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Chapter 710

Shi Daoling had a vigor completely different from the Tibetan Star Son . From all everywhere, it had a spirit of disdain and in the position of power . The Tibetan Star Son could never raise this type of vigor .

On average, a person’s temperament was related to their life experience . Shi Daoling was the Law Enforcement Hall Master of True Martial School . He bore great responsibilities . Among the many masters of the True Martial School, only a few of them were on an equal level with him, let alone in terms of influence .

Along with wielding the power to enforce law for a long time, only then this kind of vigor could be produced . However, despite the Tibetan Star Son being powerful and was considered as excellent within the inner realm of the True Martial School, the waning of the Tibetan Star Summit had been going on for many years . There were very few of them . Even with the disciples serving the Tibetan Star Summit were taken into account, it was not many at all . What’s more? He had the hands-off management style and could not be bothered with the affairs . Naturally, he could not cultivate a powerful vigor but the vigor had a somewhat placid and faintly discernible overtone .

These two vigors were completely different from one another and even the people could not differentiate both of them .

Shi Daoling arrived in stride . He was full of vigor, compared to the invisible vigor of the Tibetan Star Son . Both of their vigors were in great contrast .

“I was not expecting your return . Rumor has it that some time ago, you have the complete version of the “Tibetan Star Sutra” but the rumor turned out to be true, is it?” Shi Daoling seemed a little surprised after he looked at the Tibetan Star Son . The Tibetan Star Summit was already frightening even with the incomplete version of the “Tibetan Star Sutra”, let alone Huang Wuji who had studied the complete version of the “Tibetan Star Sutra” . Huang Wuji’s capability would be immediately known after he engaged in a battle with Mu Shengjie .
The Tibetan Star Son nodded with a calm expression, and said, “Now, it’s time for me to understand the matter of you hurting my disciple . I heard that your people from the Law Enforcement Hall are very active during my absence!”

Naturally, what the Tibetan Star Son said was that they repeatedly caused trouble for Ye Xiwen . He had known of this matter . However, his silence was not out of being unaware but rather he had not been able to find a suitable time to talk about this matter .

Unexpectedly, Shi Daoling just nodded his head and did not even deny such a matter at all . He just looked at the Tibetan Star Summit without giving in and said, “It’s just to knock some sense into him . It is inappropriate for him to show off his ability at such a young age!”

“Hmph, naturally, I have my own method to educate my disciple . It is not up to you to decide on it . Now, you have injured my disciple . Your Law Enforcement Hall will need to pay for some of the resources that will be needed to treat my disciple when the time comes!” The Tibetan Star Son let out a cold sneer and said coldly while being resolute and decisive on this matter without making hasty judgments on Shi Daoling .

Shi Daoling did not refute but agreed to this proposition . Everyone knew about his idea . He had planned to take action before the Tibetan Star Son’s homecoming . However, since this goal was not achieved, there was no need to pester with this matter endlessly . It was already good for this matter to be concluded in such a peaceful manner .

Everyone looked forward for the two men insulting and bickering with each other . However, it was no more than both of them using only a few words to end the matter . Mu Shengjie, who suffered a big loss in this matter, did not receive any compensation . On the contrary, it was reckoned that Ye Xiwen would receive a lot of compensation .

However, come to think about it . From the beginning, the Law Enforcement Hall did not handle this matter on a moral high ground . Afterwards, Shi Daoling’s interference made the Law Enforcement Hall even more passive on this matter . The most significant matter at this time was to calm the Tibetan Star Son’s fury .

However, both of them belong to the True Martial School after all . It was impossible for them to engage in a violent battle against each other . Both of them were not merely Great Sages but masters in Transcendent Realm . A social upheaval would occur should a battle break out between two Transcendent Realm masters . Such a battle would be one hundred times or one thousand times worse than a hostile battle in the Great Sage Realm .

Mu Shengjie, who was on the side, was slowly recuperating . More than half of the injuries inflicted on his body was recovering . Although he still looked like a sorry figure, it was nothing serious .

At this time, he just stood beside Shi Daoling with an ashen complexion . His face was showing that he was not reconciled to the ending of the matter . He was a person with a formidable strength . Since he joined the True Martial School, he was always considered as an exceptional genius among the eyes of everyone . Now, such an exceptional genius suffered a big loss here . He had suffered a big loss at Ye Xiwen’s hands .

The loss of the halo of his body had caused the legendary imprints on his body to fade away . Everyone found out that he was no more than just an ordinary person . Now, he had become an accessory to bring out Ye Xiwen’s glorious, outstanding and formidable identity .

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Facing Huang Wuji head on was something that he finds unacceptable . If he was facing Ye Xiwen, it is just a normal level of shame . He would be really ashamed to the maximum when he was facing Huang Wuji .

He and Huang Wuji had been rivals since a long time ago . It was unknown how long the rivalry between them had lasted . He even forgot the reason why both of them became hostile to each other . All he knew was that they had been competitors since a long time ago . It was not once or twice that a competition had occurred between both of them . In general, it was hard to distinguish who was superior as both of them were equally matched . Had it not been Huang Wuji receiving the “Tibetan Star Sutra” which was fully recovered by Ye Xiwen and surpassed him with just one move, the competition between them may continue on until they become Transcendent realm masters, becoming rivals for generations to come .

Therefore, it was because of this reason that he was even more reluctant to face Huang Wuji now . He could accept losing to Ye Xiwen, but losing to Huang Wuji would be unacceptable for him . Although he did not lose to Huang Wuji now, his pathetic state was obvious to Huang Wuji . For him, how could humiliation be summarized?

There were mixed feelings in his heart .

“Put your head up . You just lose in one round of battle . It was nothing at all!” He heard Shi Daoling’s voice instead . Those wise words surged into Mu Shengjie’s mind . This made My Shengjie, who was still entangled in this matter, snapped out immediately .

“It seems that you are too successful all along . The long pathway to martial arts has just begun . Failure is nothing . The real failure is those who cannot get up after the defeat . If you do not have the ability to bear this, then you should just give up on martial arts and go into seclusion!” Shi Daoling said mercilessly and honestly .

However, every one of these words knocked some sense into Mu Shengjie, waking him up .

Even Ye Xiwen, who was next to him, repeatedly looked bewilderedly at Shi Daoling . He did not expect him to say such a thing . As expected, he proved himself to be the Law Enforcement Hall Master .

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Like the saying “excessive strength gives easy access to fracturing” . Whether it was Mu Shengjie or Huang Wuji, their debut was too smooth . Since their debut, they had been the formidable geniuses anticipated by others . Hence, regardless of how they performed on the outside, there was an exceptional sense of pride in their heart .

This pride permeated into their bone marrows . However, this pride was accumulated by their countless victories . If they continued to win, they might not be aware of it . However, they were likely to collapse once they faced failure .

The moral pillars that support their mentality were crushed by someone else . Of course, they would not be able to get up . On the contrary, it was a different story for Ye Xiwen . He did not have that kind of indifferent pride . All he had was not something he was born with or given to him by others . It was something that he had to obtain bit by bit through his efforts .

Hence, he could accept setbacks . It was not that he had never encountered the tragic situation of being nearly killed by someone else . On the contrary, he often encountered such situations . Hence, he was even clearer than anyone else . This was because the geniuses that were annihilated in his hands tend to collapse in such a manner . Once the main pillar that supported their entire mentality was crushed, they could no longer get up from their setbacks .

Even Huang Wuji, who was on the side became deep in thought after hearing such words . Although he and Mu Shengjie were rivals for many years, the one who understood him the most was his own rival . He understood Mu Shengjie’s situation very well .

To a certain extent, he and Mu Shengjie were alike . The only difference was that he had not been defeated by others . Now, he could even imagine how horrible the situation would turn out to be if he were to be defeated . The situation where all of one’s beliefs and pride being crushed was unfathomable .

For him, these words also touched his heart . If he faced this situation, what would he do?

Mu Shengjie was flushed red, completely showing the expression of shame for the first time, and said, “Sorry, Master . I have let you down . I will pull myself together . It’s just a minor setback, right? No big deal!”

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Shi Daoling was pleased when he saw that Mu Shengjie understood his words quickly . Was Mu Shengjie stupid?

No, he was not stupid at all . On the contrary, he was still a formidable genius who was the chosen one out of the ten thousand . Otherwise, he would not be able to get to where he was now . However, it was because of this that he was unimaginably stubborn . He firmly believed that he was right . So, even though he was wrong, it was hard for him to change .

Now, it was all thanks to Ye Xiwen that he was able to change his perception so quickly . His battle with Ye Xiwen had greatly upset him . For him, this battle was equivalent to eliminating the entire world .

Everything was destroyed by Ye Xiwen’s attack . Hence, it was much easier to rebuild his belief than before .

When he thought about this, Shi Daoling was very satisfied . How much did a minor setback matter? As a martial arts expert, who would dare to proclaim that they had never encountered a setback? However, the losers were those who could no longer pull themselves together once they failed . A genuinely strong man would pick themselves up together after repeated failures .

Although Mu Shengjie had lost his unbeaten winning records this time, he managed to reconstruct his determination in mastering martial arts . From this aspect, he had gained something valuable .

Even if he had to compensate the Tibetan Star Summit with some supplies, it was nothing . Compared with the gain, what he had to sacrifice was nothing .

“Huang Wuji, don’t get elated too soon . I will still challenge you!” Mu Shengjie unexpectedly looked at Huang Wuji without ever forgetting his old rival, Huang Wuji .

“I am waiting for your challenge!” Huang Wuji looked at Mu Shengjie indifferently and did not seem to take him seriously . “But, you are no match for me now . Five years . I will give you five years . Once you polished up your skills, we will definitely have a battle!”

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