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Chapter 707

Delighted! This was the only moment when he really felt delighted!

He was badly sullen previously . Although he did not seem to be at a disadvantage in the situation, not being able to win one-sidedly was no different from being at a disadvantage to him .

“Ye Xiwen, even if you have some sort of great secret techniques, so what? It is all fabricated in the face of absolute strength . you are definitely not my opponent!” Mu Shengjie said coldly as if he was strengthening his confidence .

“Die!” Mu Shengjie shouted loudly and two Beast Control Stele were immediately smashed downward . He had already thought of a way . Since his flesh was not Ye Xiwen’s opponent, he could crush him directly with martial instruments . He believed that Ye Xiwen definitely could not compete with his Beast Control Stele .

“I’ll definitely have your head this time!” Mu Shengjie rushed straight to Ye Xiwen’s face . The Beast Control Steles were smashed downward, followed by revealing a terrifying wave and scattered in circles .




Ye Xiwen was pushed backwards continuously and seemed to be in a difficult situation . He heard the voice of Law Enforcement Hall Disciples through his ears . They did not dare to make a sound when they saw that Ye Xiwen was not at a disadvantage at all . However, they couldn’t help and immediately roared madly after they saw Ye Xiwen being at a disadvantage and was in such a difficult situation .

The two of them were basically almost on par . Ye Xiwen’s flesh was the only element that was stronger than Mu Shengjie, but Ye Xiwen’s flesh wasn’t able to exhibit his advantage when Mu Shengjie kept on crushing him with his martial instruments . Therefore, he immediately fell into a disadvantage .

“Ye Xiwen, you can’t continue like this . It would be endless if you go on like this!” Ye Mo reminded him aloud .

Although Ye Xiwen would not be defeated, he would not be able to defeat Mu Shengjie too . It seemed to be an endless battle if they continued to fight . Perhaps they would fight for a long period of time until the qi of both sides finally ran out for the battle to end .

However, it would take forever to use up all their qi with the strength of these two people .

“Let’s get it done quickly!” Ye Xiwen shouted loudly, “Ye Mo, draw out the dragon veins power and give it to me!”

Ye Xiwen’s voice shocked the entire field and many meteorites around him exploded into powder . The unending stream of power in his body started to condense .

It was the dragon veins power . The dragon veins power was mobilized in the Tianyuan Mirror . The spiritual energy drawn from the dragon vein was infused into Ye Xiwen’s body at once .

This was a lot more pure than the ordinary spiritual energy . This energy did not have any impurities because it was directly extracted from the dragon vein .

There were many spiritual veins found in the whole world, which were all second-class energy derived from the dragon veins . Those were definitely incomparable to the direct dragon veins . Although this dragon vein was not extremely huge, a lot of it was still consumed throughout the countless years . However, it was still essentially stronger than the spiritual vein .

The spiritual energy was currently drawn to Ye Xiwen’s body . Ye Xiwen’s body suddenly burst out energy waves that were more tyrannical and terrifying than before . The waves almost faintly touched the scope of the Transcendent Realm .

The entire dome trembled and the ominous power was unrivalled .

This was because more than half of the Tianyuan Mirror’s power was originally used to suppress the dragon vein . However, all the power of Tianyuan Mirror was utilized on this dragon vein when Ye Xiwen wanted to extract that dragon vein . It was needed to suppress the backlash of the dragon vein while drawing out its power . The big sects would originally bury the dragon veins underground and have countless arrays to suppress and extract the dragon vein’s spiritual energy . It would then evolve into a series of spiritual veins to suppress the energy .

However, Ye Xiwen had to spare no effort as he wanted to use the Tianyuan Mirror to complete the suppressing process .

However, this was already enough . Although they lacked the additional power of the Tianyuan Mirror, Ye Xiwen had gained additional power of the dragon vein’s spiritual energy .

Ye Xiwen only felt that the power in his entire body was boiling . He suddenly kicked with his feet, ripped the vast sky, and rushed directly towards Mu Shengjie .

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Mu Shengjie didn’t know what happened to Ye Xiwen . Ye Xiwen, who was in a bad situation after his attack, was currently taking the initiative to attack him .

“Shatter it all!” Ye Xiwen screamed as he clenched his finger in a fist and turned into a big star . It smashed directly onto Mu Shengjie in an instant .

Mu Shengjie immediately felt an unrivalled force land onto his body . It destroyed all of his defenses in an instant . Ye Xiwen’s accelerated speed made it too late for Mu Shengjie to throw out his Beast Control Stele .

“Bang!” Mu Shengjie was directly blasted out . He suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood and nearly had internal injuries due to the explosion .

“Brother Mu got injured?!” Numerous people stared at this scene . Mu Shengjie indeed got punched by Ye Xiwen .  Wasn’t he still in the upper hand just now?

How did he get blasted out so suddenly? What means did Ye Xiwen even use?!

However, they were not too confused this time because they had felt and saw that Ye Xiwen’s strength improved greatly .

Mu Shengjie’s eyes were filled with indefinite bewilderment . He didn’t know how Ye Xiwen suddenly burst out such a powerful force . Ye Xiwen now seemed like he used some secret technique compared to just now . The powerful anomalies couldn’t be hidden .

However, Ye Xiwen didn’t give him much time to think and he rushed over again . His speed was so fast that he had once again returned in front of Mu Shengjie in the blink of an eye .

At this time, Ye Xiwen’s body was covered with Golden Divinity as if he was a Golden God . He bursted out at once, the golden fist moved and punched downward suddenly .


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The entire vault was instantly penetrated by Ye Xiwen’s golden fist .

During that imminent peril, Mu Shengjie spread out a pair of wings behind him and avoided Ye Xiwen’s attack by a few millimeters . Just when he breathed a sigh of relief, he suddenly saw Ye Xiwen rushed directly towards him after a flash of gold sparkles . The pair of golden wings behind him burst into a thunderous sound . Ye Xiwen chased directly towards him without any interval and did not give him any chance to breathe .

He never thought that something like this would happen one day which he was forced to retreat with all his strength .

Without him knowing, his surroundings were already filled with Storm Power . The lightning dragons appeared in the sea of lightning and it was extremely horrifying .

These lightning were like ropes that locked him up and made it inconvenient for him to move as before . It was impossible to achieve his original speed even if he sacrificed the pair of wings behind him .

“Boom!” The strong airflow around Mu Shengjie suddenly swept out and the lightning around him vibrated . He was about to escape, but Ye Xiwen took advantage of the milliseconds time and rushed over again . Another big golden fist swooped down .

“Bang!” Mu Shengjie stumbbled as he got hit by the golden fist . He almost fell directly into the lightning sea, but his condition was not any better with this being said . He was dismal with blood splattered all over and bone fragments fluttering around . Ye Xiwen’s attacks gave no concession at all .

It was impossible for him to give concessions at this time . Mu Shengjie would definitely give no concession too if Mu Shengjie was in his position . The two sides only had to fight to death .

Ye Xiwen made a decisive shot and did not give Mu Shengjie any chance to counterattack . It was an unrivalled attack as soon as he made a move because he wanted Mu Shengjie dead .




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Sounds of loud crashes were heard, but it wasn’t Mu Shengjie who continuously suppressed Ye Xiwen this time . In fact, Ye Xiwen kept on bombarding Mu Shengjie .

“Crack!” The crisp sound of a bone fracture echoed the scene . Mu Shengjie’s chest was completely smashed by Ye Xiwen and countless bones were broken . He flew out directly like a broken kite and stopped only after smashing countless meteorites .

Mu Shengjie shouted for a long time and stared at Ye Xiwen with great hatred . It was the first time he got beaten up so miserably . Even during the battle with Huang Wuji, they mostly ended with a tie . He had never been in such a miserable situation .

This was a total shame for him!

“Ye Xiwen, you have provoked me throughly . I will definitely kill you!” said Mu Shengjie fiercely . A force in his body began to surge out . It was the secret technique he prepared to enhance his strength and determine the winner immediately with Ye Xiwen . He already felt that the battle can’t go on like this . He did not know how long Ye Xiwen’s secret technique could last, but he definitely couldn’t wait for the day when Ye Xiwen’s secret technique ended because he would be killed by Ye Xiwen way before that .

His secret technique was originally practiced to fight Huang Wuji specifically, which would increase his power to a terrifying level in a short period of time . However, he did not expect that he would use it even before the battle with Huang Wuji . Furthermore, he had to use it on Ye Xiwen, a powerless tiny character who he had never paid attention to .

Till this point of time, he had to admit that Ye Xiwen, this powerless character, had truly given him a huge shock . Ye Xiwen was also a huge threat to him and was an evenly matched opponent .

A terrifying aura was going to pervade through him . He was like an awakened Demon God that was impassioned all of a sudden . He wanted to rise up to conquer the realm and tear up the era and prologue of the Demon God .

However, Ye Xiwen didn’t give him the opportunity and immediately condensed into a Rippling Mountain Seal in the air . It turned into a huge mountain range and fell directly onto Mu Shengjie .

Mu Shengjie’s vigor that he just built up was interrupted instantly and he was smashed in an instant . His flesh was smashed open instantly and fragments of his bone flew out .

Mu Shengjie’s eyes found it hard to believe .  How did this happen? His secret technique was interrupted even before he started to brew it .

Ye Xiwen stared at Mu Shengjie coldly . How could he not understand the principle of taking advantage of your illness to kill you .

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