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Chapter 699

Mu Shengjie? I’m sorry, you are late!” Ye Xiwen looked at the person coldly, it was no one else but Mu Shengjie .

Mu Shengjie, in a gown with his hands behind, looked at Ye Xiwen proudly with a cold expression . However, he now looked at Ye Xiwen with slight anger . When Mu Shengjie ordered him to stop just now, Ye Xiwen didn’t put Mu Shengjie’s words in his eyes at all . He ignored Mu Shengjie as if he was nothing . Mu Shengjie’s words even accelerated the death of the two men .

“Okay, okay . You are really courageous . I didn’t expect that my inability to get rid of you promptly allowed you to prevail and became a disaster!” Mu Shengjie said coldly with a slight anger . He had always been in charge of everything, but he just got ignored by Ye Xiwen .

Mu Shengjie, who was so used to being in power, was absolutely unable to adapt to the feeling of someone escaping out of his hands . He initially did not take Ye Xiwen seriously . Although Ye Xiwen could cause trouble, it was considered nothing to him . It was like looking at a very noisy ant . He did not even care if Ye Xiwen was Legendary or Semi Sage . In his eyes, Ye Xiwen really wasn’t much stronger than ants and could be easily pinched to death . He was no threat at all and he was still in close cultivation at the time, so he did not try his best to kill Ye Xiwen . However, it was not that he did not take actions, he still sent people to kill Ye Xiwen continuously .

Who knew that it was a fail every time . With the failure of these people, Ye Xiwen was also growing at an amazing speed . By now, Ye Xiwen reached the stage where even Mu Shengjie had to keep an eye on him .

Ye Xiwen actually developed the ability to kill Great Sage Late masters during his close cultivation unbeknownst to Mu Shengjie . This would be dreadful for him if the situation continued . Ye Xiwen would perhaps be a threat to him if he continued to let Ye Xiwen grow at this speed .

Having this thought, Mu Shengjie had hints of killing intent on his cold expression .  I definitely cannot let him grow stronger . Absolutely not!

“Now it’s time for this to end!” Mu Shengjie looked at Ye Xiwen coldly, but he was actually thinking about how to kill Ye Xiwen to make up for his mistake of failing to pay attention to Ye Xiwen before .

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen smiled, “Who do you think you are? You are just an avatar composing a fragment of your spirit, how dare you run wild in front of me!?”

Ye Xiwen moved suddenly, his body burst into a terrifying vigor . His figure tore the air and space in the sky as he rushed directly to Mu Shengjie’s face . He clenched his fist into a huge star and attacked directly . It crushed down directly just like Mount Tai .

Yes, Ye Xiwen finally found out that the Mu Shengjie in front of him was not the actual person and his actual person was actually still under cultivation . It was somewhat true after having some thought . It would be extremely tough for Ye Xiwen to escape if Mu Shengjie really came in person . Ye Xiwen would have to summon Star Beast Avatar to escape .

If Mu Shengjie really came, he would probably be in the Great Sage Great Perfection realm after cultivation, which was enough to hold sway over experts below the Transcendent realm .

However, it was just his spirit avatar who came . Ye Xiwen would definitely flee immediately without delaying any further if Mu Shengjie came in actual person . However, Ye Xiwen was not afraid now because it was only a spirit avatar .

Although it was only a spirit avatar, Mu Shengjie’s strength was still terrifying . The strength of just his spirit avatar was definitely not weaker than the strength of both Duan Anyi and Su Zhenfei, it was even stronger than them .

“Boom!” Mu Shengjie suddenly made a move and decided not to give Ye Xiwen any chance . Space collapsed as soon as he made a move . The terrifying divine light burst forth and transformed into a big hand . It grabbed directly at the direction of Ye Xiwen .

It turned out to be the Seven Cranes Divine Hand .

Ye Xiwen had seen this lost technique many times . He had even seen a ray of Ye Xiwen’s spirit avatar execute it before . However, the might of the Seven Cranes Divine Hand was not able to exhibit fully as the ray of spirit that time was too small . Although the Seven Cranes Divine Hand now was not able to exhibit its full power too, there was already a huge difference compared with the initial one .

Perhaps only the actual person of Mu Shengjie would be able to fully exert the power of this set of lost technique .

Despite this, this ray of Mu Shengjie’s Spirit still exerted terrifying power . The Seven Cranes Divine Hand could be said to be almost at perfection in his hands .

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Ye Xiwen’s Sky Collapsing Fire Cloud Hand turned into a huge cloud of fire and crashed down . It slammed into the Seven Cranes Divine Hand in an instant .

“Boom!” The space was also shaking violently . Although both of them only fought for the first time and were still trying to test each other, they tried their best to kill the other party in the shortest time with great determination .

“Go to hell!” Mu Shengjie screamed . A pair of white wings suddenly appeared behind him, like a Divine Crane, and instantly disappeared by turning into white light . It turned out that it was already behind Ye Xiwen when it appeared again .

His speed was too fast . It was almost faster than most people’s spiritual senses . Most of them have not even reacted to what happened and saw that he had already appeared behind Ye Xiwen . The use of the Seven Cranes Divine Hand could easily tear Ye Xiwen into mashed meat .

However, Ye Xiwen moved almost at the same time . He turned around and a sharp sword suddenly appeared in his hand . The sword in the air slashed towards Mu Shengjie .




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Ye Xiwen’s speed was almost as fast as lightning . He flipped his sword in an instant and it almost penetrated Mu Shengjie’s head .

Ye Xiwen’s speed was so fast that even Mu Shengjie might not be as fast as him even if he came in actual person . Especially when this was just a spirit avatar, it was not a big deal .

Mu Shengjie could see the threat of Ye Xiwen . He was just in the Half-step Great Sage realm, but he could actually kill the Great Sage Late Masters . It would be worse if it goes on like this, so Mu Shengjie must make a move early with the intention to secure victory at first move . He must not allow Ye Xiwen to survive and must eliminate future problems .

Thus, his first move was filled with kill intention . He did not give Ye Xiwen any chance to respond, but Ye Xiwen’s speed was faster than what he expected .

Mu Shengjie stomped his feet and almost immediately moved back thousands of kilometers in a row, which he barely dodged Ye Xiwen’s longsword slash .

However, Yexiwen did not give him a chance to dodge it . He took a big stride forward and followed Mu Shengjie closely . He immediately withdrew his weapon and punched downward with his fist .

“Bang!” Mu Shengjie did not manage to dodge as quickly and got punched by Ye Xiwen . His body almost shattered in the air .

However, Ye Xiwen was surprised that even though Mu Shengjie looked as if he would almost shatter immediately after his punch, he actually did not shatter at all . His flesh was indeed terrifying .

Most importantly, that wasn’t even Mu Shengjie’s actual person . It was just his spirit and it already contained such terrifying strength . It was hard to imagine how terrifying it would be if Mu Shengjie was here in person . Perhaps Ye Xiwen would be defeated immediately even if Ye Xiwen had a Tyrant Body because it was impossible to defeat Mu Shengjie .

Not because Ye Xiwen’s Tyrant Body was not strong enough . It was because Mu Shengjie’s realm was much higher than him . They were almost separated by a big realm and it was impossible to defeat him .

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Of course, Ye Xiwen would not even be afraid of anyone if they were in the same realm . He was extremely confident with his Tyrant Body .

“Did you expect to kill me just like this? You have truly underestimated me!” Mu Shengjie said with a sneer . At this moment, he no longer had the vigor to rule the whole world . He couldn’t even be sure that he would kill Ye Xiwen successfully this time . He finally understood why Su Zhenfei and Duan Anyi would die in Ye Xiwen’s hands . It was not because he played tricks, nor because they were careless . It was because Ye Xiwen truly had such terrifying strength .

To Ye Xiwen, fighting a general Half-step Great Sage Late was simply nothing . It was impossible for him to deal with Ye Xiwen at this moment . Perhaps there was indeed no way to deal with Ye Xiwen if Mu Shengjie does not show up in person .

Mu Shengjie launched another attack with his thunder-like power . There was a faint sound of cranes, which turned into a huge Divine Crane and headed directly towards Ye Xiwen .

The huge Divine Crane slashed directly towards Ye Xiwen with its extremely cold claws, which was the essence of the Seven Cranes Divine Hand . However, a bloody barrier suddenly appeared and protected Ye Xiwen when the Divine Crane was just three feet close to Ye Xiwen . There was faint bloody energy flowing through it and a horrifying bloody wave counterattacked the Divine Crane in a split second . The Divine Crane suddenly blasted out and drowned in the vast bloody wave . The powerful Divine Crane couldn’t even escape this bloody tide . The power of Tianyuan Mirror exploded madly . His power was amplified to the maximum with the backup of countless elixirs .

The tragic cries of the Divine Crane submerged in an instant . It quieted down leaving no trace at all and revealed Mu Shengjie in person . Even Mu Shengjie got caught in the bloody waves and wasn’t able to escape . Ye Xiwen immediately stepped on the bloody waves and arrived in front of Mu Shengjie . His hands shone rays of golden light and instantly reached out to tear Mu Shengjie into two halves on the spot . However, there was no bleeding because it was an incarnation of the spirit . It just transformed into two spiritual energies . However, his consciousness was completely shocked by Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen restrained his vigor as the battle ended, just like the ancient demons . Everyone stared blankly at Ye Xiwen who was in the sky .  Is he still human?

“Ye Xiwen, how dare you! I would definitely chop down your head after I’m released from cultivation!” Mu Shengjie’s thunder-like voice sounded from a distance in the sky .

“I’ll come to you in person to kill you!” Ye Xiwen sneered . His vigor was like a strong pillar that never gave concession . He stared far into the void as if he was able to see Mu Shengjie’s shadow .

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