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Chapter 706

Countless people took a deep breath as they watched the mad battle between both of them . The battle between the two parties had surpassed everyone’s imaginations .

Before this battle, no one expected that Ye Xiwen did not only contend with Mu Shengjie, but was also not at a disadvantage . In addition, he did not look exhausted at all . It was nothing like everyone’s initial thought about the secret technique, because there would always be some sort of surprising anomalies when a secret technique was exhibited, such as Blood Light bursting into the sky . The more powerful the secret technique was, the more terrifying the anomalies would be . However, Ye Xiwen’s deemphasized expression seemed absolutely nothing like exhibiting some shocking secret technique .

Both of them were like the unrivalled demon Gods as they brought out a vast aura everytime they made a move . Both of them consciously controlled themselves and did not continue the fight here because this was a battle between their supreme martial arts . Although there were arrays as protection, the battle between the two of them was too horrifying . It would not be worth it as they would possibly waste numerous arrays and countless wealth .

Both of them were lightning fast and they constantly collided into each other like two big stars in the sky . They broke through the clouds and fought all the way to the universe .

The most terrifying thing was that both sides started to develop anger as they fought more and more frequently . It was no longer possible for them to stop or give concession because both parties knew that they were both masters at this level . One would most probably face his opponent’s thunderous blow once they gave a slight concession .

Therefore, the both of them were not as temperate as they were compared to the beginning and every single attack spilled blood . The audience saw blood splattering out from time to time but they had no idea whose blood it was because everyone was not able to watch the battle clearly anymore .

Everyone felt that this battle’s miserable condition was extremely shocking, it even shocked countless masters . Many martial warriors who watched this battle with their spiritual senses had chills all over their back and entire body . This was the terrifying might of the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm . They would probably be struck to death in an instant without even being able to endure a punch if they were in this battle .

They all felt the gap between themselves and these two people . Some masters of the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm who were present were terrified because they realized the huge gap between themselves and these two people . They were also in the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm like the duo, but it seemed as if they were not in the same realm .

Who else in this realm could fight them?

Perhaps Huang Wuji was a worthy opponent, but there were not many at all . These two were already standing at the peak of Great Sage .

If everyone was still somewhat used to Mu Shengjie being acting this way, then countless people were in disbelief after knowing that Ye Xiwen also had such a terrifying combat power . Especially those martial warriors who clamored to kill Ye Xiwen suddenly felt that their blood ran cold .

They even clamored to eliminate Ye Xiwen previously, but he was such a horrifying character who contended with the god in their hearts and did not fall into a disadvantage . This situation was just like Huang Wuji in the past . How would they dare to clamore in front of Huang Wuji?

Perhaps someone might have done it before, but those people had either disappeared or were pinched to death by Huang Wuji .

They did not want to repeat the mistakes of those people . Although Ye Xiwen obviously used some secret method, he was definitely not someone for them to provoke .

In the short period of time while everyone was still amazed and stunned, both parties had fought with thousands of moves in the starry sky . Every single collision was like a unrivalled thunder which the impact turned the meteorite into a fine powder in a split second .

Mu Shengjie yelled, even his clothes were a little ragged and was no longer at ease as before . Over the years, none of the battles among his generation, except for the battle with Huang Wuji, could put him in such a difficult situation .

They were like destined rivals, who started a feud a long time ago and often had battles against each other .

However, it was simply just Huang Wuji . Mu Shengjie had defeated the rest of his peers and they were all losers to him, but he never expected to be suppressed by a junior . For him, it was extraordinary shame and humiliation .

Ye Xiwen’s situation was not any better than his . Ye Xiwen had wounds almost everywhere on his body . The Star Beast Avatar’s flesh was extremely tyrannical, ordinary attacks won’t even be able to break it, but Mu Shengjie’s attack was not just any ordinary attack .

His serious wounds were so deep that even his bones were visible . The exposure of the white bones were seen in more than one area, it was extremely creepy .

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His Phoenix Regeneration technique could not even heal the wounds completely, or his recovery speed simply couldn’t keep up with the speed of his injury . The intensity and madness of the fight between both of them could be easily imagined .

However, Ye Xiwen was more calm compared to Mu Shengjie’s extreme anger . The fact that he could sustain a fight with Mu Shengjie for such a long period of time was already very impactful to him .

It was already very beneficial and inspiring for Ye Xiwen to even watch battles between masters of this level in person . Most importantly, he was currently involved in it personally even though he couldn’t fully adapt to the battles of this level in the beginning .

Although he also had experience fighting with Star Beast Avatar before, his opponents were not strong enough at that time . Basically, none of them was as terrifying as Mu Shengjie . This enlarged his inadaptability to a maximum degree and became his flaw .

However, this flaw became smaller as the battle continued . The feeling of discomfort gradually disappeared, which meant he had used this battle to break the gap between him and Star Beast Avatar .

It disappeared little by little as he fought more and more smoothly . Mu Shengjie also noticed the change and seized the opportunity to target his weakness immediately . However, Ye Xiwen improved rapidly and soon his weakness was smoothed out .

Mu Shengjie didn’t care too much and simply thought that Ye Xiwen was just using some secret technique, which made it difficult for Ye Xiwen to adapt to the current power .

“Word Control Stele! Smash down!” roared Mu Shengjie . It was an extreme humiliation to Mu Shengjie for being tied in the fight with Ye Xiwen . He must eliminate Ye Xiwen and he must kill Ye Xiwen as soon as possible .

The entire battlefield suddenly changed color and the endless spiritual energy was absorbed by the Word Control Stele . The entire field was trembling, as if it was shivering in fear under his Word Control Stele and would be suppressed by him .

It could be seen how terrifying Mu Shengjie was . Although he had just broken through to the Great Sage Great Perfection, ordinary ones of the Great Sage Great Perfection was definitely not his opponent if he treated the fight seriously .

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Only a freak like Ye Xiwen, who relied on his tyrannical flesh, could contend with him . Otherwise, Ye Xiwein would be easily torn apart on the spot .

“Boom!” The overflowing force in the air swept down . The essence of the Word Control Stele was the word “Control”, which could turn the stele into martial instruments . Even the sky collapsed immediately .

Ye Xiwen made a long shout . He knew that he must not let Mu Shengjie’s vigor build up at the most critical time .

Although Ye Xiwen did not have the upper hand at the beginning, he still successfully suppressed Mu Shengjie’s vigor . On the contrary, Ye Xiwen’s vigor increased little by little, which made him stronger and smoother as he fought .

Mu Shengjie wanted to reverse and untangle the unfavorable situation now, how could Ye Xiwen allow it to happen?

“These two are indeed unrivalled! Who else can be their opponent, unless the Transcendent Realm Master makes a move!” The people who were watching at this scene murmured in disbelief .

“Ye Xiwen is very strong . Even Mu Shengjie, such a terrifying and strong person who could easily defeat someone with just a glance, couldn’t win him . Ye Xiwen has already proved his strength!”

Many people only saw that they fought really closely at first and did not feel anything wrong, but some people with good sight immediately knew what Mu Shengjie was going to do . He was going to regain his own vigor . What actually was Vigor? It was feeling in power . Ye Xiwen instantly defeated Mu Shengjie’s initial disdainful vigor and now Mu Shengjie wanted to find it back .

The most critical point now was whether Ye Xiwen could beat his vigor down again . If Ye Xiwen failed to do so, and allowed Mu Shengjie to fight smoother and smoother, then the entire outcome would be fixed .

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Ye Xiwen knew and because of knowing it, he did not dare to lower his guard .

The Tianyuan Mirror in Ye Xiwen’s body also burst into a bloody light . The bloody power flowed along Ye Xiwen’s body and directly blasted upwards .

It turned into a big star and forged ahead fiercely without being any weaker . Ye Xiwen even mobilized the power of Tianyuan Mirror in his body to conduct this hit . Ye Xiwen would rarely use the Tianyuan Mirror’s energy because he wanted to suppress the Dragon Vein . He would usually choose to defend firmly, but he couldn’t afford to be hesitant now . He must prevent Mu Shengjie from building up his vigor .

The meteorite exploded around the two of them one after another . Their relentless power collided in the air and swept out everything . It shattered the vacuum and burst into unimaginable power .

Their strength was difficult to predict and it exceeded everyone’s imagination . At this time, perhaps only the Transcendent Realm Masters would be able to see through the strength of these two at a glance .

Mu Shengjie was indeed a battle-hardened man . Another Beast Word Stele was smashed downward without any hesitation after he saw that the Word Control Stele was blocked by Ye Xiwen . In Mu Shengjie’s hands, these two steles were definitely not any weaker than the strength of the great holy tool . Ye Xiwen’s fists were almost smashed into pieces and his body was rumbling after the repeated crashes .

Ye Xiwen did not hesitate as he faced the besiege of the Beast Word Stele . He immediately unfolded all kinds of anomalies behind him and various types of martial arts burst out in an instant . It suddenly formed various anomalies behind him and forged forward .


They immediately bounced away from each other . Mu Shengjie stepped back a few steps, but his face had hints of smiling expression while Ye Xiwen was in quite a difficult situation . Obviously, Ye Xiwen had suffered a loss in the battle .

“Hahahaha, it’s time to end this!” Mu Shengjie’s face was not just cold and ruthless . For the first time, he had a delighted expression .

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