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Chapter 691

A powerful Great Sage was nailed to death on the ground . Fresh blood flowed across the bloody spear and spewed out into a stream . The scene was an absolute horror .

“Great Elder!” Countless Medicine King Valley disciples were screaming in sorrow, but they couldn’t do anything . They could only watch their Great Elder nailed to the ground without the ability to retaliate .

Blood Lord of Great Sage Minor Mastery was too scary, and their strength gap was huge .

Several other Great Sages saw that the Great Elder was nailed to the ground with a shot, and they were all more determined . With one less person, their threat to Blood Lord was even smaller . If they didn’t give in their best now, the last opportunity might be gone .

The battle between the two sides exploded in the bright sparks which was unusually unusually gorgeous, but extremely cruel .

After the Great Elder was crucified, Blood Lord who freed up his hands gradually grasped the upper hand, and slowly suppressed these people completely in the battle .

“Ye Xiwen, you have to find Violet Limitless Qi Pellet . Otherwise, when the Blood Lord kills the others, you will have no chance!” Ye Mo reminded Ye Xiwen .

The current stalemate of the battle looked like the whole sky was covered with blood and fire, but the focus was not on this side . Instead, it was the battle between these Great Sages in which the victory would directly determine the outcome of this battle . Once one of them won and released himself from the battle, then the rest of the overall situation was set .

The Legend and Sage Realm masters in these battles had no power to fight back when facing a Great Sage . It was just like a lion facing a group of sheep .

Therefore, Ye Xiwen must obtain Violet Limitless Qi Pellet before the outcome of the battle between the Great Sages was determined . In this case, Ye Xiwen who had entered the Half-step Great Sage Late would be invincible .

Immediately after making the decision, Ye Xiwen stopped watching the battle . He went straight into the depths of the Medicine King Valley, where battles were seen everywhere . The battle between the Medicine King Valley and the Blood Wolf Plunderer could be seen everywhere .

Seeing Ye Xiwen entering, several Medicine King Valley disciples immediately rushed towards Ye Xiwen with hostility, but they were all stopped by Ye Xiwen with his bare hands . With his Private Harmony, it was simply impossible for these Medicine King Valley disciples to hurt him . Besides Blood Lord, he was not afraid of anyone here; even those Great Sages .

Those Medicine King Valley disciples who were shoved aside wanted to pounce again, but when they blinked their eyes, Ye Xiwen’s figure was gone . How fast Ye Xiwen was? Even if his speed was limited because he disguised as a Blood Wolf Plunderer warrior now, these ordinary disciples still couldn’t catch up with him .

Ye Xiwen went all the way to the deepest part of the Medicine King Valley, and his spiritual senses explored all around, searching everywhere for the Medicine King Valley disciple who was carrying the Violet Limitless Qi Pellet previously .

As the incident happened suddenly, Violet Limitless Qi Pellet had not yet been kept in the Medicine King Valley’s treasury .

“Kaboom!” There was a blaring explosion sound, and the entire defense array of Medicine King Valley was probably badly destroyed . The entire ground seemed like it was going to be overturned .

Countless people stared outwards, and were stunned . Someone exploded . In fact, a Great Sage exploded himself .

“You want to hurt me through self-destruct? You are truly naive!” Blood Lord’s cold voice came immediately, and his horrifying aura did not disappear because of it, but became stronger instead .

Everyone couldn’t help but to gasp . Someone was forced by the Blood Lord to self-destruct, and that person was even a Great Sage .

Everyone knew the circumstances in which one would perform self-destruction . It was when a person was forced to a desperate situation and acknowledged that there was no way to escape, then only the person would self-destruct . Who wouldn’t value their lives? Especially for these Great Sages, they would not resort to self-destruction as long as there was a trace of hope .

Even with Ye Xiwen’s abundant combat experience, he rarely encountered a self-destruction situation . It was not that those who died under his hands didn’t have this idea . It was just because a battle of masters happened in a flash, so there was no possibility of successful self-destruction . It must be a long-term plot that this Great Sage could self-destruct .

Ye Xiwen scanned with his spiritual senses . Sure enough, there was one less person among the Great Sages . It was no other than Mu Zhengye . Ye Xiwen did not expect that the person who dared to self-destruct would be Mu Zhengye .

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Mu Zhengye just came to help . He should have wanted to escape under normal circumstances, but now he was forced into a dead end .

However, Ye Xiwen’s feeling was only a sigh in his heart because he must speed up his actions . With Mu Zhengye’s death, perhaps it would not take long for Blood Lord to claim victory .

Time would wait for no man!

Heaven would not disappoint a man who did his best . With his spiritual sense, Ye Xiwen finally saw the Medicine King Valley disciple who took the Violet Limitless Qi Pellet . This disciple was also a master in the Sage Realm Great Perfection realm who was considered one of the top among the Medicine King Valley disciples . He was also Medicine King Valley’s true legatee disciple, so Medicine King Valley would let him take Violet Limitless Qi Pellet to store in the treasury previously . He retreated while fighting, constantly repelling the Blood Wolf Plunderer warriors who were charging towards him now .

Ye Xiwen drew a big hand, and several Blood Wolf Plunderer who rushed over were slammed to death directly . Then, he reached out and grabbed the jade box containing Violet Limitless Qi Pellet directly .

The disciple could only watch a bloody hand getting closer and closer, but he was helpless . The huge pressure made it difficult for him to even move . Ye Xiwen had not entered the Great Sage, but his strength was no less than a Great Sage . In contrast, Ye Xiwen was even more tyrannical than many Great Sage .

Being pressed by Ye Xiwen’s pressure was quite the same as a Great Sage’s pressure .

But what surprised the disciple was that instead of killing him, the bloody hand directly killed the Blood Wolf Plunderer who seemed to be his ally .

“Haha, Ye Xiwen . You got Violet Limitless Qi Pellet finally . You will have no problem breaking into a Great Sage!” Ye Mo said with a laugh . He was happier than anyone else that Ye Xiwen’s strength could be improved .

Ye Xiwen nodded and opened the jade box . The Violet Limitless Qi Pellet laid fittingly in the box, and he kept it in Tianyuan Mirror immediately .

“Ye Xiwen, it’s a good opportunity now to take away the Medicine King Valley’s treasury while it is chaotic at the moment . Let Blood Lord get nothing .  Hahaha, his facial expression will be interesting!” Ye Mo encouraged Ye Xiwen .

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Ye Xiwen thought about it and was very keen . Medicine King Valley was far inferior to giants such as True Martial School . It was not even comparable to the super first-class forces such as Emergence School and Meteor Sect, but Medicine King Valley was also a major sect with more than ten thousand years of history anyway . How tremendous was the wealth accumulated over the years? It was simply unimaginable .

For a sect disciple, it would not be too much if it was distributed to so many people . But if it was only Ye Xiwen, then it was definitely a huge and unimaginable amount .

Even the Emergence School had to send a disciple to disguise as a Blood Wolf Plunderer in order to rob Medicine King Valley, so one could imagine the wealth .

When Ye Mo said this, Ye Xiwen was interested . If he could take all the storage of Medicine King Valley’s treasury, then he could be said to have a windfall .

Thinking of this, he didn’t hesitate anymore . If he kept waiting, he would not have any chance when Blood Lord won the battle .

Although Medicine King Valley’s treasury was a very important place, it couldn’t be hidden . They could only send more people to guard the place on usual days . The Great Elder even stayed in the treasury permanently during normal days . After all, it was the foundation of a sect . If a sect lost its treasury, then there was no hope for them to even rise again .

But Medicine King Valley was in chaos now . Even important places like the treasury were already in chaos .

When Ye Xiwen found Medicine King Valley’s treasury, Blood Lord killed another Great Sage . He was the individual cultivator, Qing Xuanzi .

This individual cultivator Elderly Predecessor was very well-known, and had been a prominent character everywhere for thousands of years . He couldn’t take it anymore eventually and was killed by Blood Lord now .

Following one after another Great Sage’s death, the speed of Blood Lord killing these masters accelerated . When the five Great Sages besieged him at first, he only killed the first Great Sage when Ye Xiwen killed Blood Hangman . But after only a short moment, three Great Sages had fallen .

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There were only two Great Sages left, Tian Butong and Yao Buping . Although these two were also the strongest of the five Great Sages, they would no longer be able to kill Blood Lord after their companions died .

At most, they could only delay Blood Lord for a short period of time . Their strengths were a far cry from the Blood Lord’s strength . So there was limited time remaining for Ye Xiwen, and he must speed up .

Ye Xiwen rammed all the way and entered the place . At this time, even the initially important place was in disarray . Some Blood Wolf Plunderer had already invaded this place, and they were fighting fiercely with the Medicine King Valley disciples who were originally stationed here .

“Sky Collapsing Fire Cloud Hand!”

Ye Xiwen screamed loudly, his giant hand suddenly stretched out into a fiery red cloud, and suddenly slammed into the treasury’s main gate .


There was a loud explosion sound . This situation was also considered at the beginning of the treasury construction, so countless precious materials were used . Generally, Sage Realm couldn’t even leave a mark on this gate .

But Ye Xiwen was definitely not an ordinary person . After breaking through to Half-step Great Sage Late, he even beheaded Blood Hangman on the spot . His Tyrant Body reached the seventh level of peak and his spiritual strength was unparalleled . A slam blasted the main gate directly .

This gate was also a treasure that could be used as a refining material for Great Sage devices, but at this time Ye Xiwen couldn’t be bothered about this . He straight away formed another giant hand and directly uprooted the entire treasury with great force . Everything inside the treasury was taken away all at once .

Then, Ye Xiwen opened the pair of wings behind him and rushed towards the sky without any hesitation . It was just like a storm power that bolted straight out of the atmosphere .

“You are courting death!” Blood Lord’s vengeful voice echoed from behind Ye Xiwen, and a huge hand pressed down from the air .

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