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Chapter 692


After a series of earthquakes, the treasury turned into a grain of sand . Whether it was the disciple of the Medicine King Valley or the warrior of the Blood Wolf Plunderer, all of them were killed by this overwhelming attack .

The Blood Lord who was in a rage had completely lost all qualms . He had not bothered whether these people were his people . In his perception, the treasury of the Medicine King Valley should be in his back pocket . It should belong to him .

Although he still had to hand over most of it to Emergence School, it was still a great asset even if he only owned part of it . This explained his willingness to take on such a mission in the beginning . In spite of the immense danger, the rewards that he will receive upon his success was unimaginable . Initially, he was unremarkable among the many arrogant practitioners in the Emergence School . However, he was now more powerful than most of his previous peers . This was because not only was he more experienced than the others but that he had obtained more resources than his peers .

He had long viewed all of these as his own exclusive property and never allowed others to get their hands on it . How could he not be mad now that someone had robbed the treasures before he was able to do so?

Judging from his appearance, he was part of the Blood Wolf Plunderer which made the Blood Lord even more angry . At this time, he could not bother to think about it . How was it possible that there was such a person among the Blood Wolf Plunderer who was able to escape from his clutches?

As of this moment, his head was clouded with fury . He did not seem to care even if he accidentally wounded a few warriors from the Blood Wolf Plunderer . He had countless kills ever since he made his debut . There were piles of corpses and blood were seen everywhere . Even if these people belonged to the Blood Wolf Plunderer, they were no different from ants in his opinion . It meant nothing to him even if they died .

He swore that once he caught this reckless thief, he would let him perish tragically . How could he not have flown into a rage when someone had stolen the things he fought for by killing several Great Sages?

Without the treasures in the treasury, his gains would be limited even if every nook and cranny of Medicine King Valley was searched, let alone he was in the situation where most of the money needed to be handed over to the Emergence School .

He flew out instantly to plunder, moving as fast as lightning, tearing out several silhouettes in the sky and chasing after Ye Xiwen .

His somewhat agile movements and strength equivalent to that of the Great Sage Minor Mastery was fully displayed . Despite not being as excellent as the Soul Destruction Temple Master, he had unleashed his speed to the maximum, which was extremely fast that it frightened the others .

In the blink of an eye, he was about to catch Ye Xiwen who was less than a hundred miles in front of him . Although it was still invisible to the naked eye, it was a piece of cake for these Great Sages .

“You seemed eager to die! You dare to steal my belongings?!” The Blood Lord had a somewhat cruel smile on his face, which showed his somewhat elated state . He had long regarded the things in this treasury to be his exclusive property for quite some time . He simply never allowed others to get their hands on it .

Now that he was able to catch this little burglar and dismembered his corpse into pieces, and let him die tragically . The things in the treasury would soon fall into his hands again .

However, what made him dejected was that just when he thought that he could catch up with Ye Xiwen in the next second, he found that Ye Xiwen was also speeding up . It seemed that no matter how he increased his speed, Ye Xiwen was always maintaining the same speed, constantly hanging in front of him but not allowing him to catch up .

This feeling made him nearly dejected till the point of being frantic .

“Damn you, go and die! ” Suddenly, a blood spear appeared on his hand . In that instant, it became a blood-red long dragon, snarling and rushing towards Ye Xiwen . The blood-red long dragon whistled through the sky, cutting through the void .

That speed was much faster than the speed of his own flight and it was about to slice Ye Xiwen into half with just one shot .

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen’s figure flickered for a moment and disappeared from the dragon’s pursuit . When he appeared again, he was hundreds of miles away .

This attack did not even strike him, which made Blood Lord feel like he was about to go crazy and extremely despondent .

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Also, he was despondent to discover that Ye Xiwen’s speed seemed to be increasing bit by bit . The pair of wings behind Ye Xiwen was flapping more and more frequently, enabling him to ditch the Blood Lord quickly .

Ye Xiwen could hear the roar of the Blood Lord from behind but he ignored it . Before this, his ability was not as good as it was now . Yet, he managed to escape from the grasp of the Soul Destruction Temple Master . Nevermind the Blood Lord, even if the Soul Destruction Temple Master appeared right in his face, the temple master would never be able to tail him like the last time . He was confident he could shake them off .

He devoted his whole spiritual senses to scan the treasury of the Medicine King Valley . He did not remember to look at the things that he grabbed and directly flinged it to Tianyuan Mirror . Now, he was at despondent when he took a closer look at these things .

This was because he discovered that there were fewer things in the Medicine King Valley’s treasury than he originally thought . There were only about ten billion elixir . As for other medicinal materials, the sum of it adds up to only fifty billion .

Although it was far more than Ye Xiwen’s wealth, there was still a huge difference with what he originally thought .

It took a while for Ye Xiwen to remember what Yao Buping mentioned previously . The Medicine King Valley had already invested all of their efforts in order to refine the Violet Limitless Qi Pellet . As for the time invested, it was not merely one or two years . It had already begun more than two hundred years ago .

From the moment they obtained the pellet recipe, they had started to refine and experimented with the alchemy process . It was not until twenty years ago that they managed to come up with a semi-finished product . Then, this round of Truth Discussion Conference was organized .

It was said that for this Violet Limitless Qi Pellet, Medicine King Valley had given it all they got . From the restoration of the pellet recipe to conducting countless experiments, an astronomical amount of wealth was consumed to achieve this .

It was just that the people in Medicine King Valley had a different viewpoint . If they could succeed, they could earn back what they sacrificed all at once . Such a pellet could be sold at a sky-high price if it was being auctioned . Also, after obtaining this experience, they could refine such pellets continuously for the disciples in their valley to use .

When that time came, they would have an endless number of Great Sage appearing in Medicine King Valley . Would they still be scared that Medicine King Valley would not prosper?

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As for the current investment, the returns in the future would be a hundred times and a thousand times greater than now . In fact, Medicine King Valley had succeeded in refining Violet Limitless Qi Pellet and discovering the way to refine such pellets . If they could continue on successfully, the success in Medicine King Valley might explode all at once during sometime in the future .

However, Man proposes but God disposes . Unexpectedly, at the moment when they were at the brink of their success, they encountered the Blood Wolf Plunderer’s invasion, destroying their pathway to a greater future .

A huge treasury was completely robbed . There were only ten billion elixir and about five billion elixir medicinal materials, which plunged them into poverty for the moment .

However, even so, it was an astronomical amount of wealth when it fell into Ye Xiwen’s hands .

The truth was he had only about sixty billion worth of wealth on him in the beginning . Later, in order to refine Golden Sun Sacred Fire, he had spent thirty billion all at once but he plundered forty billion worth of elixir from the Blood Hangman .

In other words, he now possessed about seventeen billion worth of elixir and about ten billion medicinal materials for the elixir .

It was a well-known fact that these were the finest among the medicinal herbs grown in Medicine King Valley during their daily life . Otherwise, they would not be collecting it . If the medicinal herbs were ordinary, it would have been distributed to their own disciples to use .

However, all of it was advantageous to Ye Xiwen, suddenly making him newly rich .

Although there was a huge difference between the expected enormous treasure and wealth, it still made him instantly become newly rich . The herbs accumulated was at least enough for Ye Xiwen of the Great Sage Realm to cultivate elixirs .

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It was not in vain .

After counting the wealth he got this time, Ye Xiwen no longer hesitated . He spread out the thunder wings behind him, flew away hundreds of miles in this instant, and immediately shook off the Blood Lord behind him .

Ye Xiwen could still hear the Blood Lord’s roar of fury behind him . The tremendous roar sounded like a roar from an unknown beast . However, no matter how he begrudged his loss, he could only stare helplessly at Ye Xiwen disappearing from his sight .

The Medicine King Valley was assaulted by the Blood Wolf Plunderer . The news that everybody of that valley was being slaughtered with no remaining survivors was spread to the nearby Star Region . This caused a commotion among the residents of the valley . It had been some time since the valley was ambushed by the Blood Wolf Plunderer . Hence, the residents had gradually forgotten the Blood Wolf Plunderer who were notoriously ferocious yet outstanding .

This ambush was how the Blood Wolf Plunderer announced their comeback . The target of their current assault was no ordinary sect . It was the Medicine King Valley,- a cultivator sect centred on alchemy, which the Blood Robbers would never touch in the past .

This news aroused the emotions of the people . In the Star Region, many warriors had benefited from Medicine King Valley . Furthermore, they would have many issues that they need to rely on the Medicine King Valley . After all, accidents that fall out of expectation could happen . They were able to save their own life if they brought the pellets with them .

However, with the Medicine King Valley now being exterminated, many warriors who had inextricable relationships with Medicine King Valley in the past suddenly became rowdy .

All of them have unanimously asked the Meteor Sect to eliminate the Blood Wolf Plunderer, who was becoming deadlier . This was to prevent them from continuing on with their malicious deeds .

However, this did not stop the Blood Wolf Plunderer from continuing on their mission . Instead, when everyone was still talking about it, the Blood Wolf Plunderer continued to slaughter several sects in succession . They left no survivors and have robbed all of the properties in the sects .

The unscrupulous and savage behavior of the Blood Wolf Plunderer had suddenly angered the overlord of the Meteor Sect in the Star Region .

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