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Chapter 696

Ye Xiwen’s strength seemed to shock everyone for a while, making the great battle they imagined not happen in that instant . Instead, they immediately fell into pin-drop silence .

Many Great Sages and many disciples were all watching to see how things would wrap up in the end . Initially, they did not take Ye Xiwen to heart, merely watching to see when Su Zhenfei would be able to end the battle . But now, it seemed that Ye Xiwen was still able to contend, immediately silencing everyone .

“You are not bad . You can contend with my punch with the strength of Half-step Great Sage . It is enough to show that you are worthy of your reputation . You do have some real talent that excites me a little . Next, I will be attacking with all my strength, watch closely!” Su Zhenfei initiated his killing move at the beginning and sneak attacked . It was because he didn’t consider Ye Xiwen worthy at all, so he felt that the sneak attack was not a big deal . If someone wanted to step on an ant to kill it, they would just step on it . Would they offer any explanation?

But it was different now . Ye Xiwen had shown enough strength to make him all afraid, which made him view Ye Xiwen in a new light . He no longer had disdain for him like before .

Ye Xiwen just looked at Su Zhenfei indifferently . He didn’t answer, but he was calculating it in his mind . This Su Zhenfei’s strength was really strong enough, as expected of someone who came out of that Divine Wrath . The people there were really beasts . Although Ye Xiwen did not consider the strength of the Divine Wrath’s ordinary members worthy, he had to admit that any of the ordinary members of the Divine Wrath could dominate in the same rank and were very tyrannical .

He had to finish the battle quickly and decisively now . Otherwise, it might even invite the involvement of the Transcendent Realm’s magnates, which he did not want to see . It was just like how Su Zhenfei wanted to kill him in a short period of time, so that the senior executives who stood by him would not have time to respond and Su Zhenfei could end it .

At that point, who would seek trouble with the Law Enforcement Hall for the sake of a dead person? How could Ye Xiwen not know that Su Zhenfei had such a thought since he himself was thinking the same .

Since this period of time, it could be said that a variety of rumors about him had been surfacing continuously at True Martial School . Many people had criticized him . If it was not for him, Emergence School would not have invaded at all . As the culprit, Ye Xiwen should come out and commit suicide in repetence in order to quell the anger of the Emergence School .

Ye Xiwen naturally did not take these fools’ opinions to heart . Everyone could see the ambition of the Emergence School . It definitely would not just be satisfied with finding the person who killed their pride; they had a bigger plan .

The senior executives of True Martial School could also see this point, so when faced with the pressure of the Emergence School, the senior executives of the school were rigidly uncompromising . Since Emergence School wanted to strike anyway, whether they handed over Ye Xiwen or not couldn’t change this fact . In that case, why should they hand over Ye Xiwen, not to mention if they did so, then the whole True Martial School would panic . After all, True Martial School’s Disciples had always been very strong . Even when they were at odds with other forces, they did not give in . The reason was because True Martial School would support them, so they had attachment and a sense of belonging to True Martial School .

But once Ye Xiwen was handed over and nothing happened, it would also chill the hearts of the disciples, causing them to become divided . Was that necessary?

However, many people at the academy did not know this . They just thought that Ye Xiwen brought all this huge trouble . Once the Emergence School invaded, they would be the ones who would really suffer . With the Emergence School’s terrifying strength, people would be in misery and suffering then . They might all die, that was why they started to criticize Ye Xiwen at this time .

Faced with everyone’s accusations, Ye Xiwen did not come forward to refute them . It was not that he acquiesced, but he was too lazy to deal with these fools who couldn’t even read the circumstances . It was completely unnecessary .

But this did not mean that he was not angry . On the contrary, he was very irritated . Therefore, there was only one way, that was to beat the dog before the lion in order to fiercely deter those people and stop this negative tendency

Su Zhenfei and Duan Anyi in front of him were the best dogs he had in mind . Their powers were tyrannical enough; he believed that this could deter many people .

He also didn’t want the Transcendent realm’s magnate to intervene . If that happened, his idea of ​​beating the dog before the lion would dawdle .

Therefore, he decided to gain the upper hand by striking first . In an instant, he moved . His silhouette tore out a residual image in the sky . The next moment, he already appeared in front of Su Zhenfei .

Five fingers clenched into a fist and turned into a huge star . There were countless vitalities entangled in it, and they directly crashed down . His Shattered Star Fist was more tyrannical than before .

In the past, what he bombarded down was at most a planet that was like a desolated desert, but now, the planet he launched out had vitality . This was a fundamental change . Although it might only be a little, as far as his boxing skills were concerned, there had already been a fundamental improvement .

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Su Zhenfei was shocked and furious . He did not expect Ye Xiwen to dare to take the initiative to attack him . He was still thinking about how to take action first and get rid of Ye Xiwen . He didn’t know Ye Xiwen would be more decisive than him, actually attacking him straightforwardly .

“Malignant Earth Ghost Fist!” Su Zhenfei shouted . The surrounding environments changed, as if they were suddenly plunged into hell . Ghosts wailed in unison . In a flash, there seemed to be evil spirits wailing within the winds that passed through the sky .

Countless people saw this and felt their bodies shake involuntarily . It was like they saw their biggest fear .

The countless vengeful spirits danced through the sky, like lines of black eyes . They weaved into a huge net in the sky, immediately shrouding Ye Xiwen .

The Great Sage Realm was indeed the Great Sage Realm . The power they possessed was far from comparable to that of a Half-step Great Sage . The pressure from the spirits alone was enough to make a Half-step Great Sage collapse . If Ye Xiwen had not already completed the spirit transformation in advance, Ye Xiwen would not be any better, much less destroying everything in his path like this .

The countless starlights that flew from Ye Xiwen’s fists tore the sky . They seemed to be going head-to-head with the large net of vengeful spirits . Each ray of starlight was like a long needle, piercing through those vengeful spirits .

The vengeful spirits that were hit by starlight screamed and turned into nothingness .

The starry sky and hell collided with one another . This was the fist of the two people merged together . This was a battle of fists .

The two sides were like two godheads with completely different deities obliterating each other and competing for each other’s territories .

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“The so-called Divine Wrath is simply this!” Ye Xiwen laughed loudly, but without fear . He actually rushed directly to the center of the battle between the two fists . Just like an arrow, dashed straight over, not paying any attention to Su Zhenfei’s fists .

Su Zhenfei looked at Ye Xiwen as if he was looking at a freak . He dared to fight head-on with only his body . If he was not what a freak, what was he?

However, he didn’t know that if Ye Xiwen was still an Half-step Great Sage Intermediate, he might not have dared to do so . Otherwise, he might have been killed straight away, but now it was different . His strength had already changed tremendously .

The Blood Hangman who could defeat him one-sidedly previously was killed by him with a few moves in the end .

Beams of golden light shot from his hands . With a tear, the entire sky seemed like it was about to be torn apart . The endless hell was like a prized painting that was torn in half by Ye Xiwen .

From a distance, Ye Xiwen was extremely ferocious, like the reincarnation of an ancient devil . His force was unstoppable .

Facing someone as strong as Ye Xiwen, Su Zhenfei’s facial expression suddenly changed . He didn’t expect that the strength shown by Ye Xiwen just now was not everything . He had actually hidden a part of his strength . This time, Ye Xiwen was releasing all his strength, causing Su Zhenfei’s countenance to change involuntarily .

When other Great Sages saw this scene, it was as if they were struck by lightning . Unexpectedly, using Half-step Great Sage to contend with Great Sage Late was still not Ye Xiwen’s limit . He even showed a terrifying power that could sweep them away .

Ye Xiwen rushed over, forming a large hand in the sky . The Sky Collapsing Fire Cloud Hand in his hand was like a millstone of annihilation, shattering the sky .

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Su Zhenfei felt that the world was about to collapse . A frenzied force was pressed down, as if trying to crush his body . The frightening pressure swept over from all directions .

At that very moment, another tyrannical silhouette and energy suddenly rushed out . He was by no means weaker than Shu Zhenfei . It was Duan Anyi, who was initially watching the show from the side .

Initially, he didn’t feel the need for him to intervene as Ye Xiwen could be suppressed easily . However, toward the end, Ye Xiwen showed more and more overbearing strength, which shocked him a little .

In the end, the situation was actually about to reach an endgame, which forced him to take action . At this time, he could not stand idly by . He understood that if he allowed Ye Xiwen to kill Su Zhenfei, the next one would be him . He was not stupid; naturally, he had to stop it .

The brutality of his strength did not lose to Su Zhenfei . Although he was not from Divine Wrath nor did he have conditions as good as Su Zhenfei, he had a thousand years of cultivation time more than Su Zhenfei . Such a long time could make up for any difference in innate talent .

His strength seemed to be more overbearing than Su Zhenfei’s .

“Star Dragon Shattered Blade!” Duan Anyi‘s attack was a lost technique, which was his full strength . Although he seemed to be stronger than Su Zhenfei, he was not that much stronger . If Ye Xiwen could suppress Su Zhenfei like this, he would not fare any better . How could he not put up a desperate fight?

He suddenly attacked with his blade, puncturing the sky . Starlight filled the air . There was a faint hiss whistle rumbling the earth, directly ripping Ye Xiwen’s big hand, turning it into spiritual energy . He saved Su Zhenfei from Ye Xiwen’s hands .

Ye Xiwen retracted the Sky Collapsing Fire Cloud Hand, his eyes narrowed . Murderous intentions sparked in both his eyes as he looked at Duan Anyi who suddenly attacked .

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