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Chapter 684

The unknown horn sound penetrated the void from the universe and reached everyone’s ears . The sound of the horn sounded like the rebirth of ancient evil deities .

The ground was shaking . Even if they were in the Medicine King Valley, they still felt this terrible earthquake . A powerful aura was projected from the universe as if they were laughing at them unscrupulously .

Everyone was shocked . It was the horn of war . The horn sounded only when two big forces collided .

Ye Xiwen condensed qi in his eyes and gazed into the celestial . Corpses of Medicine King Valley Disciple dropped from the celestial, burning in the atmosphere . The outlook of it seemed like meteorites slipped from the celestial and fell to the Great Earth . It resembled the doomsday Ragnarok .

Everyone was frightened by such a doomsday scene in front of them .  What’s going on? Is there any terrifying attack on Medicine King Valley?

How can this happen? Medicine King Valley is not as big as Meteor Sect, but it can be regarded as a first-class force . There are also a few Great Sages in the sects . How can the general forces dare to provoke Medicine King Valley? Even though Medicine King Valley is not very good at fighting, ordinary people could not afford to offend them .

Which force actually has such great courage to attack Medicine King Valley?

Some people with flexible minds could relate this scene to Violet Limitless Qi Pellet . There was no movement at all, but now the scene suddenly appeared .

But before they continued to ponder further, a huge blood aura came crushing downward from a distance . Apparently, it originated from the universe . Everyone gazed at that blood aura . It took the shape of Blood Wolf with domineering auras surged every corner in the scene .

Someone responded immediately .

“Blood Wolf Plunderer!”

When he screamed, everyone took a cold breath with their bodies trembling . Chills crept upon their heart .

Blood Wolf Plunderer was a taboo in the nearby Star Region . No one knew when Blood Wolf Plunderer emerged in the starry sky . They said that Blood Wolf Plunderer had more than one hundred thousand members . Among them, there were countless Sage Realm masters . There were quite a number of Great Sages too . Blood Wolf Plunderer dared not to mess with behemoths like Meteor Sect . However, other sects would meet their end if they encountered Blood Wolf Plunderer .

Moreover, occurence of mass murdering in sects happened many times in the past despite the entire force of those sects added up to hundred thousands of people . All of them were slaughtered; dead and silence reigned the entire planet in the end .

The faction station’s planetary spirits were all siphoned out . It eventually turned into a death star . The cruel means was unimaginable . And most importantly, they didn’t keep anyone alive at all . Those who encountered them had no good ending .

In the nearby faction of the starry sky, there were several joint operations against the Blood Wolf Plunderer, but every time they had no way to cause a fatal threat to the Blood Wolf Plunderer . Afterwards, there was a crazy revenge of the blood wolves . Some sects were exterminated, and finally Meteor Sect was disturbed . However, the Blood Wolf Plunderer escaped in the end and hid themselves into a chaotic star . That place was chaotic that spiritual senses could not permeate through it . Except the Blood Wolf Plunderer, the outsiders had no way to survive in it, even Meteor Sect as well .

They could be regarded as horrifying existence that even stopped children’s weeping aloud . Unexpectedly, the crowd now encountered them; Blood Wolf Plunderer launched their attack at Medicine King Valley .

Nevermind those individual cultivators, even those of Medicine King Valley Disciple had ugly faces .

In the distant celestial, there were dense figures everywhere painting a blood red formation . All these Blood Wolf Plunderers were riding on blood wolves, The scene was terrifying and violent . With their strength to patrol the starry sky for so many years without being destroyed, their power was indeed extraordinary .

These Blood Wolf Plunderers formed into groups with battle roars that trembled the sky . There was nothing superfluous . They just wanted to paint the entire Medicine King Valley with blood .

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Many people’s faces changed greatly because they found that they couldn’t even send out the messenger for help . The whole planet was enclosed by arrays serieses . Not even the slightest message could slip through . This was also Blood Wolf Plunderer’s common means to prevent forces from sending out help-seeking messages to the outside world . Hence, often when many forces were found to be exterminated, it was already a long time ago . The Blood Wolf Plunderer had long escaped into the starry sky .

“Kill them all . Defend Medicine King Valley!” Yao Buping shouted loudly, and there were many roars of Medicine King Valley Disciple around him .

Many figures also rose up in the Medicine King Valley . There were people shouting in addition to the sound of horses . In this sudden battle, the Medicine King Valley Disciple chose to fight till dead .

“Kill! Kill the Blood Wolf Plunderer bastards!”

Not only the Medicine King Valley Disciple, but even many people among those individual cultivators echoed and roared . The morale was great with battle roars surging to the sky . It was not that they really had such a high consciousness, nor they had a deep hatred with Blood Wolf Plunderer which led to the deathmatch . The fundamental reason was that they wanted to protect themselves .

Everyone knew that Blood Wolf Plunderers had great strength and carried bloody deeds . Wherever they go, they would not allow any survivors . Hence, the individual cultivators had no choice . If they failed to repel Blood Wolf Plunderer, only death awaited them .

So this time, no matter whether they were harboring ill intention or any other ideas, they had to be united when facing the Blood Wolf Plunderer .

“It is a deathmatch . We have no way out . Everyone knows the Blood Wolf Plunder’s means . No matter whether we are willing or not, bloodsheds are bound to happen . If we don’t join the deathmatch, we will be executed!” Someone shouted, inspiring countless warriors .

With the situation developed into this stage, there was no space for hesitation . If there were other forces, there could be space for negotiation . After all, they were individual cultivators who had little to do with Medicine King Valley . Unless the opponent wanted to offend all of the individual cultivators and the connection behind them, they would not be too overboard .

After all, these individual cultivators seem inconspicuous . One or two of them did not really amount much . However, big numbers win the game . When they were grouped up, it would be a terrifying force that no one could ignore .

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However, having merciless Blood Wolf Plunderer as their opponent, there was no room for maneuver .

There were still many people who were depressed . If they knew it, they wouldn’t come . Who knew they would encounter an attack by Blood Wolf Plunderer . However, at this time, they didn’t have time to think more about it .

Numerous disciplines in the Medicine King Valley flew out with battle intentions surging to the sky . They had to defend their homeland . Most importantly, they had to fight till death and defeat the Blood Wolf Plunderer to survive .

“These Blood Wolf Plunderers are going to kill us . Even if we die, we have to drag them along to hell!”

“Slain them, let this be an one-way trip for these bastards!”

“Kill them all . Don’t let anyone flee!”

Medicine King Valley’s Disciple’s morale elevated to the sky . Some even roared with iron will to pursue Blood Wolf Plunderer to their home base and exterminate them . However, everyone knew that this would probably be impossible . After all, if Blood Wolf Plunderer were easily exterminated, then they would not live to this day .


A series of war horns sounded . Arrays activated in series in the Medicine King Valley, covering the main base of the entire Medicine King Valley .

“Si!” With the sound of tearing, there was a crack . It was seemingly a space torn apart from the middle . The scene was just like how a beautiful painting got torn apart . A bloody spear was shot down from the celestial .

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This bloody spear, which was hundreds of feet long, was like a pillar that supported heaven . It swooshed down to the scene .

“Boom!” The entire mountain gate array shook wildly . Even the entire main array was a little disturbed, not to mention those sub-arrays . Wherever the spear passed, countless arrays were punctured in a flash . Those disciples hid in the arrays thought it was safe, but they were annihilated under this spear . Each swoosh could annihilate hundreds of disciplines .

“Who dares to attack Medicine King Valley!?” Yao Buping finally moved . With a shrill shriek due to airflow, he appeared in the celestial . A gasified big hand reached out to the crack, demonstrating the strength of a terrifying master of Great Sage Late fully .

“Boom!” That space seemed to collapse in an instant . Chaos funneled out onto the Blood Wolf Plunderer’s masses . In that moment, what was grasped by that big hand turned into a blood mist .

“Medicine King Valley, Yao Buping . You are quite worthy . ” Amidst the chaos, collapsed air space and a tall blood figure appeared from the ranks of Blood Wolf Plunderer with sinister laughs .

It was a tall man about thirty years old with a menacing face and fierce expression . He was equipped with bloody armor, sitting on a huge blood wolf taller than seven metres . Its bloody eyes and four claws that cracked the spaces were extremely terrifying .

“The Head of Blood Wolf Plunder – Blood Lord!” Yao Buping stared at the man coldly, and said a name that made countless people tremble . Blood Lord, this name terrified everyone in this starry sky . Those who mentioned the frightening name also quivered in fear .

“My Medicine King Valley has no injustice with you Blood Wolf Plunderers . Why attack Medicine King Valley for no reason!>” Yao Buping gritted his teeth and uttered his doubt .

“Yeah, why did you come to attack us!” A Medicine King Valley Disciple roared . Indeed, although they were prepared for a desperate battle, they were also quite baffled . Why would they be under attack? Both sides mind their own business . Why would the Blood Wolf Plunderer organize such a great skirmish on them?

Blood Lord sneered, “Does the Blood Wolf Plunderer need a reason? Do we need to tell you why? But if you are willing to surrender collectively for our Blood Wolf Plunderer alchemy, this uncle can let you go . However, we will only accept half of them, so if you want to survive, you exchange other people’s heads for it .  Hahahahahaha!”

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