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Chapter 68 - Fire Lin beast

“Monster, monster is here!” Someone shouted crazily and suddenly the whole Caojiaji town shook with numerous warriors rushing out with torches in their hands.

But this monster was ridiculously strong. Although Ye Xiwen's blade attack was hasty, but it was still powerful enough to bisect a master of peak Houtian ninth stage, however it still couldn't break the defense of the monster and could only put a scratch on its scales. Ye Xiwen's sudden attack had scared it and it had jumped back and ran away, because the warriors from Cao family had also started to arrive at the scene.

Many warriors started to pursue after that monster, but it was too fast and fled in a blink of an eye. However, during its escape, several warriors had been caught off guard and were torn apart by that monster.

No one was able to stop this monster.

“Hugh!” Suddenly, a loud shout spread over and Dai Xiaohua's figure flew down from a nearby roof.

“Hundred stages god fist!” Dai Xiaohua blasted a punch with a terrifying strength which instantly vibrated the air and rushed after the monster.


The massive strength present in Dai Xiaohua's attack directly crashed into the monster’s body, “bang!” The scales on the body of the monster immediately shattered.

Dai Xiaohua's attack undoubtedly showed a completely different strength thanks to the condensed Zhen Qi of a Xiantian second stage master.

The monster was in a severe pain inflicted by this attack and wanted to stop and wreak havoc on the perpetrators, but it knew that Dai Xiaohua was not someone it could easily take on. It immediately picked up speed and taking advantage of the dark night sky, it immediately fled away. It looked as if a red and black flame was passing gently but also swiftly across the sky.

Dai Xiaohua chased after it, but after a while, it had started to slowly pull away and leave him behind. He was tyrannically powerful compared to this monster, especially his fist technique was incredibly powerful, but that was not the case with his agility skill. Although, he had practiced a very powerful agility technique but it had showed its inferiority at this critical time.

The so-called law of biting off more than one could chew! Dai Xiaohua had practiced a very powerful Xiantian level fist technique to a profound realm, and he had spent most of his time on practicing 'hundred stages god fist' and by spending less time on practicing his agility technique, his agility skill had become inferior.

Also, the speed of this monster was at a terrifying level and most people could only see red and black shadows flying at an insane speed.

Dai Xiaohua bitterly stopped. Unfortunately, at that time, he was far away from the monster, otherwise he had the confidence of stopping it.

At this time, all of a sudden, accompanied with a gust of wind and a sharp whistling sound, a blurred figure instantly crossed Dai Xiaohua and chased after the monster.

Dai Xiaohua immediately recognized that this figure undoubtedly belonged to Ye Xiwen, whose stature was smoothly and elegantly traversing while constantly flashing towards that monster.

Dai Xiaohua could not help but be secretly surprised at Ye Xiwen's amazing agility skill.

Biting off more than one could chew was only a truth for other people, but this logic didn't apply on Ye Xiwen, because, even geniuses needed several years to completely master a martial art but what about Ye Xiwen?

For Ye Xiwen, so long as there were enough spirit stones, he would be able to fully master any martial arts in a very short amount of time. This was the reason why both his blade and agility skills were exceptionally strong.

After only a few minutes of pursuit, Ye Xiwen had already left Caojiaji town behind and while chasing after the monster, he had finally entered the mountain forest.

“Don't run away like a coward, stay behind and fight with me!” Ye Xiwen shouted and his blade chopped out a bright Bladelight which shone like a faint moonlight and instantly illuminated the entire forest, while rushing towards the monster.


The monster was anxious and with a loud roar, its stature transversely shifted sideways with an incredible speed and dodged Ye Xiwen's Daoqi.

The monster turned around and stared fiercely at Ye Xiwen. Its two lantern-sized eyes flashed ominously and were firmly locked on Ye Xiwen then it lifted its face up towards the sky and roared loudly. An ominous aura started to overflow from its body and openly disseminate everywhere. Ye Xiwen noticed that it was actually a Xiantian level demon beast and he didn't know about its species.

The monster opened its big mouth, blowing a foul smell on Ye Xiwen's face, followed by a surge of blue flames coming out of its mouth that instantly burned through the air and soared towards Ye Xiwen to sear him.

“Whoosh!” Ye Xiwen suddenly jumped up high in the sky, directly over the monster and easily dodged those blue flames.

“Roar!” The monster raised its head and opened up its big mouth to bite.

“You are courting death!” Ye Xiwen's long blade instantly chopped out a dazzling Bladelight, that looked as if the stars were falling from the sky, and it severely cut into the body of that monster.

Missing moon beheader!

The strength of three Dragons completely unleashed and Ye Xiwen's total strength surpassed the terrifying force of ten thousand Jin and instantly concentrated on a single point of attack. (NT: 1 Jin = 0.5 Kg)


With a sound of metal clashing, Ye Xiwen's blade attack, containing massive strength of 3 Dragons, directly clashed into the monster's body and sent it rolling down on the ground, but it immediately stood up the very next instant.

Ye Xiwen was flabbergasted because the defensive strength of its scales was unbelievably terrifying. Demon beasts generally held the advantage of possessing tough bodies compared to humans, but this extent of toughness was definitely rare.

Ye Xiwen's most powerful blade attack, endowed with the strength of three Dragons, had actually just chipped a few pieces of the scales on its body. It could be said that this monster had the strongest defense among all of the demon beasts that Ye Xiwen had seen so far in his lifetime.

It was such a terrifying demon beast that even attacks from a master of the Xiantian first stage couldn't break its defense, and this was the reason why Cao family could only leave this monster running amok. Ye Xiwen had also tried out its strength and confirmed that it had already reached the peak of Xiantian first stage, and even a master of peak Xiantian first stage was not its match and would only die if tried to fight with it head on. The strength of this monster was comparable to that of a master of Xiantian second stage.

So, even an anomaly like Ye Xiwen, whose strength was equivalent to that of a master of Xiantian second stage could only fight with it on equal terms. However, it was impossible for him to defeat it at his current strength.

After taking an attack from Ye Xiwen's blade, the monster suffered small injuries and was in pain. It had realized that dealing with Ye Xiwen would not be easy. The explosive strength in its limbs burst out and it suddenly leaped up and dashed into the mountain forest at an insane speed.

It had actually become even faster than before.

Ye Xiwen couldn't reach its insane speed, and could only give up!

Ye Xiwen walked back along the same route. At this time, Caojiaji town was already brightly lit, because the sudden attack of monster had alerted everyone and people could be seen walking around inside the small town.

Many people had gathered at the entrance of Cao family's Manor and a lot more had rushed there to see Ye Xiwen and had already encircled him.

“Brother Ye, what happened, did you catch up to that monster?” Dai Xiaohua asked.

“No, it got away.” Ye Xiwen did not want to reveal too many details of his fight with the monster.

“It’s a pity because that was actually a Fire Lin beast. I did not expect to actually see a Fire Lin beast here.” Dai Xiaohua said.


 (NT: Chapter 69 in few hours)

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