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Chapter 715

As for what kind of monster it was, they didn’t know . However, they did know that this monster was very important for True Martial School .

Miao Yu didn’t follow Ye Xiwen down . If he continued further, with his skills, he would probably end up kneeling on the ground .

This was not the same as the coercion between the warriors . This was yielding to instincts, the fear a creature at the bottom of the food chain felt about the creature at the top .

The entire human race was naturally not considered a creature at the bottom of the food chain . They were definitely one of the most powerful species in the world, but individually, they were indeed not considered very high up .

Ye Xiwen was the only one left to go inside .

Along the way, there were Star Beasts circling about, eyeing him covetously . However, with the passages that True Martial School opened with one array after another, they dared not come close, otherwise they would be shaken to death . These arrays were personally developed by True Martial School’s Supreme School Master, who was a Transcendent Realm powerhouse . Once these Star Beasts came close, they would be shocked to death .

Thus, although they were eyeing Ye Xiwen covetously, none of them dared to get close .

However, the deeper he went inside, the more powerful the coercion he felt . Soon, even Ye Xiwen could feel a strong pressure on his body .

It was a terrifying pressure, all of which was pressing on Ye Xiwen’s body . The more forward he went, the stronger it got . And this was because he had protection of the barrier developed by the Supreme School Master himself . Otherwise, even he could not get close . After all, he was not even a Great Sage . No matter how strong he was, he was not a Great Sage by nature . Even if he was a Great Sage, in front of this Star Beast, he was too miniscule, not worth mentioning at all .

Ye Xiwen now deeply understood that once he reached the second half of the path, it was a struggle to simply walk .

Toward the end, Ye Xiwen even had to summon the Star Beast Avatar in order to continue walking . It was not that the Star Beast Avatar was much stronger than his actual self, but because they were homologous . The invisible coercion suddenly became smaller all at once . There was no longer an overwhelming deterrence from a different species, just the deterrence from the strong to the weak .

Ye Xiwen’s actual self could only sit down at the limit of what he could take and run Observing Person Scripture to resist . This was also a kind of cultivation . Although it was difficult, it was not necessarily a benefit for Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen’s Star Beast Avatar walked all the way in until he reached the deepest point, but he saw a huge barrier standing in front of him like a mountain, exuding an inexplicable majesty . This was a barrier many seniors of True Martial School worked together to seal, representing True Martial School’s strength and level at its peak .

On the other side of the barrier, a huge monster lay on its back . There were chains filled with the essence of Law penetrated deeply into its flesh, constantly drawing power from it .

This power was also used to provide for the barrier outside, which was one of the fundamental energy sources that maintained the barrier for countless years . Without the support of the energy from this monster, the barrier would have been rendered useless .

No barrier could work without relying on energy for years . Doing this could not only weaken the power of this Star Beast, but also increase the power of the barrier, thus killing two birds with one stone . The seniors of True Martial School who sealed it at that time were really quite impressive .

“Human!” From the end of the barrier came a booming, hoarse voice . Ye Xiwen suddenly felt a sharp gaze piercing through the barrier . “Hehe, this is quite interesting . You’re just a Half-step Great Sage, yet you managed to get here . It’s not easy . You are not easy at all!”

“It’s more interesting than that Transcendent Realm human from some time ago!”

Ye Xiwen suddenly understood that the voice on the other side of the barrier was the adult Star Beast .

“I didn’t expect that after so many years, you still have the strength to speak . Tsk tsk, sure enough, a Star Beast is impressive!” Ye Xiwen clicked his tongue in wonder . Although he wasn’t a master of arrays, he had cultivated to this point, so he did have basic insight . This barrier was really terrifying . If it was him on the inside, he was afraid that he would have turned into a puddle of pus and blood in no time .

“You actually know me?” The Star Beast was a little confused . It didn’t expect this guy who was just a Half-step Great Sage to know its origin . This was not simple .

“Of course . I am who I am today thanks to you!” Ye Xiwen chuckled . He released the restrictions on the demon seed in his body, and suddenly the formidable aura from the demon seed spread out in all directions .

Although the demon seed was planted in his actual self, it was still possible to release some aura .

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“You are…” The Star Beast could no longer remain calm . It finally came to his senses . This demon seed was too familiar . This was the demon seed that it planted by splitting off a bit of its own spirit . “Hahahaha, the gods really helped me . I didn’t expect that my demon slave would actually appear at this time .  Hahahaha, the gods really want me to get out of this predicament . True Martial Domain, True Martial Domain, True Martial Domain, I will swallow this damn world!”

With that, a fierce light flickered in the Star Beast’s eyes . Two rays of red light shot out like two huge red lanterns .

It was so happy . The demon seed was planted, which meant that Ye Xiwen was its demon slave, so it didn’t have to continue pretending .

This was the gods giving it a chance to get out of this predicament . When it first split off its spirit, wasn’t it because it had this in mind?

Its intention was to develop a slave in True Martial School to rescue it in the future . Unexpectedly, after so many years of losing contact with its spirit, it suddenly appeared .

It was really the gods helping it .  I can finally leave!

The first thing it would do after leaving was to swallow this damn True Martial Domain . Thinking about feasting on the universe, it pondered upon him when was the last time he did it . Nevermind eating the world, it even got sealed In this world for many years, and now it could finally leave .

Even for a Star Beast, a species with a long life expectancy, this period of time was also considered extremely long .

Now I can finally leave .

“You’re overthinking!” Ye Xiwen sneered . “When did I say I would let you out!?”

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Ye Xiwen instantly suppressed the aura from the demon seed .

At this time, the Star Beast finally reacted . This wasn’t right . He could suppress the aura from the demon seed, which meant that something was wrong from the beginning .

Something must have happened to the spirit . Otherwise, it wouldn’t be like this

“I am here today all thanks to you!” Ye Xiwen said coldly . This was not a lie . Without the spirit of this adult Star Beast, he would not have been able to control the underage Star Beast and overcome the many dangers that followed .

“Don’t think that anyone came to rescue you . That is simply impossible!” Ye Xiwen said with a sneer . When he thought of the demon seed, the fury in his heart grew .

With that, he didn’t have the desire to continue speaking . He sat directly in front of the barrier and kneaded various scriptures, forming a huge array around his body . The array actually merged into the entire barrier little by little .

Suddenly, uncountable power was drawn from the barrier and channeled into his Star Beast Avatar .

Although he only drew a little bit of power, the power of this adult Star Beast was so huge, the energy drawn into the barrier was also very large . Even if it was just a little, to him, it was like an insurmountable master was channeling a large amount of power into his whole body .

These arrays were the ones Ye Mo taught Ye Xiwen . They were used to perform a demonic skill to absorb all the energy, essence and blood into the Star Beast Avatar .

At that moment, the Star Beast finally realized that something was amiss . The pathetic human in front of it actually used the power from the barrier to absorb the power from its body to help himself break through .

The Star Beast was shocked and angry at once . It didn’t expect the situation to turn out this way . Instead of being able to get out of this predicament, it continued to become someone else’s source of nourishment . For a proud and arrogant Star Beast, it was hard to accept .

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At the other end of the barrier, the adult Star Beast was ablaze with fury . It roared continuously, spewing all kinds of Divine Light from its body, but all of it was absorbed by the barrier, and a part of it was absorbed by Ye Xiwen’s Star Beast Avatar . It did not affect Ye Xiwen in any way .

Ye Xiwen paid no attention to it . He did not care about this Star Beast’s anger right now . Because of this Star Beast, he ended up getting this troublesome demon seed that he couldn’t get rid of . It was just like a time bomb, it could explode at any time . Now, he was just collecting a little bit of interest .

He could feel the demon seed in his body growing every moment, so he could only grow stronger faster than the growth of the demon seed . Otherwise, it would become impossible to suppress this increasingly powerful demon seed . He had no other choice .

Directly ignoring the roar of the adult Star Beast, Ye Xiwen kept kneading the scriptures, exercising the demonic skills to absorb the power of the adult Star Beast . Sure enough, although there was some repulsion as Ye Mo mentioned, fortunately the power was of the same kind, so it was quickly absorbed and transformed into the Star Beast Avatar’s power .

With the continuous absorption of this power, the Star Beast Avatar’s skills also skyrocketed by leaps and bounds .

Yes, not bit by bit, but in leaps and bounds . Initially, with Ye Xiwen’s accumulation, entering Half-step Transcendent Realm lacked more than a little, but this power accumulation was the most critical part for Ye Xiwen’s Star Beast Avatar to enter the Half-step Transcendent Realm .

Now was the critical time where the Star Beast was about to enter the Half-step Transcendent Realm, and his actual self was about to enter the Great Sage .

Even if he didn’t leave, no one would dare to come in and disturb him at this time .

Time passed like fine sand through the fingers, one day after another . In a blink of an eye, three years passed .


A series of tremendous shocks shook the entire extraterritorial battlefield .

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