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Chapter 690

The Blood Wolf Plunderer was notorious among the nearby Star Region . They did all sorts of bad things with numerous sins . Everyone had seething discontent and countless people were dying to the skin of the Blood Wolf Plunderer alive .

If it wasn’t because the Blood Wolf Plunderer managed to escape successfully every time, they would have already been directly eliminated by someone .

It was completely conceivable how the Blood Wolf Plunderer was strongly hated by others . Their power even triggered an annihilation by the masters and overlord of the Meteor Sect nearby . Although they had heavy losses that time, the Blood Wolf Plunderer still managed to escape .

Eventually, no one wished to have any connections with such infamous people . Even the Emergence School, the colossus in the depths of the stars, would lose countless hopes from people if they were found related to the Blood Wolf Plunderer .

Although the fame of these colossus were brought up through fighting, they would have a huge headache once everyone developed hatred out of jealousy and kept them in mind .

Especially when the Blood Wolf Plunderers were so cruel, no one would believe in the Emergence School anymore if the people found out that the Blood Wolf Plunderer were from Emergence School . No one would want to cooperate with Emergence School . Even though the Emergence School wouldn’t fall drastically, it would be impossible to grow and expand .

Even if there was such a risk, Emergence School still did so . The only reason was because they believed that no one could be rich without illegal profit . He could earn faster money through plunder compared to saving through hard work . During the emergence of Blood Wolf Plunderer in these few thousands of years, trillions of elixir were sent to the Emergence School . It was definitely wealth approaching infinity .

Especially when the Blood Wolf Plunderer might only be one of them . There might be other forces that were supported in the same way . Those accumulation of wealth were unbelievably terrifying .

More than 4 billion elixir fell into the hands of Ye Xiwen solely based on Blood Hangman . As the second master of the Blood Wolf Plunderer, even though most wealth was turned over to the sect after plundering so many sects, the small amount remaining was more than enough .

Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but to sigh in sorrow . Sure enough, no one could be rich without illegal profit . It would be good enough for an ordinary Great Sage, or even a master of the Late Great Sage, to have one billion . Ordinary Great Sages couldn’t even imagine four billion .

Moreover, this was just a portion of his wealth . There were many more in his nest . Even Ye Xiwen was shocked about how rich he was .

Even men like Ye Xiwen couldn’t have so much wealth .

However, Blood Hangman also did not know much as to why the Blood Wolf Plunderer suddenly attacked the Medicine King Valley . They only knew that it was the Emergence School’s orders for them to rob the nearby cultivator centred on alchemy’s sect and search to take all of their pellets . The Blood Wolf Plunderer would then disappear completely and they would return to the Emergence School .

After all, the Blood Wolf Plunderer would surely become public enemies after doing such acts . Perhaps the Meteor World would be really angry this time . They would not be able to calm the public anger if that did not wipe out the Blood Wolf Plunderer .

The only vague news was that the Emergence School seemed to be planning on something big and was constantly gathering various resources .

Even those who were at the Star Region wouldn’t figure out what sort of grand plan was Emergence School planning, but Ye Xiwen almost immediately understood it .

Perhaps it was related to Real Martial Domain .

In the Real Martial Domain, it always seemed like a storm was lying ahead . The news that the Emergence School was about to attack the True Martial School was basically known everywhere, but there was only such news .

The question of when the Emergence School would launch the attack and how big would the attack be had always been a mystery . However, Ye Xiwen found out that the Emergence School had spent a century to carry out this plan just by peeping at a segment of this whole plan . If not, they would not have to collect so many pellets and still searched for it everywhere .

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The Emergence School had dominated the Emergence world for countless years . Their profound accumulated concrete background had already indicated their pellet possession was at a great number beyond imagination . What kind of skirmish would instigate Emergence School to continue collecting pellets by any means?

Once the war started, the pellets would definitely be spent endlessly . No matter for injuries, replenishment of qi, or to stimulate the potential . All kinds of pellets would be needed . It was not a joke to say that pellets would be spent just like flowing water .

The Emergence School began to collect pellets by any means . Apparently, this was an enormous action in the eyes of the Emergence School .

Ye Xiwen thought that nothing else apart from the attack on True Martial School would make Emergence School act like this .

Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but feel chills in his back . If it was really related to the attack on True Martial School, then the Emergence School would probably attack the True Martial School any time soon based on the unscrupulous collection of pellets by the Blood Wolf Plunderer . It might even happen within the next few years .

The entire Emergence School, a colossus-like force, would be able to fully mobilize in a few years time . It would be a major problem on whether the True Martial School could resist the strong attack of the Emergence School .

Ye Xiwen would like to hide far away if there was a choice, but he could not because he had brothers and friends in the True Martial School . Moreover, his parents, older brothers, older sisters, and the Ye family were in the Great Yue Empire .

All these obstacles made Ye Xiwen unable to walk away just like this . Since he couldn’t walk away, the only one way was to desperately strengthen his strength and survive the upcoming storm-like attack from the Emergence School .

Ye Xiwen took a deep breath and realized that the truth did not relieve him . On the contrary, it only made him feel more depressed .

“Ye Xiwen, the Emergence School will be coming anyways . If you want to increase your strength in a short period of time, the best way is to get the Violet Limitless Qi Pellet . There will be a huge change in your situation if you break through to Great Sage!” said Ye Mo . In fact, according to the idea of ​​this big devil, there was absolutely no need for Ye Xiwen to stay . Supposingly, he should hide far away in such situations as his return would not be helpful . His strength was enough to deter his opponent on normal days, but it was worthless in the battle of the colossus-like Emergence School and the True Martial School . Most importantly, the strength of Emergence School was a lot better than the True Martial School . In his mind, the True Martial School did not have any chance of winning .

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Since there was no chance of winning, it was only a matter of time before they were razed . It would be a dead end if Ye Xiwen stayed back, which was what he did not want to see .

However, he knew Ye Xiwen’s character very well . He understood that based on Ye Xiwen’s character, it was impossible for him to really abandon those people and leave on his own . Therefore, he could only try everything possible to improve Ye Xiwen’s strength . The only way for Ye Xiwen to survive was to improve his own strength .

However, he did not tell Ye Xiwen what he really hoped for . Actually, after the blood slave completely engulfed the spirit of the adult star beast, the Star Beast Avatar could fully integrate into the body of the unmature star beast . By that time, they would be able to go straight to the Great Sage Great Perfection . There was hope to escape even if they met someone who’s transcendently strong . This would be Ye Xiwen’s actual insurance per say .

Otherwise, he would be useless even if he stepped into the Great Sage .

“En!” Ye Xiwen said and nodded . Knowing that the Emergence School might strike the True Martial School with a thunder blow, the only thought left in Ye Xiwen’s mind was just to madly increase his strength .

If his strength was not strong enough, he would be crushed in the bombardment from the Emergence School .

He urgently felt that his strength fell short by a large amount and he must improve his strength in the shortest period of time .

The Violet Limitless Qi Pellet was the most effective method now . No matter how useful the outcome would be to enter the Great Sage, he decided to just enter the Great Sage first .

By having this thought, Ye Xiwen was not hesitant at this moment . His aura suddenly changed as he began the aura convergence martial art . He immediately became a Blood Wolf Plunderer, and rushed directly into the atmosphere of the Medicine King Valley planet .

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His aura convergence martial art was so marvelous that it made his several years of practice worthwhile . A general Blood Wolf Plunderer would not be able to see through his disguise . He also believed that it was impossible for the Blood Lord to see through his disguise even if he walked in front of the Blood Lord .

There was war everywhere as far as his eyes can see . The battles in the sky were basically drawn to rest at this moment . The sky was completely occupied by the Blood Wolf Plunderer . In this situation without any foreign aid, the Medicine King Valley Disciple’s combat power was completely incomparable to the Blood Wolf Plunderer who slaughters to end .

Ye Xiwen descended all the way from the sky and landed in the Medicine King Valley . The battle in the Medicine King Valley station was still very fierce at this moment, but the Medicine King Valley Disciple had already suffered series of defeats consecutively .

There was simply no way to resist the Blood Wolf Plunderer’s attack .

In the distance, the Blood Lord was surrounded by several Great Sages and they were fighting madly in the mid-air . Neither the Blood Wolf Plunderer nor the Medicine King Valley Disciples dared to go close when Great Sage-level masters made a move . Otherwise, without any doubt, all of them would be shocked to death solely by the overpowering wind .

There was an additional old Great Sage compared to when Ye Xiwen left, who was also a Great Sage Intermediate Peak and a Great Elder in Medicine King Valley .

Together with Tian Butong, Qing Xuanzi, Yao Buping, and Mu Zhengye, a total of five Great Sage teamed up to attack Blood Lord . Although the Blood Lord was entangled for a while, he was quite calm even when he couldn’t free himself immediately . However, these Great Sages were not able to pose a real threat to him . After all, the strength of the two parties was too big of a difference .

Suddenly, the Blood Lord screamed . He found a flaw between the several people who teamed up . The spear instantly penetrated the sky like a blood dragon and it appeared right before the Great Elder of the Medicine King Valley in a blink of the eye .

“Chi!” The Great Elder of the Medicine King Valley was pierced directly . He was nailed directly to the ground with blood flowing all over .

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