . Under the mighty Heaven’s Might, all of them were equal .

Only the stronger warrior would fear a little less .

Although the warriors claimed to be in defiance against the will of Heaven and fought for their own destiny, few really dared to go against the will of Heaven in reality . This was because those who dared to go against Heaven were all split to death by Heaven’s Retribution .

The so-called chaos was merely turning and tossing within the framework created by Heaven . No matter what the chaos was, it had its rationality . Nothing was possible without rationality .

All warriors feared Heaven, no matter who they were . It was the same for righteous or evil warriors . Shivering in fear under Heaven’s Might was normal .

Although, no one dared to ascertain the existence of Heaven .

However, now everyone could feel the strong Heaven’s Might from within this endless cloud, which meant that this cloud was not formed naturally . Speaking of which, there was fierce wind whipping around in the midst of this intense battle .  Under normal circumstances, how could there be clouds gathering? Even if it was originally covered with dark clouds, it would have been scattered .

“Heaven’s Retribution! Someone wants to challenge Heaven’s Retribution!” Everyone’s face changed as they did not expect that someone was going to challenge Heaven’s Retribution right here and right now . The most terrifying thing to everyone was the sight of the endless dark clouds . It signified the scale of this Heaven’s Retribution was huge beyond borders .

The greater the expanse, the more terrifying this Heaven’s Retribution . They did not expect that someone’s Heaven’s Retribution could be so large .  Isn’t Heaven’s Retribution only formed when someone attempts to enter the Transcendence Realm?

Even when they were elevated to the Great Sage, there was no such grand scene . As a matter of fact, there was not even one percent of such a scene . Within the endless clouds were lightning sparkles and human silhouettes . This frightful scene signified its nature as a mutated Heaven’s Retribution . No witnesses present anticipate an encounter with such Heaven’s Retribution . They had only heard of this mutated Heaven’s Retribution in legends and the classics . Even the distinguished characters could not even do that!

Those who could cross into Heaven’s Retribution were already legendary characters .

Who the hell is challenging it?

Everyone’s eyes quickly fell on Ye Xiwen because anomalies surged toward him continuously . His aura was constantly growing . There was a sign of him reaching the Great Sage realm in a single bound . In other words, his breakthrough was imminent . He was breaking through the Great Sage .

As apparent as it seemed, Ye Xiwen was challenging Heaven’s Retribution . Otherwise, there would not be such a terrible phenomenon .

Suddenly, the face of the Great Sage Peak master changed . He suddenly understood what Ye Xiwen was going to do . This was to destroy them all with the help of Heaven’s Retribution . No wonder he dared to rush straight into the legion .

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At first, the crowd thought Ye Xiwen was crazy like a headless fly [1], and rushed into the Tao Soldier legion . Come to think of it now, his intention was really vicious . He wanted to use Heaven’s Retribution to bury them .

“What a vicious heart!” The Great Sage Peak master nearly broke his teeth as he gritted them tightly . If Ye Xiwen really lured Heaven’s Retribution over, then their demise would be imminent . They would by default be the external force that helped Ye Xiwen to challenge Heaven’s Retribution . Heaven’s Retribution would become more terrifying and it was not impossible for the entire Tao Soldiers legion to be completely wiped out .

He finally understood what Ye Xiwen said just now, which was since they came, they would not be able to leave . Ye Xiwen had this in mind all along .

“Hurry! Retreat!”

That Great Sage Peak master quickly shouted, but at this time, there was nowhere to go . Rather, it was already too late . Even if he shouted himself hoarse, his voice could not reach the ears of a legion of ten thousand soldiers .

Even then many people still did not understand what was going on . This was not because they were stupid, but rather they were instantly dumbfounded by this abrupt incident .

“Thinking of leaving now? Too late!” Ye Xiwen snorted . Just a moment ago, he started thinking of this idea . The ten thousand Tao Soldiers legion were horrifying . He was just a Half-step Great Sage, even if a young powerhouse like Mu Shengjie would not dare to resist . Ye Xiwen did not want to spare them . So, he could only use this method of borrowing the power of Heaven’s Retribution to annihilate them all . Of course, the Heaven’s Retribution had transformed to be more horrifying than it was originally, but Ye Xiwen did not care anymore . He wanted to utilize Heaven’s Retribution to uplift his physical body and push his Tyrant Body Scripture to the eighth level in one shot . By that time, his strength would experience a fundamental improvement .

*Thunder Roars!* As if to confirm Ye Xiwen’s words, Heaven was as though conveying its intention to kill . The neatly ordered Heavenly Lightning Troops appeared in front of everyone . The weakest among the Heavenly Lightning Troops was at least of Sage Realm level . All the Heavenly Lightning Troops who concentrated together were enough to shake the world, sweeping away any other force .

Moreover, there were also a lot of Great Sage Realm masters within the group . This terrible army swept down from the sky . From a distance, it was a yellow torrent violently charging out from the majestic clouds .

That Tao Soldiers legion was a well-trained legion . They soon reacted, forming their phalanx .

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With a huge roar, the Emergence School’s army was instantly penetrated and the entire phalanx was cut in half .

There were shouts everywhere . The Tao soldiers and the Heavenly Lightning Troops fought fiercely . At this time, no one was able to contend with Ye Xiwen at all . All their effort was concentrated on the Heavenly Lightning Troops in front of them .

“You! You are so ruthless!” The Great Sage Peak master looked at Ye Xiwen, his body trembling with anger and his face complexion turned ashen . He did not expect that it would end up like this . The confrontation just started; thousands of Tao Soldiers or the Emergence School disciples were immediately killed on the spot .

The loss was so great that even the Great Sage Peak master felt distressed . If this continued on, the entire Tao Soldiers legion would be annihilated .

“No matter how ruthless I am, I cannot be compared to you . ” Ye Xiwen sneered from the side . Countless thunder dragons descended from the sky, striving to bombard him . His body emitted a green mist, rendering him invulnerable to the bombardment .

The scene looked dreadful . The sky was full of lightning . Most of the Heavenly Lightning Troops were stopped by the Tao Soldiers legion or rather they had no other choice to fight these troops because these Heavenly Lightning Troops had no real consciousness . They all rely on instinct . Since they appear under Heaven’s Retribution, the legion presumed the troops were helping Ye Xiwen . Everyone in the legion had united against the troops; not for the reason to help Ye Xiwen but to protect themselves .

However, even so, a large number of thunder dragons fell straight from the clouds to Ye Xiwen’s body . Ye Xiwen ran the “Tyrant Golden Body”, and all of the lightning energy was absorbed by him .

For every energy absorbed, for him, he could strengthen his Tyrant Golden Body .

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Tyrant Golden Body had been stuck on the seventh level peak for a long time with no breakthrough . At this moment, he was going to leverage Heaven’s Retribution to make his breakthrough .

So, even though he already knew that activating Heaven’s Retribution at this very moment would render it more powerful due to the presence of these Tao Soldiers legion, he did not care . It was because a more powerful Heaven’s Retribution was not a bad thing for him . Instead, he could use this Heaven’s Retribution to hone his physical body, completely transforming himself, and let his physical body break through the eighth level in one fell swoop . With the eighth level acting as the fundamentals of his body, his strength would simply have another improvement . Even the masters of the Transcendent realm could not kill him with one blow .

This would become his life-saving opportunity in this turmoil .

As long as he was not hunted by multiple Transcendent realm masters, he had a chance to escape . This was very important . Although it was impossible to defeat the Transcendent Realm masters, it greatly improves the chance of surviving .

“You! You dare to absorb the power of Heaven’s Retribution!” The Great Sage Peak master looked at Ye Xiwen in disbelief . Heaven’s Retribution power was both violent and just . It was one of the supreme forces between heaven and the earth . Ordinary people had to carefully make preparations to challenge Heaven’s Retribution . It was impossible for them to be like Ye Xiwen, strolling idly without making any preparations in Heaven’s Retribution challenge . The most important thing was that he dared to absorb such a violent power .

This almost astounded him .  Any normal person who dared to do the same would be instantly blown apart . How come he is okay?

How strong is his physical body, or is he a humanoid tyrannosaurus?

Thinking of this, a murderous thought flashed through the eyes of this Great Sage Peak Master . Now that Ye Xiwen was already so horrifying . If he was allowed to successfully pass through Heaven’s Retribution, then he would be beyond control . He had to take this opportunity to kill him before he successfully passed through Heaven’s Retribution and before he could transform into a Great Sage . Otherwise, it would inevitably become a big trouble .

[1] A metaphor for somebody who is rushing around frantically

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