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Chapter 712

The current situation was not suitable for the implementation of the revival plan . It would not be implemented at least until Emergence School’s attack came to an end .

Now that Emergence School’s upcoming attack had become a consensus for everyone, True Martial School was also preparing for the upcoming invasion of Emergence School .

No one knew how the Emergence School would attack and what violent storm it would bring .

In such situations, the Tibetan Star Summit’s revival plan could only be put aside first, so that they could go all out to deal with the upcoming Emergence School attack .

Everyone had a relaxed smile on their faces as if the Emergence School’s upcoming attack was already resolved . This was none other than because the Tibetan Star Son was back . With such a terrifying Transcendent Realm ace at the helm, they felt confident and prepared . Even if Emergence School really invaded, they already had the best guarantee . A Transcendent Realm powerhouse was an undefeated ace wherever he went in this world .

“Everyone did a great job in my absence!” Tibetan Star Son said with a smile . “Ye Xiwen, your grievances with the Law Enforcement Hall must be put aside first . The priority now is none other than facing the Emergence School’s attack!”

Tibetan Star Son looked at Ye Xiwen and Ye Xiwen nodded . He knew the importance of the moment Emergence School would attack . He understood what mattered and what didn’t .

In the eyes of others, the news that Emergence School was about to invade seemed more like just a possibility . However, for Ye Xiwen, it wasn’t just a possibility, but something that was about to happen! Something that would definitely happen!

From the actions of Blood Wolf Plunderer, he could infer that Emergence School’s attack was about to happen, and would definitely happen .

Ye Xiwen didn’t want to invoke internal conflict at this time precisely for this reason . Therefore, he wanted to understand the grievances with Law Enforcement Hall’s before that happened, hence he invited Mu Shengjie to a battle . Otherwise, why would he rashly invite Mu Shengjie to a battle when he didn’t have complete assurance? It was so that when he fought Emergence School, nothing would go wrong .

Seeing Ye Xiwen nod, the Tibetan Star Son did not say much . He believed that Ye Xiwen was able to clearly distinguish the situation at the critical time .

“The reason why I rushed back this time is largely because of the news that Emergence School was about to attack!” The Tibetan Star Son’s facial expression became serious, “I can tell you that the Emergence School’s upcoming attack is not just a possible inference, but a reality, something that will become true soon . The senior executives have already received some news that confirmed that Emergence School is about to attack . Thus, during this time, everyone should be extra careful . Don’t go out unless you have to!”

Tibetan Star Son’s words suddenly made everyone nervous . Even Huang Wuji was no exception . Although he was already a Great Sage Great Perfection master, as long as he was not a Transcendent Realm master, he did not have the ability to dominate the other party . In True Martial School and Emergence School where formidable giants meet, Great Sage seemed far too miniscule, unable to kick up any waves . Only a Transcendent Realm master could lead a battle, but only lead it . To completely control the battle was simply impossible .

This was true even for Huang Wuji, not to mention others .

Now the entire Southern Region, even the entire True Martial Domain was not safe . Staying in True Martial School was the safest, although True Martial School would definitely be the main force of the opponent’s attack .

However, within True Martial School, they had operated the base for many years . Naturally, they were superior in some aspects, a few of them being arrays . They had many powerful arrays that might not be good for offense, but advantageous for defense .

Therefore, even in True Martial School’s weakest, most dangerous period, this True Martial Mountain had never been broken by anyone before .

Several people nodded their heads, agreeing . Ye Xiwen was only a little worried about his parents and relatives who were still in the Great Yue Empire, although he knew that Emergence School probably would not destroy such an inconspicuous force like the Great Yue Empire Yi Yuan Sect .

Because what Emergence School wanted to defeat or even eliminate the root, that would be True Martial School . Once the True Martial School was overpowered, defeated or even wiped out, the remaining small forces would naturally surrender and become Emergence School’s right wing .

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So they probably wouldn’t harm them!

It was not that these small forces were too powerful, but that they did not have a big sect, or great wealth like those huge legacies, so they were easily swayed . The secret to their survival was just following the direction of the wind .

However, Ye Xiwen couldn’t guarantee that Emergence School did not have people who would go after the small forces out of boredom . If there was, he was afraid that he would regret it .

Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen decided to write them a letter when the time came to ask them to hide first and lay low for now . Whether True Martial School or Emergence School emerged victorious, he would say more when the results were out .

Most importantly, even if the True Martial School won in the end, it might attract the siege of other forces in the True Martial Domain . They had been coveting the south region for a long time and were eager to kill the old master, True Martial School, so another turmoil might happen at the end .

A war-ridden era was approaching .

“Ye Xiwen, this is a good opportunity!” Ye Mo’s voice suddenly said . “Now that Emergence School is about to attack, True Martial School is selectively retracting forces . Hence, the extraterritorial battlefields that are wreaking havoc in Tian Region should be lacking powerful master now . If you apply for a transfer, you probably won’t be rejected!”

Ye Mo’s voice interrupted Ye Xiwen’s thoughts and made him a little puzzled . If there was anyone in this world who did not want him to die, Ye Mo was definitely the vehement one .

Now, staying in the True Martial School was undoubtedly the safest . Why would he go to the extraterritorial battlefield? Although that place was not directly above True Martial School, it should not be on the main route of the Emergence School’s attack . However, even if it was on the secondary route, it might be a disaster for him . Although he could have the strength of the Great Sage Realm Great Perfection after summoning Star Beast Avatar, just like Huang Wuji’s concerns, in the collision between the forces that were on the level of formidable giants, his strength was not enough .

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If he really bumped into them, he was afraid he would be wiped out .

Seemingly knowing Ye Xiwen’s doubts, Ye Mo continued, “In this world, the greatest security guarantee is not any array nor is it relying on powerful people, but your own strength being powerful enough!”

Ye Xiwen could understand . He nodded . As the saying went, it was better to rely on oneself than others .

“If you have the strength of the Transcendent Realm, then you have the capital for offense and defense in this turmoil!” said Ye Mo .

“But my actual person is not even a Great Sage, much less Transcendent Realm . I might not necessarily be able to enter the Transcendent Realm within a thousand years!” Ye Xiwen said in his mind . Although he was very confident in the future of his martial arts, being confident did not mean blind arrogance . He knew his current condition . According to the current speed of cultivation, even if he had the Violet Limitless Qi Pellet, he would still need some time for him to achieve a breakthrough to become Great Sage, nevermind the Transcendent Realm . If he was able to enter the Transcendent Realm within a thousand years, he would already find it very fast .

There is no way I can make it before this battle .

“Your actual person may not be able to keep up with the Transcendent Realm, but don’t forget, the Star Beast Avatar has a chance right now . He is already a Great Sage Great Perfection . Even if he is only promoted to the Half-step Transcendent Realm, your room for maneuvering would become a lot bigger!” said Ye Mo .

“Even so, it’s impossible . At the speed of Star Beast Avatar’s cultivation, I don’t know how many years it would take to enter the Transcendent Realm!” Ye Xiwen said while shaking his head . Even if the Star Beast Avatar was able to cultivate because he was fully merged with the blood slave now, even if he was already a Great Sage Great Perfection, it was still very difficult to take this step . If he did not have any special encounters only ground away time, a few hundred, a thousand years would pass by quickly . It was nothing .

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In actuality, those who could rise to Transcendent Realm within a thousand years were already considered very powerful . Just like Huang Wuji and Mu Shengjie, who had been hailed as rare geniuses .

“So there is a chance now…” Ye Mo said halfway, but was interrupted by Ye Xiwen .

“You mean the adult Star Avatar that has been sealed!” Ye Xiwen immediately knew what Ye Mo was thinking . He immediately drew a breath . That was a malefic Elderly Predecessor [1], who knocked True Martial School at its peak state down to Earth . He was an existence that countless True Martial School seniors banded together couldn’t kill . They could only seal him .

Although he said before that he would kill this Star Beast with his bare hands sooner or later, he never thought about fighting the adult Star Beast now .  Isn’t that asking for death?

Is it any different from asking for death?

So he didn’t have such thoughts at all . He only remembered it when Ye Mo reminded him .

“You know how dangerous that Star Beast is . Once released, the entire True Martial Domain would be destroyed!” Ye Xiwen said, shaking his head quickly .

“But this is the only opportunity you have in front of you, the only way to make the Star Beast Avatar enter the Half-step Transcendent Realm at once . Also, I didn’t say release the monster!” Ye Mo said and shook his head . Obviously, he clearly knew what the thing inside the seal meant .

[1] malefic: 煞 A Chinese belief that a certain someone is the curse of a person as though he is the person’s natural nemesis that will bring disasters to the person .

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