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Chapter 698

This Su Zhenfei was truly exceptional . He was able to master the lost technique, Malignant Earth Ghost Fist . His will power must be firmer than ordinary individuals . This kind of martial art technique required the murder of countless foes, seemingly the purpose of this technique was designed to only murder . Many people went crazy before they were able to completely master this technique .

People who had successfully mastered this technique were either paranoid lunatics with abnormal mental states or devils who were both merciless and murderous .

Every one of Su Zhenfei’s aura had risen up to the maximum with each aspect possessing powerful strength . Regardless of which aspect, all of it was tyrannical . Even from a distance, most individuals were able to feel the overwhelming strength of Su Zhenfei, the three clones .

“Ye Xiwen, you are certainly digging your own grave! Do you think you are able to fight against me? People like you should be killed!” Su Zhenfei, the three clones roared and rushed towards Ye Xiwen . When the three clones joined forces to form an enormous Malignant Earth Ghost Fist, it evoked an earthquake . This attack was about to shatter the world .

“This battle is about to get a lot more exciting . Su Zhenfei became three clones all at once . His fighting power has increased greatly . If that’s the case, it will be worthwhile to watch . It is no longer the one-sided battle anymore . Perhaps no one thought that Su Zhenfei would actually master this technique until being reincarnated as a devil!”

“However, Ye Xiwen is indeed ridiculously strong . I wonder what he has encountered to be able to be this strong!”

Many Great Sages were chatting about it . It seemed that this battle was going to be more intense .




The battle between Ye Xiwen and the three clones of Su Zhenfei was getting more and more intense . In theory, neither of them were a match for Ye Xiwen . However, whenever one of them was in peril, the other two would always rush over without much thought .

The battle went into stalemate for a while . From a distance, Duan Anyi began to join the battlefield after a short rest .

It had then become four experts teaming up to encircle and annihilate Ye Xiwen . All of them were no match for Ye Xiwen . However, both sides were equally strong for the time being when the four lords joined forces in the battle .

“Ye Xiwen, you can’t go on like this . Otherwise, sooner or later you will attract the involvement of the giants in Transcendent Realm!” said Ye Mo .

At this time, if a giant from the Transcendent Realm intervenes, it was going against Ye Xiwen’s wishes .

Ye Xiwen, who wanted to quickly resolve the battle, immediately stopped hesitating . Within the Tianyuan Mirror, countless numbers of elixirs started to ignite . Moreover, the ignition was not one by one but by one millions and one millions . Almost hundreds and thousands of elixirs were burnt in every second .

For others, this was all dazzling wealth, but it meant nothing at all for Ye Xiwen, who had just obtained an enormous fortune .

However, even so, if it continued to burn like this, he would immediately become a poor man just after using it a short while . In a second, millions of elixir were burned .

This terrifying efficiency had increased his strength to a tyrannical stage at such a short amount of time .

His strength had long been tyrannical and powerful . In addition, in a short period of time, the burning of the terrifying elixirs count had escalated his strength to a more explosive magnitude . This was a method that others sought to master but were unable to do so . Nobody had an enormous amount of wealth . Only Ye Xiwen had it and only he dared to burn elixirs in this way .

After he utilized the elixir wastefully countless times, he also developed a habit of viewing the elixir like dung . There was no other way . He would eventually utilize the elixirs wastefully even if he did not view it as dung .

Around Ye Xiwen, the spiritual energy burnt from the burning of countless elixirs covered his body, which even formed a spiritual garment .

Many people could not help but swallow their saliva when they looked at Ye Xiwen burning the elixirs mindlessly . This was true especially for those who were martial warriors of the Legendary Realm . The elixirs that were burnt by Ye Xiwen in a second were their entire net worth .

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As for the other Sages, they were about to break down . That amount of wealth required lifetime hardship . However, Ye Xiwen just completely burnt it in just a split second .

There were also Great Sages who were dumbstrucked by the situation . They had met people with enormous wealth but had never seen any of them acted as such . Forget about the fact that the person was rich . They have truly never met a rich person who could be squandering the fortunes of others .

Wasn’t this battle insignificant? Did he have to resort to burning the elixirs?

Just the sight of it had caused them a heartache for most of the day . Generally, a Great Sage had a net worth of about one hundred million elixirs .

With their fortune being torched clean by one million per second, their pain had even extended to their tooth root .

“Get lost!” Ye Xiwen roared and the Tianyuan Mirror in his body suddenly flew out and emitted a huge blood light . On that day, countless devils that were floating on the skies were completely banished by the blood light all at once .

Afterward, another blood pillar had immediately descended from the sky and entrapped one of the Su Zhenfei’s clones . Ye Xiwen could not differentiate which one was the real one . However, it did not matter . If all of them were eliminated, then the matter was resolved .

After that, Ye Xiwen started to launch another attack . He clasped his five fingers into a fist and turned it into a big star . The big star came tumbling down .

A horrible experience had descended . The sky was trembling madly in the air . Su Zhenfei was resisting madly until the other experts stepped up to assist him .

However, how could Ye Xiwen let him succeed? He stepped out in just one step and directly crushed his opponent . The horrifying power had instantly engulfed the entire area . The whole void was trembling violently as if it was about to be crushed in a moment later .

“Boom!” With a loud explosion, Ye Xiwen’s fist had violently slammed into the Su Zhenfei’s body . The other masters wanted to help but they were too late . After burning the elixirs, Ye Xiwen’s speed had soared to a tyrannical level . After all, millions of elixir were burned at each second . If this did not even have any effect, then he might as well have knocked himself out immediately .

“Ah!” With a sharp cry, this Su Zhenfei transformed back into a malicious ghost on the spot . This was a ghost king . It was unknown as to the number of ghosts that it had engulfed . It had already become abnormally terrifying and powerful .

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The ghost king was screaming mournfully . It was fed by Su Zhenfei and refined into an incarnation of the evil spirit . However, now it instantly ruptured into a cloud of malicious aura on the sky and scattered throughout the area .

When Ye Xiwen exorcised the evil spirit incarnation, Ye Xiwen felt a huge sense of relief . At this moment, the other three masters came forward but Ye Xiwen was not the least nervous . Rather, he let out a loud laugh and said, “Good, you came at just the right moment . ”

Ye Xiwen charged straight towards the three people . He opened his hands and turned it into a fiery red cloud and squashed Su Zhenfei while ignoring the other two . The sky had nearly collapsed .

The terrible wind on the palm of his hand formed a gigantic yet strong wind, which eventually formed enormous cages . Su Zhenfei was entrapped by these cages .

Then, Su Zhenfei let out a bloodcurdling scream . His body was about to be torn apart . At this time, the other Su Zhenfei went crazy and charged towards Ye Xiwen to kill him . The Malignant Earth Ghost Fist had directly landed on Ye Xiwen’s big hands and caused it to vibrate . This gave the other Su Zhenfei a chance to escape .

At this moment, Ye Xiwen was still clear that the Su Zhenfei that was captured by him was the real one while the other one should be the incarnation of the evil spirit .

He increased the strength of his hand and directly pressed them downwards .

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen’s big hand directly landed .

“Ah!” That Su Zhenfei let out a scream when he was hit directly . His flesh broke apart on the spot . This was really the real one .

Along with Su Zhenfei’s demise, the other devil incarnation also let out a horrible scream and instantly vaporized to a cloud of green smoke . This was the risk of this incarnation . Once the source met his demise, the incarnation would also die not long after . There were no exceptions to this .

In short, it was just in the blink of an eye . Su Zhenfei had been completely defeated and was directly shot to death by Ye Xiwen . Duan Anyi was the only one left .

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Duan Anyi looked at Ye Xiwen with an ashen face and a faint pale complexion . He did not expect that all four of their lords would be defeated by Ye Xiwen despite joining forces together . Such an enemy was formidable .

Now, Duan Anyi had started to have some regrets . Why did he have to provoke such a vicious yet powerful being? This was simply a colossal mistake . He should not have provoked Ye Xiwen at all .

However, at this time, he did not even have the chance to think much because Ye Xiwen was already charging towards him . Ye Xiwen was also resolute and did not give him a chance to breathe .

Without the help of the other three masters, Duan Anyi did not have any ability to counterattack under Ye Xiwen’s hands . He was beaten up simultaneously until he retreated .

All the onlookers could not help but breathe in the cold air upon witnessing this scene . They did not expect that a Great Sage Late master would be suppressed in such a manner in front of Ye Xiwen especially since both of them were considered as elite among Great Sage Late masters . Yet, under Ye Xiwen’s hands, they were not able to retaliate .

“Bang!” Duan Anyi was blown away by Ye Xiwen’s punch . He screamed and was sent flying away .

Ye Xiwen straightaway stepped out of the golden escape light and chased after him . He wanted to deliver the final blow on him . Suddenly, a big hand from the sky grabbed him .

“Stop!” A familiar yet chilly roar came from the sky . A figure tore the sky at an alarming speed . A terrible presence that was of universal importance had come down .

“Hmph!” Ye Xiwen let out a cold sneer and immediately guessed who the incoming person was . However, he would not show any mercy for his opponents and strode over and struck a punch on Duan Anyi .

“Bang!” Duan Anyi’s body was cracked so that the flesh came out from the body . The spirit was instantly detonated, leading to the horrible demise of the Great Sage .

Ye Xiwen retracted his steps afterward and coldly stared at the incoming person . He muttered a few words, “Mu Shengjie? I am sorry! You are too late!”

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