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Chapter 683

Many alchemy masters did not move at all for a whole month during the alchemy process . Rather, they continued to invest in alchemy flame in accordance with specific techniques, refining the pellets . Undoubtedly, for many alchemists, refining the Level 6 Man grade pellets had exceeded their capability . Sage Realm alchemist could only refine inferior pellets such as Level 1 to Level 3 of Man grade pellets . If there were not two hundred people collectively refining it in addition to having a Great Sage Level alchemy master – Yao Buping supervising it, they would never be able to refine Violet Limitless Qi Pellet .

Even for Yao Buping at Great Sage level, it was beyond his ability to refine Violet Limitless Qi Pellet . If the Patriarch from the past was still there, the situation would be very different .

Despite it being nurtured for decades in addition to having hundreds of alchemy masters making a collective effort to refine it at this moment, the whole refining process would still take a whole month . The difficulty in refining Violet Limitless Qi Pellet was quite apparent; not to mention it was beyond their ability too .

But everyone was motionless as if they were just at the beginning stage . All of them were immersed in the pellet recipe . As the pellet recipe became more familiar, their movements began to be uniform, rhythmic, and regular .

But the one having the biggest improvement was Ye Xiwen . Under the eyes of everyone, his progress was unimaginably fast . He had always been the center of attention since the beginning .

The dazzling Golden Sun Sacred Fire attracted everyone’s attention, but soon everyone found out that his alchemy method was really crappy . Ye Xiwen was simply a novice who had not started alchemy for a long time which made everyone inexplicable .

He was like a person who owns a top sports car but doesn’t even know how to use the steering wheel .

They didn’t understand how this happened . Unbeknownst to them, Ye Xiwen was actually amateur compared to these alchemy masters . He could completely be regarded as a layman . He could only refine standard grade pellets due to his memorization .

Just like a primary school student solving a university question . When someone else lists the solution, he only needs to memorize it, but it only pertains to a particular problem . If it becomes another question, the student will be dumbfounded . After all, that particular student has no foundation .

Ye Xiwen was now in this situation . After all, he wasn’t a cultivator centered on alchemy . It was impossible for him to devote most of his time and energy to alchemy, so his foundation was not greatly improved so far . It was not anyhow better than in the past .

But soon they were shocked again . The speed of Ye Xiwen’s progress made them stunned . In a short time, Ye Xiwen’s understanding of the pellet recipe caught up with everyone . He soon overtook, leading everyone . While he was cultivating the pellet, he could still give instructions to others on how to perform better . They had to admit the performance just now might have been just Ye Xiwen’s prank .

They certainly didn’t know that Ye Xiwen’s rapid progress was actually based entirely on the mysterious space he had to help him deduce the entire pellet recipe .

“Ooo~ ” The alchemy furnace came about a series of noises, and countless spiritual mists emerged from it .

Everyone was thrilled . They were not tired during the whole month since they were all cultivators . Even if they didn’t sleep for a year, it would not be much of an issue . Not to mention they were surrounded with 100 alchemist masters in addition to witnessing the alchemy technique of alchemy master, how could they be exhausted . All of them felt quite energetic when the pellets were about to be refined .

There were even some people who regretted that the process ended up so quickly in the midst of watching the process in fascination . All in all, their gains were not small . When they recalled the Truth Discussion Conference happening later, they somehow reluctantly accepted it . The real gains were still afterward during the Truth Discussion Conference .

All alchemists know that this was the most critical time . Whether it would succeed or not depending on this .

Strange phenomena shrouded them all of a sudden . Among the individual cultivators, three violent aura bursted out from the crowd . The three seemingly ordinary individual cultivators suddenly rise in revolt with their explosive strength of Half-step Great Sage Late . The astonishing strength instantly swept out like three hurricanes and went straight towards the Medicine King Cauldron .

Are they trying to rob Violet Limitless Qi Pellet?

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No, they are here to ruin this alchemy . We are in the most critical step . We won’t be able to sustain any damage!

“Boom!” With a loud bang, a big hand descended from the sky . The three masters who had just appeared with astonishing strength were slammed into mincemeat on the spot . They died before many people managed to see how they looked .

Everyone took a chill breath . The abrupt change ended without many people even reacting to it .  Someone wanted to disturb the pellet refining process .

Everyone had this idea in their mind . Suddenly, more people felt chilled in their hearts . Would they vent their anger on individual cultivators because of such reasons and stop them from participating in the Truth Discussion Conference afterward? This could be a real disaster .

Soon a tall figure descended, but he was a middle-aged man in his forties . He had an imposing figure like an iron tower .

The man had a grave and stern expression as he glanced coldly at the individual cultivators as if he was looking at a group of dead people . Chills crept upon the individual cultivators’ heart . The three Half-step Great Sage Late masters had their life ended with merely his slap . The deterrent brought by the scene was enormous .

Many people recognized this man and could not help but draw a cold breath .

“Isn’t this Grim Mu Zhengye? Si! Why would he even appear here!?”

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“Ya, isn’t he claiming to be a lone wolf, not participating in any sect?”

Someone couldn’t help but say .

“They said that My Zhengye owed a favor to Old King of Medicine King Valley, but now he came here to help and to repay it!”

“Unexpectedly, they even invited Mu Zhengye to help guard the place . This seems to be the reason they are not afraid of us stirring up trouble!”

At this time, many individual cultivations suddenly understood why the people in Medicine King Valley would invite them and not to be afraid of their trouble .

As a matter of fact, the most taboo thing in alchemy is being disturbed by others . Even if it is just one moment, it is easy to make a huge loss . Alchemy is not tolerant of a little negligence . For example, the three Half-step Great Sage masters just now . If they really succeeded, then the Violet Limitless Qi would fail . All efforts would end up in vain .

There was such a great character here . No wonder Medicine King Valley was not worried at all . With such a Great Sage here, it would be impossible to stir up any trouble here unless the other party was also a Great Sage .

What’s more? There must be more Great Sage masters lurking deep in the Medicine King Valley, staring at the outside world . Such an arrangement is foolproof .

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Ye Xiwen had noticed the movements of the outside world . In fact, when the three Half-step Great Sages made a move, he found out that compared with the other three Great Sages present, Mu Zhengye was like someone who came out of the sea of ​​blood .

These Great Sages were obviously fed by pellets, plus some luck involved to be able to cross the threshold of Great Sage . In terms of combat effectiveness, they were actually quite bad . It was the similar reason explaining why Ye Xiwen was able to win the endurance battle with Gongyang Yongfeng, who had stepped into the Great Sage late despite the fact that he was only in Half-step Great Sage Intermediate . Although stronger cultivation permeated strong fighting power, Gongyang Yongfend wasn’t good at fighting among the Great Sages!

But, Ye Xiwen was so keen . Ever since the beginning, his cultivation path was powered by battles . It was not an exaggeration to say that he paved his path with the opponent’s blood and corpse . He often cultivated in the wild alone . Therefore, unless it was in the safest state in the Tibetan Star Summit, he always stayed vigilant . When the three people just acted rowdy and started cursing, Ye Xiwen was already well prepared . When he was about to make a move, Mu Zhengye appeared .

For him, there was no need to concentrate and avoid distractions . He already achieved the feat of close cultivation breakthroughs while fighting . There was nothing else worthy to challenge him . Moreover, with the mysterious space, he was already used to multi-tasking .

However, since the danger was resolved, Ye Xiwen no longer paid attention to it . He was determined to acquire this Violet Limitless Qi Pellet . As he was injecting his alchemy flame, he was plotting for it secretly .

If there was no Violet Limitless Qi Pellet, then the time needed and the difficulty to break through the Great Sage would be hundredfold or even thousands fold . If it was a peaceful time, he could take the time to wait . He would break into the Great Sage sooner or later . He had no doubt about this, but did he have time now? No!

The current situation was becoming tenser and tenser, which was the fundamental reason why he had to breakthrough in a short time . Only after breaking through to the Great Sage could he be considered to have the power to fend himself .

With a muffled sound, the entire alchemy furnace began to boil . Countless spiritual mists in addition to medicine scent spread out . A violet pellet flew up with hints of spiritual wisdom imprinted on it . It (the pellet) wanted to fly away in the sky . If it really succeeded, it would have the opportunity to develop his spiritual mind and become a cultivator . It was born with extraordinary roots with great potential to succeed in the future .

However, Yao Buping quickly summoned a big gasified hand and put this pellet into a jade box . Everyone was relieved that the process finally finished . All of their gazes were also fixed on that jade box . Helping people to break through from Sage Realm to Great Sage’s pellets was also the ultimate goal of their efforts . They could help but envy since that was the only thing they could do . Under the gaze of two Great Sages – Yao Buping and Mu Zhengye, nobody would like to take the risk to fight for it .

“Ooo~!” A huge horn blared, traversing the void from the universe and reaching everyone’s ears .

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