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Chapter 70 - Rising winds

The entire inn was filled with a tense atmosphere.

“Did you hear that? I heard that even Tianhui City's City Guard Government has dispatched an expert and I also heard that a few decades ago, that expert was famous by the name of Chen Tieshou in the nearby areas.”

“How was he dispatched, didn't the rumors say that Chen Tieshou is already dead?”

“Several years ago, Chen Tieshou was a famous Xiantian master in this area but later, rumors spread out that he died. I did not expect that he would actually conceal himself and work for City Guard Government.”

“Furthermore, last night, someone saw that Shaoyang Sect's young master, Wu Shaoyang, has also entered the town and has obviously also come for the Fire Lin beast.”

“Gee, with the arrival of so many Xiantian masters, I am afraid it's going to be a lot of fun!”

“Yesterday I did not know, but a big personality was present among us. Everyone knows of the Dai family right? Gee, yesterday, the most powerful expert of the current generation of Dai family, Dai Xiaohua, displayed a superb performance of 'Hundred stages God fist' to a profound level and scared away that Fire Lin beast.”

“Yes, I also heard that a young man went out alone to kill the Fire Lin beast and came back unharmed, gee, he must also be a famous master!”

A discussion was open inside the inn and Ye Xiwen was quietly having breakfast in a corner. No one knew that Ye Xiwen was the young man in their discussions, who had alone chased after the Fire Lin beast and had come back alive. But, Ye Xiwen had accidentally heard and was surprised to find out that Dai Xiaohua was actually a person of the famous Dai family.

Dai family had a well-known influence in the nearby regions and was backed by one of the four great Sects of Great Yue State, Liu Yuncheng. It had a rather special influence among the four great Sects, and not just because it contained a wide range of martial arts, but also because the ancestors of Liu Yuncheng Lord's family had founded the Great Yue Empire alongside the first emperor. Also, because of the relationship between the teachings of their forefathers, among the four great Sects, Liu Yuncheng was most intimate with the imperial family. Basically, it could be said that they were deeply interrelated with the royal family.

Dai family was a branch of Liu Yuncheng and its huge influence had spread throughout the Great Yue State like the other three respected families, backed by Liu Yuncheng. Also, an ancestor of Dai family was also one of the four efficient subordinates of Liu Yuncheng and had served under the king during the foundation of the Empire.

Yesterday, Ye Xiwen could have guessed about Dai Xiaohua's background, but his attention was riveted on the Fire Lin beast. And, Dai Xiaohua had also made very good impression on him, and had proved himself worthy of a close friendship, so he didn't think too much about this matter.

But even so, it was nothing, and was he not also the strongest disciple in the younger generation of Qingfeng Mountain's Yi Yuan School.

This time, no matter what, he must fight and strive on and during the chaos caused by so many powerful masters, he might have a chance to score a victory.

After awhile later, a warrior of the Cao family entered the inn and walked straight to the front of Ye Xiwen and said: “Master Ye, our Cao family's Lord has especially sent me to invite you for today's operation of elimination of monster, are you ready?”

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded.

“Then please come with me.”

Ye Xiwen followed the warrior of Cao family out of the inn, and at this time, a buzzing sound of an intense discussion broke out in the inn.

“Ah, he was that young man, named Ye Xiwen, who chased alone after the Fire Lin beast last night!”

“I never imagined him to be so skinny!”

“Stupid, a warrior must not be judged by his appearance. If strength was decided by the physique of a master then all of the masters would have iron tower-like physiques!”

“Yes, yesterday I saw an idiot provoking Ye Xiwen, but instead he got nailed to the wall with a chopstick.”

“Where does this Ye Xiwen come from?”

“Don't you know?” At this time, a traveling merchant opened his mouth and said, “This Ye Xiwen is this year's peerless genius from Yi Yuan School.”

“A genius from Yi Yuan School? That's not right, although Yi Yuan School is somewhat far from here, but I know of Ye Feng, Zhang Yang et al, but why have I never heard of Ye Xiwen before?” A knowledgeable man asked.

“You do not know about it?”The traveling merchant said with a smug look on his face, “That Ye Xiwen is a rising genius of Yi Yuan School. He won the inner disciples competition and easily became a champion of Yi Yuan School's inner sect. After winning the championship, he again stole the spotlight in the core disciple's competition by beheading a Xiantian master. Right now, he is recognized as Yi Yuan School's strongest top disciple in the younger generation.”

Ye Xiwen did not know that the whole inn had started to talk about his achievements. He followed the Cao family's warrior and soon arrived at the Manor of Cao family.

At this time, the Manor was already crowded with experts and all of them were exuding a dangerous aura.

However soon, two people caught his attention and at a corner, an old man was standing under the tree shade, with a cold look on his face, and right then, Ye Xiwen also noticed his pitch black iron-like hands.

Ye Xiwen immediately knew that this guy should be Chen Tieshou. Although he seemed to be standing still and alone, but no one was daring to approach him because he seemed more like a beast than a martial artist.

On the other side, there was an entirely different scene. A youth clad in red robe, holding a sword in his hand was standing with a smile on his face while surrounded by a multitude of warriors, trying to get close to him, after all, although the influence of Shaoyang Sect was not comparable to Yi Yuan School, Dai family and other great Sects, but it was still not a small power because three Xiantian masters had assumed personal command over the Shaoyang Sect and it had definitely a powerful influence in this neighborhood, that couldn't be ignored.

Ye Xiwen also found that the strength level of these warriors was obviously more than the warriors of Qingfeng Mountain area and was really closer to the warriors found in the central regions of Great Yue State.

“Brother Ye!” At this time, the voice of Dai Xiaohua entered Ye Xiwen's ears. He turned to look and actually saw Dai Xiaohua running towards him, “I never thought that Brother Ye was actually a brilliant student of Yi Yuan School. You tried to conceal this from me and I feel bitter about it! “

“When did you become so bashful? You and I became good friends without worrying about our background identity and status.” Ye Xiwen said with a smile.

“Ha ha ha, exactly, exactly, you said well, looked pleasing to the eyes of each other, then you and I became good friends, without worrying about our background identity and status.” Dai Xiaohua laughed and said.

“Gentlemen …”


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