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Chapter 711

Huang Wuji didn’t take the current Mu Shengjie to heart, and bluntly pointed out that the current Mu Shengjie was not his opponent . Mu Shengjie might only be worthy to attend a battle five years later . In his mind, Mu Shengjie was maybe one of the very few people to be able to contend with him . Perhaps it was lucky to have such a rival for so many years .

If it was in the past, Mu Shengjie might be provoked long ago as he would never admit that he was not as good as Huang Wuji . However, he had to admit that he was worse than Huang Wuji now, but he did not take it to heart as this was just a temporary gap . In five years, he would definitely be able to improve to the point of defeating Huang Wuji .

Both of them had intense fighting intentions in their eyes .  It is time to end it . It is time to end this battle which has lasted for thousands of years .  They did not want to continue the battle in the Transcendent realm .

As for Ye Xiwen, Mu Shengjie just glanced at him lightly without saying anything . He had a mixed feeling . Although Mu Shengjie had an all-around change in his state of mind because of this battle, he still didn’t like Ye Xiwen . However, he couldn’t say anything threatening .

Mu Shengjie was just a defeated opponent . If he still said anything threatening to Ye Xiwen at this time, wouldn’t he, the defeated, looked more ridiculous?

But this did not mean that he had conceded defeat . As time passed, he would return sooner or later .

Furthermore, Mu Shengjie also knew that Ye Xiwen might have used some secret techniques to become so powerful now . There would be a time where he would be able to fight with Ye Xiwen again sooner or later .

“Since this matter is over, we will go back first!” Shi Daoling did not linger around further . He carried Mu Shengjie, who was rather battered but more spirited, and returned to True Martial School directly .

Ye Xiwen and the other two did not stay any longer . Shortly after they left, they got on the glimmer of light and landed at Tibetan Star Summit .

There was stillness in the universe . Everyone still seemed to be in the battle just now . It seemed that they never thought that this battle that attracted much attention would end like that . No one expected it .

Whether it was Mu Shengjie’s strength at the beginning, or Ye Xiwen’s soaring rise and strength later on, they all watched to their heart’s content . It was like sitting on a roller coaster, going to Heaven and Hell every now and then . Anyway, they knew that Ye Xiwen was about to rise .

It didn’t matter the amount of people speculating the type of stimulating secret technique that Ye Xiwen used to achieve this level, and even defeated Mu Shengjie in the end . The fact that he defeated Mu Shengjie was an undeniable reality .

A segment of historical legend ended today . It was about to turn a new page to start a new legend; an unprecedented legend . It was just a few decades since Ye Xiwen entered True Martial School, and he actually did something that shocked the four honor seats . How could this not shock everyone to the core?

The news of Ye Xiwen’s final victory in Ye Xiwen and Mu Shengjie’s century matchup spread like a wildfire throughout the entire True Martial School overnight . It immediately sparked off a huge debate .

“How is this possible? Brother Mu is an invincible master in the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm . What capabilities does Ye Xiwen have that he can actually defeat Brother Mu? This is impossible!”

Many people simply did not believe this result . In their impressions, Mu Shengjie had been exceptionally strong in the past hundreds of years . Only a handful of people like Huang Wuji could belittle and provoke him .

If Mu Shengjie lost to Huang Wuji, it was more believable, and everyone would accept it quickly . After all, Mu Shengjie and Huang Wuji had fought for countless years . Although they had yet to have a real decisive battle against each other, they were regarded as almost on par with each other . Hence, it was possible that any one of them would win as a result of the battle .

But Ye Xiwen was definitely not included among these people . It was not that Ye Xiwen was unknown . On the contrary, he was very famous . In terms of fame and recent spotlight, perhaps no one could compare with Ye Xiwen .

But fame and strength was not the same thing at all . Everyone did not deny Ye Xiwen’s innate talent . They were of the opinion that Ye Xiwen could be on par with Mu Shengjie and Huang Wuji sooner or later, but that was in the future . It might also be a matter of the next few hundred years, but definitely not now .

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So when this happened, countless people were extremely shocked and found it unbelievable .

“Sure enough, Ye Xiwen won . I have said before, the depth of Ye Xiwen’s strength is unfathomable . Although I don’t know what martial techniques he used, he must have the confidence to win since he clearly challenges Mu Shengjie!” Some people also declared that they were very optimistic about Ye Xiwen from the start, and proudly bragged everywhere to show their foresight .

“This Ye Xiwen used two secret techniques consecutively in this battle . Everyone knows the ramifications of secret techniques . Ye Xiwen’s secret techniques are so powerful, so the ramifications are likely to be too big to an unbearable extent . Perhaps Ye Xiwen is crippled now! ”

Many people were also speculating whether Ye Xiwen was crippled because of the use of secret techniques .

“Aih .  No matter what, a new segment of legend is about to rise today onwards . I do not know whether it is a good or bad thing for our True Martial School, especially in this eventful period!

Some older generation masters lamented that they watched Mu Shengjie go step by step to legendary status, but now they also watched this legend destroyed . It was difficult to explain such a mixed feeling .

Nevertheless, it was undeniable that there would be a brand new legend and myth rising gradually after this battle .

The result of this battle had even alarmed some old masters in close cultivation . It was not that Ye Xiwen had such influence, but Mu Shengjie had such influence because he was the next Law Enforcement Hall Master . In other words, he was one of the top levels of the True Martial School by default . Any of his actions could attract the attention of the top level of the True Martial School, not to mention such a huge defeat .

How could it not attract the attention of countless people? It was also the same for even these old freaks who had been in close cultivation all year long .

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Ye Xiwen, who caused a huge turbulence outside, was in the main hall of the Tibetan Star Summit .

Due to the return of Tibetan Star Son, everyone at the Tibetan Star Summit came together . Even Liu Yanlan who was in close cultivation had come out . The return of Tibetan Star Son was an important matter after all, so she had to come out . It was not that she was in a close cultivation that she couldn’t get out of .

Everyone came forward to greet Tibetan Star Son one by one, and stood beside him . Tibetan Star Son glanced at his six disciples, and there was a trace of pride in his gaze . The weakest among his six disciples, Yang Wenjun and Deng Shuixin, were also Sage Realm masters and were able to assume responsibilities independently .

Not to mention the first three disciples who all stepped into the Great Sage Realm . Especially the new sixth disciple, Ye Xiwen, who gave him a huge surprise . He didn’t expect that the ‘Tibetan Star Sutra’, which had troubled Tibetan Star Summit for countless years, was solved during his leadership period . Of course, it was Ye Xiwen who solved the problem .

He can actually comprehend the full version of “Tibetan Star Sutra” . Isn’t this the blessings from the ancestors spirits of the past?

The most important thing was that his innate talent seemed to be stronger than his great disciple, Huang Wuji . In just a few decades, Ye Xiwen could actually step into the Half-step Great Sage without any pointers . He even used the secret techniques to beat Mu Shengjie, who was well-known in the school .

This was beyond his expectations .

After returning to Tibetan Star Summit, Ye Xiwen swapped out his actual body in replacement while the others were not paying attention to him . On the other hand, he kept Star Beast Avatar in Tianyuan Mirror to cultivate .

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The Blood Slave had completely merged with the Star Beast Avatar now . In other words, the Blood Slave had really become the spirit of the Star Beast . It was no longer like the past where he could only summon its physical body .

Of course, it would take some time to fully receive the legacy and fully exert the powerful fighting power of the Star Beast . It would also take a lot of time to slowly explore and refine the many secret techniques and innate magical powers of the Star Beast clan . All these would need some time .

If the Blood Slave had already done this previously, it would not be so hard to beat Mu Shengjie . In fact, it would probably be many times simpler .

This was a Star Beast after all . The adult Star Beast directly led to True Martial School’s decline . Although this was just a young Star Beast, its strength was still unimaginable .

Ye Xiwen could only rely on his powerful physical body to battle previously . After all, even if he had the many Star Beast clan’s magical powers and secret techniques, it was impossible to use them in that battle .

Outsiders thought that Ye Xiwen had to rely on some secret techniques to defeat Mu Shengjie . He also wanted to create such an impression intentionally where it really seemed like he just depended on some secret techniques, instead of his real strength .

Compared to being ridiculed about this, he was even more unwilling to expose everything related to Star Beast Avatar . Just like the secret of Ye Xiwen’s Demon Wings, he couldn’t let anyone realize this secret .

It was alright to be regarded as his secret technique . This way, not many people would really explore the underlying reason . After all, everyone knew that the secret method was related to the true secret of a warrior . Therefore, no one would look into it unless they wanted to become his enemy .

Tibetan Star Son smiled smugly . Although there were not many people in Tibetan Star Summit now, it could be said that there were a large number of talents . If it was not because of the recent uproar caused by Emergence School’s attack on True Martial School, Tibetan Star Summit’s plan to revive could really be activated . Then, Tibetan Star Summit could open its gates and accept a big number of disciples .

The reason he came back from the extraterrestrial battlefield had a direct relationship with this matter . This matter was related to the life and death of True Martial School . He couldn’t ignore it .

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