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Chapter 708

Mu Shengjie’s aura was terrifying just now . It was simply extremely terrifying . One could imagine how horrifying was the secret technique which he prepared a moment ago . After all, it was a secret technique Mu Shengjie used as a trump card .

If Mu Shengjie really released it, Ye Xiwen might not be able to deal with it currently . Hence, how could he let Mu Shengjie release the secret technique successfully?

Everyone was almost dumbfounded, staring dazedly at the scene in front of them .  This actually happened . This is no ordinary man at all; this is Mu Shengjie, the next Hall Master of the great Law Enforcement Hall . He is Mu Shengjie in the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm . How could he be bombarded constantly like a dead dog by someone else?

His body is constantly blasted away . Is this the end of the world?

Otherwise, how could they witness such an impossible thing?

“Haha, I know that you will have a way, junior brother!” Bai Jiansong said with a hearty laugh . He finally felt relieved now . Originally, he kept worrying about how Ye Xiwen could fight against Mu Shengjie . Even the senior brother had to go all out to fight against this terrifying character, Mu Shengjie, without daring to take him lightly . No matter how talented and genius Ye Xiwen was, the most important thing was that his age was too young, and his cultivation time was too short . His cultivation time was not at the same level as Mu Shengjie at all .

But after seeing how Mu Shengjie was miserably beaten up by Ye Xiwen now, Bai Jiansong finally believed what Ye Xiwen said before – he would not fight a battle if he was not confident in winning, and he would not do things that he was unsure of .

However, even if Bai Jiansong had high confidence in Ye Xiwen previously, he would never dare to expect to witness this scene . The best ending he could think of previously was that Ye Xiwen could contend with Mu Shengjie without being killed by Mu Shengjie . Then, Ye Xiwen could hang on until Huang Wuji and Tibetan Star Son were back .

Now it simply seemed unnecessary . Ye Xiwen could settle Mu Shengjie by himself .

If Bai Jiansong was not acquainted with Ye Xiwen and knew that he was still at Half-step Great Sage three months ago, he would probably think that Ye Xiwen already had such strength initially, instead of using secret techniques . Because it did not seem like any secret technique was used; it was more like summoning Ye Xiwen’s own strength .

However, Bai Jiansong had no idea that Ye Xiwen really did not use any secret technique and just summoned the Star Beast Avatar . Otherwise, he would never be Mu Shengjie’s opponent .

Ye Xiwen’s expression was cold while looking at Mu Shengjie . He wanted to take advantage to kill Mu Shengjie while Mu Shengjie was weak . He never thought of letting Mu Shengjie go, so he raised his golden fist raised and slammed downward again .

“Bang!” Mu Shengjie was blasted out by Ye Xiwen again, and his mouth was bleeding profusely . There was no complete piece of flesh on his body, and a bunch of bones could be seen almost everywhere . This meant that Mu Shengjie’s body was very sturdy; even sturdier than Fierce Deity True Body . If it was an average person, Ye Xiwen had already smashed him directly into a meat patty .

“Ye Xiwen, do you dare to fight with me fairly without using the secret technique?” roared Mu Shengjie . The secret technique that Mu Shengjie mentioned was not Ye Xiwen’s sudden rise from Half-step Great Sage to Great Sage Great Perfection Realm . He was referring to Ye Xiwen’s soaring combat power after that .

Perhaps Mu Shengjie didn’t even notice that he had a trace of timidness . In other words, he was attacked by Ye Xiwen to the point of being frightened . This was never the case previously . He dared to attack the opponent in the past even if he was against a person of a higher realm than him . He had never been timid . Even if Huang Wuji stepped into the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm ahead of him, he had never been timid .

But he was indeed timid now, and he didn’t even realize it at all . He already felt that he couldn’t beat Ye Xiwen who used the secret technique, so he requested for a fair fight .

Mu Shengjie never thought that he would utter the so-called fairness at this time which he didn’t even care about in his heart initially .

Mu Shengjie had a disdainful mentality towards the so-called fairness request originally .  What is fairness? Only weak people will ask for fairness . The strong are living in an unfair world where different levels of strong men rule over different levels of matter .

Mu Shengjie actually asked for fairness now because in the mentality of his heart, he actually became a weak man who was eager for a fair fight . He had strong confidence in himself that he would not be afraid of Ye Xiwen at all if it was a fair fight . In fact, Ye Xiwen would not be his opponent, and would be killed by him . Just like previously, Ye Xiwen was beaten up terribly by him .

“You want fairness? As a Great Sage Great Perfection Realm, you came to kill me, a Half-step Great Sage . Do you think this is fair?” Ye Xiwen smiled disdainfully, and just dismissed the so-called fairness . When Mu Shengjie was an honoured Great Sage Great Perfection and came to the Tibetan Star Summit to kill Ye Xiwen in person previously, did Mu Shengjie ever consider giving him time and wait for him to advance to have a fair fight?

Mu Shengjie didn’t even think about fairness previously . When he fell into a disadvantageous position, he wanted to be fair . How absurd was it?

But it was exactly because of this, Ye Xiwen saw Mu Shengjie’s lack of confidence clearly . Mu Shengjie was not confident to defeat Ye Xiwen who seemed to be using some secret technique .

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Ye Xiwen occupied the absolute upper hand and was dominating everywhere in the universe . Although his current body was not a Tyrant Body, the tyranny aura developed through his long-term cultivation of ‘Tyrant Body Scripture’ was released unconsciously .

Ye Xiwen deliberately concealed his aura with aura convergence martial art usually, so it was not obvious . But now he didn’t conceal deliberately, so all aura burst out at once .

Ye Xiwen was just like an overlord who came from ancient times and looked at Mu Shengjie coldly .

Mu Shengjie’s eyes were crimson, and was almost choked by Ye Xiwen’s words .  Yeah, I never thought of the so-called fairness just now, and never thought that killing Ye Xiwen as a Great Sage Great Perfection Realm is very unfair .

“Roar!” Mu Shengjie screamed long and loud . His body’s strength exploded and rushed out towards Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen’s icy voice sounded in his ear .

“It’s over . Your legend is over!”

A huge stamp slammed down from the universe, just like a huge mountain crashing directly .

“Boom!” It was the crush of absolute power . The powerful force directly blasted all the defenses on Mu Shengjie’s body without any fancy tricks . The force smashed him straight onto a meteorite, shattering the meteorite directly .

Blood gushed out profusely from his mouth, and his body was about to break apart completely . Ye Xiwen’s power was too great . If it wasn’t for Mu Shengjie’s sturdy body, he would already be dead by this time .

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What a terrifying combat power this is .  Everyone was dumbfounded .  How could this happen? How could this happen?

Ye Xiwen’s strong performance simply overturned the world views in their hearts .  That is actually Mu Shengjie .

Prior to this, even the people who were most optimistic about Ye Xiwen would not have imagined such a result . The best ending they could think of was that Ye Xiwen stopped Mu Shengjie’s pursuit, and Mu Shengjie could not kill him .

But now all of this had obviously turned all their views upside down, especially those of Law Enforcement Hall disciples . It was like seeing the God in their hearts failing . They were dumbfounded, and their world view had collapsed .

How could this happen?

Mu Shengjie, who was invincible in their hearts, was actually defeated . It was a massive defeat to Ye Xiwen who was not looked upon highly by others previously . Moreover, it was a defeat without any suspense . One small step made a great difference .

How could this happen?

Many older generation masters were sighing . They were considered to be the same generation as Mu Shengjie and Huang Wuji, and some even earlier than that . They personally witnessed how Mu Shengjie achieved glory step by step and became a part of True Martial School’s legend .

But this legend was coming to an end now!

For them, their hearts panicked for a moment . An era was over, signifying the end of a legend . A legend and an era that belonged to them was coming to an end . Although there was still Huang Wuji, Huang Wuji was almost on par with Mu Shengjie . Since Mu Shengjie was defeated, Huang Wuji… Many people were not so confident in Huang Wuji .

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With this battle, Ye Xiwen was probably going to rise strong . This was a new emerging era and a new legend!

This legend was achieved by defeating the old legend .

It was the same as when they witnessed Huang Wuji and Mu Shengjie defeated one after another old legends to achieve their own legend .

This marked the end of this era!

The end of a legend!

“If you don’t have a secret technique, you can’t be my opponent at all!” Mu Shengjie shouted bitterly . Ye Xiwen kept retreating due to his attacks just now, but when he was feeling proud, he didn’t expect that the situation suddenly changed in a flash . The situation was suddenly reversed from Mu Shengjie pursuing Ye Xiwen to Ye Xiwen pursuing him . It was as if he had entered Hell from Heaven in an instant .

“As long as it is enough to kill you!” He didn’t want to continue bickering, and it didn’t matter at all now .

Ye Xiwen stepped out in one step and caught up with Mu Shengjie . He wanted to kill Mu Shengjie once and for all .

“That’s enough!” A command burst out of the True Martial School underneath . The voice was echoing like a great bell . It was just like a sound penetrated straight into a person’s heart . A giant hand tore the skyline apart and grabbed Ye Xiwen to prevent him from killing Mu Shengjie .

Ye Xiwen felt an inexplicable great force pressed down suddenly . This was a force that made him unable to resist at all . It was a force that surpassed the Great Sage Realm .

In the face of this power, Ye Xiwen was timid like a rabbit facing a ferocious lion; there was no chance of winning at all .

Due to the sudden surprise, the pair of Demon’s Wings behind him flapped suddenly . Ye Xiwen appeared hundreds of miles away instantly, avoiding this giant hand .

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