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Chapter 700

Ye Xiwen’s powerful emergence, his killing of two Great Sage Late masters, and also the matter of Mu Shengjie’s spirit were all spread like wildfire across the entire True Martial School overnight . The originally tense atmosphere of True Martial School was seething suddenly .

It should be said that Ye Xiwen’s every appearance would cause a sensation . In mere ten years time, people had found that Ye Xiwen’s growth rate was unimaginably fast . Each appearance meant that he had made great progress . Time had elapsed till today, which was only a short time for everyone, but he already had the strength to kill Great Sages .

His speed of progress could be regarded as unprecedented . He had stolen the limelight of peer warriors .

More importantly, he even challenged Mu Shengjie now . He actually said that he would personally butcher him . How rampant was this?

Mu Shengjie was famous in True Martial School for many years, and his accumulated prestige was very deep . Except for the peerless genius like Huang Wuji, it was impossible for an average person to compare with him . Mu Shengjie was the default Law Enforcement Hall Master . He was also the selected candidate of Law Enforcement Hall to compete for the next Supreme School Master position .

Compared with him, Ye Xiwen was too meagre . He was mostly inferior whether in terms of strength, status or power . It could be said that they were not at the same level at all .

Moreover, everyone felt that even if Ye Xiwen progressed swiftly, it was impossible to fend off Mu Shengjie at this time .

Everyone was talking about whether Ye Xiwen was out of his mind or he had a backer . It was like pouring boiling oil on the fire, all of them popped up at once .

Facing the raging public opinion, the Law Enforcement Hall’s side was also warning Ye Xiwen to watch out . After Mu Shengjie ended his close cultivation, Mu Shengjie would shred Ye Xiwen into pieces, grind his bones and scatter his ashes .

They were extremely hateful . Since Ye Xiwen joined True Martial School, many Law Enforcement Hall masters fell into Ye Xiwen’s hands . Moreover, Tibetan Star Summit and Law Enforcement Hall had been not seeing eye-to-eye and holding grudges with each other historically . There was no way to ease the tension between them since long ago .

Forget the fact that they were already extremely powerful initially with Huang Wuji, who could compete with Mu Shengjie . But now Ye Xiwen had emerged . This was humiliating for the Law Enforcement Hall . The fact that they couldn’t hold Ye Xiwen was like hard slaps hit on their face harshly .

Mu Shengjie was in close cultivation previously, while Ye Xiwen was still a small potato at that time . So he was not really regarded as a threat by the Law Enforcement Hall’s top management .

But it was different now . Ye Xiwen could even beat and kill a few Great Sage Late masters at a time . If he continued to progress like this, wouldn’t it be terrifying? He would be a mega scourge .

Ye Xiwen must be killed before he becomes a major trouble like Huang Wuji .

But after this incident, the Law Enforcement Hall that was originally flaring with fury did not act rashly again . Ye Xiwen proved his strength with his overwhelming power . He could even kill Great Sages, and he seemed to have no background . No one knew the true extent of his strength . They just heard that he barely killed a Great Sage Initial master previously . It seemed that the rumor was absurd now . A Great Sage Initial?

Didn’t they see how the Great Sage Late masters were directly killed by him one-sidedly?

It was such a short period of time . No one believed that Ye Xiwen had a breakthrough within a short period of time . In other words, he might have such strength in the first place, but he did not show it .

No wonder he could escape from the hands of Soul Destruction Temple’s Master . With such strength, he still had a chance to escape even if he couldn’t defeat Soul Destruction Temple’s Master .

It was precisely because of this that the Law Enforcement Hall disciples were unusually fearful of Ye Xiwen . Even masters of Great Sage Peak and Minor Mastery dared not rush to the Tibetan Star Summit . Firstly, they were afraid of Tibetan Star Summit’s Liu Yanlan . Secondly, they were worried if this was not Ye Xiwen’s maximum, and he still had hidden strength . Then wouldn’t going there be courting death?

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Didn’t Tibetan Star Summit constantly kill their disciples like this previously?

The most important thing was that Ye Xiwen dared to declare that he would kill Mu Shengjie, so most probably he still had a certain backer . No one believed that he was really crazy .

Ye Xiwen even had some confidence to kill Mu Shengjie, not to mention Law Enforcement Hall disciples . Thinking of this, many Law Enforcement Hall masters dared not act rashly, but they just kept clamoring .

They waited slowly for Mu Shengjie to come out of his closed cultivation . They believed that once Mu Shengjie came out of his closed cultivation, it would be time for him to perform fiery attacks against Ye Xiwen .

At the same time, there was a gloomy expression throughout the entire Tibetan Star Summit, although there were just a few people in total .

In the main hall of the Tibetan Star Summit .

“I have already sent a letter to our senior brother and master . If they are here, even Mu Shengjie would not dare to storm in!” said Bai Jiansong somewhat anxiously . Mu Shengjie and Tibetan Star Summit had a long history of grievances which dated back to even before he joined the Tibetan Star Summit .

It had even erupted more intensely now . Mu Shengjie was about to break through . The reason why Mu Shengjie was putting up with it during this time was because he was behind Huang Wuji in cultivation .

Huang Wuji, who had been suppressing his cultivation, had a breakthrough more than twenty years ago and entered the Great Sage Great Perfection realm because Ye Xiwen completed the ‘Tibetan Star Sutra’ . This instantly changed the strength dynamics of the two who were very similar in power level originally .

Therefore, Mu Shengjie had to enter close cultivation desperately . That was why he could turn a blind eye to Ye Xiwen, who stole the limelight during this time . He was tolerating it while accumulating strength . When his strength had also entered the Great Sage Great Perfection, he would truly be fearless .

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The magnitude of strength of a Great Sage Great Perfection could be somewhat seen from Huang Wuji . They might not be able to stop Mu Shengjie even when all the Tibetan Star Summit arrays were fully opened by then . Bai Jiansong had a headache when thinking of this .

There were only a handful of Tibetan Star Summit people in total . Senior brother and Tibetan Star Son Master were away all year round, while the second sister was a cultivator fanatic .

Bai Jiansong had Half-step Great Sage strength in the past, and he had Great Sage strength now . He could take on many problems, but now things had clearly exceeded the scope of what he could solve .

He also had to admit that this little junior brother was a troublemaker . He was a big troublemaker indeed . Although it was quite a relief that Ye Xiwen had fought for Tibetan Star Summit’s prestige in most cases just like the senior brother in the past, the follow-up problems still had to be solved now .

“It’s okay, I can solve this matter . We can’t be so passive anymore . The issue of Emergence School’s attack is already imminent . If we can’t solve the problem before then, there is no time to solve it!” said Ye Xiwen . This was the time to put an end to the grievances with the Law Enforcement Hall . It was not ideal to have these grudges entangled endlessly .

“Brother, don’t practice any evil techniques . If you cause permanent damage to your martial foundation, you won’t be able to break through in the future!” Bai Jiansong looked at Ye Xiwen in suspicion . It was not that Bai Jiansong discriminated against heterodox techniques [1] . True Martial School was not a pedantic school either [2], and there was nothing wrong with cultivating evil martial techniques . Although the cultivator would be disliked by others, at least he would not be threatened to be killed by everyone . While those heterodox techniques had powerful effects, they also had ramifications that ordinary people couldn’t bear .

Ye Xiwen was just a Half-step Great Sage Late, and killing a Great Sage Late had shocked countless people . However, these two Great Sage Late warriors were nothing in front of Mu Shengjie . Mu Shengjie could just squash them to death with one hand .

If Ye Xiwen wanted to soar overnight to be able to contend with Mu Shengjie and even go to the extent of killing him, then it must be a remarkable martial technique . So the ramifications would be even more terrifying .

Even if Ye Xiwen didn’t die, he would be injured severely . If he damaged his martial art foundation, then there was definitely no way to continue to improve . This was not worth it at all . Ye Xiwen exhibited superb talent currently . Although many people were dissatisfied with his huge popularity, they had to rank him equally to Huang Wuji, Mu Shengjie and the others who could break into the Transcendent realm and become True Martial School’s pillar in the future .

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Ye Xiwen had such potential and ability . If this was ruined because of this matter, it was not worthy at all . It was better to wait for Huang Wuji’s return . With Huang Wuji and Tibetan Star Son presiding, the Law Enforcement Hall wouldn’t dare to mess with Tibetan Star Summit in any case .

This was also a relatively safe method . All in all, it was much better than letting Ye Xiwen take the risks .

“Relax, I’m confident . I won’t use that kind of self-mutilating technique!” said Ye Xiwen .

Bai Jiansong pondered and thought Ye Xiwen was right . Who would use this self-mutilating technique if it was not a matter of life and death? Ye Xiwen would not be so foolish . Although Bai Jiansong was still a little curious about the techniques Ye Xiwen possessed which gave him the confidence to defeat Mu Shengjie .

That was not an ordinary person, but Mu Shengjie instead . A mighty character who had been fighting for victory with his senior brother for many years . Mu Shengjie was the default next Law Enforcement Hall Master .

Very few people dared to say that they could beat Mu Shengjie in the entire True Martial School, except for a handful of people such as the Supreme School Master and the top ten legatee honour seats .

In other words, if Ye Xiwen could defeat Mu Shengjie, then Ye Xiwen could rank as the first-class masters in the entire True Martial School, and even in the entire universe . He was invincible as long as he did not encounter Transcendent realm masters .

“In that case, I won’t say anything more, but you better not force it . Master and senior brother will be back soon anyway . Mu Shengjie can’t be so arrogant by then!”

[1] Heterodox techniques: Martial art techniques that dissents common value in martial art . Often blasphemous in nature .

[2] Pedantic school: School that is excessively concerned with minor details or rules; overscrupulous .

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