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Chapter 72 - Cao family's trap

Fire Lin beast? Ye Xiwen shook his head because none of these warriors had really come to help Cao family in exterminating this beast!

Almost all had come for the Blue Flaming Lotus, and knowing the benefits of this rare treasure, even a devil would be willing to come as well!

As a result of battling with Chen Tieshou, Wu Shaoyang had no other choice left but to obediently put down the Blue Flaming Lotus.

“Snatch the Blue Flaming Lotus!”


Seeing the fight of Wu Shaoyang and Chen Tieshou, other warriors suddenly broke out all of a sudden, because they had faced a sudden outbreak of greed in their hearts for the Blue Flaming Lotus.

Fighting, killing, all of a sudden, a lot of warriors had already died!

Undoubtedly, the greed had manifested itself inside the hearts of these warriors!

The aisle to the magma pool was too narrow and because of that, a lot of warriors had directly fallen into the magma pool and perished instantly.

Both Ye Xiwen and Dai Xiaohua were not in a rush like those other warriors, because to them, these people were nothing more than a motley crew and were definitely not a cause of concern, even though some Xiantian masters were also present among these warriors. But, for these two, their only possible opponents could be Chen Tieshou and Wu Shaoyang, the two Xiantian masters, who were battling each other at the moment.

Of course, there was also Cao Jinbiao, the Lord of Caojiaji town, and Ye Xiwen had not forgotten that Cao Jinbiao was also a powerful Xiantian master, although injured at the moment.

Then suddenly, Ye Xiwen discovered that Cao Jinbiao, who should have been with his team in the middle, had actually disappeared and this discovery had suddenly made him tensed and surprised at the same time.

“Cao Jinbiao has disappeared!” Ye Xiwen immediately informed Dai Xiaohua.

“What? Don't tell me he got killed by some warrior!” Dai Xiaohua said.

“No, he disappeared only a moment ago, and I also can't see the members of Cao family.” Ye Xiwen said.

After listening to what Ye Xiwen had just said, Dai Xiaohua also reacted immediately, because it was really true that the members of Cao family, who were present here only a moment ago, had suddenly disappeared.

“This is a problem!” Dai Xiaohua frowned and said, because the Cao family had used this chaotic situation to their advantage.

Confusion, Chaos!

The Crowd of warriors had already rushed to the other side of the magma pool leaving only Dai Xiaohua and Ye Xiwen behind.

Ye Xiwen saw a man rushing to grab the Blue Flaming Lotus, but that man was shot by many concealed weapons, turning his body look like that of a hedgehog.

However, before long, everyone started fighting with each other while striving to be first and fearing to be last. (NT: striving to be first and fearing to be last (idiom) means 'outdoing one another')

When Ye Xiwen was trying to think about his next course of action, suddenly, the whole magma boiled up and a huge shadow jumped out from the magma and swooped down towards the group of warriors, who were fighting with each other until now, and several warriors didn't have enough time to dodge and were instantly killed.

Fire Lin beast!

Everyone was stunned after the sudden appearance of Fire Lin beast.

“Hundred stages god fist!” Dai Xiaohua shouted and flew towards the beast.

His fierce punch shot out the terrifying Quanjin. (NT: 'Quanjin' is the power present in his fist)

“Boom!” The Quanjin fiercely collided with the body of Fire Lin beast, but its grandiose stature moved only a bit.

Ye Xiwen also didn't wait and immediately flew across the entire magma pool, then took out his blade and severely chopped out towards the Fire Lin beast.

Fire Lin beast screamed and several of its scales immediately shattered.

Fire Lin beast did not stop, but it immediately pounced towards the Blue Flaming flower.

“You beast!” Wu Shaoyang shouted loudly and his sword danced out, releasing a long thick Swordqi which instantly plugged into the front of the Fire Lin beast.

Chen Tieshou also didn't wait and his fist rumbled, producing an air crackling sound and the profound skill of Chen Tieshou directly struck the body of Fire Lin beast, and it bellowed and rolled to the side.

But the Fire Lin beast did not give up. It immediately stood up and rolled to the side of Blue Flaming Lotus and bit off a major part of the Lotus and swallowed it.

“You filthy beast!” At this time, the people were angry, seeing that the Fire Lin beast had actually eaten half of the Blue Flaming Lotus.

The Fire Lin beast lifted its face upward and gave out a loud roar and rushed towards a group of Houtian level warriors and almost in an instant, these Houtian level warriors had been totally obliterated.

“Kill, ha ha ha, kill them for me!” At this time, everyone heard a loud battle cry coming from a distant place, but this voice was familiar to Ye Xiwen. Yes! It was the voice of Cao Jinbiao, Lord of Caojiaji town.

Everyone saw Cao Jinbiao, and two other experts walking with him towards the magma pool from far away. These two experts were actually Xiantian level masters, one was a middle aged man who looked smaller than Cao Jinbiao and another was a skinny old man.

Ye Xiwen immediately recognized these two experts, as someone from the Cao family had mentioned about them earlier to Ye Xiwen. These two were the major pillars that supported the Cao family on their shoulders. The middle-aged man was the younger brother Cao Jinbiao, called Cao Jinshui, while the old man was an elder of Caojiaji town, called Cao Xing - No one had expected to find so many Xiantian masters in a small town like Caojiaji.

“Lord Cao, what is the meaning of this?” Chen Tieshou asked.

“Ha ha ha, of course, this is to kill you all. Today, you all must die!” A warrior of Cao family laughed and said.

“You dare to set me up, are you not afraid of our punitive army?” Chen Tieshou said in a cold voice.

“Do you think you can escape? You are only the first wave of Xiantian masters that we have attracted so far, and then later, more will come and after beheading all of the Xiantian masters of the nearby areas, our Cao family will gain the biggest influence in this locality!” A warrior of the Cao family said, “And who will know that we were behind this? All they will know that, you all died at the hands of the Fire Lin beast!”

“So, this Fire Lin beast …” Dai Xiaohua's complexion immediately paled.

“Yes, so you finally realized. In order to subdue this beast, we had to put a lot of efforts!” The warrior laughed and said.

Ye Xiwen suddenly understood. This explained why Cao Jinbiao's breath was unstable. So, he had actually been injured while taming this Fire Lin beast.

In other words, Cao family really wanted to attract great masters of Shaoyang Sect and Tianhui town, while Ye Xiwen as well as Dai Xiaohua were also their targets!

“You talk too much!” Cao Jinshui shouted and said, “Kill them all, and once we are done with them, our Cao family would gain the top influence in this area!”



Cao family's men gave out a battle cry, while the complexion of those who had been invited by the Cao family had considerable paled, but now, this had become a matter of life and death for them, and they immediately clashed with the members of the Cao family and a bloody war started in the cave.

Ye Xiwen suddenly moved quickly and in an instant, he was next to the Blue Flaming Lotus. He bent down and caught the root of the Blue Flaming Lotus, although the major part of the Lotus had been eaten by the Fire Lin beast, but even just the root was very beneficial.

But before Ye Xiwen could even think, a huge shadow leaped towards him and mercilessly hit Ye Xiwen, and sent him flying.

“Splash!” Ye Xiwen fell into the magma pool.


(NT: This chapter is a regular release. Chapter 73 will come as a bonus chapter in few hours)

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