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Chapter 685

Hearing Blood Lord’s words made everyone’s hair stand on end [1] . With just a few words, this Blood Lord wanted everyone to go to the extent of killing each other . Who would not want to survive? This was especially true for those warriors who had cultivated hard to reach this level .

“Tsk tsk . Just this sentence alone made them distrust each other . The name of Blood Lord is not in vain indeed!” Ye Mo said astoundingly, appearing on Ye Xiwen’s right shoulder . Ye Mo’s charming appearance looked so cute that no one would believe that he was an unparalleled demon . “He’s a good young talent to be a demon . If he gets proper training in Demon Domain, he can probably be a great demon .  Haha!”

Ye Xiwen nodded, this Blood Lord was a manipulator . A seemingly rampant remark actually made the entire Medicine King Valley fall into silence . No wonder the Blood Wolf Plunderer could survive tenaciously among the siege of many forces . The leader was really extraordinary .

“This is a good opportunity indeed . The more chaotic the situation, the greater your chance of getting the Violet Limitless Qi Pellet in the end!”

“Don’t believe his words . Are there any survivors wherever Blood Wolf Plunderer went? He just wanted to instigate us to kill each other!” yelled Yao Buping .

Everyone nodded their heads, but the incident just now went deep into their hearts . Who wouldn’t want to live if they could?

“Kill them . Kill these damned Blood Wolf Plunderer . They will never let us go . We can only fight to death and chase them out in order to survive!” At this time, Tian Butong’s roar attracted everyone’s heart back . Everyone was attracted by the possible chance of survival just now . As they thought through it, they realized what Tian Butong said was right . There were no survivors wherever the Blood Wolf Plunderer passed . It was simply impossible .

“What a pity . I really wanted to give you all a chance . Our Blood Wolf Plunderer is also lacking alchemy masters . But since you can’t tell the good from the bad, then all of you should go to hell!” Blood Lord showed a regretful face before roaring ferociously .

Of course, Medicine King Valley’s disciples were not going to wait helplessly for death . One after another, ancient arrays buried deep in the planet were revived and activated . If it was not for the protection of these arrays, the entire planet would be exploded by this terrible collision .

“Blast them!” Someone from Blood Wolf Plunderer screamed, and his sound came through the entire void . All of a sudden, the entire sky was densely packed with long arrows spewing out like a layer of blood-colored cloud, and instantly fell down .




Each blood arrow broke through the defensive arrays, and it fell like raindrops . Every blood arrow could blast a hill . The power was really unbelievably scary .




The Medicine King Valley disciples were shrieking miserably . It was a bloodbath with lifes getting butchered one after another .

“We have to fight back!” roared Yao Buping . The whole mountain gate began to shake violently . A series of massive forces surged in it, and a series of spiritual veins swam in it . It turned into a Divine Light which was as thick as a water tank through the arrays and shot out .




Wherever the Divine Light passed, countless Blood Wolf Plunderer warriors and Blood Wolf riders were bombed to death, leaving no residues behind .

This was a confrontation between two terrifying forces and no one was spared . Countless attacks burst like raindrops from the sky at every moment .

The aftermath of the battle shook thousands of miles away .

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The Blood Wolf Plunderer was very well prepared this time . They had exterminated numerous sects and gained experience . So they also had various martial instruments that shone with unimaginable brightness .

The sky was densely packed with the Blood Wolf Plunderer’s battle cry . There were at least more than hundreds of thousands of soldiers covering the entire sky .

Numerous Medicine King Valley disciples were slightly dumbfounded to witness this scene .  So many Blood Wolf Plunderer . It is really scary .

“How come there are so many Blood Wolf Plunderer? Could it be that all Blood Wolf Plunderer sally forth in full strength to attack us this time?”

There were some Medicine King Valley disciples who were screaming miserably and roaring furiously .

Within Ye Xiwen’s vision, he saw a blood flower spattered . A Medicine King Valley disciple was pierced through the air by a huge blood arrow, and the blood blossomed into a splendid blood flower . The person was nailed to death on a mountain top .

In the blink of an eye, Blood Wolf Plunderer’s warriors actually pushed their frontline just before them with their battle cry shrouded every direction in the scene .

Medicine King Valley’s side was unwilling to be inferior too . The Divine Lights were continually shot out, and it was unusually spectacular . This battle caught Medicine King Valley off guard . There were many things that were not prepared .

As time passed, the arrays were constantly revived and joined the battle every minute and every second . Within a short period of time, Medicine King Valley gradually had the upper hand . After all, this place was their sect . They stood the geographic advantage and had many favorable conditions that Blood Wolf Plunderer did not have .

Both sides were totally immersed in the battle at this time . Within just a few minutes, thousands of masters from both sides had died in the battle . It could be said that there were countless deaths and injuries, but most of them were Medicine King Valley’s defenders .

Although Medicine King Valley’s strength was quite good, how could it be comparable to Blood Wolf Plunderer who turned out in full strength? They were the real horrifying masters who massacred countless people to the point of the blood dyeing their clothes red . This was also the origin of their name, Blood Wolf Plunderer .


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A series of loud bell sounds rang through the entire Medicine King Valley station, waking up more masters in close cultivation . Numerous mighty aura gushed out of the close cultivation, and various martial instruments, as well as divine soldiers, skimmed over the sky, killing the Blood Wolf Plunderer .

“Kill!” Suddenly, a ‘kill’ sound thundered in the air . A real bloody battle was about to begin . One party intended to exterminate the entire sect and killed with total disregard for life . The other party had no choice but to fight desperately for a chance of survival .

Hundreds of thousands of Blood Wolf Plunderer cavalries held control over the entire station firmly that even a fly couldn’t fly out .

“Roar!” The blood wolf that Blood Lord sat on finally made a move . A terrifying and furious roar turned into a series of shock waves blasting out, instantly shattering countless arrays . This was also a Great Sage level blood wolf, and it was absolutely daunting .

Countless spiritual energy began to gather in frenzy . The blood wolf opened its big mouth and absorbed countless spiritual energy . In an instant, a dazzling beam of light was launched downward .

The sky seemed to darken all at once . It was as though night had fallen and it was pitch black . The space was all shattered . The whole mountain gate was shaking violently, and the mountains collapsed . Numerous Medicine King Valley disciples shrieked in horror and were killed in the collapse .

After all, it was a true Great Sage attacking . So the attacks from the average Sage Realm and Legend could not rival it at all .

The entire mountain protective array was blasted open . Blood Lord took the lead and rushed in by himself first .

“Kill them all!” Blood Wolf Plunderer followed and charged in succession . It was an astonishing sight like ten thousand stampeding horses . The entire mountain protective array was breached in an instant . The Blood Wolf Plunderer was too strong .

At this time, all the masters finally understood why the Blood Wolf Plunderer was so famous and could exterminate countless sects . Such a powerful strength could exterminate a major sect indeed as long as they did not provoke the presiding super-elite characters like those Transcendent masters . Otherwise, no one could probably stop them in the entire universe .

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The entire mountain protective array disintegrated all at once, and countless of the disciples holding up the mountain protective array were shocked to death on the spot .

Yao Buping was pop-eyed . After a loud roar, he rushed out directly and turned into a stream of light bolting out . The horrifying aura of the Great Sage swept out . Many Blood Wolf Plunderer masters were directly swept and turned into a cluster of blood mist on the spot . Although Yao Buping was not as strong as Blood Lord, the extent of his strength was unimaginable . A Great Sage Late’s strength was no joke .

“No one has ever dared to attack us at Medicine King Valley . Damn Blood Wolf Plunderer, I want you to pay the price!” Yao Buping screamed and slammed into Blood Lord .

The two mighty masters were like two structures crashing together in the universe . The staggering power annihilated the atoms in an instant, setting off an overpowering wind in a frenzy spree which rippled waves after waves . A scary mushroom cloud rose suddenly; the dazzling light blinded the lights of countless people .

In this terrifying collision, Yao Buping was thrusted backward thousands of feet continuously . When he managed to stop, he looked at Blood Lord wearily .

At this time, Blood Lord’s horrifying aura also constantly climbed up to the peak bit by bit . Compared with Yao Buping’s Great Sage Late’s strength, Blood Lord was stronger . He was actually a Great Sage Minor Mastery .

Seeing that even Yao Buping was in an inferior position in the face of Blood Lord, everyone was utterly dispirited . Even the most powerful person among them, Yao Buping was more inferior than Blood Lord, not to mention them .

“Everyone, let’s attack together . If we can’t kill this damned Blood Lord, no one can walk out alive today!” Tian Butong yelled, and charged towards Blood Lord too .

Everyone present had a solemn expression . They knew that if they could not kill Blood Lord, then none of them would be able to escape . If they killed Blood Lord, then other Blood Wolf Plunderer would be of no concern . Hundreds of thousands of Blood Wolf Plunderers were a lot indeed . Even Great Sages would be frightened to see this scene, but the number of Medicine King Valley disciples was not less than this as well .

The other two Great Sages, Qing Xuanzi and Mu Zhengye also nodded their heads and agreed with this view . Based on their personal strength, each of them was far weaker than Blood Lord who was a Great Sage Minor Mastery . They could only go all out and fight by outnumbering them to see if they could defeat Blood Lord .

At this time, everyone was ashen-faced and prepared for a final battle . Only Ye Xiwen’s face looked normal at this time . He was the calmest among all others . Even if it was in the face of hundreds of thousands of Blood Wolf Plunderer, his facial expression was the same .

[1] It means a person is very frightened or shocked .

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