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Chapter 714

The extraterrestrial battlefield was still in chaos . The news that Emergence School was about to invade had led to a large number of True Martial School disciples to return to True Martial School, but there were still a lot of courageous disciples who stayed here . Most importantly, this was a Heaven for Star Beast . A large number of Star Beasts lived here . Even with the departure of the True Martial School disciples, it was still the same as before . This place did not restore its calmness after the True Martial School disciples left .

They were still fighting and killing each other on a large scale . The killing between different clans never seemed to stop at all .

The Great Sage that used to preside here had also returned to True Martial School . Only some Sage Realm warriors still watched over the warriors who were still staying and cultivating here . Many of them were even disciples who were of Ye Xiwen’s generation . They were still staying here to cultivate . Unlike Ye Xiwen whose cultivation had already made rapid progress .

In general, it was no longer the same as the peak period .

In an ancient city of the extraterrestrial battlefield, some Sage Realm masters guarding here were waiting for Ye Xiwen’s arrival . With the departure of the previous Great Sage, the upcoming Ye Xiwen would become their superior who would be the master who presided over this area .

Compared with Ye Xiwen, they were nothing at all . Although the invasion of Emergence School was imminent, it was still too far away for them . But Ye Xiwen, who was about to take up the new post, was close at hand .

Furthermore, the person was not an ordinary Great Sage, but a superstar like Ye Xiwen . He was a freak who was not a Great Sage, but could kill a Great Sage . When he was an ordinary disciple decades ago, he was already able to slash his way to fame in the extraterrestrial battlefield when he killed the first elite-level opponent in his life .

Ye Xiwen was already world-renowned from then onwards . The only thing was that he was world-renowned under a disciple identity .

But he came as a ruler now . With his status in True Martial School and his own strength, he could easily establish his own kingdom .

Therefore, many people considered a Great Sage as a ruler of a kingdom . Although Ye Xiwen was not a Great Sage, he was no different from other Great Sages .

No one knew why the school’s top levels sent such a great killer here . However, they also felt somewhat relieved in the midst of the nervousness .

Ye Xiwen’s strength fully surfaced after defeating Mu Shengjie . He became a famous young master in the True Martial School all of a sudden . Very few disciples could be comparable with him . Perhaps only the top ten legatee honor seats and mystical people who were not seen but heard during normal days could beat Ye Xiwen .

At the moment when Emergence School was about to invade, they would be much safer with such a legendary-level master presiding . If Emergence School attacked this place, they would certainly not fight to death here, but they also needed strength in order to escape . If Ye Xiwen presided this place, they felt more at ease than other Great Sages presiding .

There were rumors that Ye Xiwen could only defeat Mu Shengjie by using secret techniques . It was impossible for Ye Xiwen himself to fight against Mu Shengjie . Since the secret techniques were used, Ye Xiwen was probably crippled now .

At that time, what did this have to do with them since the top levels had already sent Ye Xiwen?

This showed that the so-called secret technique theory and cripple theory were all short-lived . They were simply not reliable .

Coming to the extraterrestrial battlefield again, Ye Xiwen was also somewhat in nostalgia . It had been only decades since he left but the place was completely different now .

He also saw acquaintances among these guarding Sage Realm masters . It was the elite of Law Enforcement Hall, Miao Yu, who had dealt with him before . Miao Yu, who had already reached Legend Peak at the beginning, had stepped into Sage Realm and became a master now .

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Seeing Ye Xiwen coming over, Miao Yu’s face was still a little embarrassed . At first, he and Ye Xiwen were considered to be on the same level, but now the gap between him and Ye Xiwen was a world’s difference; they were no longer on the same level .

At the same time, he was a little nervous . His attitude towards Ye Xiwen was worse than unfriendly previously; he was simply hostile . If he had a chance at that time, he might have killed Ye Xiwen .

If Ye Xiwen really wanted to target him now, perhaps even Law Enforcement Hall couldn’t protect him .

He had also heard of the battle between Ye Xiwen and Mu Shengjie . Compared with Mu Shengjie, Miao Yu was basically at a far cry from Mu Shengjie . If Ye Xiwen could defeat Mu Shengjie, killing Miao Yu was not a problem at all .

Even the Law Enforcement Hall couldn’t say anything because Law Enforcement Hall still owed Ye Xiwen a big favor . The Law Enforcement Hall Master, Shi Dao Ling, attacked but didn’t manage to kill Ye Xiwen . Instead, he owed Ye Xiwen a big favor . A lot of things had to be lost at that time .

At this time, Miao Yu was prepared to die . He never expected that Ye Xiwen could advance so fast . Ye Xiwen could actually compete with the legendary Brother Mu after just a few years; it was simply unimaginable .

But fortunately, Ye Xiwen just glanced at everyone, and did not keep his eyes on Miao Yu for a long time . Miao Yu had a feeling of escaping from a disaster and was relieved .

But Miao Yu also knew that it was probably because Ye Xiwen did not take him to heart anymore!

They were no longer characters at the same level .

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In fact, Ye Xiwen really did not have the heart of avenging Miao Yu . Furthermore, if he did not see Miao Yu again, he had long forgotten that there was such a person . For him, the only purpose of coming to preside over the extraterrestrial battlefield this time was to find the adult Star Beast, and other past grudges were not important .

“You all can dismiss now . Don’t purposely wait for me . Let someone take me to the beast’s sealed site . After a while, I will personally preside there!” Ye Xiwen said indifferently, and did not further share his thoughts with these people . If he wanted to build his own force here, this was a good opportunity to draw people’s hearts . But he was not interested in this at all, and it was meaningless to talk about it at this time . Under the strong blow of Emergence School, all forces were short-lived and seemed very ridiculous .

Everyone had no doubts . In fact, the only valuable place in the extraterrestrial battlefield was where the star beast was sealed . This was the most crucial place while the other places were insignificant and could be abandoned .

Since the school had sent people like Ye Xiwen at this most critical time, it must be for this Star Beast . There could be no other reason that was worth sending Ye Xiwen to take risks .

Since Ye Xiwen was not talkative, and directly said that he came for the beast and would not change their current structure, they naturally enjoyed it . Although it was quite a pity that they failed to mingle with Ye Xiwen, it was much better than Ye Xiwen arbitrarily commanding as soon as he came .

If Ye Xiwen really did that, they couldn’t resist as well . After all, they were really too insignificant compared to a person with Great Sage level combat power .

They soon sent a person to take Ye Xiwen to Star Beast’s sealed site . Although Ye Xiwen had powerful strength, he did not know where the Star Beast’s sealed site was . Ye Xiwen’s strength was still weak at that time, so it was impossible to know the key opening . The place where he encountered the Star Beast spirit previously was just a loophole in the sealed site . After that, True Martial School had sealed the place .

The person who led the way was none other than Miao Yu . Seeing Ye Xiwen had no intentions to get to the bottom of the past, Miao Yu volunteered to take Ye Xiwen there .

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Although there had been some grievances, any grievances could be put aside first in the bigger picture after the battle between Ye Xiwen and Mu Shengjie ended and the upcoming invasion of Emergence School .

Under Miao Yu’s guidance, Ye Xiwen descended all the way to the bottom of the extraterrestrial battlefield’s ground . It was originally a spacious paradise where the Star Beasts lived . Because of True Martial School’s interventions now, barriers were laid down and a huge tunnel was built all the way to the sealed site .


The closer they were to the huge seal, the louder the roar that came from a distance . This was a loud roar, which penetrated through the heart directly and caused an inexplicable terrible trembling from the bottom of the feet .

It was a trembling feeling when mortals faced a peerless beast; the trembling was uncontrollable . Miao Yu, who was beside Ye Xiwen, started trembling involuntarily . He was not really afraid because no matter how fierce the beast was, it was just a sealed beast after all . However, it was an instinct that went straight to the heart .

Ye Xiwen was the only one who did not show such a condition . Although he had not reached Great Sage yet, his spirit had transformed completely . Nevertheless, Ye Xiwen could also feel the huge pressure that struck his spirit .

Ye Xiwen suddenly knew that this was the Star Beast that was sealed here, and it was really terrifying . Not to mention a Sage Realm master would shiver in fear, even Legends who got too close to it might be shocked to the extent of becoming a fool .

This scary beast, which stood at the top of the food chain, was the culprit who caused the once-flourishing True Martial School to fall . But Miao Yu did not know this beast’s background exactly . After all, this Star Beast was also a secret in the top level . It was probably difficult for Ye Xiwen to guess if he did not have Ye Mo, an old monster, by his side .

If it was divulged, then True Martial School would be in big trouble . This place might not even withstand the Demon Worshipping Religion’s raid, releasing this beast that could destroy the world .

These warriors stationed here only knew that there was such a monster .

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