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Chapter 721

The Tyrant Body Scripture’s eighth level that was stuck for decades was finally reached . Golden light radiated off his body . If one looked closely, one would see a golden stream flowing on his body like water .

As his Tyrant Body Scripture achieved breakthroughs continuously, the combination of Divinity on his body and himself became deeper . The original Divinity was not cultivated by Ye Xiwen himself .

According to the legends, deities and Buddhas had their own golden bodies, which were tempered by their own Divinity and cast into a supreme golden body . The golden body was indestructible, eternal, and untarnishable .

The method that Ye Mo taught Ye Xiwen was actually the method these legendary figures used to form the golden body . It was combined with the Tyrant Body that Ye Xiwen cultivated at that time .

Thus, Ye Xiwen’s body appeared scarier and scarier . The more he cultivated, the scarier his body became . If it was just the Tyrant Body, although already tyrannical, it would not be as scary . Now that it was combined with the golden body that only deities could nurture, his own body that already had the tyrannical Tyrant Body made another huge leap .

However, Ye Xiwen was not a deity . He himself did not have the so-called Divinity, so these Divinities were not his own but were originally extracted from the descendants of those Beast God on Thousands Demon Beasts Island . Not only did the Divinity not belong to him, it belonged to the deities of the demon clan and were even more incompatible with Ye Xiwen .

If it weren’t for the “Tyrant Body Scripture’s” impressive effect of absorbing all the energy in the world, he would not have been able to form the golden body .

Although he had now formed a golden body, only he knew that there was a huge gap between these Divinities and himself and that there was no way they could truly integrate .

However, as his “Tyrant Body Scripture’s” level became higher, the integration of Divinity became more successful . His Tyrant Golden Body became more overbearing .

Initially, these Divinities belonged to the Beast God . Their brands were in the Divinity . They could even be turned into countless Lesser Beast Gods, but they were now getting smoothed out little by little by Ye Xiwen’s “Tyrant Body Scripture” . What used to be an unstable factor was now nothing .

“Hahahaha!” Ye Xiwen was feeling carefree . This battle was delightful . The wounds on his body that were deep to the bone were being restored bit by bit by the Phoenix Regeneration technique .

At this time, the Great Sages below had caught up . Those terrifying, ferocious beasts were eliminated by Ye Xiwen one by one . Naturally, they dared to come up . They couldn’t let Ye Xiwen continue to achieve breakthroughs without restraint . Otherwise, they might really die here .

As the battle continued to develop, more and more Heavenly Lightning Troops joined the battle, disrupting the Tao Soldiers’ phalanx . At this point, the Tao Soldiers had lost tens of thousands of people . This was an unprecedented loss . They had never encountered such a terrifying opponent . Compared with the Heavenly Lightning Troops who had no main consciousness and were unconcerned about life or death, these Tao Soldiers’ boasts of not fearing death seemed very laughable now .

One side was not afraid of life and death, and the other side was unconcerned about life and death . The winner was obvious .

Moreover, these Heavenly Lightning Troops only had pure martial art consciousness . Although they did not have main consciousness, they had mastered martial arts to an unimaginable level . The Tao Soldiers fought bleakly .

If the fight continued this way, it would not last long . The entire Tao Soldier Legion would be annihilated . However, if they were asked to charge toward the Heavenly Lightning Troops, they would not even have the guts . They were definitely about to be torn apart soon .

At this time, there was only one way, that was to kill Ye Xiwen in order to restore the decline .

Seeing these Great Sages rushing up, Ye Xiwen was not afraid at all . He just laughed aloud . “Good job on coming here!”

The eighth level of his “Tyrant Body Scripture” was complete . Just as he was looking for someone to practice it, these people arrived .

He moved suddenly . A layer of golden Divinity Waves appeared beneath his feet . As if his body was a bolt of golden light, he tore through the sky and rushed directly toward those Great Sages .

“This punk actually dares to rush over . You’re really courting death!” The Great Sage Realm Peak master sneered, not taking Ye Xiwen seriously .

He could already tell since before that although Ye Xiwen regarded the Great Sage Late sages as though they were nothing, Ye Xiwen was definitely not his opponent . Otherwise, would he still have to run away? Ye Xiwen could have directly killed someone on his level .

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Although Ye Xiwen’s counterattack at this time surprised him, he still saw Ye Xiwen’s cultivation as half-step Great Sage Late, so he was not worried . He did not care about Ye Xiwen’s counterattack .

He immediately blasted toward Ye Xiwen . Holy music played and golden lotuses appeared on the ground . Countless Holy Realm Dwellers were chanting ancient scriptures and the Holy Domain Land of Happiness that everyone yearned for erupted .

This was a Holy Domain . He was practicing the supreme lost technique of Emergence School, the Emergence Godly Fist . In his hands, the Emergence Godly Fist had reached the point of perfection . Compared with Lao Yi, it became many times more overbearing and was totally incomparable .

He immediately fell directly on Ye Xiwen’s body to crush Ye Xiwen to death with the supreme Holy Domain .

Ye Xiwen was not afraid at all . He took the initiative, clenched his fists, and turned it into a blazing star, delivering a heavy bombardment .

“Boom!” The star fell into the Holy Domain instantly, causing the world to change color . In the Holy Domain, the ground trembled and the mountains shook . Countless Holy Realm Dwellers in the turmoil vanished from the face of the earth .

The so-called Pure Land, the so-called Holy Domain, was instantly penetrated by Ye Xiwen’s punch; an apocalyptic scene emerged .

This was not the first time he fought against the Emergence Godly Fist, but none of those times were as swift as this time . With no care in the world, Ye Xiwen crushed him with his tyrannical body . His fists were invincible; all attacks were useless .

After his fist blasted through the entire Holy Domain, it landed hard on the fist of that Great Sage Realm Peak veteran .

“Boom!” A loud noise sounded as if a huge stone had smashed into the calm lake water .

Unimaginable, spherical lights burst out in all directions . The terrifying undulation instantly flattened a large part of the surrounding space . A huge mushroom cloud rose into the sky . Strong winds swept out in all directions, rushing out in circles .

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The scene where Ye Xiwen was immediately blasted to pieces that the Great Sage Realm Peak master anticipated never happened . On the contrary, both of them were actually even; neither wanted to give in .

The whole clash seemed long, but in fact, it happened in just an instant . The two began to fight with all their strength, unwilling to compromise .

The Great Sage Realm Peak master was very depressed . He actually ended up evenly tied with Ye Xiwen . However, Ye Xiwen was very satisfied . He just achieved a breakthrough at the eighth level of the Tyrant Body Scripture and could contend against the Great Sage Realm Peak master . Once he fully adapted to the eighth level Tyrant Body, his strength would continue to rise . If he could also achieve a breakthrough at the realm and enter the Great Sage . Destroying the Great Sage Realm Peak would not be a problem by that time . His powers were increasing greatly, how could he not be happy?

For the other few Great Sage Realm Late masters who had just arrived, a terrified look only appeared on their faces at this time . Initially, they relied on the fact that Ye Xiwen could not contend with Great Sage Realm Peak master; all they had to do was help out on the side . Who knew that Ye Xiwen could now contend against a Great Sage Realm Peak master without losing ground?

This was different from what they originally thought .

They haven’t come to their senses yet, but Ye Xiwen’s offense had already arrived . The surroundings seemed to have become a universe . The vast sea of ​​stars was Ye Xiwen’s attack . He was like the only true God in the universe; the vast universe was controlled by him .

Mightily, all the stars in the universe swooshed down .


A Great Sage Realm Late master screamed in agony . He was directly bombarded by Ye Xiwen’s punch, turning into a mist of blood on the spot . Previously, Ye Xiwen could only deal a heavy but not fatal blow to a Great Sage Realm Late master, but now he could kill one with a punch . Although he did not seem to appear any different, in fact, there was a world of difference . His improvement in strength was obvious .

“Stop!” The Great Sage Realm Peak master was shocked and furious . He charged over directly, dropping an Emergence Godly Fist . Another Holy Domain fell down, puncturing the heavens and was about to fall to Ye Xiwen Body .

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Golden light flashed on Ye Xiwen’s body . He directly avoided the Holy Domain that was crashing down . His body was like a dragon as he charged toward another Great Sage Realm Late master .


Another punch directly smashed the Great Sage Realm Late master’s body . The terrifying power instantly destroyed his spirit .

Ye Xiwen showed no mercy . There was no room for easing up at all . He had already made up his mind .  Since these people are already here, then there’s no way of letting you leave!

Ye Xiwen’s speed was extremely fast . With his Tyrant Body stepping into the eighth level in one fell swoop, his speed also achieved a fundamental breakthrough . When a person’s speed exceeded the limit, how fast they could go was basically dependent on the person’s body . Breaking through the sound barrier and the space barrier would cause a strong reactive force . Without a tyrannical body, he was afraid he would be torn apart directly .

As Ye Xiwen’s body went up a level, his speed naturally became faster than before .

Although Demon Wings didn’t unfold, utilizing bodily techniques still made his speed extremely fast .

The Great Sage Realm master simply couldn’t catch up . Although Ye Xiwen couldn’t do anything about him, the two could only be regarded as equals . However, his speed was far inferior to that of Ye Xiwen . He could only watch helplessly as several of his Great Sages were slaughtered by Ye Xiwen .



Two loud sounds like thunder resounded through the sky . The two remaining Great Sage Late masters were directly blasted by Ye Xiwen .

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