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Chapter 680

All previous efforts were wasted!

Ye Xiwen was only short of a step . If only he had fought for a while more, he would be able to step into Half-step Great Sage Late . By that time, he would really be just half-step away from Great Sage . Then, he could really start to prepare for the breakthrough of Great Sage .

Initially, he was planning to think about the breakthrough after returning from Medicine King Valley, but now he had the opportunity to break through in advance, so he certainly would not give up . After all, it would be better if he could break through as soon as possible since a chaotic world was approaching .

But Ye Xiwen didn’t expect that after a bloody battle, Gongyang Yongfeng died of vital energy and blood deficiency when Ye Xiwen was just one step away from breaking through .

In the end, Gongyang Yongfeng still didn’t manage to kill Ye Xiwen before dying . Instead, he just died while sitting cross-legged directly .

This feeling of being at the edge of breakthrough, and yet not breaking through made Ye Xiwen so depressed that he could vomit blood .

“Elderly Predecessor!”



After the crowd was quiet for a while, the people of Thousand Plants Sect reacted immediately and flew to Gongyang Yongfeng . They saw Gongyang Yongfeng was already as thin as a lath to the point of mere skeletons . The battle just now had consumed his last vital energy and blood . Therefore when Gongyang Yongfeng died now, he was like a skull covered with human skin which looked really creepy .

The Thousand Plants Sect disciples’ glare at Ye Xiwen was unusually vicious . They originally came to participate in the Truth Discussion Conference organized by several alchemy masters . Not only those individual cultivators felt the opportunity was rare, the Thousand Plants Sect disciples shared the same sentiment too . For them, it was an utmost honour to meet the alchemy masters, who were not seen normally, and get some pointers from these masters .

But the disciples didn’t expect they would actually witness such a horrible scene upon coming here . The Elderly Predecessor who they respected like God in their hearts was actually killed by a punch . This was a miraculous phenomenon .

Even though Gongyang Yongfeng’s rapid decay of vital energy and blood made him far worse than he was at the beginning, he still had an invincible presence in his disciples’ hearts, and his prestigious reputation was deeply rooted in their hearts .

Before they entered the Thousand Plants Sect, Gongyang Yongfeng was already a Great Sage who was well-known in the area .

They knew that Gongyang Yongfeng was not really killed by Ye Xiwen . Gongyang Yongfeng basically exhausted himself to death . He overdrawn all his physical strength, but he couldn’t kill Ye Xiwen within a short period of time, and it developed to this ending eventually . Ye Xiwen was fine, but Gongyang Yongfeng was exhausted to death .

But if it wasn’t for Ye Xiwen, how would it develop into such a situation in the end? Their famous Elderly Predecessor actually died on the spot .

It definitely never crossed their mind that if it weren’t for their teasing or attempt to kill these individual cultivators previously, the latter series of events would not happen . That was the ultimate cause of everything, but they certainly would not admit it . They would only direct all their resentment to Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen didn’t care about their vicious gaze . In his eyes, these people were all washed up . Ye Xiwen was still depressed that he was just one step away, but all his efforts were wasted .

He was still figuring out what he just learned during the battle .

Wherever Ye Xiwen looked, those people lowered their heads and did not dare to look directly at Ye Xiwen’s gaze which seemed very serious .

A moment later, glimpses of lights came across the universe, headed by a white-haired old man with a youthful look . Beside him was Tian Butong, the leader of Feihong Mansion previously .

“Haih, I didn’t expect that we are one step too late!” The white-haired old man with a youthful look said while sighing, “Brother Gongyang…”

Seeing these people coming, Ye Xiwen was vigilant immediately because the people who came were extraordinary . Tian Butong’s strength alone was greater than the current Ye Xiwen, and this white-haired old man with a youthful look was actually not inferior to Gongyang Yongfeng who unleashed all his power completely just now . This old man was a master in Great Sage Late, so Ye Xiwen had to be careful . If they launched an attack, then he might have to leave on the spot .

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But the white-haired old man with a youthful look was just lamenting before approaching Ye Xiwen and said, “May I know your name, brother?”

Seeing this old man, many surrounding people recognized him . It turned out to be the Valley Lord of Medicine King Valley, Yao Buping .

Seeing that Yao Buping did not seem hostile, Ye Xiwen was slightly relaxed . But come to think of it, it made sense too . After all, it was the elder of Thousand Plants Sect who died, and not the people of Medicine King Valley . Yao Buping definitely didn’t have to avenge for Gongyang Yongfeng .

Furthermore, Ye Xiwen was not an average Sage Realm master . He was an elite master who exhausted even Gongyang Yongfeng to death . Although Ye Xiwen was not a Great Sage, his combat power was also comparable to a Great Sage . It was not worthwhile at all to offend a Great Sage for an elder of Thousand Plants Sect .

If a Great Sage was determined to fight against you, he would slaughter all your disciples, which would be a serious harm to the sect unless your mountain door was closed tightly . They were not so stupid to offend a mighty disciple for Thousand Plants Sect .

“My surname is Long!” said Ye Xiwen .

“It turned out to be a Brother Long!” Yao Buping’s seemed to recall all of a sudden that there was indeed such a powerful person in the invitations he sent out . Although they were from individual cultivation sects, those who were capable of refining standard grade pellets were only a few, let alone a Semi Sage .

In the past, Yao Buping heard that this man was a Semi Sage alchemy master who was able to refine standard grade pellets, so he invited Ye Xiwen to come . He even signed the invitation letter personally, so he had an impression of it .

However, Yao Buping couldn’t help but to smile bitterly at this time .  What news is this claiming Brother Long is in Semi Sage? Does he look like he’s in Semi Sage? Have you ever seen a Semi Sage exhaust a Great Sage to death?

He really wanted to strangle the person who gave him this news at that time!

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Ye Xiwen was clearly a Half-step Great Sage . In fact, he was also a Half-step Great Sage that could compete with a Great Sage!

But it was alright . Previously, Yao Buping was still skeptical about Ye Xiwen’s ability to refine standard grade pellets since he was only a Semi Sage . Now, Yao Buping had completely believed it . It was more normal that a Half-step Great Sage produced standard grade pellets .

“What an honour to have Brother Long’s here . Please excuse me for not going out to meet you!” Yao Buping said while arching his hand repeatedly . Although he was much older than Ye Xiwen, he didn’t feel it was inappropriate .

“Let me introduce to you, this is Brother Tian Butong from Feihong Mansion!” said Yao Buping .

Ye Xiwen arched his hands politely . Ye Xiwen was not a person who didn’t understand politeness at all . Since the two men were not malicious to him, he was able to tell the good from the bad naturally .

The three of them landed on the light while talking and laughing into Medicine King Valley .

Everyone was a little dumbfounded . Yao Buping reacted like nothing happened . He didn’t even burst into fury and wanted to kill Ye Xiwen as everyone imagined . Suddenly, they were astounded . Particularly those Thousand Plants Sect disciples who never expected that Yao Buping would have no intention to stand up for them .

They couldn’t help but to look at Yao Buping with resentment . They originally gazed at Yao Buping with joy to uphold the justice and to kill Ye Xiwen in order to avenge for Gongyang Yongfeng, but the result was Ye Xiwen was regarded as a brother . Yao Buping had no intention of standing up for Elderly Predecessor at all .

Seeing the three people disappeared from their eyes, the Thousand Plants Sect disciples were taken aback with shock . They all cursed and yelled suddenly, as if they wanted to vent all the anger that had not been vented just now because they didn’t dare to .

Only the Medicine King Valley disciples sneered and looked at the Thousand Plants Sect disciples who were cursing . The underlying reason for this matter was soon spread out . Everyone knew that this issue was caused by Thousand Plants Sect originally . Did they still expect the Medicine King Valley to offend this great character for Thousand Plants Sect?

A Half-step Great Sage who could exhaust a Great Sage to death could definitely turn the Medicine King Valley into a complete chaos . After all, they were not powerful people like those from True Martial School who could ignore the threats of Great Sages or even Transcendent masters .

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If the Thousand Plants Sect disciples had the ability, they would fight to death with Ye Xiwen and the others . It was simply impossible to expect Medicine King Valley to be their cat’s-paw [1] .

The attitude towards a person changed with one’s social position . There were still some Great Sages presiding over Thousand Plants Sect, so the sect was not completely overlooked yet . But as the most mighty Gongyang Yongfeng who was exhausted to death, the deterrent of the sect was also not as powerful as before .

The world was cruel indeed!

Many individual cultivators saw this scene, and they couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed . These major sects were nothing more than that .

Ye Xiwen and the other two landed on the light and went directly into the depths of Medicine King Valley .

They no longer stayed at the plaza, which was basically the place for some individual cultivators . After the battle just now, Ye Xiwen was listed as a VIP by the Medicine King Valley . Naturally, there was another place to serve them .

Ye Xiwen followed Yao Buping and Tian Butong into a palace . There were hundreds of people in the palace’s main hall . They were all the top elites in Sage Realm who had extraordinary aura . The lowest was in Sage Realm Great Mastery, and several of them were in Half-step Great Sage . A Great Sage was even sitting on a throne at the other end of the main hall .

These people shared a typical characteristic which was the strong smell of pellets in their body . They were almost like human medicine . Every drop of blood in their body was a supreme treasure . Ordinary people could break into a master of the true way directly by just consuming a drop of their blood .

All of them were alchemy teachers . Most of their time was spent in alchemy . Although they had unique alchemy cultivation techniques, they couldn’t be compared with other martial artists who had been practicing all year round . So they basically consume the pellets to push themselves all the way up .

Therefore, these people had accumulated the power of countless medicinal materials, and their refining process was far less efficient than Ye Xiwen, which resulted in a large amount of medicinal materials to accumulate in the body . They were basically human medicine . In fact, putting them into an alchemy furnace would produce an almighty pellet .

[1] A person who is used by another to carry out an unpleasant or dangerous task .

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