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Chapter 689

“Thinking of leaving?”

Ye Xiwen sneered and immediately caught up . Although he used Blood Hangman as a whetstone to sharpen his skills, he was completely crushed and beaten . The feeling of being blown repeatedly made his belly bloated with fury .

Only through annihilating the Blood Hangman would it then be worthy of the blood and qi he just vomited out .

“Qiang!” With a loud swoosh, the sword lit half of the universe brightly . Ye Xiwen lifted the sword and slashed downward on the spot .

When the Blood Hangman saw Ye Xiwen sealed up all of his retreat route with a sword, a hint of desperation suddenly flashed in his eyes . It was unknown as to how many people he had killed since he made his debut to earn his name as the Blood Hangman . Of course with such a prestigious name, he would not prey on the weak and fear the strong . He did not not know how many lives were shouldered by him .

At this time, with all his retreat cut off, he was forced to be fierce . He understood that if he did not kill Ye Xiwen at this time, he would not escape . The battle was only for a moment and perhaps would determine the outcome . If he could not kill Ye Xiwen, then maybe he could not even wait for the Blood Lord to rescue him .

Up to now, there was no news from the Blood Lord at all . Obviously, The Blood Lord was preoccupied with several Great Sages in Medicine King Valley . It was impossible for him to receive help from the Blood Lord anytime soon .

The blood colored wave on him suddenly spread wildly . He really had to make his last attempt . At this moment, if he could not kill Ye Xiwen, he was left with a dead end . All the martial arts that he knew were being used and appeared behind him all at once, forming a strange phenomenon .

A huge Blood Shadow formed behind him . This Blood Shadow was tens of feet in height . It was like a giant in the universe or like a hill . There were many pairs of hands on the Blood Shadow . Each pair of hands were executing the lost technique of martial arts . All of which he obtained from years of butchering clans and beheading opponents . Each set of martial arts would be enough to shake the void and all of them spread out from his hands .

However, any one of these martial arts lost techniques was enough to shake up one area . He might need to use his full power to execute any of these techniques . The pressure on him would be unimaginable to execute so many techniques together .

The qi in his body was not sufficient for him to use . At this time, he had fully manifested these martial arts . It was not his qi that was consumed, but his blood essence .

The blood essence in his body was burning and it was burning at an unimaginable speed . He saw how after Ye Xiwen’s breakthrough, there was an earth-shattering increase in his strength .

If he could not kill Ye Xiwen with all his strength, then he would be killed by Ye Xiwen . In that case, he would rather go all out to kill Ye Xiwen .

Although doing so would definitely leave a severe injury, it was better than dying in the hands of the ants that he had always looked down upon .

“I will let you meet your own demise!” The Blood Hangman let out a mad roar as he was being forced to a dead end . Even if the dog was in a hurry, it would jump over the wall [1] . What’s more he was such a brutal murderer .

The Blood Shadow behind him started rumbling, and as soon as he made a shot, he was struck by lightning . Budo’s artistic conception was immersed in it .

Although the Blood Hangman was cruel and psychologically distorted, his talents were not inferior compared to the gods in general . There was no doubt that he was a genius to train on his own to this level .

At this moment, he released out all of his martial arts techniques and comprehension in full force to kill Ye Xiwen instantly .

He had no choice . He could only survive if he killed Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen’s expression was solemn . When he looked at this situation, he understood that the Blood Hangman was already anxious and desperate .

“Come on, let me see your strongest moves!” The fighting spirit in Ye Xiwen’s eyes were burning and the golden divine power swept through his body instantly . “Where is your confidence? Who do you think you are to kill me!”

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At the beginning, he was almost like a rabbit surrounded by lions . He was ridiculed . Before being swallowed alive, he wanted to ridicule Ye Xiwen, just like an ant .

Ye Xiwen should have let the Blood Hangman hold onto his frustrations for a long time, as the Blood Hangman was an extremely cruel man . From the Blood Hangman’s martial arts, he knew that the Blood Hangman had killed countless numbers of people . The Blood Hangman should be annihilated .

“Burial sword!” Ye Xiwen shouted loudly, turned his sword into sword spirit, shining brightly to lit up half of the sky and faced the various martial arts and lost techniques from the Blood Hangman . Unlike the Blood Hangman, he did not show off all his own martial arts techniques . He merely manifested a huge long sword .

One sword to break all techniques, this was his way . The popular saying was that one force to break all techniques . No matter what kind of method, what special abilities or what martial arts technique, all of it was nothing in the face of his absolute force .

The long sword crossed the sky, splitting a huge rift, and instantly hit that huge Blood Shadow like an explosion .

The long sword showed its abilities . Whatever kind of boxing techniques, whatever knife technique, whatever sword technique, whatever martial arts skills . All of it came charging towards him . However, under the path of the sword, all collapsed in a snap of a finger, unable to cause damage to his sword .

“Boom!” The whole Blood Shadow was cut down to its knees by Ye Xiwen’s sword and the Blood Shadow was shrieking and bellowing incessantly .

This was the first time it was being used and yet it was broken by Ye Xiwen . He was about to show his awesome power and rushed to attack Ye Xiwen, but he did not expect Ye Xiwen to be agile . He was beheaded within a millisecond of the sword movement .

“Buried Earth Sword!”

“Boom!” This sword stroke cut through the sky, as the tip of the sword sliced down towards the head and body of the Blood Shadow . One of his arms was immediately cut off . In an instant blood spewed out like a river .

“How is it possible?!” The Blood Hangman could not believe it would end up like this . His strongest killer move, which he summoned after burning the body’s essence blood was utterly defeated by Ye Xiwen .

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The Blood Shadow was still bellowing like a wounded monster, looking up at the sky as if to tear down the sky . The Blood Shadow tried to stand up, but Ye Xiwen striked it with another stroke .

“Invincible Sword!”

This sword was more horrible than before . Ye Xiwen concentrated all his power into this stroke . The qi in his body was completely depleted in an instant and even the elixir in Tianyuan Mirror was burning . All these combined to a group of spiritual energy pouring into Ye Xiwen’s body .

“Thrust!” The tip of the sword shone like the dazzling light of the sun, with endless golden light, which almost covered the universe in an instant . The light pierced majestically through the vacuum and the places he went in the past . The endless blood wave spewing out of the Blood Shadow was also evaporated instantly by the tip of this majestic sword .

Countless grievances without even a squeak, were immediately dissipated .

“Pomp!” Like the sound of knife cutting flesh without a loud bang, the sword tip sliced down the body of the Blood Shadow, dissipating him from head to toe . The sharp sword tip, sliced through everything in its path .

“Tear!” The whole Blood Shadow was beheaded in half on the spot . After being transformed into countless pus blood, it evaporated immediately, as if it had never appeared in the universe .

“Ah, I don’t deserve that!” The Blood Hangman screamed . He was also split in half on the spot, along with the Blood Shadow .

“Hmph!” Ye Xiwen snorted coldly, and grabbed the soul of the Blood Hangman from the body that was cut in half in one big swoop .

Ye Xiwen’s sword was so sharp that even human souls would be instantly split into two halves . Much of the information was also cut into two halves or otherwise fragmented .

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Even so, with the Soul Searching Method, one could still retrieve quite a lot of information . Ye Xiwen was not checking the Blood Hangman’s soul on a whim but he felt a little curious .

How could the Blood Wolf Plunderer be so precise? He suddenly appeared here at this time to raid the place .

Also, the most important thing was not this . The most important thing was that although Medicine King Valley was not a very strong sect with overwhelming strength, the main point was that he was from a sect cultivator centred on alchemy . Countless pellets were sold everyday and countless warriors had benefited from Medicine King Valley . Once the snake did not die [2], with the appeal of Medicine King Valley, the Blood Wolf Plunderer would not have an easy time . This was why Medicine King Valley could survive to this day . The reason was because in the countless years, there were too many elite warriors who had benefited from Medicine King Valley .

Therefore, the Blood Wolf Plunderer wiped out a lot of powerful sects but there were few records of them taking action against these sects cultivator centred on alchemy .

However, after checking the memory of the Blood Hangman, Ye Xiwen was shocked because the Blood Wolf Plunderer was not a rootless sect . Behind them was actually the Emergence World . Even the Blood Lord and the Blood Hangman were disciples of the Emergence Sect .

It was just that a long time ago, they had broken off from the Emergence Sect and formed the Blood Wolf Plunderer on their own . Slowly, they built up their prestige but they were actually the disciples of Emergence Sect . They were supported by the Emergence Sect . So, their cultivation ability grew so fast precisely because of the backing of the Emergence Sect . So, the Blood Wolf Plunderer could avert several major forces’ joint strike .

At the same time, part of the resources obtained by the Blood Wolf Plunderer from plundering over the past years were used to develop Blood Wolf Plunderer . Most of the resources had been turned over to the Emergence sect . Other powerful sects, although individually were far inferior to the Emergence Sect, had also been developed for countless years with deep and terrible backgrounds and countless wealth . If the Emergence Sect wanted to make a fortune by sweeping away these powerful sects, the accumulated wealth would be absolutely beyond imagination . It would not only be just thousands and millions worth of elixirs .

When he saw all these, Ye Xiwen could not help but take a deep breath . It was no wonder that wherever the Blood Wolf Plunderer went, the place was totally annihilated, not a single life was spared and captives were never captured . The reason for this was to prevent the secrets from being leaked out .

[1] Dogs in a hurry would jump the wall: Those who were put on edge would make a desperate move .

[2] The snake did not die: Nip the problem in the bud .

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