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Chapter 681

Every drop of blood in their entire body was extremely valuable . Ye Xiwen heard from Yao Buping that these were all alchemy masters who could refine standard grade pellets . Their cultivation might not seem remarkable, but they were all in Sage Realm . Although they seemed ordinary, their positions in the outside world were not very different from Great Sage .

It was almost equivalent to the magnitude of more than one hundred Great Sages gathering together . When thinking of this, Ye Xiwen could not help but to gasp . Although he expected that this conference might attract many masters who had succeeded in alchemy, he did not expect that it would attract so many great alchemy masters .

Although their cultivations were not comparable to Ye Xiwen, the huge force behind them caused Ye Xiwen to be cautious . When these people refined pellets on typical days, many warriors must have benefited from them . They could simply roar and it would probably summon many help from these expert warriors . It would be most troublesome to provoke these people, and no one would want to provoke them .

These hundreds of people were not a lot, but their deeply-rooted and intertwined relationship was like old trees’ entangled roots . It was enough for any force in the universe to be fearful of them .

These people were not lower than the Great Sage status in the outside world on normal days . So there were very few things that could attract them . It was only a pellet that could break through the Great Sage could bring them together .

Such a pellet and pellet recipe was very rare and important for a force, but it was the same for them individually .

Many of them were Sage Realm Great Perfection and even Half-step Great Sage . It was also a matter of breaking into the Great Sage for them .

Being able to break into the Great Sage with one’s own strength was a rare thing itself, not to mention that they spend most of their time on alchemy, so it was even more difficult for them compared to ordinary warriors . It was impossible to enter into the Great Sage unless they were top geniuses .

However, the situation would be completely different with the help of such a pellet . Since their social positions were very high, they gained access to a lot of resources . If they could produce this pellet, then breaking into Great Sage would just be around the corner .

Although they enjoyed the status and treatment no less than that of the Great Sage, they were not Great Sage after all . Aside from the fact that their life spans were half of a Great Sage, their strength was also a far cry from a Great Sage . Generally speaking, Great Sages were not willing to provoke them, but a Great Sage could kill them easily if they were forced to . While they were enjoying the pride and treatment, such a sense of crisis made them want to break into Great Sage all the time . However, their cultivation which was driven by pellets could not process and absorb the pellets completely like Ye Xiwen, so it was more difficult for them to break through . In other words, it was impossible to go further if there was no miraculous encounter . They could only rely on pellets .

So after hearing about this conference, they immediately rushed here from every part of the universe . Moreover, just some idle and individual alchemy masters in the nearby Star Region already amounted to hundreds of people . If all the alchemy masters came, the number would be much more than this .

Semi Sage or Legend individual cultivators would regard these people as great masters . Getting a few pointers from them would be enough for the individual cultivators to use for life .

After the three of them entered the main hall, everyone looked at Ye Xiwen in unison . They were anticipating the identity of the next alchemy master, but looking at Ye Xiwen’s unbelievably young appearance, they were unfamiliar and didn’t know the origin of this man .

“Brother Long, please take a seat!” Yao Buping said to Ye Xiwen, pointing to one of the four thrones in the main hall . Those who could sit there were all Great Sages while other Sage Realms or Half-step Great Sages could only sit in other rows of seats .

Obviously, this should have been Gongyang Yongfeng’s seat, but since Ye Xiwen had killed Gongyang Yongfeng now, this became Ye Xiwen’s seat logically .

Ye Xiwen did not shy away, and he sat on that throne directly . Next to him was a Great Sage who was not from a sect, but an Elderly Predecessor in individual cultivation, Qing Xuanzi . His cultivation was very strong, which was not inferior to Tian Butong .

An individual cultivator who could cultivate to such a level must have considerably remarkable talent and miraculous encounters . He must have a very distinguished reputation among the individual cultivators in this Star Region .

Everyone wondered why Ye Xiwen was invited to sit on this throne . After all, this was a place that only Great Sages could touch . Most importantly, this was originally Gongyang Yongfeng’s seat . Why was it actually given to Ye Xiwen now? What was happening?

Some quick-witted people had already figured out that perhaps something happened to Gongyang Yongfeng . Gongyang Yongfeng rushed out furiously just now, but he did not come back . Meanwhile, Tian Butong and Yao Buping who went out to look for Gongyang Yongfeng brought another person back instead . This was quite obvious . If something didn’t happen to Gongyang Yongfeng, Yao Buping would never give Gongyang Yongfeng’s seat to the young man in front of them . Adding another throne was not a difficult thing .

Ye Xiwen glanced at the alchemy masters present and actually spotted Jiang Zhouqing, the president of the Alchemist Association of the Great Wei Empire . Ye Xiwen had not seen him for more than twenty years, but he was quite the same from twenty years ago . There was no big difference and the most important thing was that he could stand here, which meant that he had advanced to be an alchemy master and could refine standard grade pellets . This made Ye Xiwen slightly surprised .

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After everyone was seated, Yao Buping said, “Dear brothers, I am very happy that everyone can come to participate in this discussion this time held by us at Medicine King Valley . This time, we will start to refine Violet Limitless Qi Pellet tomorrow onwards . I hope everyone will lend a hand by then! “

Hearing Yao Buping mentioning the pellet that would be refined this time, everyone’s mind was extremely focused suddenly . What happened to Gongyang Yongfeng was no longer within their consideration . It had nothing to do with them anyway . They were just curious .

On the other hand, this Violet Limitless Qi Pellet had an extremely close relationship with them . This was the name of the pellet that could help them break into the Great Sage Realm .

It was said to be an ancient pellet recipe which was obtained by Medicine King Valley . Of course, these origins were irrelevant to them, but the main point was that Medicine King Valley promised to distribute a pellet recipe to each of them once they succeeded .

This was the reason why so many alchemy masters would be attracted in such a short period of time . Otherwise, why would they come to help in Medicine King Valley’s matter? They only came because of this promise .

Although having the pellet recipe would not mean they could definitely refine such pellets, it was much better than having no idea at all .

Ye Xiwen was not really excited upon hearing this . He had no interest in the so-called pellet recipe originally . If he wanted a pellet recipe, he also had one in possession, but what he wanted was a pellet that allowed him to break through Great Sage . That was the top priority amongst others .

But in this case, he could only act according to the situation .

“After refining the pellets, we at Medicine King Valley will also hold a Truth Discussion Conference, and the alchemy cultivators nearby will also come . I hope that everyone can participate at that time!” Yao Buping said while looking at the crowd .

Sure enough, the interest on everyone’s face was significantly less than the Violet Limitless Qi Pellet just now, but they were still quite intrigued . After all, it was Violet Limitless Qi Pellet that could help them break into the Great Sage Realm .

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But they were still interested in this Truth Discussion Conference . Normally, they all cultivated separately and rarely had the opportunity to gather together and discuss the Truth .

These people were considered the great masters in alchemy . Being together was not only beneficial for those individual cultivators, it was also an exceptional opportunity for the great masters to confirm their Truth and absorb others’ strengths too .

As Ye Xiwen listened, this gathering mainly had two purposes . One was for Violet Limitless Qi Pellet, and the other was the Truth Discussion Conference, which was also the most anticipated event of many individual cultivators . They understood that Violet Limitless Qi Pellet had nothing much to do with them . Even if they get it, they would not be able to keep it .

Even forces like Medicine King Valley must disperse the pellet recipe using this way, and the reason was to distribute the pressure . If only they had the pellet recipe, then the pressure they face would be unprecedentedly large that even Meteor Sect might attack them . However, if these pellet recipes were distributed to every top alchemy cultivator, then no one would target Medicine King Valley again . Then, the situation would be much better .

Although the Alchemist Association was also a huge association, Medicine King Valley was only a sect force affiliated with the Alchemist Association . They were not the Alchemist Association itself .

Furthermore, these individual cultivators naturally had self-knowledge, so they all put their attention on the Truth Discussion Conference after the pellets were refined . More than one hundred alchemy masters discussing the Truth was a grand occasion that had never happened for the individual cultivators . They could definitely benefit a lot from it .

Perhaps they might even break through because of that .

This was also true for these alchemy masters . So although it was not as exhilarating as Violet Limitless Qi Pellet, they were looking forward to participating in the conference as well .

“Of course, we will definitely participate!”

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“We have few chances of gathering like this normally . All thanks to Medicine King Valley for giving us the opportunity this time!”

“That’s right, we will surely participate!”

Although it was apparent that Medicine King Valley also wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to expand its influence and improve its status, everyone still echoed and cheered . After all, they had received the benefits from Medicine King Valley . The value of the Violet Limitless Qi Pellet recipe was priceless .

Bear ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ with me on the long update here irrelevant to plot .

Quick update on Glossary: 

[1] Domineering Body shall be referred as Tyrant Body from now on .

[2] Real Martial Domain shall be referred as True Martial Domain from now on . I only realized it later on after I think about the relationship between True Martial School and True Martial Domain .

The very reason I chose the word True is because I have other glossary that goes with – Truth Conference and True Martial Dao

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