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Chapter 716

A series of terrible fluctuations in spiritual energy woke Ye Xiwen up straight from close cultivation .

Both he and the Star Beast Avatar were awakened at the same time . However, there was no movement from his Star Beast Avatar . Instead, it closed its eyes and continued to absorb the energy of the barrier .

His actual body stood up and walked out to see what happened . He had managed to restrain the fire in his heart altogether . He was almost close to breaking through to the Great Sage Realm . Just when he was planning to swallow the Violet Limitless Qi Pellet, a violent vibration suddenly happened outside .

“Can it be that the Emergence School is here?” Ye Xiwen’s expression suddenly changed at the thought of this possibility . If that was the case, then it would be terrible . The reality was that once the Emergence School started to act, it would be an all around attack . The all around attack initiated by the Emergence School was nothing important but the main issue was that he was not ready . He had not broken through to the Great Sage while his Star Beast Avatar had not stepped into the Half-step Transcendent Realm . Both of them were nearly there . All they needed was some more time for both of them to achieve a breakthrough . At that time, even if the Emergence School launched their full assault, he would have some ability to protect himself . At least, he would be able to escape from the clutches of the masters of the Transcendent Realm . When the time came, he would have the option of either launching an assault directly or to retreat to defend the school . However, now that he had yet to achieve a breakthrough, he was still in trouble .

Ye Xiwen had just arrived on the ground and instantly felt the violent fluctuations in the air . Battle cries of the True Martial School masters who were stationed here for defending the area were heard from a distance .

“Everyone, let’s leave quickly and immediately retreat back to True Martial School . An all around assault was launched to us by the Emergence School!”

“What? The Emergence School! A comprehensive assault?! Oh God, it actually happened! What should we do?”

“What should we do? We are done for! The Emergence School is too terrifying!”

“It’s okay . Where we are now isn’t facing directly at the school . So, even if the masters of the Emergence School come over, they will not focus all of their assaults in this direction . We can all escape . ”

At this time, the current situation could be described as to be in a turmoil and frenetic activity . They no longer had the confidence to defeat the army of the Emergence School . At this time, what they had in mind was how would they be able to escape from the clutches of these masters of the Emergence School .

“Ye Xiwen, the Emergence School has launched their assault! ” Ye Mo’s voice reached Ye Xiwen’s mind . Ye Xiwen looked at the sky . The entire sky was covered by the clouds . The clouds were full of shadows . Unknown number of masters were lurking in the shadows .

Numerous Sage Realm masters were deployed – a blatant proof that the Emergence School had deployed their massive army . Otherwise, it was impossible for so many legions to appear . These were not the general disciple of the Emergence School . Instead, it was a legion called the Tao Soldiers .

The True Martial School also had this kind of legion . The same for the Great Yue Empire at that time . The so-called Tao soldiers were a group of soldiers who were proficient in Martial Arts and were raised by tyrannical and influential masters .

These were no ordinary soldiers . They all possessed superb martial arts skills . Even the most elite corps were composed of the Sage Realm masters . It was conceivable that the damage inflicted by such a group of armies would be immense .

They were not ordinary disciples . From the time they were handpicked, they had been fed with various medicinal materials and were taught secret martial arts techniques . They were also being drilled in arrays . All of these trained disciples were trained to become martial art warrior armies, which were meant to be better than the ordinary armies . However, they existed as a group . Tao soldiers who were left alone would never be able to fight against any ordinary disciple of equal power realm .

However, in the same way, their potential was completely used up . Their room for improvement for the future was also very small . They would end up exhausting all of their resources in one go when they lose . This could not be compared to genuine disciples .

However, every enormous power had raised such Tao soldiers . When it came to conquering a certain big force, it was necessary to rely on such Tao soldiers . The effect was more subtle in a group battle if disciples were deployed instead .

In short, the Tao Soldiers which were weapons of mass destruction were never deployed in a normal melee . Conversely, if the Tao soldiers were really dispatched, then it would become a battle to the end .

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes and saw that above the infinite sky, many True Martial School Disciples were fleeing . Behind them were a group of Emergence School Disciples . There were a lot of Tao Soldiers who were pursuing the True Martial School Disciples all over the place .

Among them, a great deal of Great Sage’s aura was faintly hidden in it . In the beginning, there were a few great Sages on the outer battlefield and were not passive . However, the Great Sages were now being transferred back . Ye Xiwen was the only one left behind . All of this happened when Ye Xiwen was in close cultivation .

The True Martial School simply did not have the capability of retaliate in the face of their launched assault .

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However, what Ye Xiwen was confused about was where the assault was being mainly launched at . Hence, even if there were not any Great Sages of a higher order within the Great Sage, there were only the Great Sages of a lower level . Not even the masters of the Transcendent Realm were in the group .

A wave of tyrannical aura flew out from the extraterritorial battlefield . It was from the many Sage Realm Masters who were keeping watch in the True Martial School . All of them were startled at once and were fighting against the Emergence School’s Disciple in a group .

However, it was a mystery how they were a match to the Emergence School’s Disciple . This was not due to their suboptimal strength but that there was a huge gap between the number of people in that group and to the number of people in the Emergence School group .

Nevertheless, at this time, there was no other way . They must first find some ways to beat the Emergence School army to retreat . Then, they would have time to escape the place one after another safely . Otherwise, they would be chased around by the opponents to be murdered . When that time came, they would utterly be defeated .

Moreover, the most important thing was that this was beyond their imagination . At first, they thought that they were able to make their escape before the arrival of the Emergence School but they did not expect that the Emergence School would launch an assault abruptly, which directly tore the space apart . The army suddenly appeared on the extraterritorial battlefield through the teleportation array, which gave True Martial School little to no time to make their escape .

Anyway, the assistance of these Sage Realm masters allowed some True Martial School Legend Disciples who were a few times more in number to make their escape and take a breath for a moment .

“It’s over . It’s over . We are done for this time . We didn’t expect that the masters of the Emergence School would immediately appear . We did not even have the chance to escape!”

“I didn’t expect that the Emergence School had arrived . Their assault came in like thunder . At first, I thought about how to escape only after the Emergence School had launched their assault . I now regretted it . Come to think of it, it is really stupid of me . If I am part of the Emergence School, there is no way I will give myself time to react too!”

A sound of anguished wailing was heard among the many True Martial School Disciples . On normal days, these people were not being highly valued in the True Martial School . If they were valued, who would come out to practice their martial arts through toughening up at this time? They had no other choice . Compared with the privileged disciples who were valued by the faction, their martial arts skills had fallen behind severely . They had to make up for it in various ways .

However, they did not expect that they would be buried here .

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“Hmph!” Ye Xiwen let out a cold sneer . In his eyes, countless numbers of the Sage Realm’s Elders of the True Martial School were beheaded continuously . They descended from the sky like dumplings . Finally, he could not help himself but to attack . A grand momentum was released once he launched his attack . His cold sneer was like a large bell and a thunder, making a rumble on everyone’s heart .

Although he had not broken through the Great Sage yet, his strength was unquestionable despite being only a Half-Step Great Sage . Moreover, during the three years of close cultivation, he was really almost there . Just a bit more, and he could break through the Great Sage Realm anytime . His strength had increased not by just a bit, but by a greater amount compared to last time .

Miao Yu was struggling to beat back a young captain of the Tao Soldier, who was of the level of the Sage Realm in the Emergence School . This was a rather tight situation for him . Although these Tao Soldiers were not mindless puppets, they all had their own state of mind . However, they were basically deranged as they sacrificed their corporeal body and tampered with them as though they were weaponry . Within the whole force, they were the most determined group in their will to engage in battle .

They were completely dauntless .

On the contrary, the general disciples were still hesitating to fight . However, at this time, they had no choice but to fight . On the one hand, their opponent overpowered them . On the other hand, the number of opponents was also ten times or even one hundred times that of the True Martial School .

Furthermore, there were a lot of Tao Soldier armies who had not made a single move from faraway . There were as many as two thousand people . Most of them were also from the Legend realm . It was unknown how many Sage Realms and masters of the Great Sage Realm were mixed among them .

Despite not being the main force, such a large army was enough to sweep away the entire southern region . From here, it could be seen how powerful the entire Emergence School was .

Miao Yu was somewhat despaired in his heart . Several powerful Tao soldiers who were of the Sage Realm level appeared beside him . Each and every one of them emerged victorious from the piles of corpses and waves of blood . None of them were inferior to him .



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These overbearing Tao Soldiers charged straight towards him to kill him .

“Bang!” Miao Yu was hit directly, flew away and vomited a mouthful of blood . He was seriously injured in an instant and there was no other way for him to hold on to .

“It’s over . I am about to die!”

Miao Yu wailed anguishly in his heart . Every one of these Tao Soldiers masters was not afraid of death . Most importantly, there were too many of them . There was no end to them no matter how many of them he killed .

“You won’t win . When our school gets our own hands free, we will wipe all of you out!” Miao Yu let out a sorrowful shriek .

“Thinking of destroying us? You are way too naive! Today not only will we annihilate all of you guys, we will then launch another assault to the headquarters of your True Martial Domain after this . In the end, the True Martial School will only vanish in a puff of smoke!” A contemptuous voice, which was full of disdain for True Martial School, emitted from among the numerous number of masters in the sky .


A large rumbling sound was heard and a fiery red big hand grabbed it . The previously rampant Tao soldiers were immediately caught and killed .

In the face of this big hand, the ordinary Tao Soldiers of the Sage Realm were just like ordinary ants and were crushed to death .

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