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Chapter 695

The devastating strength of Great Sage Late was completely displayed at this moment . Moreover, as of this moment, Su Zhenfei’s ferociousness or more precisely the ferocious ability of the Divine Wrath had made people tremble . Compared to him, many warriors of the Great Sage Late were just like garbage . Within a realm, there were astronomical gaps in terms of ability among warriors .

These Divine Wraths were trained in a special way by the Law Enforcement hall . Every day, they were pacing back and forth between life and death . No one knew the number of resources that were exhausted or the number of enemies murdered that allowed him to be the squadron leader of the Divine Wrath . His tyrannical strength from head to toe was sufficient for him to be considered as the most outstanding and powerful among his peers .

He would just need to execute less than ten moves with his hand to murder most of the masters of the Great Sage Late .

Now, all of this devastating strength was crushing towards Ye Xiwen . Duan Anyi, who was on the side, had a sneer on his face . Looking at Ye Xiwen who was about to be crushed into pieces, he had no intention of taking action . Anyway, Ye Xiwen would be crushed to death . There was no need for him to take action at all .

Ye Xiwen saw that Su Zhenfei was determined to kill as soon as Su Zhenfei started attacking . Naturally, Ye Xiwen noticed the murderous intention in his heart . Ye Xiwen had also unleashed a terrible cyclone that was equally horrendous from himself, which dashed straight to the horizon, not yielding even an inch .

The aura of both sides suddenly collided against each other in mid-air . The result of the battle was a tie, with both sides equally powerful .

Su Zhenfei was secretly startled in his heart . At first, he thought that Ye Xiwen was nothing but a Half-step Great Sage with a sharp tongue . However, talking big in the face of real strength was an extremely stupid behaviour .

Su Zhenfei was going to utilize Ye Xiwen’s death as payback for the shame that Ye Xiwen had brought to the Law Enforcement Hall all these while . He was just a Half-step Great Sage and yet he managed to plunge the Law Enforcement Hall into chaos .

He did not expect that his aura to be stopped and could not pierce through it . Although the competition of aura was just the beginning, it had also somewhat represented something .

“Hmph!” Su Zhenfei let out a sneer, moved his body, and tore the vast sky while instantly appearing in front of Ye Xiwen . A fist suddenly burst out into a huge ghost head with a bloody opened mouth to bite Ye Xiwen .

This was the supreme lost technique of the True Martial School, the Malignant Earth Ghost Fist . Among the many lost techniques of True Martial School, this lost technique was more secretive . This was because mastering this technique was difficult . It required countless human souls to master it . The strength at late stages would be greater when the enemies killed were numerous . In the end, the devastating strength of this technique at the late stages could enable one to gain the power of the supernatural beings, making one invincible to both deity and demon .

However, it was because of this reason that only a few people were able to master it . Murder and conquest was inevitable for warriors embarked into this path . The problem was that the numbers of opponents killed in the average life of a warrior could not satiate the number of vengeful souls required to master this fist technique .

So, this martial technique was left aside in the True Martial School for many years but there were very few people who managed to master the technique . Later, the technique had fallen into the hands of the Divine Wraths . Some of the practitioners had managed to master this lost technique . This was because mass massacre of others was something that the Divine Wrath had to deal with everyday . While this was something not others were capable of doing, some of the Divine Wraths who were born killers were able to do so .

If the collected vengeful souls were not sufficient, then the strength of this martial technique would not be strong . The moment Su Zhenfei activated the martial art technique, the sky turned gloomy with chilly cold wind shrouding the battlefield . The sky was heavily clouded with vengeful souls’ miserable shrieks echoed everywhere as though everyone present had entered hell .

It was unfathomable on how formidable the martial technique’s power was . Apparently, Su Zhenfei’s kill count was enormous .

Ye Xiwen would nearly be completely engulfed by this punch . Being a person with a somewhat formidable strength, Su Zhenfei’s strength as Great Sage Late should not be overlooked . He might even enter the peak of the Great Sage at any time . After all, he was the only person who could be considered as mighty within this realm .

Su Zhenfei’s first move carried heavy killing intent . He did not give Ye Xiwen any chance to catch a breather . Ye Xiwen’s previous words made him embarrassed and even blasphemed the deities in his heart . This time, he would not allow Ye Xiwen to survive .

“Such great power, but do you think I am arrogant?” Ye Xiwen said and made a move . Su Zhenfei’s movements were already agile and much more aggressive than the Blood Hangman . However, Ye Xiwen was more agile than him . Just when the gigantic ghost was about to engulf Ye Xiwen alive, Ye Xiwen launched his counter attack . He clenched his five fingers into a fist and let out an abrupt punch .

An immense starburst burst forth into the sky and splashed out, as if a terrible force had engulfed the world . Even when the tip of the attack was near him, he did not evade it at all but to retaliate face to face .


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The unprecedented battle between the stars and the ghost happened in the sky which formed huge shock waves that swept out all at once . Energy ripples caused a frantic distortion on the void, like the water surface that was wrinkled by the wind .

At this time, rays of lights started to shine but the ancient arrays that were long buried in the True Martial School had suddenly restored . This protected most of the surrounding terrain . This was also a contingency plan arranged by the powerful character in True Martial School . Had it been a competition among ordinary disciples, it would not have triggered the restoration of many arrays .

However, the fights among the Great Sages had managed to activate all of the arrays at once, protecting the entire mountain .

This matter could not be helped . If the battles between the masters of the Great Sage level were not resolved by anyone, they might have demolished the entire True Martial School .

The full restoration of these arrays would protect the nearby terrain, in order to prevent it from being destroyed by the shockwave released from the battle between both sides .

At this time, a tyrannical aura swept over the sky . Ye Xiwen could sense that the master of the deity aura was a tyrannical Great Sage . Even the old monster that was trapped within the depth of the mysterious space was awakened by the confrontation between both sides .

In True Martial School, even though the confrontation among disciples might happen at any time, confrontation among Great Sages was very rare . After all, Great Sages tended to restrain themselves relatively well as they knew that once they started to fight with each other, it would really destroy the world .

Hence, as soon as the confrontation between both of them had just begun, it had immediately attracted the attention of countless experts .

A figure flew away . It was Su Zhenfei . After fighting with Ye Xiwen, he leaped into mid-air, taking away any chance for Ye Xiwen to launch the next punch . He gave a cold stare to Ye Xiwen as he had a strong intention to murder Ye Xiwen .

He never imagined that Ye Xiwen could actually fight against him without falling into disadvantage .

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It was never a good idea to provoke the Great Sage . Under the starry skies, a Great Sage could intimidate one party, but it was even harder to fight against a Great Sage that was among several great influences . Although the Blood Hangman was a member of the Emergence School, he was constantly on the outer world and did not receive any training from any sect even if he obtained many elixirs .

However, the resources that could be provided by a sect was not only limited to the supply of elixirs . Alongside with a variety of teachers, it had effects that were beyond imaginable by individual cultivators .

Although the Blood Hangman was already powerful, Su Zhenfei was much stronger than him and was truly the hope of this realm .

He knew his strengths . Even if the pinnacle experts of the Great Sage confronted him, he had the ability to retreat . Furthermore, under certain circumstances, he might even fight and kill the pinnacle experts of the Great Sage .

However, his punch did not even have any effect on Ye Xiwen . How could he not be surprised by such a matter?

“This Ye Xiwen is way too powerful . Su Zhenfei had already used his ultimate move since the beginning . He actually uses the Malignant Earth Ghost Fist as soon as he starts fighting . Even a master of the Great Sage Late will be seriously injured when this attack strikes them . However, Ye Xiwen is able to take on such an attack calmly . This is way too awesome!”

“Also, the main point is that he is just a Half-step Great Sage . He is able to accomplish something that the Great Sage isn’t able to . How is he able to do so?”

“Is that person Ye Xiwen? I have heard about him when I was in cultivation retreat all year round . I don’t expect him being able to fend off a Great Sage now . What an exceptional talent! No wonder he has such a great reputation . ”

“This skill is no less superior than yours or mine . For our school, it should have been a good thing . However, with him being a troublemaker, who knows whether this is a good or bad thing?”

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“At times where there are troubles, his strength is growing . Won’t that be beneficial for our school?”

In the skies, there were intersections between the spiritual senses released by many Great Sages . Despite cultivating their mind for thousands of years, they still could not help but be angry when they saw Ye Xiwen was able to contend with the Great Sage .

Although there was a rumour of Ye Xiwen murdering a Great Sage Initial and having escaped from the hands of the Soul Destruction Temple Master, the rumor was only a rumor and no one had ever witnessed such a matter . So, they had some disdain for him .

Moreover, the rumours had it that the person murdered by Ye Xiwen was only a junior who had just stepped into the Great Sage . They were still surprised when they witnessed Ye Xiwen being able to fend off a Great Sage .

This battle had left many Great Sages shocked . No wonder Ye Xiwen dared to challenge the two Great Sages . It also explained why Ye Xiwen dared to challenge Mu Shengjie . At first, many people thought he was crazy . From the looks of it, he had something to rely on .

Su Zhenfei was the one most shocked by this matter, rather than the others . It was Su Zhenfei who knew very well that he had no intention of showing mercy at all . Never mind a Half-step Great Sage, even the masters of Great Sage Late would be severely injured all at once by this move . However, for Ye Xiwen, he seemed fine .

If he did not manage to break away in time, he might even need to face Ye Xiwen’s counterattack .

At this time, Ye Xiwen still had some energy left to fight back . How could he not be shocked?

However, upon thinking of this, Su Zhenfei was not scared . On the contrary, Su Zhenfei’s killing intention was being flared up . What deadly consequences would happen if such a person grows stronger? He might even pose a threat to the deity in his heart, Mu Shengjie . This was something he would never allow to happen .

Fortunately, he is currently just a Half-step Great Sage . If he is allowed to step into the Great Sage, it would be deadly . He must be eliminated at all costs while he is just at his inexperienced stage, before he grows stronger .

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