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Chapter 709

Ye Xiwen narrowly avoided being caught by this big hand . Just as he let out a sigh of relief, the Transcendent Realm master attacked . He knew that if Mu Shengjie couldn’t hold on till the end, it was likely that the Transcendent Realm master would intervene . This was because as far as he knew, such a master ran the Law Enforcement Hall . Not to mention, he was Mu Shengjie’s teacher . How could he watch Mu Shengjie die in Ye Xiwen’s hands?

Therefore, Ye Xiwen made up his mind to make a quick kill . Just now, he suddenly adjusted the Dragon Vein power output with the idea to eliminate Mu Shengjie in one fell swoop, leaving no chance of survival .

However, he was obviously still a step slower . He was actually interrupted by the Transcendent Realm master . He was secretly dripping with cold sweat . The Transcendent Realm master was worthy of being the Transcendent Realm master . Powers like that were hard to contend against . He did not seem to even be on the same level as a Great Sage .

Fortunately, Ye Xiwen’s Demon Wings were fast enough . In addition, he was already mentally prepared and had been guarding against the intervention of the Transcendent Realm master, so he managed to narrowly avoid this terrifying attack .

It was just one attack that gave him chills deep in his heart . The Transcendent Realm was terrifying . People usually talked about how great a Great Sage was and how a Great Sage was like a pillar . Only after battling with a Transcendent Realm master would they understand that the gap between the two was so big that ordinary people simply could not understand it .

It was just like how the ants crawling on the ground would never understand the world of the eagle in the sky .

He really had the strength to kill Ye Xiwen with one blow!

The Transcendent Realm master was the true pillar of True Martial School . These few people were the ones holding up the backbone of True Martial School .

Just like how the Tibetan Star Summit had only had one heir for several generations, but their legacy was still extremely influential . The reason was no other than because the Tibetan Star Summit was run by a powerful Transcendent Realm powerhouse .

However, what Ye Xiwen didn’t expect was that the other party did not stop at rescuing Mu Shengjie . He straightaway formed a big hand and suddenly reached to grab Ye Xiwen . This was in order to eliminate Ye Xiwen, and he was very determined .

Ye Xiwen was suddenly terrified . He hurriedly spread the Demon’s Wings behind him and began to fly away . With his already terrifying speed, not to mention the power of the Dragon Vein, allowed him to traverse hundreds of miles instantly . However, despite this, he was almost killed by that big hand . Even though it didn’t touch his body, the terrifying blast of air that surged made it hard for him to catch his breath and he almost coughed up a mouthful of blood .

The terrifying blast of air could make his Star Beast’s body almost vomit blood . It was conceivable how frightening this force was .

However, the big hand didn’t intend to stop . It straightaway grabbed at him again, and Ye Xiwen almost got caught .




The big hands clutched at nothing, and the empty spaces that were seized collapsed completely . Ye Xiwen managed to dodge away from those attacks by only a hair breadth . However, Ye Xiwen’s speed was getting slower even with the additional support from the Dragon Vein . Despite him being able to dodge away, those attacks worsen his injury, thus slowing down his speed .

Just when he was about to get caught, another big hand tore through the sky, and directly grabbed that big hand .

“Shi Daoling, do you think that there is no one defending Tibetan Star Summit?” A cold voice came directly from the depths of the universe .

Countless people stared at the scene in front of them . They didn’t know who would be so bold . It should be known that Shi Daoling was the current Law Enforcement Hall Master, who was a powerful figure at True Martial School . There were only a few people who could compete with him . The others didn’t even dare to say his name . Over time, many new people didn’t even know that the name of the Law Enforcement Hall Master was Shi Daoling . Many people just called him Law Enforcement Hall Master .

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Now, there was someone who dared to address him directly by name . Many quick-witted people had guessed that it was the Law Enforcement Hall Master, Shi Dao Ling who had attacked . In the Law Enforcement Hall, only he had such strength that could render Ye Xiwen unable to fight back .

Before this, no one at all thought that they would encounter such a scene, or see the scene where the legend fell .

To the many masters present, the Transcendent Realm masters were too far away . He was not on the same level as them at all . On the contrary, people like Mu Shengjie, who was closer to the audience, accomplished his legend with hundreds of years of battles .

How powerful was he? He was known as the best among the True Martial School’s disciples . Only a few people could match him . His attacks were mighty, but he ended up beaten terribly by Ye Xiwen and almost died .

Even someone like him was defeated by Ye Xiwen . One could imagine how shocked they were . Even Mu Shengjie was defeated in this way . Ye Xiwen’s position in the people’s hearts rose to an unimaginable degree, replacing Mu Shengjie or placing even higher than Mu Shengjie .

Such a character was actually beaten with no power to fight back . Was there anything else besides the Transcendent master?

Coupled with this cold shout, many quick-witted people already guessed that it was the Law Enforcement Hall Master who started it . No wonder he could immediately render Ye Xiwen unable to fight back . He was indeed extremely terrifying .

However, what really shocked them was, who dared to call Shi Daoling’s name directly?

“Tibetan Star Son? Have you returned?” A voice filled with doubt came from True Martial School .

Everyone suddenly realized that this person was actually the Tibetan Star Son, another legendary figure . As the first generation of the Tibetan Star Summit, although it was passed down linearly, being able to have Transcendent Realm powers made the Tibetan Star Son’s powers very frightening .

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“If I haven’t returned, how would I know that you would dare to do this ruthless act!?” A cold voice came from the universe . A profound old man could be seen stepping out from the depths of the universe . He appeared slow but was actually fast . In an instant, like lightning, he had already reached the battlefield where Ye Xiwen and Mu Shengjie were combating .

He was an old man with white hair and a ruddy complexion . His eyes were bright, so deep that the end couldn’t be seen . However, if you looked at him on a normal day, he was simply an ordinary old man .

Beside him, a young man stood proudly . An air of arrogance surrounded him, as if he was the center of the entire universe, strongly attracting everyone’s attention .

Ye Xiwen immediately recognized this young man . He was none other than the Great Senior Brother, Huang Wuji . Then, the identity of the old man in front of him was self-evident . He was the first head of the Tibetan Star Summit, Tibetan Star Son .

Without hesitation, Ye Xiwen quickly healed his injuries with Phoenix Regeneration technique . He stepped forward and said, “Greetings to Master and Great Senior Brother!”

He had heard Bai Jiansong once say that it was possible that Master Tibetan Star Son and Great Senior Brother Huang Wuji were coming back because of him . He did not expect that the past three months of radio silence ended at this very critical moment .

However, with the presence of the Tibetan Star Son, he could finally let out a sigh of relief . Although it was his first time seeing the Tibetan Star Son, this did not prevent Ye Xiwen from being grateful to him .

Huang Wuji nodded to Ye Xiwen with a smile . He was always very optimistic about this young disciple . He thought that maybe this young disciple was sent by the gods to revive their Tibetan Star Summit . Otherwise, how could he instantly repair their “Tibetan Star Sutra” that their people had been pursuing for many years?

“Tibetan Star Sutra”, the supreme technique of the Tibetan Star Summit, was the root of all the martial arts of the Tibetan Star Summit . Without the “Tibetan Star Sutra”, the Tibetan Star Summit could not be considered complete . Hence, the Tibetan Star disciples throughout the years were basically immersed in that chaotic battlefield all year round, looking for the “Tibetan Star Sutra” that might have been left behind by their predecessors . As a matter of fact, the battlefield was not a peaceful place, but an extremely dangerous place . Even the previous heads of the Tibetan Star Summit had fallen in there, almost breaking the legacy .

Since then, the head of the Tibetan Star Summit must first accept a disciple and guide the disciple to a very high level, so that he himself could go to the battlefield without worry .

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Although it could be considered very rewarding, it was not the original intention as the “Tibetan Star Sutra” was not found . Now, they did not need to go look for it anymore, because the “Tibetan Star Sutra” had been completed, and might even be more complete than the original version .

Even he achieved a breakthrough in the realm that he couldn’t achieve for a long time because of Ye Xiwen . He overwhelmed his old opponent, Mu Shengjie, with one move . This was all brought upon by Ye Xiwen, so he always felt that Ye Xiwen was sent by the gods to the Tibetan Star Summit .

The Tibetan Star Son looked at Ye Xiwen with a complex facial expression . This young disciple who he had not met yet was different from the other legacies that were divided into many factions . To the Tibetan Star Summit that only had one sole heir for many years, any disciple who came forward was his disciple .

He only knew that he had such a disciple a few decades ago, but he never took it to heart, just like Yang Wenjun and Deng Shuixin .

However, he didn’t expect that he would be an extraordinary genius that was not inferior to Huang Wuji . No, he had even more innate talent than Huang Wuji . At the very least, Huang Wuji was not as impressive as Ye Xiwen when he was Ye Xiwen’s age .

Perhaps it was like Huang Wuji said, he was really sent by the gods to the Tiibetan Star Summit people .

However, his gaze only stayed on Ye Xiwen for a while . He said, “No need for such courtesy!”

The Tibetan Star Summit did not put much emphasis on courtesy . After all, there were only so few people in total; it was not realistic to strictly divide ranks .

The Tibetan Star Son’s eyes looked deep into the universe, in the direction of True Martial School . After a short while, a middle-aged man clad in traditional chinese clothing stepped forward . He was different from the Tibetan Star Son’s calm temperament . This was an overbearing, powerful man . His gaze was as sharp as a knife . Wherever he went, everyone retreated, showing his strength .

This man was none other than the Law Enforcement Hall Master, Shi Daoling .

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