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Chapter 69 - Strange

“It’s a pity because that was definitely the Fire Lin beast. I actually did not expect to  see a Fire Lin beast here.” Dai Xiaohua said. (NT: 'Lin' means 'Unicorn)

“Fire Lin beast, that monster was a Fire Lin beast? No wonder my attacks didn't work on it.”

“Its scales are way too hard and I think even those famous precious armors are nothing in comparison. If only I could get those scales to make armor out of them then I won't have to fear for my safety anymore.”

Those warriors were excited and still discussing about how Fire Lin beast had been unable to wreak havoc like earlier and had been easily driven out this time.

But, right now, Ye Xiwen was recalling the information he had about Fire Lin beast in his mind. Fire Lin beast was a very famous and unique type of demon beast that would take birth in a magma pool and could only survive in extremely hot place during its birth. There were rumors that Fire Lin beast contained the blood of ancient Fire Qilin beast in its body, but this was only a rumor and no one knew whether this was true or false, after all, like Dragons, unicorns were also only a legend. (NT: 'Qilin' is the name for a mythical Chinese unicorn)

Just like Wyverns (Feilong) were an inferior species of ancient Dragons (Yaron), Fire Lin beast was rumored to be an inferior species of ancient Fire Qilin species and contained their blood. Adults of Fire Lin beast species were able to surpass the Xiantian realm, so it could be deduced from its cultivation level, that the said monster of Caojiaji town, that was outrageously powerful and had been wreaking havoc for all this time, was actually not an adult Fire Lin beast, and perhaps had taken birth not long ago!

Directly born with its cultivation level in the Xiantian realm? Ye Xiwen had mixed feelings after hearing this and sighed, because with respect to these unique demon beasts, the human race was really weak. Except for the wisdom, there was nothing else which could support the fact that humans were stronger than these unique beasts, but even so, humans still occupied the major areas of 'Zhen Wu Jie' world and were also its true leaders.

“Today, I would like to thank all of you for your efforts. Because of your presence here, we were able to scare away that Fire Lin beast, and this incident did not end up in a tragedy.” At this time, a handsome middle-aged man came out from the Cao family's Mansion and said while cupping one hand into the other across the chest.

“Lord is so polite!”

“There is no need to stand on ceremonies, it's our job!”

This man was actually the lord of Cao family, named Cao Jinbiao.

“Anyway, today, our Cao family escaped unharmed and the credit for that goes to all of you, so, I will personally make sure to generously reward each and every one of you.” Cao Jinbiao said.

“Tomorrow, our Cao family will start an operation to eliminate that Fire Lin beast and I wish for all of you to join us in this operation.” Cao Jinbiao said.

“No problem!”

“Of course, we will participate in this operation!”

Many warriors laughed and immediately accepted the proposal of Cao Jinbiao to go and eliminate the Fire Lin beast. The beast had been driven away so easily and this had increased their confidence, after all, even though a few people had died, but the Fire Lin beast had to actually flee for its life , furthermore, a mere Houtian realm expert like Ye Xiwen had been able to chase after it and driven it away.

However, Ye Xiwen was not so optimistic, because just now, he actually sensed that the cultivation level of Cao Jinbiao was already in the Xiantian realm. Although, he had camouflaged his breath quite well, but he had accidentally leaked a very small amount of his breath and that had been instantly sensed by Ye Xiwen. (NT: Think of breath like an 'aura' which is directly proportional to one's cultivation level)

After practicing the “Restraining breath technique”, Ye Xiwen had become very sensitive to the aura of other people and by virtue of a person’s aura, he had been able to sense their cultivation level and strength. And Cao Jinbiao turned out to be a Xiantian master but he seemed injured, because his aura was very unstable when Ye Xiwen had sensed it.

But even a wounded Xiantian master like Cao Jinbiao would not be unable to retaliate if a Fire Lin beast was wreaking havoc and killing members of his family, moreover this Fire Lin beast had particularly attacked the members of Cao family in the past, so there was definitely an inside story behind this.

“Two heroes, I thank you for driving away that Fire Lin beast this time.” Cao Jinbiao said. He had certainly seen how Dai Xiaohua and Ye Xiwen had scared away the Fire Lin beast, and one of them was only a master of Houtian realm and was simply not strong enough to defeat a Fire Lin beast.

“Lord is so polite!” Dai Xiaohua waved his hands and said as if he did not care.

“You're welcome!” Ye Xiwen said.

Cao Jinbiao saw that the two of them had started to talk to each other. He did not stay there for too long and after talking for a while with other warriors, he finally left.

“Hey, I can't believe that it really was the Fire Lin beast!” Dai Xiaohua chuckled and said after he saw Cao Jinbiao leaving.

“And there's also that Blue Flaming flower, Gee, I am afraid it's going to get very lively around here!” Dai Xiaohua excitedly said. “Didn't I say that Blue Flaming flower really exists? And the appearance of Fire Lin beast has confirmed my anticipation. I once read a record in a book and it said that Fire Lin beast was actually associated with the treasure, Blue Flaming flower. Shortly after the birth of a Fire Lin beast's cub, a Blue Flaming flower would mature on the place of its birth and so long as the Fire Lin Beast cub swallowed this flower, it would be able to have step by step growth from infancy to adulthood!”

Growing period! Ye Xiwen frowned. An infant Fire Lin beast had been so difficult to deal with, not to mention, it was still in the growth period and no one could guess about the extent of its growth once it reached adulthood. Ye Xiwen felt in his heart that fortunately, it was not in the adulthood right now, otherwise, the only option left for them would be either to escape or face massacre at the hands of this unique demon beast that contained the blood of ancient Fire Qilin beast, making it too formidable to deal with.

“Hey, I’m going to get ready, because it’s going to be a lot of fun tomorrow.” Dai Xiaohua cupped his hand into the other across his chest and said, “Brother Ye, I have things to do so I will go ahead first.”

Looking at the departing figure of Dai Xiaohua, Ye Xiwen did not stay in the Cao family Manor for too long and returned back to the inn to start practicing.

Ye Xiwen always felt that there was something strange here, that things were not as simple as he had previously thought, and it turned that he was right. Even an infant Fire Lin beast was already at the peak of Xiantian first stage and was powerful enough to make everyone run for their lives, and could even kill some Xiantian second stage masters as well.

After the growth period of Fire Lin beast would complete, it would be difficult to describe how formidable it would become in its adulthood.

It could be said that this whole matter had become quite scary!

However, no matter what, to enhance one's strength, dealing with all the troubles was the way of the king!

Night passed in a blink of an eye and Ye Xiwen had fully concentrated on practicing, but this night had become a sleepless night for many experts and the reason behind this was the identity of that monster, being revealed as the formidable Fire Lin beast.

The existence of Fire Lin beast and Blue Flaming fire was enough to attract the attention of many experts.

After practicing all night, Ye Xiwen finally stopped and went downstairs only to find it crowded with many new warriors, and compared to the warriors he had seen yesterday, this crowd consisted of a lot of stronger experts of Xiantian realm. All of them were covered with dust, and it seemed that they had apparently rushed to the Caojiaji town after hearing about the Fire Lin beast and Blue Flaming flower!


(NT: Chapter 70 in few hours)

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