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Chapter 682

After everyone arrived, the alchemy conference began . There were dozens more people than they were at the beginning . They just arrived because they were situated too far away . They were all experienced and skilled cultivators who could refine pellets directly without resting .

With Ye Xiwen and the other three men as the head, they reached a huge plaza directly . There were already many individual cultivators waiting around, but some were late . Nevertheless, the individual cultivators did not look upset . They think the latecomers were entitled to such treatment since they were all great masters .

Ye Xiwen saw Yang Tingyu among the crowd not far away . Because of Ye Xiwen, he also received special treatment by the people of Medicine King Valley . He was sitting cross-legged in the first row . It could be said that he was the only individual cultivator sitting there .

Yang Tingyu naturally knew the reason for such a treatment, so he was slightly excited while looking at Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen looked around . Within the entire plaza, there was a huge alchemy furnace which was approximately a hundred feet long and two hundred feet wide . It was gigantic like no other . The furnace walls were engraved with complex and profound arrays which exuded unspeakable majesty . It turned out to be a Great Sage device which was a magnificent one . Countless spiritual energy which was seething underneath turned into a series of alchemy flames, which was constantly burning .

This should be the Medicine King Cauldron, which was Medicine King Valley’s magnificent Great Sage device which established the sect . According to the legend, it was a Great Sage device that was built and refined by the Medicine King Valley’s Sect Founding Patriarch in the past . The cauldron had refined countless world’s outstanding pellets which established its reputation gradually .

The Medicine King Cauldron would not be used under normal circumstances . Not only because it was not necessary, but also because the consumption was so tremendous that it would make one frown . Besides the Founding Patriarch, no one in Medicine King Valley could activate this Medicine King Cauldron alone . The past Founding Patriarch was an invincible master in the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm, but there was no longer such a person in Medicine King Valley now . At most, it was Yao Buping who was in the Great Sage Late . Several Great Sages had to join hands to use the Medicine King Cauldron every time, and each activation would even consume a whole spiritual vein .

However, it could also be seen that Medicine King Valley was extremely determined this time . If the pellet was refined successfully, a Great Sage would emerge directly on the spot . It was still worthwhile despite the enormous cost .

The Medicine King Cauldron constantly exuded white spiritual mist which was mixed with medicinal fragrances assailing one’s nostrils . There were probably many flavors of medicinal materials added . Everyone felt that inhaling this medicinal fragrance once would open up all their veins . It had endless benefits especially for those individual cultivators . There were several Legend individual cultivators who had a breakthrough into Semi Sage on the spot . One could imagine the strength of this medicine effect .

Layers of invisible arrays surrounded and protected this Medicine King Cauldron because it was too important for Medicine King Valley . They were not afraid that someone would destroy the cauldron . With the mighty power of a magnificent Great Sage device, it was impossible to destroy the Medicine King Cauldron even if all of these people attacked . Instead, they were concerned that some individual cultivators, or even some people with ill-intentions in the Medicine King Valley would disrupt the pellet refining .

Although alchemy cultivation was not the mainstream, there were definitely a lot of alchemy cultivators, and Medicine King Valley was just one of them . Someone would surely be dissatisfied with the fact that Medicine King Valley was about to refine Violet Limitless Qi Pellet . These people might attack, so Medicine King Valley was also extremely well prepared .

“Brothers, we have been tempering this Violet Limitless Qi Pellet for more than ten years, and it is already a semi-finished product long ago . I hope that all brothers will work together in the next phase to make this pellet a finished product!” said Yao Buping

The Medicine King Valley could be said to rack their brains and invested a considerably huge amount of resources in order to refine this Violet Limitless Qi Pellet . They had been tempering it into semi-finished products since more than ten years ago just to wait for it to be refined completely today . It was their first time refining Violet Limitless Qi Pellet, so they naturally wanted to be well prepared . If they were to refine it in the future when they already had the experience, then everything would be simple . The huge consumption and preparation work could be reduced tremendously too .

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In other words, it was just a trial product now, and it would enter the streamlined production in the future . Of course, this level of pellet was already almost a Level 6 Man Grade pellet . Even if it entered the streamlined production, it could not be mass-produced . However, it would definitely be stronger than the present .

The standard grade pellets were divided into three grades: Heaven, Earth and Man . Each grade was divided into nine levels . Among these nine levels, Level 1 to Level 3 were inferior grades; Level 4 to Level 5 were middle grades; Level 7 to Level 9 were top grades .

Level 6 was already the strongest pellet that Medicine King Valley could produce . As for the Human grade top level pellets, it must be performed by those in Transcendent Realm to be successful . Of course, if a Transcendent Realm master refined this kind of pellet, it would be much simpler . It would even require less consumption with higher chance of success, but alchemy was not the mainstream . Moreover, alchemy cultivation was tough . It was not easy to cultivate to be a Great Sage, let alone Transcendent Realm . Currently, only the president of the Alchemist Association was regarded as an alchemy cultivator in the Transcendent Realm . However, with Medicine King Valley’s strength, it was naturally hard to invite a distinguished character like the president of the Alchemist Association .

Many great alchemy masters nodded one after another, and they looked solemn . At this moment, they were in the same mood as the people in Medicine King Valley, which was to hope that the pellet could be refined successfully . Although the pellet had nothing to do with them eventually, they could obtain the pellet recipe . If it was refined successfully, they would surely have more experience which would eventually increase the chances of success .

More than one hundred alchemy masters led by Ye Xiwen and the other three men, started to sit cross-legged at all sides . They all started refining and various colours of alchemy flames flew out instantly, shining the entire space and gushing into the Medicine King Cauldron .

Many individual cultivators were so fascinated by just watching the various alchemy flames that were rarely seen on usual days . If alchemy cultivators wanted to refine pellets, it was not possible to rely on ordinary flames only . Furthermore, most pellets would require various conditions, and one of the important points was the flame temperature . They all had cultivated their own alchemy flame, and every person’s alchemy flame was different . These were all great alchemy masters, so the alchemy flame techniques alone would require the individual cultivators to learn for a long time .

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Particularly the four leading men sitting around Medicine King Cauldron, whose alchemy flames were stunning to see . Yao Buping and the two men’s alchemy flames were close to blazing white colour, and the temperature was very high . Only Ye Xiwen’s flame was different . It was actually a golden alchemy flame among the various alchemy flames . That golden alchemy flame was extremely dazzling and outstanding among all the alchemy flames . Although it seemed less than one-tenth of an average alchemy master, the light was shining brilliantly . It was as though his flame was about to suppress everyone’s alchemy flames .

The crowd’s expression changed . Even Qing Xuanzi, Yao Buping and Tian Butong were startled after seeing it . One could see a person’s mentorship through their alchemy flames . Generally, the deeper the background, the better the martial techniques of alchemy flame . The alchemy flames of the three of them were also the top among the crowd . It was not only because of their deep cultivation, but also because they had the best mentorship .

But compared to Ye Xiwen’s alchemy flame, their flames paled in comparison . It was nothing significant . Ye Xiwen’s alchemy flame was very small, it was not even one-tenth of an average alchemy master, so the size was not comparable to them . However, the dazzling light almost suppressed all the lights of other alchemy flames .

What is his alchemy flame? How could it be so bright?

Everyone was wondering about Ye Xiwen’s alchemy flame . Although the size was small, the quality was surprisingly high . It was like a feeling that an emperor was born, and their alchemy flames were inferior and subject to this alchemy flame .

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Everyone stared fixedly at this alchemy flame, especially Yao Buping . He felt fortunate that he did not stir up a conflict with Ye Xiwen because of Gongyang Yongfeng’s matter . Otherwise, who knew whose loss would it be?

However, what they didn’t know was that this alchemy flame was nothing but Ye Xiwen’s spontaneous breakthrough after a day’s time . It was a type of alchemy flame cultivation method called Golden Sun Sacred Fire which Ye Xiwen learned from Ye Mo . It was the emperor of the alchemy flame . According to Ye Mo, his master, the supreme Demon King, led the Demon Domain army to conquer the world and killed a super high-level alchemy cultivator in the past . The alchemy cultivator was said to be a domain lord too . His cultivation was very impressive, surpassing deities, saints and sages . This was the fated alchemy flame which he cultivated .

After the alchemy cultivator’s death, the alchemy flame cultivation method fell into the hands of the Demon King, and finally passed on to Ye Xiwen via Ye Mo . However, this kind of fated alchemy flame was extremely difficult to cultivate . If Ye Xiwen cultivated by himself, it was impossible to cultivate a trace of the Golden Sun Sacred Fire even after a hundred years of cultivation . Fortunately, he had the help of the mysterious space where he could deduce the cultivation method . But even so, the cultivation method alone consumed a whopping one billion elixirs, while it took two billion elixirs to achieve this level of cultivation . In other words, while waiting for the arrival of other alchemy masters in this one-day period, he had consumed three billion elixirs, which was half of his net worth . The cost of this martial technique cultivation left Ye Xiwen flabbergasted . It was not inferior compared with Demon’s Wings and Phoenix Regeneration techniques, perhaps even more .

However, although the technique had consumed a massive amount, the effect was obviously very remarkable . As soon as the Golden Sun Sacred Fire came out, the other alchemy flames pale in comparison .

However, everyone was just surprised for a short moment, and soon dived into refining the pellet . Everyone present were alchemy experts . They naturally understood all the important conditions of alchemy, and all types of alchemy flames were put into the alchemy furnace in the same beat as well .

They all received the pellet recipe just now, and naturally knew how to cultivate . Although it might not be entirely pure, it didn’t matter because the Medicine King Cauldron was very resilient . If it was another typical alchemy furnace, it would probably explode long ago . However, the Medicine King Cauldron was very versatile . It was a very powerful device indeed .

Time eventually passed while they were refining the pellet, and soon a month elapsed .

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