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Chapter 693

As the overlord of the nearby Star Region, the mindset of “Those who comply shall thrive while those who resist shall perish” had always been the Meteor Sect’s style . It was definitely not only as simple as dominating one party, but also acting as the behind-the-scenes master of countless forces . In other words, even the Medicine King Valley or any other forces were considered to be forces that partly belonged to the Meteor Sect . They also received many benefits from various sects on normal days . However, it was natural for them to keep one party safe during critical times .

Meteor Sect had done many extermination . Their only solution was to eliminate any forces who were unwilling to serve . However, they were the only one allowed to do this kind of thing, while the others were not allowed to .

They had to take some rectification especially when the Blood Wolf Plunderer’s successive skirmish had made the people in the nearby Star Region panic .

Immediately, Meteor Sect’s Disciples came out looking for the Blood Wolf Plunderer’s traces .

However, all of these did not have much to do with Ye Xiwen . After getting the Medicine King Valley’s treasury, he immediately returned to the True Martial School after making a fortune because he was running out of time .

From the actions of Blood Wolf Plunderer, he could see that the Emergence School would probably make a move on the True Martial School anytime soon and he did not have any time to waste .

He must step into the Great Sage before the Emergence School arrives . In that case, he would be more confident . He would at least have a certain power to fend himself even if he had to face the sudden attack of Emergence School .

Although Ye Xiwen’s cultivation had big improvements in a short period of time, he felt that it was still not enough .

It was still far from the limit!

Ye Xiwen had to begin his close cultivation once he returned to True Martial School . It would be best to break through into the Great Sage Realm in a short period of time .

Ten days had passed when Ye Xiwen finally returned to True Martial School again . His movements were much faster compared to when he first entered . The True Martial School still seemed like there was a huge storm lying ahead, which made people feel suffocated .

Ye Xiwen strode into the True Martial School, but he could feel from afar that the surrounding spiritual energy was heading in one direction .

At Ye Xiwen’s first glance, it turned out to be the mountain where Mu Shengjie’s close cultivation was located . Every breath seemed to be stronger than the previous breath .

He was about to break through!

Ye Xiwen suddenly realized a problem . After a few decades, Mu Shengjie’s cultivation finally reached the breakthrough point . Perhaps Mu Shengjie had already reached the Great Sage Realm Great Perfection after breaking through this barrier directly .

The people in the law enforcement hall had released the news a long time ago . Mu Shengjie would immediately take over the position of the law enforcement hall master after he stepped into the Great Sage Realm Great Perfection . Although the position of the law enforcement hall master was normally taken over by tycoons of Transcendent Realm, the entrance of Mu Shengjie into the Transcendent Realm seemed to just be a matter of finality based on his cultivation and talents in the eyes of everyone . He was just taking over the position of law enforcement master in advance .

Ye Xiwen gave a ugly expression as he thought of this . His relationship with Mu Shengjie was definitely not very good, or could be considered as very bad . He had a tense relationship with the law enforcement hall ever since he first entered the True Martial School . He even killed a few law enforcement disciples on the spot .

Ye Xiwen was an unstable factor to the law enforcement hall after having a deadly feud with the law enforcement hall . He was a prick because he was not willing to accept the law enforcement hall’s management, so they tried to eliminate Ye Xiwen by all means .

They just had not found a valid reason to do so . Ye Xiwen’s performance was getting better and better . He even received recognition by the top management now . His future achievements were unimaginable .

Perhaps some people from the top management would not be satisfied if the Law Enforcement Hall wanted to do something with Ye Xiwen, but they just couldn’t find a valid reason . Otherwise, they would definitely confront Ye Xiwen already .

Based on Mu Shengjie’s arrogant and self conceited character, he was a strong opponent when he was with Senior brother Huang Wuji . They even lost count on the amount of conflicts they had . Both sides were protected by masters of the Transcendent Realm, which gave the top management a headache, but there was no solution .

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There was a high possibility that he would come to them directly once he was out of the cultivation . Both senior brother and Master were not in the Tibetan Star Summit now . No one would be able to stop him . Even if Liu Yanlan’s strength was outstanding, it was impossible for her to be Mu Shengjie’s opponent .

He would be in danger by that time . There was even a possibility that he might be killed as suddenly as lightning even with his current strength . That guy was a character who was more tyrannical than Soul Destruction Temple Master .

Everything would be too late by the time the top management realized and responded .

Ye Xiwen’s expression did not change as he came to this thought .

“No, I must not let him break through successfully . Otherwise, a layer of my skin would be shed off even if I didn’t end up dying [1]!” Ye Xiwen frowned slightly .

If possible, Ye Xiwen did not want to have such conflicts with Mu Shengjie in the current stormy situation when Emergence School was about to attack . With this, the only damage would be the True Martial School’s combat power .

However, Mu Shengjie would not let him go even if he was not willing to have any conflicts with Mu Shengjie . From Mu Shengjie’s point of view, he was an irksome presence . In addition, he was also an unstable factor in the sect .

“Exactly!” Ye Mo said, “It would be best if there is a way to disturb him gaining realization . ”

Ye Xiwen looked over and vaguely felt a strong tyrannical atmosphere surrounding Mu Shengjie . He could not feel it in the past as his strength was too weak, but now he could feel it . The Law Enforcement Hall really put in a lot of bloody effort to prevent external forces . Perhaps there were more than ten extremely strong masters in the Great Sage around Mu Shengjie to protect him .

Having a family background of powerful forces gave such a benefit . Ye Xiwen had never enjoyed such treatment .

If this was not the case, it was possible to interfere with his comprehension . The enmity between them was difficult to resolve anyway, or it could be said that there was simply no way to solve it .

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“Ye Xiwen, you finally came out . You caused a monstrous disaster for True Martial School . You really do not realize your standing!”

Just as Ye Xiwen had a multifarious train of thoughts, a rumbling sound came from a distance . He saw two figures with a strong aura come out of the void . All of which were Great Sage, and they were also extremely strong masters among the Great Sage .

The aura of one of the young masters who spoke was looming and very arrogant . It was very similar to the Divine Wrath Master that Ye Xiwen saw last time . The aura was like a cold ruthless atmosphere of the dead . They looked at Ye Xiwen as if they were looking at a dead person .

Looking at his armband, he was actually someone from the Divine Wrath . Neither was he an ordinary person, he was the squadron captain of the Divine Wrath . He was still just the squadron captain in the end . Above him, there was also the captain and the top management who was in charge of the Divine Wrath . It could be seen that the solid strength of the law enforcement hall was simply unimaginable .

Their members even had to be an unrivaled character of the Half-step Great Sage Late, the captain must be a Great Sage then .

As the institution in charge of True Martial School’s punishment, the strength of the law enforcement hall was unfathomable . There were only about ten strong legatees, or forces such as the Merit Temple, could fight with them .

This was just the Divine Wrath; there were other institutions in the law enforcement hall .

There was another Great Sage elder, not a Disciple, on his other side . However, it did not mean that his strength was weak . On the contrary, he was also very tyrannical . He became an elder solely because he had a smaller potential and failed to become a disciple . His strength was not bad anymore at that time .

At this moment, their aura firmly locked Ye Xiwen into place . Ye Xiwen only felt like he was being locked by two ferocious beasts .

“What do you guys want to do?” Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes and said coldly .

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“You have caused a lot of trouble to the True Martial School . We want you to clarify the statute today!” said the Divine Wrath member .

“That’s right . We will hand over you, the trouble-maker, to calm down the Emergence School’s anger!” The other elder said as he looked at Ye Xiwen angrily . How would it end up in this situation if it wasn’t because of Ye Xiwen .

He was the party in the top management who suggested handing over Ye Xiwen to calm down the Emergence School’s anger, as the peace party in the True Martial School had been dissatisfied with Ye Xiwen for a long time .

However, Ye Xiwen never expected that the law enforcement hall, a radical right-wing, would actually come together with the peace party . Although their goals were different, both of them hated Ye Xiwen at the same time .

“Look, look . Isn’t that Ye Xiwen? How did he come out? Didn’t he say he was in close cultivation? Did he break through?”

“It seems to be so, look at his cultivation . For goodness sake! It’s already the Half-step Great Sage Late . He is already so close to step into the Great Sage . How long did he even take? He was only an Half-step Great Sage Initial when he returned from Demon Domain . Now, he actually jumped two steps in a row . He truly is my Zheng Wuxue’s genius! ”

At this moment, they were suddenly surrounded by many True Martial School Disciple who discussed spiritedly . Ye Xiwen was now also a part of the True Martial School . Although he was just a new disciple of the year, his popularity had surpassed many geniuses who were famous for years .

Everything about him was astonishing . It could only be said that one was more bold than one .

“For goodness sake, those two are Great Sages!” Some people exclaimed . The Great Sage was not easily seen by anyone even in True Martial School as these Great Sages were basically in close cultivation all year round . Only the characters in charge of one party would appear, but even so, only a few of the disciples out of the numerous disciples of the True Martial School were able to meet them . Now they saw two at once .

“That young man is Su Zhenfei, the squadron leader of the Divine Wrath in the Law Enforcement Hall . Yes, I recognized him . When I was on mission, I encountered the Divine Wrath led by him to execute a mission to kill a traitor . That was really scary!” The Disciple shivered slightly, as if he thought about the scariest thing which he didn’t dare to remember and didn’t want to remember either .

[1] A Chinese saying claiming the situation would end up at a loss in the end .

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