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Chapter 697

Ye Xiwen didn’t show any mercy for two of them . The two men came aggressively with the determination to kill him . For Ye Xiwen, they were all enemies, so he naturally would not be merciful .

Although Su Zhenfei was saved, he still looked at Ye Xiwen with utter shock . It was not the first time Su Zhenfei faced the situation of life and death, and it could be said that he was cold hearted when facing a battle . Although he was on the brink of desperation several times, his opponent was often left with only one last breath as well . However, this time he was suppressed and defeated by Ye Xiwen .

The huge difference in strength made him extremely dispirited that he didn’t even have the heart to fight to the last moment .

The two looked at each other, and immediately understood the meaning behind the gaze . They must join forces, or else they would be defeated by Ye Xiwen . Originally, they wanted to fight and end this quickly, so that those Transcendent giants were not given the time to intervene . After all, those Transcendent giants were always cultivating or dealing with numerous things at all times . They rarely appear unless there was a very serious matter . They were truly the highest level in the school .

But at this time, they changed their mind completely . Not only did they hoped that the Transcendent realm giants would take action, they also wanted to delay the time and wait for the more powerful masters of their Law Enforcement Hall to come over and kill Ye Xiwen .

This was the advantage of being backed by a strong force . There were plenty of ace masters in Law Enforcement Hall . For ordinary sect legatees, only Great Sages were eligible to compete for the top one hundred legatee . However, for the giants like Law Enforcement Hall, Great Sage was no longer considered the ultimate deterrence .

Ye Xiwen definitely knew what they were planning to do . How could he give them time? With the absence of his master, Tibetan Star Son, and senior brother Huang Wuji, there were only three Great Sages . This even included his second sister Liu Yanlan, third brother Bai Jiansong and himself . In this regard, their Tibetan Star Summit was simply not strong enough .

Tibetan Star Summit would take a long time to rise . It was not a situation that could be reversed by one or two people .

Precisely because of this, Ye Xiwen would never give them time and kill them before the people had the time to react because they were the one who messed with him . There was nothing scary about escalating this matter to the top management as the issue was tenable . Although their Tibetan Star Summit was not as strong as Law Enforcement Hall, and Tibetan Star Summit’s background was not as deep, they were certainly not weaklings . Moreover, there were definitely a lot of people from the top management who thought highly of Ye Xiwen .

“The two of you want to kill me, but you absolutely never thought that I have the power to kill you!” Ye Xiwen smiled brightly . “Do you think I am still the same as before where you can kill me easily?” ”

“This guy is so scary . What kind of miraculous encounter made him improve in such a short time?”

“What on earth is his origin? Could it be that he is empowered by the Tibetan Star Son? Otherwise, how could he be so scary!”

Seeing Ye Xiwen almost killed Su Zhenfei, Duan Anyi had to deal with Ye Xiwen with all his strength . Suddenly, countless masters were seething . A Half-step Great Sage fighting against Great Sage was myth-like already . Even if Ye Xiwen had a battle record of killing a Half-step Great Sage Initial once, he had made countless masters seething now .

Even those Great Sages felt horrified, and it sent shivers down their spine . What was a Great Sage? He was the emperor among the Sages and a king who descended to the world . Even a Great Sage Initial who just entered the Great Sage realm could crush a group of Sage Realm masters to death easily . Yet, a mere Half-step Great Sage had forced both of them into a position whereby they had to join forces now .

This surely sent shivers down the spines of those people who were also Great Sages . They would inevitably sympathize with their peers at the same level who was in difficulty . Since when would these Great Sages be bullied so badly that they must use this method to fight against their enemies?

“Hahaha, it’s better to have more of such people . In this chaotic time, the more the merrier!”

“What’s good? If there are more unsteady factors like him, it’s not a good thing for us!”

“But it’s too late to regret it now!” Ye Xiwen turned a deaf ear to the comments around him . This was exactly the effect he needed, causing a huge shock and deterring those who wanted to make a move .

Ye Xiwen’s body was like a huge cannonball, tearing the sky apart and reached both of them in an instant . He tightened his fists to form a giant star, slamming down from the sky with rumbling sounds . At this moment, the giant star blasted the monstrous waves which crushed towards the two of them .

Duan Anyi and Su Zhenfei’s bodies also flashed a brilliant light . They were breathless whilst fighting with Ye Xiwen, but they were Great Sages after all . In fact, they were Great Sage Late, and their strength was also powerful like no other .

“Malignant Earth Ghost Fist!”

“Star Dragon Shattered Blade!”

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The two men’s lost technique collided fiercely with Ye Xiwen in the air . It was very terrifying, and the terrible shock wave spread out at once .


Ye Xiwen attacked with all his strength, and it was such a powerful force . The Tyrant Body on the seventh level was fully operational, escalating his strength to a new height . A simple slap could shatter the mountain peak .

However, when two of his opponents teamed up, the strength was not inferior in any aspect . They were actually on par with Ye Xiwen .

Of course, this was not the case in the eyes of others . What they perceived was Ye Xiwen could even be equally matched with Su Zhenfei and Duan Anyi after they joined forces .

As a matter of fact, any one of them could take the lead among the peers of the same level . However, both of them had exhausted all their strength and could only achieve a tie instead of suppressing Ye Xiwen, who was a brat who had not even reached the Great Sage realm .




The two sides were like three huge light clusters in the sky which collided aggressively . The skyline was shaking madly . Even with the protection of those arrays, many masters still retreated to an adequately safe distance so as to avoid being affected by the shockwave releasd from the battle .

Seeing that he was about to be caught in a prolonged battle again, Ye Xiwen felt a little anxious in his heart . He was very reluctant to make this battle a prolonged one .

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Although his fighting power was maintained at the most vigorous level, he would not even need two hundred moves to defeat these two if they kept fighting like this . However, he did not have the time .

Thinking of this, a gleam flashed in Ye Xiwen’s eyes . He stomped his feet suddenly . His body was covered with a layer of shimmering Golden Divinity immediately . From a distance, he seemed like a gold-casted God of War; full of matchless divine majesty

His body stormed out, twisted the sky, and rushed to the two of them instantly .

The collaboration of the two blasted a powerful shock wave which swept all over the place towards Ye Xiwen . They wanted to kill Ye Xiwen directly here .

Ye Xiwen’s hands transformed directly into a pair of dragon claws . This was Coiled Dragon Palm, which was the earliest powerful martial art which Ye Xiwen acquired . He had already trained it to a very familiar extent where he could unleash the powerful and profound essence of Coiled Dragon Palm . He transformed into a huge coiled dragon, devouring the world .


There was a huge sound of the air torn apart . The endless shock waves hit Ye Xiwen’s hands, but it only made the sound metals clashing . Immediately after that, Ye Xiwen tore apart the waves with his hands .

Ye Xiwen, who had torn off the attack, charged directly to the two men without any hesitation .

“Bang!” Duan Anyi was dumbfounded as he did not expect Ye Xiwen was not only uninjured, but on the contrary, Ye Xiwen could take all their attacks with just his bare hands .

They did not know that if Ye Xiwen’s body was to be digitized, then his strongest advantage was his body . His body was invincible, and the average person was not an opponent at all .

Duan Anyi was directly blasted away . A powerful impact accompanied by Ye Xiwen’s qi wreaked havoc in his body . He almost exploded high up in the sky .

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Ye Xiwen wanted to chase Duan Anyi, but he saw Su Zhenfei who was pouncing towards him with bloodshot eyes .

“Ye Xiwen, it’s too early to be happy . We are Great Sages . How can you defeat us!” Su Zhenfei roared furiously . He was a Great Sage and even a Divine Wrath . He was the king of those in the same realm . How could he not have any way out?

The two mighty forces in Su Zhenfei’s body boiled, and the atmosphere was full of yin energy . He actually voiced out two men’s shrilling screams . The two huge Yin Ghosts appeared in front of everyone . They were green-faced with fangs, which gave people a feeling of a nightmare at a glance .

In the eyes of these astonished onlookers, these two Yin Ghosts actually turned slowly to become exactly the same appearance as Su Zhenfei; even with the same aura .

“This Evil Ghost Personification is a high-level secret technique recorded in Malignant Earth Ghost Fist . Very few people learnt it successfully throughout the years . It requires supreme willpower . It is impossible for ordinary people to grasp it!”

Some with sharp eyes recognized this technique almost instantly . They couldn’t help but to be extremely surprised . Among the many secret techniques of Malignant Earth Ghost Fist, this Evil Ghost Personification was also very well-known . There were no other reasons besides the fact that Evil Ghost Personification could personify two powerful assistants with the equivalent strength as the initiator . The difficulty would increase countless times at once .

“I didn’t expect this Malignant Earth Ghost Fist is actually so amazing!” Ye Xiwen frowned slightly . This technique was quite similar to his Star Beast Avatar, but it was different . This personification couldn’t cultivate independently . It could only be improved by following the initiator’s improvement . Moreover, Ye Xiwen’s avatar was an entity which really existed, but the personification was not . The reason was because most of the personification was condensed with spiritual energy or other energy . The personification was just like the Star Beast’s spirit where this spirit couldn’t have the equal strength as the initiator (TL Notes: demon seed from Star Beast) . Generally, it would only have a little strength of the initiator .

But this Evil Ghost Personification was obviously different . They arrested two evil ghosts from somewhere, and then refined them into personification by using secret methods . So they were very powerful .

But at this moment, Ye Xiwen had no time to think about it because Su Zhenfei was already approaching with attack .

“Ye Xiwen, go and die!”

The voices of three Su Zhenfei came from all directions .

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