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Chapter 717

“Who is it?” There was a scream coming from the Emergence School’s phalanx [1]. Even though they were stunned by the sudden change, they didn’t take these True Martial School disciples seriously at first. According to the information they received, the actual master of True Martial School here had already retreated back to True Martial School.

The rest were some small potatoes who were not worth mentioning at all. If it was not rumored that there was a big secret of True Martial School, they would not even come here.

Although this army was only a small part of the Emergence School’s army, it still showed the importance they put on this place.

But they didn’t know Ye Xiwen was presiding here. Ye Xiwen’s arrival was very low-key, and he didn’t alarm many people at all. Hence, their spies didn’t get the news at all, but they probably wouldn’t be bothered even if they got news about it. For them, a couple of Great Sages couldn’t change the overall situation at all. Of course, it would be a different story if it was a Half-step Transcendent Realm master.

“This is completely lawless!” Ye Xiwen walked all the way to the sky with a black look [2].

“It’s Brother Ye. Yay, we are saved!”

Many disciples’ morale was greatly boosted upon seeing Ye Xiwen’s appearance. There was a surprise expression on their faces. They never thought that they could actually see Ye Xiwen appearing here. Following Mu Shengjie’s defeat, Ye Xiwen’s battle achievements spread throughout True Martial School instantly. Although many people were questioning the method he used to defeat Mu Shengjie, he was a distinguished master anyhow. Their safety was much greater with him presiding here.

Particularly, Ye Xiwen’s awesome and thunderous strike just now had boosted everyone’s morale.

Miao Yu looked at Ye Xiwen thoughtfully. He did not expect that it was Ye Xiwen who saved his life on the verge of death. This was something he had never thought of before.

The enmity between Ye Xiwen and Law Enforcement Hall could be said to be very difficult to resolve. He originally thought that Ye Xiwen was kind enough to not delve into the enmity between them in the past, but he didn’t even dare to imagine that Ye Xiwen would actually save him.

In Ye Xiwen’s mind, it didn’t matter which party you were from at this time. They were only True Martial School people now, and Ye Xiwen couldn’t stand aside when they were in danger.

“Thank you, Brother Ye, for saving my life!” Miao Yu came forward to greet Ye Xiwen. Regardless of the past grievances, it all didn’t matter now because Ye Xiwen saved his life this time.

Although Ye Xiwen’s time of cultivating martial arts was way shorter than him, he was willing to call him Brother Ye.

“This is Brother Ye. He is really magnificent. The sharp blow just now killed several soldiers of Sage Realm level. He is really majestic!”

“Yeah, our chances of winning are much greater with him around. We even have higher confidence if we have to escape!

“Yeah, yeah. Whoever dares to say that Brother Ye does not live up to his name, I will beat him up now. This kind of strength is much stronger than us!”

“Yeah, no matter what method he used to defeat Brother Mu, it is like a fight between deities for us. Is there any difference? It is not something we can dig into!”

Everyone felt relieved after seeing that Ye Xiwen was powerful. Anyway, it was undoubtedly a marvelous thing to be able to have a tyrannical master like Ye Xiwen presiding during this dangerous period.

“A Half-step Great Sage. Good, good, good. A little Half-step Great Sage even dared to obstruct the advancement of my army, I’ll just wipe you out together! I was just worried about not having a decent contribution this time. If I can kill a Half-step Great Sage, it is also a small gain!” A cold voice came out from the Emergence School army. A Tao Soldier Head walked out of the army. He was a sturdy Tao Soldier who was actually a Great Sage.

Regardless of the identity, the person was mighty if he cultivated to the level of the Great Sage. The status of Tao Soldier couldn’t be compared with typical disciples. The former was more like a group of cannon fodder, but it would be a different case when a Tao Soldier reached the Great Sage level. Then, he was no different from the real power figures of a normal Great Sage.

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Moreover, he was one of the Tao Soldier Heads leading this particular army.

Several powerful Great Sages’ aura was hidden among the crowd behind him, but how could they escape from Ye Xiwen’s eyes?

“You want to kill me?” Ye Xiwen’s gaze was unusually sharp, and he glanced at the Tao Soldier Head.

The Tao Soldier Head’s heart was chilled all of a sudden. He didn’t know why there was a tremor in his heart, but he didn’t take it seriously. He thought it was nothing but a mere tremor. However, he was flying into a rage out of humiliation. Although no one knew it, he felt quite humiliated.

“You shall die. Stop acting pretentious in front of me!” The Tao Soldier Head roared and pounced towards Ye Xiwen, waving a spear in his hand. At first, there was a flash of chill which broke the space, and then the spear shot like a dragon straight into Ye Xiwen’s face. A powerful killing technique was delivered in an instant. He also did not know what happened to him. He actually had some fears about a Half-step Great Sage. What is a Half-step Great Sage in the face of a mighty Great Sage like me?

Although Half-step Great Sage was claimed to be able to enter Great Sage only by half a step, it was a far cry from him as long as Ye Xiwen was not a Great Sage. There was nothing to be compared at all.

The powerful attack instantly broke through the space, punctured the vast sky, and formed a huge black crack. It was a space crack that was constantly mending itself. It directly swept towards Ye Xiwen.

“Brother Ye, be careful!” Miao Yu who was next to Ye Xiwen was suddenly shocked and quickly reminded him. The previous enmity was already over. At this time, Ye Xiwen might be the only guarantee for his survival. Hence, how could he not be nervous?

But a Great Sage level attack was really swift. Miao Yu had just finished reminding him and the spear had swept to Ye Xiwen’s front in the speed of light. The spear seemed like it would kill Ye Xiwen at once.

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Ye Xiwen just raised his head calmly, and suddenly moved. His speed was actually faster than the spear. He turned into a giant hand and grabbed the spear directly. Ye Xiwen caught the spear which pierced past his body with his hand.

“Bang!” In the midst of the sonic boom, the giant hand caught the spear and twisted it instantly. The spear, which was refined from unknown metal, was caught immediately and crushed into scrap iron which looked like fried dough twists [3].

Everyone from Emergence School’s side looked at this scene dumbfoundedly. How is this possible? He is a Great Sage. Although he is only a Great Sage Intermediate, there is no doubt that he is a Great Sage indeed. He is one of the heads of the legion. His weapon is about to become a great holy tool. It is not far different from a great holy tool. This person directly caught it and twisted it into a bunch of scrap iron. What is happening?

Only the warriors on the True Martial School’s side knew what was going on at this time. Although the Ye Xiwen in front of them looked like he was only a Half-step Great Sage, none of them dared to underestimate him. The reason was none other than because this guy with Half-step Great Sage appearance defeated Mu Shengjie of Great Sage Great Perfection Realm.

Even Brother Mu of the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm, who they respected like gods in their hearts, was defeated by Ye Xiwen. Meanwhile, this leader was just a Great Sage Intermediate. He was nothing!

Ye Xiwen had reached a mystified extent in their hearts. He was enough to compare with the previous Mu Shengjie. How was a Great Sage Intermediate considered anything?

Although they were only like ants for the Great Sage Intermediate masters, their spirit had also lifted a lot by following Ye Xiwen. With Ye Xiwen around, a Great Sage Intermediate was really nothing.

“I will give you back your things!” Ye Xiwen smiled. The spear which looked like scrap iron in his hand suddenly burst into a powerful light on Ye Xiwen’s hand, as if it was reborn in a flash. It was rejuvenated and turned back into a spear.

The veins on Ye Xiwen’s arm bulged. He threw the spear back in great momentum. Suddenly, a huge beam was launched into the sky. Every inch of the collided space collapsed at once, forming a huge hurricane. It was like a spear dragon which was extremely terrifying.

Everyone stared blankly at the scene in front of them which was much bigger than the abnormal phenomenon initiated by the Tao Soldier Head just now. It was as though one shot would destroy the world, putting the world in ruin.

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The spear had a really terrifying force in Ye Xiwen’s hands. It released a wave as great as a great holy tool, and returned to the Tao Soldier Head instantly with a speed of light and thunderous momentum.

The Tao Soldier Head did not have the strength like Ye Xiwen. He simply couldn’t block it at this moment.

The spear instantly broke through all the defenses on his body.

“Puff!” A splash of blood gushed out, and the Tao Soldier Head was directly penetrated by the spear. The horrifying force shattered the internal organs of his body immediately. It pulled the soldier along with its strong inertia and flew out.

“Bang!” The spear directly slammed into the ground, blasting out a vast and deep hole about a dozen miles away. The ground sunk in, forming a huge dent. At the center, the Tao Soldier Head’s body hung obliquely at the end of the spear with his eyes wide open. He couldn’t believe that he died so miserably. Moreover, he died without having any power to fight back.

There was a pin-drop silence. The wind blew up a bloody atmosphere. Everyone was dumbfounded. Looking at this scene, especially the Emergence School masters, they were in disbelief.

[1] A body of troops standing or moving in close formation.

[2] Describing a person’s face who is very angry about something.


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