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Chapter 718

“Is he still human?”

Everyone, especially those from Emergence School, did not expect a Half-step Great Sage to kill Great Sage .

“Ye Xiwen? Are you Ye Xiwen?” Someone suddenly remembered the main culprit who caused Emergence School to attack True Martial School, who was the fuse .

Although everyone knew that the killing of one Great Sage directly caused the shocking battle between the two forces, this was basically a huge joke . It was just an excuse . Even so, many people remembered the name Ye Xiwen .

Especially since he actually killed a Great Sage when he was still a Half-step Great Sage, this matter caused a huge stir not just in True Martial School, but in the entire Emergence School as well .

No matter which force it was, such an impressive genius would attract the attention of countless people . Even though they were the enemy, Emergence School knew a lot about Ye Xiwen .

As soon as they saw such great battle prowess, they immediately recalled it, plus the conversations of the True Martial School’s disciples just now . With that, they were certain that Ye Xiwen in front of them was the trigger of this war .

“Hahaha, I spent so much effort trying to look for you, but you were easily found in the end . I didn’t expect you to be Ye Xiwen . Emergence School has also studied you . As long as I can kill you, I can immediately obtain a lot of wealth!” Among the endless group of Tao Soldiers, someone said in great arrogance .

Tyrannical spiritual senses swept over Ye Xiwen . All of them were wriggling with eagerness to try . In any case, the factor that led Emergence School to declare an attack was precisely Ye Xiwen . Whether it was funny or not, this was an unchangeable fact . The reward for Ye Xiwen was also very high, second only to those Transcendent Realm masters .

For these Great Sages, the Transcendent Realm masters could be seen but could not be touched . They dared not even come close . Otherwise, the recoil of the battle was enough to shock them to death . However, the situation was different with Ye Xiwen . Despite him having the record of killing a Great Sage, he was still a Half-step Great Sage in the end who amounted to nothing .

Obviously they didn’t know that Ye Xiwen did something astonishing in True Martial School recently . He had defeated Mu Shengjie one-sidedly which shocked people to their core .

If one could kill Ye Xiwen, then he would be really rich . Even if it was these Great Sages, they couldn’t help but be enticed by the high bounty on Ye Xiwen’s head .

Initially, they didn’t expect to encounter him so early . After all, a genius of this degree must be well protected, hiding the True Martial School, but now he had actually appeared in front of them .

This is really a chance given by the gods!

In their eyes, the current Ye Xiwen was no longer a person, but a huge treasure . Whoever could kill Ye Xiwen would get a shocking treasure; they could definitely leap to great heights .

At that moment, the way Ye Xiwen just destroyed a Great Sage Intermediate master with one move was at the back of their minds . They had already forgotten the huge shock Ye Yewen caused for them just now .

Only the huge reward was in their minds .




In a blink of an eye, six Great Sages appeared around Ye Xiwen, and all of them were Great Sage Late masters . Among them, there was also a Great Sage Peak master . All of them were eyeing Ye Xiwen covetously, even watching each other with caution, fearing that their bounty would be robbed away .

As for Ye Xiwen?

They didn’t even pay him any attention . Under the siege of the six Great Sage Realm masters, and the Tao soldiers in the distance, he could not possibly escape .

“Ye Xiwen, in their eyes, you are already meat on a chopping board to be butchered!” Ye Mo said in a playful voice .

Ye Xiwen raised the corner of his mouth .  Yeah, they’re so confident that they can defeat me . They even disregard me but guard against each other .

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And at this moment, Ye Xiwen made a move . He stomped with his feet, tore through the sky like a bolt of golden lightning, and instantly appeared in front of a Great Sage Late master .

The Great Sage Late master only saw a golden light flash before he saw that Ye Xiwen had already rushed over . He was suddenly surprised and angry . He had never thought that Ye Xiwen would dare to take the initiative to attack him .

In their minds, Ye Xiwen was already a turtle in a jar [1] and couldn’t kick up any more waves . Who knew that Ye Xiwen would immediately prove the other party wrong with his actions!

“Piss off!” The Great Sage Late master roared . He suddenly formed a fist silhouette that almost filled up the sky . Each fist was ablaze as if the stars were falling down in front of Ye Xiwen one by one . “Raksha Star Punch!”

The moment these stars rushed in front of Ye Xiwen, they all turned into Raksha [2], roaring as they charged over . Each of them rushed over with the force of a thunderbolt .

Every Raksha could smash a mountain . It was conceivable how terrifying this fist silhouette that almost filled up the sky .

This Great Sage Late master’s strength should not be easily dismissed . He was even more tyrannical than the previous Blood Hangman .

However, Ye Xiwen was more than a little stronger than he was at the time . At that time, he had just stepped into Half-step Great Sage Late, but now was close to entering Great Sage; it was incomparable .

“Hmph!” Ye Xiwen sneered . He released a terrifying aura from his body . The Rakshas that were charging over stopped in a peculiar manner not far in front of him, blocked by a strange aura .

Immediately after Ye Xiwen spread out his big hands and formed a fiery red big hand, he reached through the whole sky to grab them . The Rakshas charging mightily through the sky were all wiped out in a flash, all turning into spiritual energy .

“Hah!” Ye Xiwen shouted loudly . He stomped his foot suddenly and already moved in front of the Great Sage Late . He clenched his fist . The endless starlights on his fist began to boil, and the mighty star power instantly shone through half the sky . The Shattered Star Fist swept out in a flash, and the surroundings became a cosmic battlefield, cruel and cold .

Golden light flickered like on his entire body, as if he was the only entity in the universe . His fist turned into a huge star on the spot and swooped down directly .

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Ye Xiwen’s fist was swift . The opponent didn’t avoid it at all and was hit by a punch .

Blood splattered out . The opponent’s flesh almost crumbled in the sky and all the bones in his body collapsed in an instant .

“How is this possible? How can you be so powerful!?” The man looked at Ye Xiwen, staggered . Just with a punch, he was almost killed by Ye Xiwen . Such a terrible fighting power was unimaginable .

It was forgivable if they were the same rank, but Ye Xiwen was just a Half-step Great Sage . He was badly wounded with one punch; it would only take two punches to finish him .

However, Ye Xiwen didn’t intend to answer him . He just stepped out and chased after him .

“Stop, let’s slay this fiend together!” The Great Sage Peak master was shocked and angry . He did not expect Ye Xiwen to be so difficult . What was more embarrassing to him was that Ye Xiwen even killed one of his men with just once punch under his leadership . To him, it was a slap to his face, mocking him for being unable to contain his subordinate .

The others nodded in agreement and hurriedly pursued him . Ye Xiwen’s extreme strength deterred them just now . They acknowledged that they themselves were about the same level as the Great Sage Realm Late master . If Ye Xiwen could beat him severely with one punch, then he could also beat them severely .

Now, they finally believed the earlier rumours that Ye Xiwen, who was a Half-step Great Sage Initial then, was able to kill a distinguished character of Great Sage Initial . His combat power was too ferocious .

If it was one-on-one, they might have to turn around and run away right now . They dared not fight back at all . Fortunately, there were several masters here, and one Great Sage Realm Peak master . In their view, no matter how strong Ye Xiwen was, there was no way he was as strong as a Great Sage Realm Peak .

They were indeed right . Even if Ye Xiwen was stronger, it was impossible for him to cross that line . . Even if he could blow up a Great Sage Realm Late master with one punch, he was not an opponent of a Great Sage Realm Peak . That was another realm . He had to wait until he entered Great Sage for that to be possible .

However, he was faster . Before everyone caught up, he had already rushed up . He stomped his foot suddenly, breaking the sky beneath his foot . He instantly pounced onto the Great Sage Realm Late master who was flying through the sky .

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This time, he couldn’t fend off Ye Xiwen anymore . Ye Xiwen exerted great strength onto his foot and swooped down his kick .

The opponent’s body was torn apart in the air . Blood was splattered through the sky . He died tragically immediately, not even having the time to scream .

“You… you actually killed him . Two Great Sages . You damn bastard; you killed two Great Sages of Emergence School .  Damn, this is unforgivable . I will massacre ten of your kind!” The Great Sage Realm Peak master roared furiously . They were delusional, thinking that the Great Sage Intermediate master just now died because of carelessness . Ye Xiwen’s attack was too with no time to react .

However, this Great Sage Late master was slaughtered by Ye Xiwen in front of them . To him, it was a huge embarrassment . .

Massacring nine of Ye Xiwen’s kind could not dispel his anger . Only the destruction of ten of Ye Xiwen’s kind could please him a little .

“You want to massacre my kind? Don’t you even think about leaving today!” Ye Xiwen sneered, murderous intention flashing in his eyes .

His feet did not stop . Instead, he unexpectedly charged toward the Tao soldiers . The few Great Sages chased behind him, and there were countless Tao soldiers attacking him from the front .

There was a sneer at the corner of his mouth . He swallowed a pellet, and his aura began to rise violently .


Suddenly, there was the sound of thunder, and endless clouds began to gather .

[1] Assuming someone like a trapped prey with no chance to retaliate

[2] Demon in Buddhism .

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