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Chapter 71 – To hit with hands or fists

“Gentlemen …” At this time, the Lord of Cao family, Cao Jinbiao, came out and cupped one hand in the other across his chest and said, “Today, you all have accepted our invitation and it is great honor for our small town.”

“Lord Cao, don't mention it, because today we have come for the matter related to the Fire Lin beast!” A warrior said.

Everyone nodded, though this was an operation initiated by the Cao family, but if there were no Fire Lin beast and Blue Flaming flower in the picture then who would have come at Cao family's invitation?

“Good, this monster extermination operation will now officially begin. Everyone please follow us!” Cao Jinbiao did not speak much and immediately began the operation.

Led by the members of Cao family, the large team of mighty warriors headed towards the place where the underground magma pool was located.

Ye Xiwen and Dai Xiaohua were also present in the crowd and they soon went out of the town. All of these warriors were fast and within half an hour, they arrived under a hillside. This hillside was not high, only about 56 meters, but there was a big hole on its top and one could see a very dark bottomless place from above. The magma pool was present beneath it.

Ye Xiwen quickly followed the crowd into the cave.

After entering the cave, they suddenly felt a heat wave blowing and could even hear the sound of lava rolling and boiling inside cave, accompanied with the bubbling sound.

Ye Xiwen reckoned that maybe this magma pool had not formed by an active volcano, but it was hard to say, after all, this could only be calculated based on thousands of years of volcanic action.

But now, it seemed to have been formed from a volcano and that must have happened a very long time ago!

When the team went deeper into the cave, the temperature of the ground started to increase gradually and some of the warriors had to wrap their feet with Zhen Qi, otherwise the heat would have burnt their feet.

It was getting darker inside the cave, but everyone here was an expert and could clearly see in just a little bit of light, moreover as they were approaching the magma pool, the cave had gradually started to illuminate with red light.

The team continued to walk in the direction from where the red light was coming and only after awhile they saw a huge magma pool, filled with rolling and bubbling red hot magma.

Everyone clearly saw that right at the centre of the magma pool, there was a single Blue Flaming Lotus, and seemed to be camouflaged with its color similar to the color of the surrounding magma.

People could not help but be secretly amazed. They never expected to actually see a flower growing in the magma, and it could survive under such a high temperature, that was definitely not ordinary. They saw the entirely crimson colored Blue Flaming Lotus and they also clearly saw that it contained lotus seeds as well.

“Haha, it's actually the Blue Flaming Lotus!” A warrior laughed and said.

After seeing the flower, the warrior picked up a huge rock and suddenly threw it into the magma pool.

“Splash!” The rock fell into the magma, and that warrior immediately jumped and stepped on that huge rock and without waiting even for an instant, he suddenly leaped again towards the Blue Flaming Lotus to plunder it.

Everyone saw that once that warrior tried to grasp the Blue Flaming Lotus in his hand, he started screaming over and over while his hands had instantly burnt to a terrifying extent. His body fiddled and as there nothing to support his falling body, he fell directly into the magma and screamed pitifully before completely melting.

“He really was courting death!” Many of the warriors who had fortunately not rushed like him, said with a look of disdain on their faces.

Ye Xiwen frowned at this troublesome situation. The Blue Flaming Lotus was completed surrounded by red hot magma and there were no places to step over to approach it and looking at the scary level of temperature of the magma, even a foot, properly wrapped in re-enforced Zhen Qi, would instantly melt and disappear once stepped into the magma, which was absolutely terrifying.

“Let me try!” At this time, the young master of Shaoyang Sect, Wu Shaoyang, shouted loudly and instantly threw a red double-edged sword which flew out skimming over the magma pool and Wu Shaoyang immediately flew up, and as lithe as the swallow, he descended over his sword and rushed towards the Blue Flaming Lotus to snatch it. (NT: 'As lithe as a swallow is an idiom')

“Shua!” The treasured sword passed swiftly over the Blue Flaming Lotus and instantly cut down the entire flower while flying vigorously through the air, but at this time, when he stretched out his hands to firmly hold the Blue Flaming Lotus, it started to emit buzzing sound after coming in contact with his hands. The ultra-high temperature had started to melt his Zhen Qi, though fortunately, he was already a master of the Xiantian realm and his Xiantian Zhen Qi was far more powerful than the Houtian Zhen Qi. If a Houtian realm warrior had held this Lotus in his hand then it would have instantly corroded his Zhen Qi and burnt his hand.

Wu Shaoyang soon flew skimming over the magma pool to the other side, when at this time he heard a shrill piercing sound and saw a huge rock flying towards him at a lightning speed.

“Bang!” Wu Shaoyang struggled to twist his body in the midair and dodged the rock which then heavily crashed into the side of the cliff and dug a big hole into it.

“Chen Tieshou, you old bastard, how dare you sneak an attack on me!” Wu Shaoyang turned around to look and noticed that it was Chen Tieshou who had played this dirty trick on him…

Chen Tieshou sneered: "You better put down the Blue Flaming Lotus. It is not the kind of thing that your Shaoyang Sect should meddle with.”

Wu Shaoyang's complexion got unsightly and he stared fiercely at the Chen Tieshou and said: “If I say no, then?”

“Then your father will lose a son, so I advise you to be little sensible. Years ago, I made a living by travelling around the country when you were just born!” Chen Tieshou bluntly said.

“Old fool, you want to take advantage of your own seniority. So what if you have practiced for decades, just you wait and see how I cut you today!” Wu Shaoyang had become enraged by Chen Tieshou's words.

“You can try!” Chen Tieshou sneered and rushed towards Wu Shaoyang.

“Old stuff, just drop dead already!” Wu Shaoyang struck his sword and a terrifying Jianqi instantly rushed out towards Chen Tieshou. (NT: 'Tieshou' means 'Iron Hand')

“Boom!” Chen Tieshou used his hands to directly block and scatter the incoming Jianqi, but at this time, his figure stagnated and it seemed as if he would fall into the magma. He immediately shot his palm releasing a terrifying Qijin towards the magma. With the help of the opposite reaction force of this attack, his body suddenly bounced back to go up, and like an eagle, he instantly rushed towards Wu Shaoyang. (NT: 'Qijin' means 'powerful Qi')

“Even if they had actually come for Blue Flaming Lotus, but this hitting with hands or fists began too quickly, and even the shadow of the Fire Lin beast is nowhere to be seen!” Dai Xiaohua said with disdain. (NT: 'to hit with hands or fists' means 'to fight over something')


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